The Promotion

by Phoenixreborn

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, Oral Sex, Food, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Loving wife rewards her husband on his promotion and then some!

"Guess what, Honey?" Maahir said in an excited voice on the other end of the call.

"What?" Rubina asked with equal enthusiasm

"I got the promotion!" Maahir said hardly able to keep his voice steady. "You are now talking to the Senior director of Marketing for the entire North East division!"

"Wow!" Rubina exclaimed. "I am so proud of you, Jaan! I knew you could do it. All that hard work you've been putting is had paid off."

"I couldn't have done it without you. You've been so wonderful and patient with me during all those late nights at work and with the travel. Well, tonight we celebrate and I will make it up to you."

"Thank you, but today is about you, and tonight we'll celebrate you and your achievement" Rubina said in a loving voice. "I love you so much!"

"I love you too and can't wait to get home!" Maahir said and hung up.

Rubina place the handset back on the cradle and offered a silent prayer of thanks. She was indeed very proud of her husband. He was a very caring, loving man, and understanding man who had been working extremely hard in hopes for this very promotion. She loved that he not only intelligent but also aspired to be successful and Rubina has always encouraged him every step of the way. So tonight, she was going to make sure that she too rewarded him for his hard work, in her own special way!

Rubina and Maahir had been married for two years. They were both born and raised here in the US but their ancestors were from India and Pakistan. Both were raised with strong traditional values and cultural sensitivities.

Rubina was a charming and wonderful woman. She had a sweet face with high check bones. She had a smile that lit up the room every time she walked in. She had shoulder length hair, and her figure was that on a healthy young woman. She did not believe in diets but in eating right. She had curves in the right places and kept her self in shape by working out as regularly as time allowed. While Rubina was proud of her body, she never flaunted it. The privileged was enjoying her body were reserved only for her husband Maahir, and enjoy he did.

Maahir was as handsome young man who loved his wife dearly. He was 5'8 with an athletic built. He too enjoyed his workouts with Rubina and both in and outside the gym! Maahir's personality was a mixture of fun and hard work. He was very ambitious but he also made sure that he never neglected his duties. He worked hard to keep the passion alive in their marriage. Like Rubina, Maahir was also "conservative and Traditional" in that he always behaved himself in public, but in private with Rubina, it was a whole different story. Actually he was down right kinky, and Rubina loved him all the more for it.

Whenever they went out, Rubina made sure that she was dressed modestly. She wore western outfits like jeans and full length skirts, but made sure that nothing she wore was revealing too much. Maahir loved this about her and wanted to ensure that she never felt that she was missing something just because of her religious and cultural obligations. So many times he could would play naughty games with her. In the theatre, he would often let his fingers roam and tease her by slipping he hand under her sweater, or rub her thighs or her belly under the table in restaurants. They enjoyed a wide variety of toys in this lovemaking from vibrators and dildos to nipple clamps with tassels.

One of the naughty things that they both enjoyed doing was, when at Maahir's suggestions, Rubina would go out without her underwear. Sometimes she would skip her bra under a sweater, and other times she would "forget" her panties when she wore a skirt. Rubina also wore western clothed like halters and spaghetti tops and short skirts but once again that was at home only for her husband.

Since both Rubina and Maahir enjoyed Rubina's "underwearless" bouts about the town, one of the most daring things they both enjoyed was when Rubina would go without her bra and panties to family gathering and functions including formal traditional festivals. She would usually be dressed in a traditional Shalwar Kameez or Saree and Maahir would get such a thrill when he saw see his wife in the midst of their elders dressed ever so properly, yet being very naughty. Rubina made sure that her tops weren't see-through so no one would find out that she was missing her bra. The only tell tale sign would be when her nipples would get hard and poke through her top. Rubina after wore a dupatta (long scarf) to cover her bosom but once in a while when Maahir was nearby looking at her, she would let it slip momentarily and give him a glimpse of her pokies.

Since tonight was all about Maahir, Rubina had decided to reward him in a way a loving wife truly should. First she went into the kitchen and spent the next 2 hours cooking a bout of his favorite dishes and a couple of desserts. Next, she went to the her closet and pulled out a semi transparent silk salwar kameez and deliberately did not pick out any underwear. She then took a hot shower and after drying her self, she wore a locket with a long chain so that the heart shaped ornament rested on the cleavage. With a 36C bustline, Rubina was blessed with ample cleavage for Maahir to feast his eyes on. She wore her matching earrings, bangles and rings and after dabbing her favorite perfume, she got dressed and admired herself in the mirror. The lack of underwear made it possible to make out her dark nipple though the fabric and the soft silk cloth was already teasing them to semi-harness. She wore her dupatta since she didn't want to let Maahir know what her plan was immediately.

Rubina got ready just in time to see Maahir pull into the driveway and smiled to herself when she saw him holding a big bouquet of flowers. Maahir was always so thoughtful and it made her love him even more. As Maahir was about to open the door, Rubina beat him to it and opened the door with a bright smile and looked at the flowers.

"You really shouldn't have, today is all about you!"

"I wouldn't have been able to do this without your support so it's the least I could do." Maahir replied giving her the flowers.

Rubina Took the flowers and hugged her husband. As their embraces parted, she gently ran her hand over his cheek and gave him a passionate kiss. She gently sucked his lips and ran her tongue over them as her fingers caressed his hair. When she broke the kiss, she stepped back and one side of the dupatta fell of her shoulder and Maahir saw his wife's deep cleavage and got a glimpse of her nipple poking out. When Maahir looked at his wife again, she was smiling and she pulled him to their living room by his hand. She made him sit on the couch and stood in front of him.

"As I said, today is all about you. So tonight I'm going to reward you for your promotion in every way you deserve, my love."

She bent down in front of him, giving Maahir a clear view of the top of her dangling breasts through the deep neck of her kameez. Maahir confirmed his suspicions that his lovely wife was indeed not wearing a bra. As he tried to lean over to look at her nipples, he felt Rubina push him back again and this time planted her lips on his in a hot open mouth kiss. Rubina slid her tongue out and let it explore her husband's hot mouth as she ran her hands over his chest. Continuing her loud wet kisses, she opened his shirt one button at a time and ran her finger over his bare chest. She sucked on his lips, gently pulling on them with her teeth. She was moaning now just the way Maahir liked to hear here. She caressed his nipples with her thumbs and slowly teased them. In response, Maahir moved his hands up and caressed her covered breasts, gently pinching her nipples which were visibly hard now and straining to poke through the kameez.

When Rubina felt that Maahir was ready for more, she broke her kiss and looked into his husband's eyes. Yup, she had done her job right... he was horny for her. She smiled and kissed his bare chest, planting butterfly kisses on his skin as her chest moved up and down with each hot breath. She inches her head to the side and flicked her tongue on one small nipple and gently sucked it. Maahir always enjoyed that as part of this foreplay and then she kissed her way down his flat belly. She moved between his legs and kneel down, looking into his eyes, without blinking as her nimble fingers undid his belt and pants and pulled them down.

Maahir's gaze didn't falter either and the look of lust and seduction that Rubina was giving him was making his cock strain in his boxers. He saw Rubina bend her head and kiss the edge of his boxers and her hand was massing his hard shaft. This boxers had started to form a wetspot from the pre-cum. She looked into his eyes again and her fingers moves to the sides of his boxers and pulled them down in one yank. His cock sprang up like a springboard and hit Rubina's chin.

"Seems like someone's aching for some loving?" Rubina quirked with a sly smiled.

Without waiting for an answer, she slid out her tongue and licked the hot shaft from the base to the top and back again. She moved her tongue down and slowly licked his ball sack and planted a gentle kisses on each of his balls before lick up his shaft again, stroking it with the tip of her tongue. She was rewarded for her effort when a big blob of precum oozed out of his slit and she spread it it all over his cockhead with her tongue.

"God, I love it when you use your tongue like that!" Whispered Maahir in a lusty voice.

Rubina knew that very well, and knew that Maahir would love what was coming even more. She opened her mouth and took half his cock in her mouth and closed her lips around the shaft while her tongue rolled over his swollen head. She then moved her head down, taking his whole cock inside till her nose was rubbing on his pubic hair. Maahir made a slow guttural sound and he felt his cock head hit the back of her throat. Rubina was an expert at giving head and he loved every second of it. She moved her head back milking her cock with her lips and sucking hard on it and again Maahir felt his cock ooze out more precum. Now using her hands, Rubina stroked Maahir's cock with her right hand and caressed his balls with her left gently squeezing them enough to be pleasurable without being painful. She kept sucking his head and rolling her tongue on it and she felt him swell more and more. Maahir was being very generous with his precum and was sucking it and rubbing it over his cock.

Rubina looked at Maahir and saw him eyeing her deep cleavage. It was obviously turning him on. Maahir was a boob-guy and loved Rubina's breasts. He loved caressing them squeezing them sucking them and even fucking them. Seeing his lust, Rubina let go of his cock for a seconds and took off her kameez and baring her breasts for her husband's pleasure.

"God's their beautiful!" Maahir groaned.

"You've seen them many times," Rubina said coyly.

"I love them more every time."

Knowing what would really get Maahir off, Rubina leaned forward a little more and started stroking Maahir's cock, milking his precum out and tapping his cock on her cleavage and the insides of her breasts, letting the precum fall on her skin. Then she places his cock between her breasts and squeezed her breasts together with her hands and started moving up and down, fucking his cock with her breasts.

"Oh fuck, you're making me so horny!

Maahir could feel the pressure building exponentially in his loins and he could feel his impending climax. Not wanting Rubina to do all the work, he slowly leanined forward, and started to tearn Rubina on her side and around. Getting the message, she got out from between his legs and sat on the floor with the back on the couch. Maahir went down on his knees and straddled his wife's wet chest and places his cock between her breasts again.

As Rubina squeezed her breasts again, she looked into Maahir's eyes, with a look pure lust and said, "Fuck my boobs, Jaan, their all yours."

Maahir didn't need any more encouragement and started rocking his hips. His cock sliding effortless between her breasts and sending ripples through her soft flesh with each impact. Rubina was pinching her hard nipples ans her husband fucked her boobs harder. She could tell he was about to blow and she wanted it all. She slid out her tongue and licked the tip every time his cock thrust up, teasing the head. Both Maahir and Rubina kept looking into each other's eyes which continued to flame their lust for each other.

As Maahir's moan's grew louder, Rubina panted out, "Yea baby, cum for me, I want it in my mouth, all off it." Rubina had always loved pleasuring Maahir, and he loved it when she let him come in her mouth. Tonight was all about him!

"Oh yea, baby, I'm there, I'm there," He groaned through gritted teeth, then held his cock in his hands and shoved it in his wife's mouth and he shot load after load of his hot cum, moaning louder with each spurt. Rubina felt the hot cum fall on the back on her throat, on her tongue and coat the inside of his mouth. She immediately swallowed the first two spurts then sucked his cock till her was done before taking in the rest. She licked his cock clean before opening his mouth.

Maahir was breathing deeply as he slow got off his wife and bent down and kissed her hard. "What a welcome!"

"Well hope you enjoyed that, because that's only the beginning tonight!" Smiled Rubina. "Tonight we are celebrating your promotion, so tonight just follow my lead and I guarantee you're a night you won't forget!"

"Considering what just happened, I believe you." Maahir said and kisses his wife again. "Thank you, I love you so much!"

"Welcome, my love, and I know!"

"So what's next?" asked Maahir eagerly

"Next is for you to take a shower while I get serve dinner."

"Can't we skip dinner and go right to dessert?" asked Maahir naughtily.

"Patience, you'll get your dessert in time." Smiled Rubina as she caressed her husband's cheek and slowly helped him up.

Maahir smiled, pulled up his pants, and walked to the bathroom. He saw that Rubina has already pulled out a clean shirt and pants and his boxers out for him. As he stripped and got in the shower, he wondered what more was in store.

When Maahir got in the shower, Rubina went to her bedroom and stripped of her shalwar and got naked. She looked in the mirror and saw her breasts were wet and red. She then opened her closet and pulled out her favorite sexy western dress. The red lacy dress was backless with a halter neck with a deep back and neck line. It was made of lace and had inch "O" rings running down her torso from her cleavage to her navel, exposing her soft skin. The skirt had a handkerchief pattern ended about 6 inches over her knees making this one of the most seductive outfits she had.

She debated wearing any underwear and determined that a bra would be pointless. She though about the panties and then recalling her plan, decided against it. Making sure that Maahir was still in the shower, she laid the dress on the bed and then retouched her make up and lipstick. As a final act of preparation, Rubina lied on the bed and spread her legs. She ran her fingers up and down her slit and smiled. Sucking Maahir had really made her wet and the wetness was getting on her fingers. Rubina then rubbed her wet fingers on both sides of her neck, applying a think coat of her pussy juices. For added measure, she wet her fingers again, and this time dabbed wet fingers on her lips. Maahir always loved her pussy juices; this was just to give him a sample.

As she heard the shower turn on, Rubina put on her dress and adjusted her hair which fell on her shoulders. She told Maahir to get ready and come to the dining table then left the room. Rubina set the dinner table with her finest table wear and lit the candles to set the proper mood. She has purposely kept the dinner menu limited to finger foods so that she could feel him with her hands. To ensure variety she can chosen the items from various cuisines so the menu included Samosas and chaat, bite sized chicken quesadillas, beef tenderloin lettuce wraps and Salmon & cheese crackers. The drink was simple with sparkling water with lemon, and the desserts were a chocolate soufflé and strawberries with whipped cream. She even set the music on the reflect the mood. The ambiance was perfect!

So far so good, Rubina thought to herself and when Maahir walked into the dining room he was momentarily stunned. Rubina looked amazing in her dress and silently he thanks his lucky stars for the moment she became his. The look of amazement was all the compliment Rubina needed and she walked to him and again guiding him to his seat. Maahir looked at the spread on the table and was about to open his mouth when Rubina placed a finger on his lips.

"Shhhh, my love," she whispered. "Don't say anything, just enjoy the moment."

Rubina then filled his plate with a little of every item and then rather than taking a seat next to him, she came over and gently sat on his lap. Maahir looked at her and she whispered coyly, "you don't mind if I feed you tonight, do you?"

Maahir just shook his head as if he had been enchanted by a beautiful seductress. He looked at his wife, and she looked almost angelic in the dim light. The reflection of the candlelight made her eyes sparkle. He placed one arm behind her and the other on her thigh. His fingers slowly grazed her bare back while his other hand felt the warmth emanating from her skin, the skirt had ridden up and was barely covering Rubina's crotch and it took all his control to stop himself form running his hand inside the skirt. He knew he would get his chance soon enough and he didn't want to spoil Rubina's plan.

Rubina turned towards him with a small bite sized samosa in her hand lightly dabbed with the right condiment. Before feeding him, she leaned over and gently kissed his lips. She let her lips linger on his and as expected Maahir gently sucked her lips. As Maahir kissed his wife, he could send that her lips tasted different, better than usually but couldn't put his finger on to why. He sucked her lips more and could detect an unusual yet oddly familiar taste. He wanted more and went Rubina broke the kiss, his head arched towards her asking for more. Smiling Rubina slipped a samosa into his mouth and kept his finger on his lips allowed him a gentle suck and slowly rubbing his lips as he chewed his food.

She took a bite herself and then picked up a piece of the quesadilla and slipped half into her mouth. She leaned over and fed the other half to Maahir. Maahir bit into the dangling item and took this opportunity to kiss his wife again. Rubina parted her lips more and their tongues danced in each other mouths as they wrapped the strings of the melted cheese. Skipping the beef lettuce wraps from now, she picked up the salmon cheese and fed her husband a piece. As Maahir was chewing his piece, Rubina leaned in and kissed the side of his neck, and gently sucked it while her hands slowly caressed his chest. Rubina has decided that every bite of Maahir's dinner tonight was going to be a sensuous experience. Maahir wasn't complaining because she was starting to feel his cock started to, slowly but surely, push against her ass. Once in a while, Rubina would adjust herself on his lap and grind his cock just for as an added bonus.

The next time was the lettuce wraps. This time Rubina took a bite first and felt a few drops of the creamy seasoning drip down her chin. When she didn't wipe it off but arched her head back far enough to allow drops to drip down to her chest, Maahir got the cue and licked the drop of her chest and continued the wet trail up to her chin and then kissed her again, more passionately. Rubina loved his hot mouth on her bare skin. With each bite and let more and more of the seasoning drip on her chest and let Maahir lick it off. Her nipples were getting hard and were poking through the fabric. Maahir's hand was caressing her thigh a little more eagerly and Rubina decided it was time for dessert.

She reached for the Chocolate scouffle and rather than using a spoon, dipped her finger and placed it in Mahhir's mouth, who used on it very eagerly, rolling his tongue on her finger. As expected, Maahir was slowly giving into his every building lust. Rubina then dipped her finger again into the chocolate and gently rubbed it on her neck and Maahir immediately licked it clean with his tongue, and gently sucked the soft skin. Rubina sighed as all this teasing had also made her horny. She apllied more chocolate on her skin, this time on her chest and make the chocolate line go all the way down to her cleavage. Maahir licked the chocolate in a deliberately slow broad stroke that made Rubina's skin tingle. Rubina was horny enough to feel her pussy juices starting to seep out and trickle down her slit. This time she took a spoonful for soufflé in her mouth and kissed Maahir hard. Their mouths parted and their tongues covered in chocolate explored each other mouths. It was clear that the teasing was over.

Rubina then broke the kiss, reached behind her nick and untied the halter and let the dress fall off her breasts. This time Maahir dipped his finger into the chocolate and gently spread it on the top of her breasts and licked them off, gently sucking the soft skin.

"Oh yea, Jaan," Rubina Whispered, "your mouth feel so hot!"

Wanting to tease Rubina now, Maahir dipped his finger again, and this time coated her nipples, moving his finger over the dark areolas in slow deliberate circles. He covered the hard nipple completely, before oening his mouth and taking the whole nipple in. He sucked more for rubina's soft breasts into his mouth while his tongue rolled over her nipple, flicking his tongue on the hard nub. He pulled his head back and graved her soft skin with her teeth and gently bit on the nipple right as it was about u pull out of his mouth.

"Ohhh!" Rubina squirmed. "Suck them hard, their all for you." She pushed down on his crotch and felt his hand parting her legs. As Maahir was taking the other nipple into his mouth she felt his fingers rub her very wet slit and move up and down. Rubina was double the double stimulations and pulled Maahir into her breast, as her hips began rocking to his fingers.

"Slide them in," Rubina almost pleaded. "I want them!"

Wanting to please Maahir, slide 2 finger into his wife's very wet pussy and and immediately felt her clench with desire. He slid the fingers all the way in and bent them enough to start rubbing her g-spot while his thumb was now rubbing her clit in slow circular motions. His mouth was still sucking her nipples and in his lap Rubina was slowly loosing control.

"Oh! Just like that, Jaan!" Rubina said hoarsely, rocking her hips harder now. "Don't stop!" Rubina could feel her body about to explode and Maahir's fingers and tongue worked their magic. Maahir sucked her breasts harder, milking them with his free hand. His other hand was working furiously, and could feel Rubina's pussy oozing out her juices. Her pussy was twitching uncontrollably and ii was only a moment of time.

Rubina then feel her breath catch in her chest as a tidal wave of pleasure ripped through her body. From the pussy all the way to her toes and back. She arched her back and pulled Maahir into her chest as she felt him bite her nipple. She felt herself go lightheaded for a second, and was breathing heavily when she came back to her senses. She looked at Maahir and holding his face with both her hands, she kissed him hard.

Rubina could feel Maahir cock straining in his pants now and got off his lap and working her fingers and pulled them down along with her boxers. His cock was rock hard and swollen. Without missing a beat, Rubina threw one leg over him, pulled her skirt to her waist, and guided his cock into her dripping pussy and sat back down engulfing his raging hardon in her extremely inviting hole.

"Oh fuck, I needed that!" Maahir groaned.

"You like that, don't you!" Rubina panted. "Your cock feels so good in me!"

Rubina clenched her pussy muscles as she slowly moved up and then release them as she push down hard. With each doward push, she rocked her pelvis, rubbing her already engorged clit on his pubic bone. Her swollen breasts bounced with the impact of her movement and her puffy nipples just inches from his face were temtping Maahir to a lusty frenzy. Maahir held Rubina's waist and as she alternated moving up and down and raocking back and forth on his cock. He could feel her pussy oozing her juices which were dripping down his shaft and onto his balls. It was as if the flood gates had been opened and he could hear the squishing sounds of sex coming from their joined loins.

Maahir opened his mouth took a nipple into his mouth. Moving his hands up to cup her bouncing treasures, Maahir began loosing control and ravaging them. He nibbled on one nipple and tugged on it while tweaking the other one with his fingers. He pulled on the breasts till the skin began taught and then let go and saw ripples flow through them.

"Oh God!" Rubina exclaimed with a mixture of pain and pleasure. She was fuchign his cock hard and could feel him swell inside her. Beads of sweat were forming on her chests with the exertion. She can succeeded in making Maahir loose control and soon she was going to be rewarded for it. Now sooner had the though cross her mind, when Maahir stood from his chair, supporting Rubina in his strong arms and laid her on the table. With his cock still in her pussy, he her held her legs by the ankes moving them apart, and began fucking his spead-eagled pussy in earnest. He looked down and could see a white ring of her juices at the base of his cock and long strings of her cum on his shaft. Seeing this Maahir began thrusting even harder.

"Oh fuck me Jaan!" Rubina exclaimed. She had completely guven into her lust and the only thing that mattered was the intense pleasure Maahir was giving her. She was squeezing her breasts and nipples hard as her eyes started loosing focus. She was so close now. Her pussy was oozing juices profusely and Maahir saw her pussy lips were swollen and turning red. He placed her legs on his shoulder and leaned in to fuck her even deeper. He too started moaning through gritted teeth and she felt Rubina's pussy clamp down on his cock like a vice. This was it.

A if the couple were spiritually connected, both exploded with the orgasm simultaneously. Rubina arches her back and screamed as Maahir groaned like a wild animal possessed. Maahir shot load after load into her pussy and Rubina's orgasm intensified with every spasm of Maahir cock. Maahir felt his orgasm ripple though him with just intensity that he had to hold on to the edge of the table to support himself. Only when he was slowly caught his breath did he notice that he too was covered in breads of perspiration. His eyes found Rubina's and he pulled her up into his arms and kissed her intensely, feeling his cock slowly soften in his wife's pussy. Sitting back down on the chair, he felt Rubina break them kiss and slowly get off him. His cock was covered in a mixture of their cum and Rubina bent down and took his cock in her mouth and immediately milked it and licked it clean. A moment later she sat on his lap again and kissed her husband.

"How do you like your reward so far?" She asked sweetly.

"It's amazing!" He replied, "But what do you mean so far?"

"I mean we're not done yet!" Said his wife even more mischievously

"I don't know if I can go again any time soon." Maahir responded.

"Oh there's no hurry Jaan" Rubina said, running his fingers though his hair and tracing his jaw line with his fingers. "We have all night!"

"What do you have in mind?" Maahir asked now very interested.

"Oh you'll see." She said with a very naughty grin. "Wait here"

With that, Rubina got off her husband and went to the bedroom and came out a moment later with a long black Japanese Kimono Style Robe that they had picked up on their last visit to Hong Kong. She also has a pair of silk boxers. The robe was also silk and this was something they saved for very special occasion as it made their love-making more sensuous.

"I want you to wear these and wait a few moments for me until I call you."

When Maahir looked at her with raised eyebrows, she lightly kissed his lips and whispered, "It'll be worth it."

Rubina went to the bedroom and closed the door. She went to her intimates drawer and pulled out a black lace bra and a pair of panties. But this wasn't your everyday set. This was a brand new pair that she had bought a couple of weeks earlier for a special occasion, not knowing that one was soon around the corner. In this very special set, both cups of the bra as well of the crotch of the panties had slits down right through the middle. The material was kept together by and small string tied in a bow in all three places.

To give Maahir the best presentation, she went to the restroom and freshened herself quickly. First she wiped her pussy clean which was still trickling Maahir cum out, and then her breasts and chest which were a bit sticky from the food. Then she toweled herself dry, rolled on her deodorant and sprayed her favorite body spray on her. She then picked up the underwear and examined them again. The slits looked provocative and the strings were undoable allowing the slits to completely open. She wore the bra first and then slipped on her panties. When she bent down to wear her Petticoat (skirt worn inside the Saree) she felt her pussy lips pushing against the slit trying to slip out. Not the most comfortable feeling, but certainly had an erotic factor. Maahir was going to get a kick out of them. This wasn't exactly going underwearless as Maahir liked her to go, but this was an whole new level of erotic for them.

Rubina wore a Black silk Saree with gold embroideries to compliment Maahir's robe. She tied it low below the navel, just above the hip accentuating her almost flat tummy. The material was very sheer and when she draped the long end over her body, it did nothing to hide her belly and prominent navel. The accompanying sleeveless blouse was made of silk as well with an open back where the back strap of the blouse was just wide enough to cover the bra strap and a very deep V-neck pattern. She could feel her nipples pushing through the slit and occasionally peeking out as she wore the blouse. The ample bra covered bosoms was confined by three hooks that kept the blouse from opening up. The Saree pallu (drape) again did nothing to hide the cleavage that was bulging out of the blouse. She could feel her nipples brushing against the silk blouse and get hard frequently.

Next came the jewelry and she wanted it to be extra special. She started with items she knew would get Maahir's attention. First she wore her payal (anklets), then the thin gold waist chain with the pendant resting right below the navel. She also put on a fake Navel rins as a surprise for her husband. She wore the gold chair with a diamond pendent and guided it on her cleavage. She put on her rings and wore matching earrings and put the finishing touches on her outfit by putting on the Teeka (hair pendant) that hung just below her hair line.finally she wore her 3 inch heels for added effect.

Rubina looked in the mirror and admired herself for a second. Yup, Maahir was indeed going to be floored. Putting the finishing touches to her plan, Rubina placed a chair in the bed ensure that she had enough room the move around it freely, and then placed a CD into the music system, selected the appropriate song and kept it on stand by. After dimming the lights to just the right level and then lighting candles and placing them around the room, she took a deep breath to calm her very excited nerves and call out.

"Maahir, you can come in now, I'm ready for you."

As Maahir opened the door and walked in, his expression changed in mid-step to one of absolutely amazement. He looked at Rubina, and his first words were WOW! Maahir was stunned at how amazing she looked and he again considered himself the luckiest man on the planet. The ambiance of the room made her look even hotter than she was during dinner. There was an almost royal elegance to her poise right now. Rubina beamed at his expression and without moving from her spot, asked her husband to close the door and take a seat on the chair. Maahir eagerly followed her instructions and waited for the next move with baited breath.

Rubina then turned on the CD and music from the Hindi song "Labon Ko" (To the lips!) began to fill the room. Rubina closed her eyes and let the music flood her senses. When she opened them again she began to move her body with a sensuality that made Maahir swallow. She was now dancing for not for Maahir - her husband, she was dancing for Maahir - her lover and she was going to entice his senses with her sensuality and sexuality. As the sensuous words of the songs repeated in her head, her hands moved over her body as if they were his hands and she felt herself going into a trance.

Rubina turned around and slowly bent her knees and her waist, moving her hands to her hips, swaying her body and her ass to the music. She twisted and turned with the grace and flexibility of a snake accentuating her sexy curves with every movement. She was exuding femininity and sexuality on a whole new level. She turned back to see Maahir watching her every move and she could tell he was enjoying every second of this. Still looking at her lover though low seductive eyes, Rubina turned around and walked over to him with slow seductive movements. She slowly bent over and let her pallu fall off her shoulder to give him an ample view of her deep cleavage. She slowly swayed her body from side to side watching Maahir's eyes following her cleavage. She took the pallu and slowly rubbed it over his face and she moved behind and gave his ear a gentle lick before coming back and moving away from her. This time however the pallu stayed off and only when Maahir saw it being dragged on the floor behind his wife did he realize that this wasn't just a sensual dance, it was a striptease. He had died and gone to heaven!

Moving her hands on her bare belly, Rubina visibly tightened her abs and slowly bent her knees and then swayed her body as she straightened up giving the impression of a slow sensuous wave moving through her body. She then released and tucked in her abs a few times, making her navel her fake navel ring "dance" over the gold waist chain. She saw Maahir eyes widen as this and she slowly used her nimble fingers to untuck the folds of the saree, and started swinging her hips in slow seductive gyrations mimicking a professional belly dancer. Maahir gulped at his wife's sexuality and could feel the heat started to grow in his loins. Within moments the saree folds has slipped to the floor and Rubina stepped out of them. Now outwardly dressed only in the blouse and petticoat, yet still fully adorned, began to make her moved more seductive.

She slowly ran her finger up and down her body and as she moved them up and closed her eyes and gently lifted the peticoat up to her thighs. She bent down and slowly ran her finger's over her legs and to her inner thighs before moved her hands over to the belly and boobs. Rubina slid towards Maahir and ran her finger tips over his neck and jaw bone. Moving in sync with the music she pulled him towards her and rubbed his face on her belly and then up to her cleavage. As soon as she felt Maahir's hot tongue on her skin, she teasingly pushed him away and moved back. Looking seductively into his eyes, Rubina slowly unhooked the blouse one by one. She was far enough that Maahir couldn't notice the slits on the cups. She teased him again by bending over and squeezing her breasts together as hips swayed from side to side. Closing her eyes, Rubina then grazed her skin from her neck over her breasts, down her belly with the fingertips and let her fingers longer on the knot. Then in a painfully slow movement that made Maahir lick his lips in anticipation, Rubina undid the knot of the petticoat but held it up with her fingers. Turning around and bending over to push her ass towards Maahir, Rubina let the petticoat drop to the floor and exposed her panty-covered ass to her husband who groaned slightly in admiration.

"God that looks hot!" Maahir said as he made an underhanded squeezing gesture with his hands.

Rubina then straightened her back and slowly pulled the blouse off chest, letting it roll down her arms behind her body and for added measure, once it was off she tossed it over her shoulder and let Maahir caught it. He immediately brought it to his nose and took a deep breathe and let the sent of his wife fill his senses.

Now Rubina was just in her new sexy underwear, jewelry and high heels. She slowly moved backwards towards Maahir who admired her every curve. Just as she was within his reach Rubina turned around, placed her arms on her sides and moved her hips is Shakira-style thumkas (jerks). She bent down again placed her hands above her knees and squeezed her boobs with her arms while parting her knees and exposing the crotch of her panties and for the first time Maahir saw that were was a very sexy bow on it.

Turning around she bent down by the waist and moved her ass is a slow circular movements. She backed into him and slowly rubbing his ass on his lap, pushing on it and feeling his cock stir rapidly in response. Before Maahir could hold her, she got up and turned around. She lifted one leg and placed it over his shoulder and slowly ran her fingers over her and her inner thigh, bringing it closer to her crotch before bringing the leg down. Standing on one leg in a 3 inch heel wasn't easy, but the look on Maahir was priceless!

The next thing that Maahir saw made his heart leap. Rubina stepped back from him a step and spread her leg in almost a complete side step and made slow humping movements in tune with the music. She had here eyes closed and was deliberately making moaning sounds giving the impression that she was fucking someone under her. She arched her back as she "fucked" and Maahir saw her nipples poked out through the bra. Then Rubina moved her legs forward and leaned back supporting herself on one elbow. With her legs still spread, she cupped a breast with her supporting hand and start rubbing her crotch with the other. She moved her fingers up and down her crotch, gently tapping and slid out her tongue and gently licked her bra covered breasts while keeping here eyes half closed.

"Oh my GOD!" Breathed Maahir.

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