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Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: True Sex Story: What do you do when your steady supply of nookie has to return to her home island? Simple, you find another willing young lady to make liberty interesting!

Authors Note:

This is not only a true story (the names have been changed to protect the guilty), the locations are correct and the individuals involved are fairly normal human beings. I do not measure my prick from my asshole, but from the top where it meets my abdomen. It is 6 1/2" long and the same circumference. The lady in this story has a normal vagina (fairly snug) and does not spout "gallons" on orgasm. This is not to say that she does nothing, as she had one of the sweetest pussies I've ever tasted and when she did cum, there was a slow and steady flow of pure honey from her.

I arrived at Subic Bay Naval Station in early September 1958 as an ambitious and horny 19 year old Marine PFC, and after a slow (almost four week) trip on one of the scroungiest scum buckets afloat.

Lena had left for the Island of Leyte to take care of several younger brothers and sisters after her mother died, and I was still at Subic Bay and would not be leaving for nearly another year.


Three days after Lena left, I headed out into Olongapo for another drunken day on "liberty", and decided that it would be too much trouble to go to the far end of town for my first San Miguel beers.

As you went out the main gate at Subic, on the left side of the street and only about 100 yards away, was a two story building with several shops on the ground floor and two bars, the Washington on the left and the White House on the right. Each bar had their own outside stairway leading to a common entry balcony.

Standing in and partially blocking the entrance, was a young Filipina/Japanese mesteza wearing a short skirt and a mans tank top that was at least two sizes too small for the amount of tit that it covered.

Angie was not your average slim Filipina, she stood 5'4" and weighed around 140. Although this may seem a little on the chubby side, her weight was evenly distributed and she was solid but not muscle-bound. Her measurements were 36C - 30 - 35 and there was only the slightest "pooch" to her stomach.

As I attempted to enter, Angie blocked my way and pushing her breasts out as far as she could asked if I would buy her a drink or two. The temptation was just too much for a horny twenty year old Marine, and as she thought I was reaching up to push her out of the way I used the palms of both hands to "polish" her breasts through the tank top.

Her reaction to this was to first look down at her breasts, and seeing that the nipples were standing at attention, give me a resounding smack on my cheek. Next she turned an interesting shade of reddish brown and turned her head away from my gaze.

I apologized for the public feel, but asked her what she expected from a Marine when presented with a "target of opportunity" and offered to buy at least a few drinks to make up for the offense.

Several drinks, several kisses at the table in the back corner of the bar and several long slow feels of her smooth thighs, we agreed that the appropriate thing to do was to head to the apartment that I rented at the other end of town.

As soon as we arrived at my place, Angie and I engaged in a breathtaking hugging and kissing session that lasted for a good ten minutes while we checked out various parts of each others anatomy. She discovered that a twenty year old Marine was hard enough to damn near bust his zipper, and I found that her juices were starting to run down her legs after completely soaking her thin panties.

When we broke from our kissy feely session, I took my time removing her few items of clothing, and then she took her time in getting my uniform off. Thank God that issue boxer shorts have snaps, or we would have been in serious trouble.

When freed, my erection stood up proudly at a 45 degree angle, and Angie went wide eyed at the sight. I'm not "hung like a horse", but 6 1/2" long and the same circumference makes it a respectable hole stretcher.

I laid Angie back on the futon, and stretched out along side of her and began to pay serious attention to the complete woman.

While paying homage to her entire face with my lips, I was devoting my hands to those twin points of interest that were waiting on her chest.

Angie's breasts were heavenly, I had never before seen "C" cups that were shaped into perfect cones, and her nipples stood out a half inch and were the same in diameter. I dropped my face down to these wonders, and proceeded to lick and suck until she started babbling that she needed to have some attention paid to parts located further south.

I worked my way "south", pausing for a minute or two to run my tongue around in her navel, then headed on to her pussy. This was not the "great hairy snatch" that you would expect from her ancestry, but was lightly furred, and did not completely hide her outer lips. As I looked, I could see her clit protruding about a quarter inch, and it wasn't until I spread those lips that I found the inner ones.

I've known many women over the years that had protruding inner lips. I've known more than a few that had what is commonly referred to as "meat curtains". Angie had a beautiful pussy.

If I had thought that Angie had been moaning while I worked on her breasts, you should have heard her when my lips touched her nether lips. The sound level only increased as my tongue parted those lips and began their exploration of any mans delights. Her juices ran continuously, her ass bounced and her whole body just quivered. Her orgasms started almost immediately, and I thought that she would crush my head with those powerful thighs.

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