Bruce Takes My Cherry

by Howwee

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Gay, True Story, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: True Sex Story: My "straight" friend and I go hunting for pussy. When we don't find any he decides to use my male pussy instead, whether I want to or not.

I was 21. Worked for the telephone company at the time. Bruce, yeah that was his real name, was one of my best friends. We had dated girls who were roommates at the U. I'd known him for about three years. He was a funny fucker. Wild man, and we had a blast. When we broke up with the girls we kind of drifted.

Diane was the girl I had dated. We got engaged when we were in our first year of college, but we broke it off later.

Anyway, I called Bruce up because I had to go to a wedding in Bumfuck Egypt, and wanted some company. Plus we hadn't seen each other in quite awhile.

I picked him up, he lived about an hour away and we drove to the wedding. On the way there he filled me in on what had happened to Diane after the break-up. She'd gone off the deep end for maybe six months. Party girl. Smoked dope, did other drugs as well, and slept around. Evidently a lot. She'd only had sex with me before the break up. He told me about three guys that I knew that she'd screwed, and although he never said as much, I was pretty sure he'd had her as well.

I felt really bad, I had no idea. He also told me about getting busted for drug possession when he was in California. Ask me about a drug, and I can tell you about it, was the way he phrased it.

After the wedding we headed to the Czech Festival in a small town about 20 miles from his place. At this point we'd started drinking and continued through the rest of the evening. As is often the case he had the chance to hook up with one of the girls we met, but her girlfriend and I couldn't get anything going. We gave it up and headed back to the big city, hit a couple of bars and decided it just wasn't gonna happen.

I was way too hammered to drive home so I was gonna sleep at his place. He produced his bong and wanted to smoke some dope. Now, I'd only smoked dope twice before, and it just put me to sleep. I found out later I was allergic to hemp. I told him no a couple of times, and finally figured, "what the hell," I was ready to go to bed anyway.

After a couple of hits I was in la-la land. He had a pull out couch, which is where we were laying watching T.V. and shooting the shit. I knew I was going to fall asleep shortly plus my tongue wasn't working right anymore. He was already in his jockeys, and I stripped down to mine.

Now I wore really cool underwear at the time if I thought there was a chance I might get lucky. So I had on a pair of bright blue nylon briefs. They had a snap on each hip that held them in place. The girls liked them. Bruce had shut theT.V. off, and put some terrible music on that he liked.

It was right about then that things went south. He had a rolled up newspaper and he started to keep time to the music tapping the newspaper against my thigh. Then he said something along the line of, "you've got really nice legs for a guy." I said, "yeah, they're babe killers," or something like that.

Then he said, "You know what you need Terry? You need a good butt-fucking."

Some alarm bells went off, but I really thought he was just screwing with me. I told him, "Yeah right, fuck off Bruce."

If he said anything after that I don't remember it. I must have passed out, dozed off, whatever, but when I came around he'd unsnapped my briefs, and was playing with my penis. I was naked. Hopelessly fucked up as I was I tried to talk, although that was just incoherent muttering, and attempted to push him away.

Huge joke. I was 5" taller and outweighed him by at least 20 lbs. I might as well have been a five year old. He flipped me over and lubed my ass up with his finger. It was Vaseline. I don't know if it was close by or he'd gotten it while I was passed out.

He yanked me up at the waist, and stuffed a couch pillow underneath me.

Shit. I wasn't a homophobe, but I didn't want anything to do with this. Nobody chooses to be gay. Why would you with all the shit, no pun intended, you're going to have to put up with. I knew without question that I was not gay.

Bruce wasn't gay. Definitely bi, and this was most definitely not the first time he'd engaged in this sort of entertainment.

I'd like to be more detailed about what happened next, but it's pretty hazy. It didn't hurt. I'm sure that as fucked up as I was you could have hit me with a hammer, and it wouldn't have hurt.

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