Mrs Porter

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, MaleDom, Oral Sex, .

Desc: True Sex Story: When Harriett invited me over for morning coffee and that she had a story for me. I was intrigued, but I was astounded at what she had to tell me.

This story is based on a true happening, but I want to make it perfectly clear before you charge into it. It contains subject material that some will find both disturbing and offensive. I cannot emphasize this strongly enough. The name Harriett is the only real name all others are fictitious.

The thing that stood out more than anything else during the interview was what Harriet had said when relating her story to me.

"He's really such a darling and a very nice young lad. I know for a while he seemed a bit of a monster... in fact a real thug, but I can see now he had to do it... to convince me to see things his way and now I really don't mind turning tricks for him... it helps him out... he's just a young chap trying to make his way in life and if I can assist him then I will... he's real good to me and I owe him such a lot... it's the least I can do for him"

I could not believe this wonderful lady sitting opposite me could take what this guy had done to her so philosophically. For all the way he had treated her, she still, could not see anything bad or rotten in him. She was quiet, serene with a beautiful countenance. We've all met someone like her... always smiling and always meeting adversity head on and coming out the other side as if it was just a natural thing to have happened and continuing on with life.

I'd met her for the first time a few days earlier, had estimated her age to be in her fifties, but was astounded to learn she was in fact in her sixties. Yet here she was turning tricks for a guy many years younger than herself and seemed happy to do so. I doubted very much under the circumstances if I could be so magnanimous.

Dave and I had been invited to a farewell party. Our friends Anna and Peter had sold up and were intending to move overseas for a few years. They had invited a small group of people. Harriett and the love of her life Sam or Sammy had also attended.

Like most parties you mingle, move from person to person and try to talk to as many as possible. The guys had this tendency to gather together... talk men talk, cars, rugby and the like, all very boring. Anna introduced me to Harriett.

"Harriett I'd like you to meet my dear friend Lisa. Lisa is in Real Estate... if you ever want to sell you're house... this is the person to do so. (I'd sold Anna and Peter's a few weeks ago... this was their final week, before the new owners took over) Also she's a writer of stories" I gave Anna that look which said shut up, don't go any further. But Anna being Anna barged on. "She writes sexy erotic stories"

Just you wait Anna Drysdale, I thought you myself.

"Oh that's interesting... had any published" Harriett asked

"No... no afraid not... I don't think they are that good... its just a hobby of mine, I post them on the web... I do get some favorable replies and now have a few readers who correspond with me from time to time... it's kinda good to hear from them... I feel like they are now friends of mine... distant friends that is"

"Oh that sounds good" she replied. It was now that a good-looking young guy, who at first I thought was her son, joined us. When he put his arm around her waist and she hers around his. The affectionate kiss on the cheek told me otherwise.

"You alright sweetheart" he asked.

"Yes, fine dear... this is Lisa... Lisa this is my partner Sam" she said introducing us.

I had to say I was a little surprised and hoped it did not show in my expression.

"Hi, pleased to meet you Sam" his hand and grip firm. He stayed and made polite conversation before excusing himself and going to join a group of other guys.

Whow, what a nice guy I thought and at the time genuinely thought what a lucky woman Harriett was, but just as equally thought he was lucky to have Harriett, for all the age difference they made a nice couple. When Anna had excused herself to go talk to someone else. Harriett said "Sexy erotic stories eh?"

"Yes I'll kill Anna... it's something I don't broadcast normally"

"What do you write about... where do you get your material from"

"Oh from my own fantasies and from life's experiences, I just intertwine them and try to come up with a story that the readers like... some times they do... sometimes not. One thing I have learnt is you cannot please all of them all of the time... but then I like to write for the majority... not the minority"

"That's life honey... different people... different tastes... would be a boring world if we all ate the same food every day would it not?"

"I guess so"

"Look I may have a story for you, something you can put together... your readers may find it interesting and maybe a little disturbing" It sounded intriguing and she had my attention.

"You busy next week" she asked.

As it was, I wasn't. The reserve bank was doing its best to cool the housing market and sales had dropped somewhat.

"What about Wednesday" I asked

"Fine... come for morning coffee, around ten" she said.

"I will... I'll bring the cakes" and so it was. I was now interested in what it was she had to divulge and if indeed I could turn it into a story.

I sat opposite her, sipping a coffee. On the dresser near by was a host of pictures, pictures of the family, amongst them was one in a prominent position, that of her partner Sammy... the good looking guy from the other day

"Do you mind if I tape this and take notes Harriett" I asked.

She had no problems with it at all. I took another sip of coffee, pushed record button and held pen to paper. I have transcribed the following into a story and basically this is how it went.

As the saying goes "There's no fool like an old fool" I guess I fitted into that category.

I mean here I was almost sixty years of age; you'd honestly think I would have learnt something in those years... but no... not me. They also say, flattery will get you nowhere... or somewhere or something like that... but young Sammy had a real silver tongue and was as charming and as smooth as any young man could be. Along with that he was good looking and you'd ask the question. Why would a good looking, intelligent, charming young man, have an interest in and old woman like me... well I'd asked the same question... but his charm won me over... he completely conned me, mind I suppose I can take some consolation from the fact that I wasn't the first woman to be conned by a man... and I wouldn't be the last. In this instance flattery got him everywhere.

I was a sixty-year-old woman... well I was going to be in six months. I'd been married to Stan when I was twenty and we'd had three children... two sons and a daughter... all now grown up and moved away... I also had three grandchildren... three beautiful grandchildren, who I got to see a couple of times a year. Like all grandparents I kept pictures of the family on the dresser.

The early pictures of Stan and I... a most handsome young couple... gosh had I really looked like that... such a slim waist and even if I say so myself, rather good looking, blond hair and blue eyes. The man next to me was my handsome husband in fact a handsome couple just starting out on life's journey. Then came the children at various ages, down to my present grand children.

We'd never been overly rich and Stan worked hard as a plumber to provide for us... whilst we didn't have a fortune we felt fortunate in what we did have and never went short.

Stan was never a man who craved after sex. I'd say we had a pretty normal sex life for the life style we led... perhaps I had a bigger appetite for sex than Stan and would have liked a little more of it... but I never strayed from the bed to some other mans bed and satisfied myself with what Stan gave me... we were just an average married couple... some kids, a house and a mortgage... oh and a couple of cats. The kids had grown up, as kids tend to do and made lives for themselves. Now I had the house... mortgage free, a few friends who I went out with some nights... bingo and other similar exciting functions... so as you can see there was nothing about me that would or should attract a twenty or twenty two year old full blooded male.

The slim figure had gone and was replaced with a little more padding... but I'm glad to say not fat... I still had a good figure... just a little more of it and my face had acquired a few more lines than the photo standing on the dresser. I was certainly more active than my friends and delighted in being seen as the youngest one of our little group, whilst in fact I was the oldest. I wasn't a gym freak... but I was an ardent and dedicated walker and this is how I kept fit.

Now my life altered the day Sammy Osborne walked into my house. Oh I didn't know it at the time of course.

I'd been on my own for quite a few years and I had this big house that had a couple of bedrooms going to waist. Norma, my friend suggested I take on a lodger. An idea I discarded at first, but eventually came round to. After all why not. I had the room and I had the time, so I put an add in the local paper. I received five replies. Two female, one a young lass who I didn't take to, an older woman... perhaps I shouldn't say older... she was younger than me. Three men again two more mature and of course Sammy. Now Sammy was a good salesman and he sold himself to me. He seemed such a nice lad, had all the charm and good looks that would get him anywhere... it certainly did with me.

From the moment he moved in, out came the charm.

Here Mrs. P let me help you with that, or I'll fetch that for you. No more busses to fetch the groceries, every week he took me in his car. He spoilt me... but I reveled in it.

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