Just For You

by Bighotrod

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Hot pasionate sex with a nice twist. This story was sent to me by one of my girlfriends who goes by the name of "Nevertell" on the net. This story is true

I felt the tingling of excitement as I felt his eyes on me. The sway of my hips became more pronounced as I walked by him. I held my shoulders back and my back straight, knowing how more prominent my breasts would be. I enjoyed the feel of their bounce as I knew he enjoyed watching them. Everything about my body beckoned him to me. I teased him with a lick of my lips as I glanced back at him. My eyes challenged him to come and get me. I felt his presence behind me before I felt his touch. His hand circled around the front of my neck until he had a firm grasp on my throat. He almost growled in my ear, "Turn around."

But I hesitated as the feel of his hardness pressing into my ass increased my excitement as I imagined him bending me over...

"I said, turn around," he harshly whispered as his hand tightened around my throat. Mmmm... so he wants it rough tonight. I turned around, slowly enough that the pressure of my body tantalized him. I heard his sharp intake of breath as I pressed into him when I fully faced him. The aggressiveness in his eyes made me wetter, and a curious feeling of triumph filled my chest. I knew he was debating if he wanted me submissive or to match his aggressiveness with my own. I decided to make that choice for him. I would be both, each in its own time. I reached up to taste his lips. He kissed me hard, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I met force with force until I felt him pull away. I leaned back to gaze into his eyes that had gone black with lust. His hand, once again, briefly tightened around my throat and then moved to the back of my head. He curled his fingers through my hair and paused, almost gently, before he jerked my head back and leaned forward to whisper, "On your knees."

Anxious to please him and to relieve the pressure of the building excitement, I quickly dropped to my knees and began hurriedly pulling his pants down. I love this part, and the smell of him draws me to hungrily take him into my mouth. As I take him all the way in, with one long, swift stroke, his moan reminds me to take it slow, make it last. I withdrew and began kissing and nuzzling his hips and the curve of his lower abdomen. Careful to only use soft kisses, I waited for his impatience. I pressed my face against him and deeply breathed his musky aroma. I began running the head of his dick over my face and neck and looked up at him with a sultry smile. His intense look filled me with power. I teased him with slow long licks and hot breaths to his inner thighs. I used my finger to capture some pre-cum and tossed my head back so he could watch me slowly suck it off my finger. His eyes narrowed as he gasped.

He grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face onto his cock. Oh yes, there was that impatience. I waited. Instead of taking him into my mouth, I began using my tongue lightly and flickering on his head, shaft, base, and balls. I wrapped my hand around him as I gently pulled his balls into my mouth. I moved up to tongue his slit and then ran my tongue to the lower ridge of the head, where I know he loves it. When I felt his body begin to rock, I moved past that and licked him with long, slow strokes like I would an ice cream cone. I waited until I felt all his muscles tense and his breathing become hard and ragged.

Then, I quickly and suddenly deep throated him. His gasp and moan told me how much he appreciated it. I knew my mouth felt like heaven at that moment. I knew he wanted to take control, but was enjoying it too much to stop me. I sucked him, guiding him in and out with my tongue running up and down the underside of his dick. His hips began thrusting, and I knew it was time to be submissive. I pulled back, looked up at him seductively and said, "I dont feel like it. If you want it, you're going to have to take it."

His eyes locked with mine with a passion that fulfilled me.

"No," he replied as he grabbed my arms and pulled me up. He ordered me to take off my clothes, and I quickly pulled my shirt over my head. I paused as his eyes honed in on my breasts, free of a bra and taut with excitement. His eyes lingered, before they met mine again.

"You're not done. Take it all off."

I slipped my jeans down and pulled them off. As I stood there, wearing only a thong, with his eyes devouring every inch of me, I felt a mix of vulnerability and power. I hoped he would understand what I wanted. He kneeled down and placed a light kiss on my pussy. I cursed myself for not slipping the panties off, but then he grabbed my thongs and ripped them off. Yes, he knew what I had wanted. The pleasure and thrill greatly drowned out the sudden pain. I could faintly smell my excitement as I felt it spread on my inner thighs. He roughly pulled me towards him by my hips as he licked the wetness from my thighs. I fought a moan as I knew he would stop if I did, but I couldn't help it. A low moan escaped, and he quickly sat back. He simply looked at me then. He began at my feet and his eyes slowly traveled up my body, leaving a fiery path behind. I began trembling, my body begging to be touched. I loved the way his eyes drank me in. The appreciative and hungry looks brought more wetness. A deep, low ache had begun.

"Please touch me," I pleaded.

His eyes settled on my cunt as he said, "No, I want to watch you pleasure yourself. I want to hear you scream from your own hands."

The hot excitement rushed through me with his words. As the best lover I've ever had, he had an intuition about doing just what I wanted him to do while still managing to surprise me. His request surprised me. He had never asked for this before. He stood and led me to the bed.

"Lay down," he instructed.

I laid down while he stood over me beside the bed. He waited expectantly, and oddly, I felt a sting of self-consciousness, which I had never felt with him before. I realized that was his intention and fought the urge to curse at him for it. I ran my hands over my breasts, enjoying their firmness. My erect nipples earned extra attention as the sensation spread from them throughout my chest. His eyes focused on my hands as I drew light circles around my nipples with my fingernails.

"Come on, baby. Slip a finger in," he whispered softly.

I began lightly squeezing my right nipple as my left hand traveled down my stomach. I couldn't believe how soaked I was, and I skipped past my clit. The deep ache had increased and I knew it wouldn't take very long. I didn't want this feeling to end yet. I slid a finger into my tight cunt and moaned as my muscles contracted. I ran my finger in and out, lightly hitting my G-spot and whimpering with pleasure.

"Now, your clit. Touch your clit," he stated, much harsher than a few moments ago.

I knew I was too sensitive, but his demands excited me and I wanted to follow them. He kneeled on the bed, between my legs, and placed his swollen cock just at the entrance of my pussy. I gently rubbed my clit and immediately began to feel my legs begin their pre-cum tremble. I stopped and he said, in a voice so low I could barely hear him,

"Don't stop. When you start to cum, I'm going to slide my dick in and let your pussy suck me off."

Damn. My index and middle fingers formed a V around my clit and I began pleasuring myself again. His cock, unbelievable hard, pressed at my pussy. I thought he had swollen too big and that he would never get it in. The trembling quickly started again and the sweetly painful ache foretold of an explosion soon to come. I knew this would be a long and hard orgasm. I looked forward to it, even while I regretted the loss of this passion that filled me. When he began talking, I could barely hear him over my moans. He seemed to know this and talked louder, almost yelling at me. His words, explicit, graphic, and demeaning probably should have offended me. But they didn't. Instead they seemed perfect at that moment.

He called me his own personal whore and told me how he was going to use my body, every part of my body, anyway he wanted for the rest of the night. He told me to hurry up and cum, so he could take what he wanted. He said he was going to cum in my mouth, on my face, my tits, inside of me. His words pushed me over the edge and I screamed his name over and over again as the burning in my groin spread like wildfire throughout my body. I vaguely noticed that he had not entered me, but could not form a coherent thought to pull him into me. Wave after wave of pleasure assaulted me. Just as the orgasm began to slow down, he rammed his thick cock into me thrusting deep and hard. I gasped for air as the wildfire flared back up. He pulled out as soon as I started cumming again, and I knew it was so he would not cum. Moments later, when the orgasm began subsiding, I could not feel my legs. Oh, my God. I could not stop saying his name as he laid down beside me and pulled me close. I slowly turned my head and found him looking at me with burning desire.

"Damn, you are so sexy," he said.

He asked how it was, and I couldn't help but laugh. He knew the effect he always had on me. Maybe I should tell him I've never had a better lover... No. He was rubbing my chest, still heaving from cumming so hard. I closed my eyes and savored this moment. He whispered in my ear, "Are you ready?"

"For what?" I asked.

His simple response..."To suck your pussy off my dick."

I caught my breath with his statement. How did he always know when I wanted it raw or romantic or whatever? He knew I needed it raw right now. I thought it would be awhile before I would have any energy for more, but his words brought a surge of excitation. I kneeled beside him. I went down on him, enjoying the taste of my own pussy mixed with his pre-cum. Just a few, long sucking strokes was all it took for his dick to begin jerking and squirting in my mouth. I pulled him out and let his hot cum squirt over my face and tits. My body arched toward it and a stream of the salty liquid hit my mouth. Mmmm... I love the tast of cum, esprcially his.

It surprises me now that it had taken me so long to get him to cum in my mouth. I rubbed his cum into my chest, loving the slippery feel of it. I snuggled into him as he sprinkled kisses onto my neck and nuzzled my ear. In just a few moments, he was ready again. I wanted to slow him down, because of the surprise I have for him later. But I was ready too. When I'm away from him, my pussy craves him. When I'm with him, I stay excited. I asked what he wanted now. He challenged me with a smile and said, "I want your ass."

I started to speak, but was interrupted by a knock at the door. I jumped up from the bed, excited that my surprise had finally arrived. His confusion was evident and I simply smiled when he questioned me. I flung open the door and embraced her, enjoying the floral scent in her hair and the feel of her against me. As I realized I was standing in the hall naked, I pulled her in the room before I kissed her delighting in the softness of her lips and the light touch of her tongue. She asked, "How do you know I'll like him?"

"If you don't, you'll just have to be happy with me," I told her, as I nibbled gently on her ear.

I pulled back, leading her into the room. He had covered up and was looking at us with an expression of shock. This was an area of my life I had never invited him to before, and I really wasn't sure what his response would be. I sat on the corner of the bed as she sat at the desk. I introduced them to each other, and his discomfort was obvious. As wrong as it was, I felt a small sliver of satisfaction at this. I had caught him off guard. We made small talk for a little while and I hoped he would relax. She and I began talking about "old times" and that led to memories of nights of passion and fulfillment. As the excitement of times past and of those yet to come built in me, I knelt in front of her.

"Do you like him?" She eyes him dubiously, "Does he talk?"

I laughed and stretched up to kiss her. The sensousness teasing of her tongue again stirred memories of what else her tongue could do. I began unbuttoning her blouse with one hand while I pushed up her skirt with my other. I asked her, "Okay?"

She gave a slow nod accompanied by a look of sexual heat. I brought both hands up to her hair, remembering how she enjoyed that. It had been so long and she looked so fucking good. Her long, straight, red hair slipped easily through my fingers as my mouth moved to her neck. I found the place just under her right ear that made her push closer to me. Her hands cupped my face as she brought my lips back to hers. I wanted to sneak a look at him, but I caught her eyeing him. When she looked back at me, her wink told me what I wanted to know. I smiled as I licked softly at her lips. I love the difference in the kiss of a woman and a man. I can't imagine not having both. Her fingertips were lightly brushing my nipples and she gently (and discreetly) turned me so that he could watch. My hands travelled her body, enjoying the swell of her breasts, the softness of her stomach, and the lean muscles of her thighs.

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