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Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: My first Filipina lover, or what happens when a horny young Marine is turned loose in one of the worlds wildest liberty ports.

Authors Note:This is not only a true story (the names have been changed to protect the guilty), the locations are correct and the individuals involved are fairly normal human beings. I do not measure my prick from my asshole, but from the top where it meets my abdomen. It is 6 1/2" long and the same circumference. The lady in this story has a normal vagina (fairly snug) and does not spout "gallons" on orgasm. This is not to say that she does nothing, as she had one of the sweetest pussies I've ever tasted and when she did cum, there was a slow and steady flow of pure honey from her.

I arrived at Subic Bay Naval Station in early September 1958 as an ambitious and horny 19 year old Marine PFC, and after a slow (almost four week) trip on one of the scroungiest scum buckets afloat.

The first three days at my new duty station were spent in indoctrination, and with the rest of the newcomers, I was restricted to base while we taught all about our future duties as base security forces and what problems we faced if we violated any of the local laws. This was extremely important as the Philippines were basically under the old Spanish codes and punishment could be severe for even minor infractions.

We were not under restriction as punishment, and we did spend considerable time during the evening getting acquainted with San Miguel beer at the base EM Club.

Allow me to describe the metropolis of Olongapo to you.

The town consisted of one main street about two miles long, and was confined between two mountainous ridges that kept it from spreading more than a half mile at its greatest.

In this town, were approximately two hundred bars, taverns and night clubs. Add to this another one hundred or so "sari-sari" stores (sort of like mini 7-11's) where you could purchase among other things various alcoholic beverages.

The actual bars, depending on size "employed" anywhere from 2 or 3 to as many as 100 hostesses to keep servicemen (stationed there or fleet) occupied and spending their hard earned cash.

I made my first trip into town on my fourth day there in the company of several of the Old Salts, and the first place we headed was Arriola's Bar and Grill located about halfway through town right next to the big mostly open air public market. This time, I was going to do some serious drinking, and see if I could take care of a rather "hard" problem. A word of warning, youngsters should beware of San Miguel beer, as the version that the islands are famous for is a true Pilsner at 14 percent alcohol, and it definitely takes some time to build up a tolerance for this potent brew.

As the guard company ran from noon to noon for your duty days, this meant that we were getting started around 1300 hours, and it was possible to get plastered before sundown.

As the rounds of beer were consumed, the hostesses serving our table kept changing, but around number four, this one young lady stared to hang over my shoulder asking if I would by her a drink or two.

I finally looked back over my shoulder to take a long look, and discovered that she was just one of the most beautiful women that I had ever seen in my few short years.

Her name was Lena (not her real name), and she was only 4'8" tall, and weighed 80 lbs, soaking wet. She was the daughter of a Filipina mother and a Scottish merchant marine father and had an absolutely fantastic figure. Picture in your mind, 32B-22-30 with a light brown skin and freckles across her face. Her crowning glory was a head of gleaming black hair that hung halfway down her back and add a voice that would melt the heart of a statue.

After one more beer, I discovered that I was at least legally under the influence, I asked Lena if she would be interested in going out to dinner somewhere, and in showing me what was interesting in town before and after the meal. Lena's almost instant response was that she would be delighted, but that she would need to change into something a little more appropriate for going out in public, and would I mind escorting her to her apartment.

As we climbed the outside stairs to her second floor apartment with her leading the way, there was no way in hell that I could fail to appreciate the shape of her gorgeous rear and the slow figure eights that her little buns made at each step.

Her apartment turned out to be your basic one room w/ bath studio, and she invited me in to wait while she changed. I asked her about her privacy (I was always a gentleman with all women regardless of their employment or station in life) and Lena told me to just sit on the bed and look toward the door.

I complied, and shortly, I heard several items of clothing whispering off her body and gently flop onto the floor.

I cheated - I turned my head to take a quick look, and froze. Next was my voice croaking out "Oh My God!". She turned at the sound of my voice and just stood there - the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Absolutely the most flawless skin I have seen in my life. Eyes Slightly wide, and lips parted as if she wanted to say something.

Slowly staring down from her dark brown eyes, past the slender throat to a pair of perfectly shaped breasts. These twin fountains of life being B cup were full and had no sag whatsoever. The areolas were the color of mahogany and her nipples were three quarters of a inch long and were a half inch in diameter.

As my gaze fell further, I delighted over her taut flat stomach and then skipped down to her feet. From there, I worked my way slowly up her lithe legs to the junction of her thighs were her vagina was only slightly hidden by her pubic hair that ran on up her mound in a small natural triangle.

After several minutes that seemed to last three or four lifetimes, I said quietly "Lena, please come to me" only hoping that she would.

Lena came around to the side of the bed and stopped about two paces in front of me. I was overwhelmed with desire for this woman and asked her to come closer.

when she stopped again, I reached for her hands and warmly kissed first the backs, and then the palms.

I then slowly and gently pulled her arms down and towards me bringing her face to mine as I sat on the edge of her bed. As our faces met, I first just brushed her lips with mine and then gave her several soft kisses all over her face before returning to her lips to give them more serious attention. A few soft kisses on her lips, and I felt her lips part and her delicate tongue began to brush mine an invitation that I couldn't possibly refuse.

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