Disgusting Doctor D.

by Just Jules

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, True Story, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Doctor/Nurse, Caution, .

Desc: True Sex Story: This is a true account of my emergent trip to the doctor and his version of a cure.

This is my true story. One that I never thought I would have the courage to tell. Embarrassingly, looking back, I almost am turned on by the memories. This is, of course, over a decade after the humiliation that I suffered. Today I feel pretty well recovered, but I guess that is obvious since I'm sharing it here.

I had been having abdominal pains, kind of like cramps. My annual exam wasn't due for another four months, so I had put off going to the doctor. Evidently, I put it off too long.

Honestly, I don't remember where I was, but I know that my mother was there. There was a searing pain, like a red-hot poker being jammed through me. It hurt so badly that I almost passed out. All I saw was a flash of light and a million little stars, as I doubled over instinctively. I was almost in the shape of a ball, what with holding my abdomen, knees bent, and folded in half.

Mom called my gynecologists office, but my regular doctor wasn't in. One of the other docs was coming out of surgery and could see me right away. He was going to meet me at the office, to avoid the hassle of the Emergency Room. This was so unusual of doctors to be so helpful back then... perhaps still today, as well.

I sat, my chest resting on my knees, in the car as mom sped across town. Looking back, I'm sure she almost killed us more than once. At the time, I didn't care, I just felt like I was going to die anyway! Getting to the office was a little bit of a relief, because there was a chance to find out what the problem was and get some assistance.

There was a nurse outside, waiting with a wheelchair, to get me into the building. It was so strange in there, almost eerie. They weren't seeing patients that day, so most of the lights were off. Only the nurse and receptionist were there. I went straight back to the exam room, while my mom dealt with the paperwork.

Back in the exam room, the nurse turned on the light and helped me onto the exam table. I had to get out of my shorts, so together the two of us freed me from them, along with my panties. She gave me a gown and helped me take off my shirt and bra. This could turn into a full-out exam for all I knew.

When the doctor came in and greeted me, I thought I would throw up. He was the biggest slime ball. (I worked at the hospital.) All of the nurses talked about him and his sexual advances. He is still in practice, so I'll keep his name to myself. He knew me too. I had been just out of his reach in the operating room a time or two. Yuck! Even worse, he greeted me warmly.

He examined my abdomen and determined that he needed to get a look "inside". No, people, not a speculum thank god! Seems he wanted to get a look at my ovaries. So, he powered up the ultrasound machine. Only then did I remember that this was going to be trans-vaginal ultrasound. (i.e. he was going to stick a probe inside of me) I could only think of what he would really like to stick in me. Little did I know...

It was time to "get down to business". The nurse had neglected to give me a sheet to put over my legs, so Dr. Asshole got one for me. He then pulled out and set up the stirrups, in which I was to rest my feet. The exam table had "handles" to hold. I guessed it was made for people who didn't like exams, perhaps. With my bottom hanging so far off, leaving me feeling as if I would fall off the table, I was ready for the exam.

Next was the final preparation of the machine. They always put a condom over the probe. Following the cleaning, this was always reassuring to me, having one final step to cleanliness. The machine was angled so I could see the screen, relaxing me due to my education and familiarity with the anatomy. Finally, he squirted lubricant on the probe and turned to me, ready to begin.

Interestingly enough, the sheet that I had been given to cover myself was immediately bunched down and pushed back. He said that he needed to be able to feel both the inside and the outside. This was supposed to help him with control.

Something seemed a little off. He was standing for the exam. I had this procedure once before and my doctor sat by my side, operating the million controls. The probe felt a little bit wider too. I mean wider than it looked. But, I could see the images of my bladder, ovaries, etc. on the screen. In addition, he gave me a play-by-play.

His method was a bit rough and he seemed distracted. He would tilt the probe pointing down at my side and part of his hand hit my clit. It was then that I realized... he never had put on his gloves! I thought I would die.

He was intentionally moving this rod inside my cunt up and down, allowing his thumb to rub me! Did he think I was having fun? Were my "moans" of pain interpreted as pleasure? No way. This couldn't be happening. Not to me. I had a flash. The thickness of the probe, its warmth, it was his finger. Although I couldn't see, I believe he had his finger inside me with the probe, with his thumb stimulating my clit.

The deeper he pushed it, the more I groaned in agony. I thought he would penetrate my cervix and enter my womb. Believe me; I kept looking for something on the screen. He would rake the probe across my cervix; pull back, point left to one ovary, then right to the other ovary. This was all over the place. Not quickly, no, it was excruciatingly slow.

What could I say? I couldn't call out. I had let it go on too long. In my disoriented state of pain, I hadn't paid attention. It was my fault that I didn't know he inserted his finger. I knew better. It didn't feel like the condom they used to cover the equipment. I was so stupid. Hopefully he was nearly finished, I prayed.

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