The Reunion

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, .

Desc: Sex Story: I was on my way to Honolulu, the passanger next to me was dark and very, very handsome... I'd never quite had a flight like it.

This is a short story, one you can read whilst having breaky and a cup of coffee. Not a lot of explicit sex in it sorry. I'll try and do better next time.

Thanks again to all those readers who take the time to write me with their comments and suggestions I do appreciate them and I hope I reply to each and every one of you. Have a nice day and do take care



The day had started out well, clear blue sky and warm. I'd set out for the airport, giving myself plenty of time, with possible traffic delays it paid to arrive with time to spare.

I didn't want to mess this trip up. When Janice had contacted me and told me she was getting married and the wedding was taking place in Hawaii, I said I was delighted to accept her invitation, not only that, it gave me an opportunity to catch up with the other girls who were coming from all parts of the globe for the occasion. Once the wedding was over, the rest of us had ten days of sun, sand and surf and anything else we girls could get our hands on... preferably a good-looking hunk of a man.

Once the taxi had dropped me off I dragged my luggage to the check in counter, managed to secure a window seat, not that there was a great deal to see once up in the air, but at least I wouldn't have anyone brushing past me every five minutes wanting to go to the loo.

The only thing with arriving early, you had to fill in time waiting for your flight. I hung around the airport, reading magazines and drinking coffee. The time to board eventually came and along with other passengers made to board the plane. Once inside it was one of confusion as each of us shuffled and squeezed passed each other, searching for our right seat. A voice behind me said.

"Here let me give you a hand with that" I turned to see a tall, handsome guy, reaching to help me with my cabin baggage.

"Oh thanks... that's awfully kind of you" I replied

"No problem"

I found that he was to be my traveling companion, and took the seat next to me. Conversation started immediately, he was charming and easy to talk to. Our third passenger a portly businessman took the isle seat as the plane continued to fill, the sound of lockers opening and shutting as passengers crammed all sorts of extra luggage into the overhead compartments.

When all were boarded and luggage safely stored, it was time for our departure.

I'm not too sure about take offs; I prefer it once we are airborne, building up speed as we tore down the runway. Planes always seem bumpy at this point; a slight lift and we were off. I watched as the ground slipped away. People, cars and building becoming smaller and smaller until they no longer existed... only sky and cloud, a slight bank to the right, gaining more height and we were headed for Honolulu.

Five minutes into the flight, a stewardess approached our passenger sitting by the isle.

"If you'd like to follow me Mr. Emerson, we have a seat for you in business class"

Collecting his things we watched him follow the stewardess, leaving the isle seat vacant.

"Well looks like we have the whole isle to ourselves" said my handsome traveling companion.

"My names Jack by the way... Jack Branford" he said introducing himself and holding out his hand.

"I'm Stacy... Stacy Chapman" I replied taking his hand. It was warm and firm, sending a thrill through my body. We held hands a little longer than was necessary for two people making introductions. I wasn't going to be the first one to withdraw. "Pleased to meet you Stacy" he said flashing a warm smile, eventually letting go of my hand. I felt a little disappointed.

From this point on, we chatted like old friends. I told him about myself and he in turn told me his life story.

I told him I was going to Honolulu for a friends wedding. He was going on business and after that hopefully some R and R before returning home.

He flirted with me as I with him. Touching of hands, seemingly accidental. Leg pressed against leg. Our conversation leaving little innuendoes for each other to interpret. When I eased passed him to go to the toilet, his hands brushing lightly over my ass. If we had met at a bar I would be taking him back to my place for a nightcap.

We drank and ate the meal that was served as the plane continued on toward its destination.

The cabin lights were dimmed and those wishing to sleep were already doing so, whilst others chatted. The chatter dieing as more and more decided to take a nap, there was still some considerable time and distance before Honolulu.

Our own chatter stopped and I decided to try and grab a little sleep myself. I knew once there and catching up with the girls sleep was going to be a scarce commodity.

I felt Jack shuffle and shift in his seat, trying to get a comfortable position, finishing up on his side facing toward me. I closed my eyes and daydreamed.

At first I thought the hand on my knee was part of my daydream, but soon realized it was no daydream but a reality. I made no attempt to remove it... I had no desire to move it. As I did not resist or make any protest Jacks confidence rose, his hand now moving slowly up, gentle and warn, under my skirt and on my thigh, caressing and squeezing it. I kept my eyes closed and let out a soft sigh. "Mmmm" as he continued upward.

His hand was now at my panties. He was almost there... the prize he most urgently wanted. The prize I was eager for him to have. I parted my legs as much as my dress would allow. I did not wish to impede his progress; it was also a sign for him to proceed

I felt his fingers move under the elastic of my pants as they continued their search. He could feel my pubic hair... then the lips of my pussy, warm wet and inviting him in. I almost let out a yell as his finger stabbed and probed inside me. My body stiffened and I bit down on my lip, to stifle the yell. "Oh god Jack" I murmured.

"Oh hell you feel good honey... all warm and wet... definitely wet"

He didn't have to tell me. I'd been wet and ready for him for some time. My imagination working overtime.

With his body turned away from the isle and in the dark it was unlikely anyone was going to see what was going on... not unless they were standing right over us and they weren't

As his finger continued to work on me it was difficult not to shout out... I know I wanted to.

With his other hand he undid his fly, removed his hard erection, took my hand and placed it on the hard warm flesh... now I really was excited... just playing with it had me euphoric in pleasure.

Together we mutually masturbated each other. I was imagining his finger to be his penis and he was imagining my hand to be my pussy.

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