Mrs Porter

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, MaleDom, Oral Sex, .

Desc: True Sex Story: When Harriett invited me over for morning coffee and that she had a story for me. I was intrigued, but I was astounded at what she had to tell me.

This story is based on a true happening, but I want to make it perfectly clear before you charge into it. It contains subject material that some will find both disturbing and offensive. I cannot emphasize this strongly enough. The name Harriett is the only real name all others are fictitious.

The thing that stood out more than anything else during the interview was what Harriet had said when relating her story to me.

"He's really such a darling and a very nice young lad. I know for a while he seemed a bit of a monster... in fact a real thug, but I can see now he had to do it... to convince me to see things his way and now I really don't mind turning tricks for him... it helps him out... he's just a young chap trying to make his way in life and if I can assist him then I will... he's real good to me and I owe him such a lot... it's the least I can do for him"

I could not believe this wonderful lady sitting opposite me could take what this guy had done to her so philosophically. For all the way he had treated her, she still, could not see anything bad or rotten in him. She was quiet, serene with a beautiful countenance. We've all met someone like her... always smiling and always meeting adversity head on and coming out the other side as if it was just a natural thing to have happened and continuing on with life.

I'd met her for the first time a few days earlier, had estimated her age to be in her fifties, but was astounded to learn she was in fact in her sixties. Yet here she was turning tricks for a guy many years younger than herself and seemed happy to do so. I doubted very much under the circumstances if I could be so magnanimous.

Dave and I had been invited to a farewell party. Our friends Anna and Peter had sold up and were intending to move overseas for a few years. They had invited a small group of people. Harriett and the love of her life Sam or Sammy had also attended.

Like most parties you mingle, move from person to person and try to talk to as many as possible. The guys had this tendency to gather together... talk men talk, cars, rugby and the like, all very boring. Anna introduced me to Harriett.

"Harriett I'd like you to meet my dear friend Lisa. Lisa is in Real Estate... if you ever want to sell you're house... this is the person to do so. (I'd sold Anna and Peter's a few weeks ago... this was their final week, before the new owners took over) Also she's a writer of stories" I gave Anna that look which said shut up, don't go any further. But Anna being Anna barged on. "She writes sexy erotic stories"

Just you wait Anna Drysdale, I thought you myself.

"Oh that's interesting... had any published" Harriett asked

"No... no afraid not... I don't think they are that good... its just a hobby of mine, I post them on the web... I do get some favorable replies and now have a few readers who correspond with me from time to time... it's kinda good to hear from them... I feel like they are now friends of mine... distant friends that is"

"Oh that sounds good" she replied. It was now that a good-looking young guy, who at first I thought was her son, joined us. When he put his arm around her waist and she hers around his. The affectionate kiss on the cheek told me otherwise.

"You alright sweetheart" he asked.

"Yes, fine dear... this is Lisa... Lisa this is my partner Sam" she said introducing us.

I had to say I was a little surprised and hoped it did not show in my expression.

"Hi, pleased to meet you Sam" his hand and grip firm. He stayed and made polite conversation before excusing himself and going to join a group of other guys.

Whow, what a nice guy I thought and at the time genuinely thought what a lucky woman Harriett was, but just as equally thought he was lucky to have Harriett, for all the age difference they made a nice couple. When Anna had excused herself to go talk to someone else. Harriett said "Sexy erotic stories eh?"

"Yes I'll kill Anna... it's something I don't broadcast normally"

"What do you write about... where do you get your material from"

"Oh from my own fantasies and from life's experiences, I just intertwine them and try to come up with a story that the readers like... some times they do... sometimes not. One thing I have learnt is you cannot please all of them all of the time... but then I like to write for the majority... not the minority"

"That's life honey... different people... different tastes... would be a boring world if we all ate the same food every day would it not?"

"I guess so"

"Look I may have a story for you, something you can put together... your readers may find it interesting and maybe a little disturbing" It sounded intriguing and she had my attention.

"You busy next week" she asked.

As it was, I wasn't. The reserve bank was doing its best to cool the housing market and sales had dropped somewhat.

"What about Wednesday" I asked

"Fine... come for morning coffee, around ten" she said.

"I will... I'll bring the cakes" and so it was. I was now interested in what it was she had to divulge and if indeed I could turn it into a story.

I sat opposite her, sipping a coffee. On the dresser near by was a host of pictures, pictures of the family, amongst them was one in a prominent position, that of her partner Sammy... the good looking guy from the other day

"Do you mind if I tape this and take notes Harriett" I asked.

She had no problems with it at all. I took another sip of coffee, pushed record button and held pen to paper. I have transcribed the following into a story and basically this is how it went.

As the saying goes "There's no fool like an old fool" I guess I fitted into that category.

I mean here I was almost sixty years of age; you'd honestly think I would have learnt something in those years... but no... not me. They also say, flattery will get you nowhere... or somewhere or something like that... but young Sammy had a real silver tongue and was as charming and as smooth as any young man could be. Along with that he was good looking and you'd ask the question. Why would a good looking, intelligent, charming young man, have an interest in and old woman like me... well I'd asked the same question... but his charm won me over... he completely conned me, mind I suppose I can take some consolation from the fact that I wasn't the first woman to be conned by a man... and I wouldn't be the last. In this instance flattery got him everywhere.

I was a sixty-year-old woman... well I was going to be in six months. I'd been married to Stan when I was twenty and we'd had three children... two sons and a daughter... all now grown up and moved away... I also had three grandchildren... three beautiful grandchildren, who I got to see a couple of times a year. Like all grandparents I kept pictures of the family on the dresser.

The early pictures of Stan and I... a most handsome young couple... gosh had I really looked like that... such a slim waist and even if I say so myself, rather good looking, blond hair and blue eyes. The man next to me was my handsome husband in fact a handsome couple just starting out on life's journey. Then came the children at various ages, down to my present grand children.

We'd never been overly rich and Stan worked hard as a plumber to provide for us... whilst we didn't have a fortune we felt fortunate in what we did have and never went short.

Stan was never a man who craved after sex. I'd say we had a pretty normal sex life for the life style we led... perhaps I had a bigger appetite for sex than Stan and would have liked a little more of it... but I never strayed from the bed to some other mans bed and satisfied myself with what Stan gave me... we were just an average married couple... some kids, a house and a mortgage... oh and a couple of cats. The kids had grown up, as kids tend to do and made lives for themselves. Now I had the house... mortgage free, a few friends who I went out with some nights... bingo and other similar exciting functions... so as you can see there was nothing about me that would or should attract a twenty or twenty two year old full blooded male.

The slim figure had gone and was replaced with a little more padding... but I'm glad to say not fat... I still had a good figure... just a little more of it and my face had acquired a few more lines than the photo standing on the dresser. I was certainly more active than my friends and delighted in being seen as the youngest one of our little group, whilst in fact I was the oldest. I wasn't a gym freak... but I was an ardent and dedicated walker and this is how I kept fit.

Now my life altered the day Sammy Osborne walked into my house. Oh I didn't know it at the time of course.

I'd been on my own for quite a few years and I had this big house that had a couple of bedrooms going to waist. Norma, my friend suggested I take on a lodger. An idea I discarded at first, but eventually came round to. After all why not. I had the room and I had the time, so I put an add in the local paper. I received five replies. Two female, one a young lass who I didn't take to, an older woman... perhaps I shouldn't say older... she was younger than me. Three men again two more mature and of course Sammy. Now Sammy was a good salesman and he sold himself to me. He seemed such a nice lad, had all the charm and good looks that would get him anywhere... it certainly did with me.

From the moment he moved in, out came the charm.

Here Mrs. P let me help you with that, or I'll fetch that for you. No more busses to fetch the groceries, every week he took me in his car. He spoilt me... but I reveled in it.

"He's such a nice boy" I'd keep telling my friends... and he was... well still is.

Bunches of flowers would arrive, with little notes like "For my favorite girl friend"

I was starting to get a bounce in my step and felt all the better for having him around. I was so happy I'd made the right choice and I loved to fuss and spoil him, it had been a long time since I'd had someone to spoil and to be fair he spoilt me.

Living in close proximity with each other did have its little problems... or should I say incidents.

One day I'd forgot I had a lodger and barged into the bathroom, where I was confronted with one very naked Sammy... just showered and drying his hair.

Now it's no good saying I never saw anything... because I did. For a brief moment my eyes were drawn to what he had between his legs... only brief, but like a camera taking a shot... it was embedded in my mind. I can't say I was an expert on the size of a mans penis, but comparing it with Stan... who I'd seen naked many... many times. Sammie's was rather large, even before he was aroused.

"Oh sorry love... I... I didn't know you were in here" I stammered and went bright red.

He took all in good jest and said, "That's all right Mrs. P... no harm done" and calmly continued to dry himself.

I quickly shut the door, feeling very embarrassed and a little hot... phew!

However he got his revenge some time later when it was me who was in the shower, naked and drying myself off. When the door suddenly opened and it was Sammy, the thing is he wasn't quite as embarrassed as I'd been and for a moment stood staring at me, but I didn't move, at one time I would have screamed and held the towel in front of me, but I just stood there, allowing him to view my naked body.

"Whow, nice" he said followed by "Whoops sorry Mrs. P" then shut the door.

I just smiled and thought what an awful sight for a young boy to see, a naked old woman like me.

He again apologized later for barging in on me like that. I just casually dismissed it and said it didn't bother me... it was him I felt sorry for seeing a naked old bird like that.

"You have a beautiful body Mrs. P... don't let anyone tell you different" he said, causing me some embarrassment and a red face. With time he became not only my lodger but my friend and I loved having him around, he stroked my ego and I felt good about it. My friends even commented on the fact that I'd changed... and changed for the better since Sammy had moved in. Stella not the one to mince words came straight out with it.

"Is that lad feeding you a length Harriett... is that what it is?"

"No... don't be ridiculous... or vulgar... I'm old enough to be his mother... no, maybe his grandmother, its just he's a nice cheery young man and I like having him around"

"Hum... he could sleep in my bed anytime... don't tell me you haven't thought of it yourself... you must be dead already if you haven't" said Stella.

I blushed bright red, which just confirmed for Stella and the rest that I had, followed by knowing smiles and sniggers.

"Well obviously you lot have as well" I replied in my defense.

It worried me a little that he very rarely went out, a young man like that should have been out more often... find himself a nice young girl. I approached him on the subject only to be told

"I don't need to go out Mrs. P I have my girlfriend right here" he said, putting his arm around my shoulder and hugging me, rather tight.

"Oh get away with you I mean a real nice young lass... not an old frump"

"You're not an old frump Mrs. P... and as it happens I'm very partial to the more mature woman... to be perfectly honest some of the young chicks are quite brainless and boring... no give me a mature woman any day"

How strange I thought. It was because of him that I changed the way I dressed.

"You know Mrs. P I think a nice dress would really make you look cool" he said.

Somewhat taken aback. I said "And what's wrong with the way I dress young man"

"Well it's more like an old lady"

Getting a little worked up I replied, "I am an old lady... or hadn't you noticed"

"Mrs. P, you are far from an old lady... old is up here... in the head" he said, tapping his head.

"Where's that fashion magazine of yours... I'll show you what you should be wearing"

I sorted through the old magazines, found the fashion one and handed it to him.

"Here this one here... this is what you should be wearing"

"Don't be ridiculous" I replied after viewing the skirts and dresses he had suggested. But he was adamant. I must admit the dresses did look good, the only thing being, the hemlines were a little higher than the ones I wore, but they were being modeled for the fuller figure.

"I think you would look real stunning in one of those Mrs. P"

"Oh no... I couldn't... could I?" I asked looking for some encouragement and persuasion.

"Yes... yes you could... I tell you what if I buy you a couple would you wear them".

I looked at the model and the dress again... well they do look rather nice... but I can't have you wasting your hard earned money on me Sam lad"

"Nonsense... consider it a present to my favorite girl and appreciation for the way you look after me"

So in due course I received my two dresses and had to confess I liked them and on top of that felt good in them.

Bit by bit he built me up, slowly transforming the dowdy, frumpy old granny into some thing bordering glamorous.

He started to take me out for meals more often... yes I felt somewhat embarrassed at first, being escorted by this charming good looking young man, but in the end I said so what... eat ya heart out and continued to enjoy his company... and his attention. His choice of pubs was a little different to what I'd been used to... not one's with teenagers only... but one's with a mix... young and the more mature. The one we frequented the most was the "Jolly Sailor" and no prizes for guessing it was down by the docks... and yes a favorite of seamen, but it had a good atmosphere and as with most sailors they were interesting to talk to and most with a sense of humor. I'd never felt this good in many a long year. One night at a restaurant, having finished our meal and sipping wine, he reached across the table and took hold of my hands, gently squeezing them; he kissed one, then the other.

"You know Mrs. P I've got to thank you for looking after me and spoiling me so much... I really do appreciate it" he said, continuing to hold and squeeze my hands.

I felt a little tingle run through my body and another feeling in the groin area that I had not experienced in many a year.

"Oh hey... it's you who spoil me Sammy... it's me who should be showing you my appreciation" I replied. It was now I should have realized where we were heading. It was in his expression, in his eyes, his wicked smile, not in the spoken word, but I dismissed it, telling myself it was perhaps just wishful thinking on my part... I was reading it all wrong. I gently pulled my hands away, staring into that beautiful face of his, but I could not dismiss the feeling I had between my legs.

At home we flirted quite outrageously at times... and I encouraged it. god I felt like a teenager again, and the age gap between us seemed to have diminished... this was a very dangerous sign and I missed it completely or else I completely and deliberately ignored it. I enjoyed the friendly little pat on my bum... or the hugs I got... not just quick hugs but lingering hugs and to be fair gave... I was always seeking excuses to hug him... he was reading the signals.

When watching TV at home, we would sit together on the settee. We were watching a soccer match, getting excited; it took a while to realize his arm was around me and he was holding me tight. I said nothing and in saying nothing he received the implied message that all was well... his next move was his hand on my knee, neither of us said anything... just continued to watch the match and telling the ref his pedigree. The hand slowly moved from knee and under the hem of my dress. Now my heart was starting to beat a little faster and there goes that feeling again. When it reached my thigh, I thought it was about time to put a stop to it, but nothing was happening, I wanted to speak but couldn't, wanted to knock his hand away, but nothing would function, his finger was probing around my pussy area, and I was aware he was staring at me, looking for a reaction, an approval. Receiving none he pushed me back on the couch and proceeded to kiss me... hard and passionate... likewise I was almost swallowing his tongue... returning passion with passion. His hand was moving over my pubic hair, down the inside of my panties... panties that he had carefully chosen for me.

I felt a sudden pang of guilt. "No... no Sam we mustn't... don't" I said.

He ignored my protests and I gasped as his finger slid inside. "Ohhhhh... god Sam" I said, my hips and ass rising up to meet the in going fingers. It was the first man to have ventured there since my husband Steve... my hand was firmly on his wrist, but no pressure or will to push him away... just my verbal protest "Oh god no Sammy... no..."

He still said nothing, just kept thrusting his fingers in and out. I gave up resisting and layback on the couch, closed my eyes and reveled in the euphoria of the moment.

Then I felt my pants being pulled down.

"Oh god no, Sammy... no, not that, please not that" I cried like some young virgin.

He still said nothing; his face was devoid of all expression as he continued his quest. The last I saw of my panties they were being tossed away to my right, he continued his quest by pushing my dress up around my waist.

Again I shouted my protest "No Sammy no... please not that... I beg of you... not that" still deaf ears. I heard and watched him unzip his fly, undo his belt and pull down his trousers. If his manhood seemed big when it was slack in the shower... it loomed far bigger now.

"Oh my god... oh my god no please... please... not that... please..." again I begged him Again falling on deaf ears, again no expression... he just pressed on with his quest.

I tried to close my legs, clamp them tight together. He was strong... much stronger than me and I felt my legs slowly being prised apart... bit by bit, until they were wide enough for his purpose. He continued to hold my legs apart; he wasn't going to allow me to close them up again. Now all was in slow motion... I can see it now... today just as vividly as it happened. He maneuvered it toward my slit. I saw the head as it pushed the soft lips of my entrance apart, enter my vagina and slide effortlessly inside, inch... by inch... by inch, until there was no more to give. I remember gasping as it entered and shouting "Oh—my—god—Sammy—Sammy—Sammy" For the first time I saw a smile of satisfaction on his previously unemotional face along with grunts of fulfillment... this is what it had all been about. He was wasting no time, he gathered me up in his arms, holding me tight and close, his ass pumping up and down. Now that he was inside and feeling good... there was little or no point in my protests, I clung and hung on to him as much as he clung onto me. My own hips and ass lifting in time with his own thrusting.

There was a roar from the TV, someone had just scored goal... or perhaps they were cheering because Sammy had just scored a goal. My cat Henry... who'd been curled up on the rug, looked at us... with one of those looks only a cat can give... then returned to his snoozing.

I don't know whether it was because it had been a while since I'd had sex or just the size of Sam's cock... but right then he felt very... very big inside me.

His thrusting was relentless, he kept... thrusting... thrusting... thrusting.

I kept saying his name out over and over. "Oh god Sammy... Sammy... Sammy..." and I clung to him for dear life, my legs clamped like clams around his waist. My hands firmly holding and squeezing his buttocks... god they felt good... so smooth... so firm

I thought he was never going to cum. I'd been used to shorter versions of sex with Mr. Porter, this however seemed never ending... not that I wanted it to end... the way I felt at that moment it could have gone on forever. My liking for sex had suddenly been rekindled. As he moved his expression was one of deep concentration, as if he were focusing only on the job on hand, just the odd smile crossing his face, as he looked at me, his face was completely passive. It wasn't so with me... I was now at fever pitch... cat wondering what all the screaming, moaning and shouting was all about. I continued to hold on to Sammy... my mouth kissing his neck, whispering in his ear. Vowing my ever-lasting love for him and calling out his name, over and over again. It was only toward the end that he seemed to come to life, telling me how much he was enjoying it. I knew he was near to blowing, the pace was faster and the thrusts were deeper more urgent... he told me he was cuming and with one final thrust... he did. I have no idea how many times I'd felt the joy of an orgasm... It did not matter, it was enough that I had. He lay there... on top of me, all spent and feeling the joy of ejaculating into a woman. I had the feeling he had much to offer me and again it was the first deposit of male sperm since Steve had impregnated me some years ago.

He was in no hurry to move and I saw no urgency or need for him to withdraw. I was enjoying the dying embers of our love making, he still felt hard and I wanted to feel that hardness inside me for a little longer... before it was lost and once more became soft. He rolled onto the floor and laid along side me as I lay slightly above him on the couch. I was lying there, my skirt still up around my waist... my legs still spread apart and who knows where my knickers were... right then I did not care. The warm fuzzy feeling that comes after you've just been fucked was with me it was a feeling I'd not had or enjoyed in many a year and right then, that's all that mattered.

I was about to close my legs, when his hand was on my thigh stopping me from doing so.

"No... no... I want to see it... play with it... it's so beautiful" I trembled at the touch of his fingers as they traced the outline of my pussy lips playing with it, teasing it. What happened next happened so quick. One minute I was just lying there, just enjoying his magical touch, and then without warning his warm lips were upon my wet pussy, mouth kissing... tongue delving.

"Oh good god Sammy" I sighed, my hands firmly holding his head in place as I responded by rubbing and pushing my pussy hard against, mouth and tongue.

This was another sexual action that I had not experienced... I'm afraid Mr. Ported had been a little old fashioned in that area... sex was meant to be for the pleasure of the male and for procreation only. This was entirely new to me and I liked it. I was totally unaware that he'd stopped eating me and had pushed himself inside me. My own body being thrust into the soft cushions of the couch... leaving Henry the cat to stare and wonder what was happening... there was another roar from the crowd... another goal perhaps.

Later sitting on the couch, with Sammy's arm around me, my head resting on his shoulder... I still could not believe what I'd just done... I was sixty for god's sake... not sixteen. There was no way I should be feeling this good about what had just transpired between the two of us, but I did. I should be feeling full of guilt and remorse, vowing I'd never do it again, but I didn't. The footy match was in its final moments, I had no idea what the score was and what's more I did not care... we may as well have turned the TV off, neither of us were listening or watching it.

"Sammy... tell me, why an old has been like me... what possible attraction could I be to you" I asked.

"Mrs. P I keep telling you, you are not old... you don't look your age... you have a nice firm fuller figure... just the way I like it... and as I've already told you I prefer the more mature female... And I'm not the only male with desire for the older rather than the younger woman, believe me there are quite a few who think the same as I do... also I don't want a cheap one off screw here... I'd like you to be my woman".

I had to contemplate the words he had just said.

"Now what do you mean exactly by be your woman"

"Exactly that... I want us to be an item... if not man and wife... at least man and woman... You know living together"

Now this did catch me unawares and needed me to think very hard before giving him an answer.

"I can't answer that now honey... I need to give it some thought"

"Well at least you're gona think about it... that' good"

It was time for my bed. Sammy said he'd tidy up and see me in the morning.

I was about to put my nightdress on, but was still feeling a little sexy so decided I'd sleep naked... be a little risqué something I very rarely did, it was a definite no, no as far as Mr. P was concerned... oh it was ok for him to disrobe me once in bed... but not to deliberately go to bed naked and yes there had been times I wished he'd been a little more exciting and adventurous in the bedroom. Tonight made me realize how much I'd missed out on.

As I lay waiting for sleep to envelope me. I thought about Sammy... how he had changed my life. Before his arrival I was on the fast track to becoming an old frump, set in my ways... old dresses... old routines... one ginger cat called Henry... rarely visiting my hair dresser, a couple of nights out at bingo with my friends, who were equally becoming boring. Now since he'd arrived he'd given me a new interest, a new lease on life. I was seeing the world as I should have been seeing it for a long while... not some old granny, sitting waiting for her family to come and visit. Gone were the old none flattering dresses and skirts, in with the new dresses, new skirts (with shorter hemlines) and bright modern tops. I also had two new dress suits, one black, one gray, snug fitting and two pairs of jeans with fawn sandals or deck shoes... mainly used when going for our walks along the beach. And all importantly some real sexy underwear. No Sammy had been good for me. I owed him much. I ran my hands and fingers over my thighs and inner legs it produced a sensuous feeling that felt good... I slowly drifted off to sleep.

The movement of the bed brought me back to consciousness... I'd been dreaming, beautiful naughty dreams... the body next to me was warm and naked. I was about to scream, when a hand, carefully cupped my breast, giving it a gentle and reassuring squeeze, before finger and thumb carefully started to play the nipple, the nipples on both breasts reacted by becoming hard. A warm mouth now suckling one of them.

"Sammy... Sammy what do you think you're doing"

Of course I knew what he was doing, it had been a stupid question. I just felt I had to say something and that was the first thing that came into my head.

"I think you know what I'm doing" was his response and his mouth again closed around one of the nipples. I think the last person to suck on my tit was my youngest son Peter. Sorry to say Mr. P had no liking for it. A warm hand glided over my trembling flesh and between my thighs. I made no resistance to it, in fact I parted my legs, with one smooth action his fingers was inside me. I gasped softly, my body stiffened and hips arched up toward the penetrating fingers. This was a dream... surely this was a dream, at any moment I would awaken and all the wonderful feelings I had would vanish, just as darkness fled before light.

His body moved on top of mine. I made no resistance to the strong hands that prised my legs apart. Just a gasp and a sigh as he made penetration. The steady motion of his body on mine sent me into a rapturous sea of kaleidoscopic feelings... good feelings... feelings I never before had... the smell of his body, aftershave, male perspiration all added to the heavy heady intoxicating cocktail.

Someone was shouting, sometimes screaming and the odd soft moan or sigh. I can only assume the sounds came from me... I was only slightly aware I was making them. I was so lost in the moment of sheer pleasure.

When he exploded inside me. I exploded at the same time. Silence, no more moans, groans or sighs, no squeaking of the bed... even that I'd been unaware of... just firmly locked in our own love capsule. The only sound was that of Henry as he chased after next doors cat maybe it was the actions of Sam and I that had given him ideas.

I turned on my side, fitting perfectly and snugly into the contours of Sam, his arm around me, cupping and massaging my breast... with a contented smile on my face I drifted into oblivion.

I was to find out how much and how important sex was to play in my life from hereon in... to Sam it was very important and as a sixty year old woman I was going to find the going rather hard... if you'll pardon the pun.

I looked at the bedside clock... the red digits said two thirty, the reason for my awakening was the hard erections pressed against my buttock and the hand cupping and massaging my breast. I was still in the same position as I'd gone to sleep.

"God Sammy not again my love"

"Mmmm, yes... you excite me so much Mrs. P... I can't sleep... I need you again"

I rolled onto my back. His body slid on mine, and I parted my legs, and he quickly pushed inside me.

It was the same in the morning; daylight had just broken through the curtains... the sound of a squeaky bed, accompanying the bird's dawn chorus. "Oh god Sammy... I don't seem to be able to satisfy you honey"

"Oh you satisfy me Mrs. P... you satisfy me just swell" he replied, his ass rising and falling.

I'd never been shagged so many times in one day in all my life. I was used to my unbroken sleep, I yawned as I put the kettle on and prepared Sammy's breakfast.

Whilst I waited for the toast to pop and the kettle to boil... I reflected on the night or should I say recent morning, a Cheshire cat smile on my face... it was good to have a man again.

There'd been no spoken word about our relationship... it just seemed to take it's own course. I guess that by accepting him into my bed had been acceptance enough. My bed was his bed... now our bed... we were an item.

Our relationship was just like man and wife, at first I felt somewhat embarrassed at having such a young lover, but like most things... you become accustom to it, and what was once foreign to you slowly becomes the norm. The gap between our ages seemed to narrow, obviously it was a mind thing. I never did have to tell my friends, they could see what was happening... bingo was never as exciting anymore. Sammy picked out most of my clothes and underwear and I felt and looked more like a fifty year old than a sixty year old... confirmed by some of the male patrons at the Jolly Sailor, where we visited on a regular basis. The more they threw at my ego the better I felt. Trying to keep up with his vision of me I went on a diet, and walked more often, reducing my waist line... oh it was never going to be like that in the wedding photo... but what I lost pleased me and it pleased Sammy. The sex was great... although I could have done with a little less.

There was one particular night, Sammy had gone out with his friends. I went to bed a little earlier was just dozing off, when I heard him come in. Now I knew from previous times he came back randy and ready to ride, tonight was no exception.

"Oh god do I need you tonight honey" he said, his arm wrapped around my waist and pressing one very hard member into my side. Now you girls will know that sometimes a mans cock can be hard and sometimes, for some reason, they get super hard. It's just that bit bigger and that much stiffer. Well this particular night was one of those nights, he was super randy... it was all raw lust inside him... and he wanted to pile drive into me as fast as possible. He rolled me on my back excitement, lust and urgency in his voice "Get you're legs open... get your legs open" but at the same time he had his hands on them and was prizing them apart.

"Oh god Sammy... Sammy take it easy honey... take it easy" I shouted at him. As he pile drived inside me. He was in a frenzy like some wild animal.

His thrusts were hard, deep and fast... he wanted to cum... needed to cum and cum fast.

"God Sammy... please... please, not so hard..." I pleaded with him, but he was relentless as he continued to thrust. He gathered me in his arm, pressing my knees up into my chest and holding me tight. I could not move and the crushing effect made it hard to breath. The bed normally bounced and creaked with our lovemaking but to night I thought it may collapse altogether.

The words "OH—god—Sammy—Sammy—slow—down" were forced out of me with each thrust. I could not move, nor hardly breath. Then suddenly he was out of me. My legs now stretched down the bed, his body moving quickly upward, and his legs straggling my torso, well around breast height. I was suddenly confronted with his erect penis only inches from my face; it was like looking down the barrel of a cannon. I could distinctly see its eye... a Cyclops eye staring back at me. He took hold of my head, pulled me toward that same cannon and eye. Suddenly it was being forced into my mouth, his hips swaying, and his cock now... well I guess he was fucking my mouth. It had happened so sudden and so quick. God I'd never even sucked a mans cock before. I was learning a whole lot of new tricks; even for an old dog... I kinda liked it. When he did cum, that was also sudden and all I knew was that my mouth was filling quite quickly with his warm acrid tasting cum. I coughed and gagged, swallowing some and the rest spilling out of my mouth.

He flopped back on the bed, arms behind his head, resting on the pillow.

"God Mrs. P I needed that... I've never felt as randy as that for a long time"

"Yes... well... you don't have to tell me honey... I was on the receiving end"

Other times we walked the beaches... miles of sand dunes. It was like two teenagers. I was trying to make up for all those lost years. He'd be playful... grab me throw me into the dunes, grab and tear at my Jean's, ripping them from my body, my panties followed. "No... no, don't you dare" I'd shout in mock alarm and then I'd watch as he shed his own jeans and dive on top of me

"Oh god you horny bastard" I'd shriek as his ass curved up and down between my most willingly parted legs.

We laughed and giggled one day, believing ourselves to be the only people on the beach. My jeans and panties had been tossed to the sand alongside Sam's jeans and underwear, we heard the barking of a dog. Sammy's ass was humping up and down, I looked over his shoulder, I could see his perfectly shaped ass and my hands squeezing it tight pulling him in as it rose and fell and beyond that an elderly couple, the owners of the dog only yards away, eyeing the action as they quietly walked past. We can only guess at what they were thinking at the time... probably nothing complimentary.

He became the man of the house and now I was letting him run me, where as previously I'd ran myself.

Before it had been "Would you like to go to... or do?" now it was all organized for me. It had become "We're going to... or going to do" he decided where we went and what was good for me, but then it didn't really matter to me. I liked having a man around again. Always thoughtful, presents and flowers galore... he was such a darling... such a considerate man. That is why when it did happen, I couldn't believe it. This wasn't my Sammy... no my Sammy wouldn't do this to me. It was a case of "Dr Jeckle and Mr. Hyde" I can see now why he did it and understand it... but back then I was pretty devastated.

He'd left for his night out with the lads... something I encouraged... I felt it wasn't good being in with me all the time... some night's I'd go and join the girls at bingo... but tonight I decided not to. There was an old Bogie movie on... one that had been on a million times... but I liked Bogie and never missed an opportunity to watch one of his. "Casablanca" it was with that nice actress Ingred Bergman.

It was nearing the end, when I heard Sammy and another voice, he'd obviously brought a friend home. I wasn't too bothered about not seeing the end of the movie I'd seen many time before and knew the ending.

"Hello love... have a good night" I said as I went to great him, it was a quick peck on the cheek and his hug wasn't the hug I normally got.

"Yes Mrs. P... I've brought Barry home for you" he said, introducing the guy. The for you bit did not register.

"Would you like a cup of tea or coffee... I can make you a sandwich if you like... or..."

"Shut up woman... didn't you hear me" he shouted, interrupting me.

"What... what's wrong Sam... did I miss something" I replied

"Yes you missed something... I said I've brought Barry home for you... you know you" he said getting really wound up.

I looked at Barry for some inspirational explanation, but he just looked blank shrugged and avoided my gaze.

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