Seychelle's Turning Out

by expatdad

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, True Story, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: a holiday observation of a French beauty's reluctant submission to prostitution

I took my girlfriend to the Seychelles for our honeymoon and we witnesses a terrific example of what can happen.

I had been to the Seychelles before staying at the expensive Mahe Beach Hotel, which seemed a favourite of the 'jet set'. Having been there I decided that the Coral Strand was the place to go next time.

The Seychelles see few Americans, which makes them frankly more attractive to the wealthier Europeans who can afford to visit.

The hotel had a number of very attractive Creole 'ladies of the night'. One in particular was a really stunning curvy pocket 'venus'.

There was another remarkable 'lady' there in that while she was undoubtedly a curvy woman, she also seemed quite muscular. She clearly was a 'leader' among the ladies of the night, and I would describe her as a confident dominant butch dyke, making her money from the men and her pleasure from the women.

There were plenty of tourists for them to make money, and I frequently saw 'venus' having dinner at various restaurants across the island as a guest of what appeared to be businessmen. My wife particularly pointed her out and commented, how well dressed she was as an escort. At the hotel we only saw her in a bikini.

There was one particularly stunning guest. She was single, about 23yo, and French. She was obviously very wealthy and stylish. Whenever she walked out of the sea and back up onto the beach most activity on the beach stopped. On a score of 1 to 10 she would have been 12!

Blond, with short page boy style, most of the time in a black bikini, which really offset her tan and curves.

Most of the wealthy male guests, who were mainly white, sought her company, but were casually brushed aside.

Her interest was in the island's coloured population and a number visited the hotel's beach bars. They worked the boats, the scuba centre, and were friends to the ladies of the night. They affected were Rastafarian style.

These rougher, local coloured men found her buying them beers, and she soon could only be found ensconced in their group, often with one in particular with his arm around her.

She quickly became his lover, it was obvious to all, and it was something to see this French blond socialite staring fascinated at this Rastafarian 'beach bum.'

She had been his lover about 3 days when they had a row in public, and we all clearly understood that she was annoyed that he wanted her to sleep with his friends.

But he was adamant they were supportive, the ladies of the night encouraging. She was like a spoilt 'madam' stamping her foot in frustration with him. How could he want to offer 'her' to his friends?

She stalked off. The next night she had rejoined them and drank a lot. There was a lot of banter and some argument, but to the surprise of everyone in the lobby she was pulled to her feet by one of his friends and led off to the lift. She did not seem happy, but was allowing herself to be led away. Then she broke off, and went back and had another spat with her Rastafarian lover. It seemed to be on the lines is this what you really want. Then she turned away, took his friend by that hand and walked in a very sexy manner to the lift.

I thought she was saying to the Rastafarian, 'look' what you are missing, and then went into the lift with his friend. Angela and I had a good entertaining chat about this and what might be happening and what she might be thinking.

Later the 'friend' reappeared and passed the keys to another who set off for the lift. We saw 3 others follow up the lift. We had no doubt that she was being taken in turns by them, and that this had not been her intention when coming on holiday there.

The next night saw the real 'breaking in and turning out'. She was with them early in the evening, drinking cocktails, and still paying for the drinks for the whole group, which varied in size from 7 to 15 over the various holiday nights.

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