Gala Time With Cousin Sister

by Ramprabhu

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, True Story, Incest, Brother, Sister, Masturbation, .

Desc: True Sex Story: This is true happening. My cousin sister stayed with me for 3 days. We had some privacy. I got some enjoyment with her though it was strictly limited to my masturbation by her or rubbing me on her body.

This happened in 1994 when my cousin sister stayed a few days in my house.

Her name is Sornam. She is my second cousin sister ( her mother and my mother are first cousin sisters). We know each other from childhood days. Her family and mine are very close. She had passed school final and did not study in college but passed English typing and shorthand examinations. With those qualifications she had applied for clerical post in a bank and she was required to write and get selected through competitive examination. The exams were not held in her city and so she had selected Chennai as her centre. She was to appear in typing and stenography tests as well as in English and General Knowledge test papers.

The examinations were to be held on a Sunday and she came three days before that date and stayed in my house as this time was necessary for her to collect hall-ticket for the exam and also to concentrate in her preparations.

In my house only I had finished school final and was employed in a company and I was also doing graduate education through correspondence course at that time. So she asked me to help her in her preparations and I gladly agreed.

In the night after dinner I started asking her to answer questions from the General Knowledge Book prescribed for the examination and she answered a few correctly and a few wrongly. Because other members of the house were watching TV it was a disturbance for both of us to concentrate on our task. So along with her I went to the open terrace of the house where we would be undisturbed to continue her preparation. As it was summer season we decided to sleep in the terrace itself so that she can prepare till very late in night.

At about 11 PM we decided that it was enough for the day and went to sleep. I had put a mat and pillow on the terrace for me and some distance away she put her bed and we lied down to sleep.

I think it would be around 1 PM when I woke hearing some noise. I saw her to get up from her bed. In the open terrace a drain pipe was provided for rain water to get away. Sornam went there and stood near the drain and started to pee. For doing this she had lifted her sari and petticoat above her hips and I got a good glimpse of her white buttocks and her thighs. After peeing she came and lied on her bed to sleep again.

My look at her buttocks and thighs had given me a nice feeling and my cock stirred. I could not get sleep again and I furtively watched her. She was around 20 years and she cannot be called very beautiful. She was fair coloured but she was very lean and her boobs were small. Her buttocks were also small sized. Seeing her naked buttocks had given me a hot feeling and I could not help but watch her sleeping body. She was lying on her back and sleeping and as it was a hot and sultry night she had not covered herself with any blanket. I saw her tits heaving up and down with her breathing. I kept on watching her and within a short time I had a massive erection and my cock started dancing at the sight of her body.

After a few minutes Sornam turned and lied on her side in her sleep. In sleep her sari and petticoat had slightly moved up on her and her lean legs were visible. Her white hip was also now visible to me. I was wearing a dhoti and underwear and my erection was now giving very much pressure to me and so I pulled my cock out of those impediments and started slowly rubbing it. All the time my eyes were fastened on her sleeping figure.

I had read a few pornography books where sex act between brothers and sisters were described in vivid manner. Though I had enjoyed reading such incest sex stories, yet I had also a feeling that such incidents described in those books will not actually happen in real life. I thought those stories were only pure imagination and in the real life brother fucking his sister or his sister allowing such act would not arise. But now all those stories came to my mind and I was totally worked up. I felt that I should go and touch her and if she was willing I should get some pleasure from her.

I was also afraid as to what she will think about me when she finds that I have lusty feelings about her. I did not know how she will take it or how she will react. I had found her very simple and polite in her manners and very unassuming. For my questions to her in general knowledge sometimes she gave wrong answers and then I had chided or teased her. But she did not get angry or provoked and remained very docile. Even where my chiding was a bit excessive she had remained calm and did not retort to me. Altogether she was a homely graceful girl. I felt that if I want take liberty with her she may allow me. Even if she does not like it, she would only stop me and keep quiet about it. I was sure that she will not go to the extent of exposing my misbehavior to my house-folks to get me punished for such act. This thought emboldened me and I decided to touch her for my pleasure.

She was lying about 10 feet away from me. I got up from my bed and went near her and sat by her side. She was soundly sleeping. I placed a hand on her hip and lightly shook her. She did not wake up. So somewhat roughly I shook her. She woke up and turned on her back. When she saw me she sat up and said "Anna (Elder Brother) — what do you want?". I told her " Sornam — I am not able to sleep — please help me to sleep". My tone and words conveyed to her my lust and what I wanted from her. She remained quiet so I said "come — let us have some fun". She said "Anna — I am your sister - it is not proper for us to do what you have in mind — let us not do any sin — now you please get away from here".

I did not say anything but remained sitting near her. Then she said "Anna — you please sleep here — I think my presence here is disturbing you — I will go downstairs and sleep there so that you will not have that disturbance". So saying she tried to get up. I immediately said " No Sornam — you please sleep here itself - I will not trouble you". I then got up and went and lied in my bed. Then she also lied down on her bed.

I do not know how long I remained like that but I did not sleep. I could see she was sleeping again. My cock had become limp but now again it was fully raised and demanding attention. So again I got up and went near her and sat.

Sornam was lying on her back and sleeping. She had not woken up when I sat near her. I watched her heaving breasts for sometime. The slowly I bent over her face and I fully placed my mouth on her lips and smothered her and deeply kissed her. At the sametime with my hands I pressed her shoulders down so that she could not get up.

Sornam woke up and tried to get rid of me and move away from me. But I was applying a lot of force on her and I had fully covered her mouth with my mouth. She could not make any noise and she shook her head to get out of me but I did not allow her to get away. At the same time I put my legs over her thighs and tightly locked her hip with my hip. I was pressing her so much that she was nearly crushed and plastered to the floor by my body. My cock was standing like a steel rod and I pressed it on her crotch with full force so that its pulse beat will be unmistakably felt by her. In fact I pressed my cock on her so much that it was drilling on her cunt even through our clothes. I kept this position and pressure for a considerable time on her without any let up.

In the meantime she shook her head this way and that way and tried to push me away with her hands but with my lust I was so forceful that she could not succeed in her efforts. She was no match to my brutal strength and she bit her lips tightly so that my tongue will not enter her mouth. I was not able to kiss her and I was disappointed with her resistance. But I did not want to give up and so I increased my pressure on her crotch and my cock was drilling on her cunt and she tried to tightly close her thighs. But I locked my legs on her thighs and pressed them so hard that she could not move her legs.

All the time she was trying to push me away from her by placing her hands on my chest. Finding this not possible she took her hands from my chest and tried to push my hands by catching at my wrists. Her action made my chest to fall and squeeze her tits and I increased the pressure of my torso on her. At the sametime I took my hands from her shoulders and catching hold of her hands I pinned them to her side. Then slightly raising my self I moved my legs on her and got her hands pinned down by applying pressure of my knees on her palms.

Now her hands were arrested without movement and this gave freedom to my hands. I immediately caught hold of her tits and madly squeezed them. She gasped with pain and her mouth opened and without loosing the advantage I pushed my tongue into her mouth and with my tongue I licked the roof of her mouth and her tongue. At the sametime I increased the pressure on her crotch and catching hold of her nipples I started kneading and pinching them.

After a few minutes I could notice her nipples getting hard and her breathing became heavy. I felt that though she was resisting me yet her resistance was getting weaker. Probably what I did triggered the sexual desires in her. I felt she was also getting into the erotic mood. But I did not relax my pressure on her body and I did not also stop tweaking and kneading her nipples but though now I did it with lesser force and more gently.

After a few minutes her body relaxed under me and I eased the pressure of my knees on her hands. She took them away and placed her hands on my back. She also parted her lips and opened her mouth. Now I could kiss her properly and I gave her a deep long and passionate kiss. At the same time I increased my massaging of her tits. With her hands she caressed my back and a little later her hands rested on my buttocks and gently pressed them. Then she lightly squeezed my bums repeatedly. I understood now she had also entered into the erotic mood. So I eased the pressure on her further.

May be this went for about 10 minutes and by now my cock could not hold it any longer. So lying on her I madly bumped my cock on her crotch and within a minute or two I massively ejaculated and I fell on her pressing my shooting cock on her navel.

I got fully drained and the brute force left me. I became totally spent and lied on her idly for about two minutes till my cock became fully limp. I then got up from her and sat near her breathing heavily. My dhoti and underwear had become wet and sticky with my semen. We remained in total silence.

After about 10 minutes I got up and went near the water drain pipe and urinated.

Then I took my underwear and put it for drying. Wearing only the dhoti I came and sat on my bed. All this time Sornam had been lying in her bed quietly.

Then in a hesitating voice I called "Sornam" and she replied "yes Anna". I said to her "I did sin — but I could not help it — will you forgive me". She remained silent. I said "you must be angry with me and I know that you will not forgive me— I understand it — but please do not say about this to the other people in the house". She did not reply and I did not know what to talk further.

So I kept sitting on my bed and watched her. Then I got up, went and sat near her again.

She opened her eyes and saw me. When she tried to get up I said "you remain like that". Then I asked her "why you are not answering me?". She replied "Anna — I do not know what to say". I asked her "will you tell this to my house people?". She said "no Anna — I will not - how can I do it — because it will be bringing you shame and I don't want you to suffer".

I told her " thank you very much — I will remain in your debt always for this".

She replied "Anna — please don't speak such words". I said to her "I could not control myself - please don't mistake me or think bad about me". She said "No Anna — I will not mistake you and I will never think bad about you". I asked her "what I did — did it hurt your feelings very much?". She said " I was totally shocked and could not believe it that you want to have sex with me — but anyway let us forget it".

But I could not think of anything else. By now shamefully my penis had again stiffened and that erection pleased as well as disturbed me. Originally I thought to go to my bed and masturbate there but the nearness of Sornam excited me and I was again tempted. So I told her "Sornam — will you allow me to touch you one more time? — I am not satisfied yet and I cannot get sleep unless I get full satisfaction". She remained silent. I said "alright — I will go do my bed and try to sleep". So saying I got up when Sornam said "what do you want Anna — what should I do". I was pleased with her reply and again sat by her side.

I tried to remove top portion of her sari covering her breast but she told me "Anna- please do not do that. I will please you by my hand". I was surprised by what she said. I hesitated a bit and then said "okay". Then she sat up while I lied on her bed. I undid my dhoti and my manhood shot up and stood pulsating. She gripped my cock with her right hand and slowly rubbed it. With her left hand she caught hold of my testicles and lightly rubbed my scrotum. She also squeezed my balls. Her touch was exhilarating and my penis stood with even more gusto. She increased the speed a little more and I liked it a lot. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her hand masturbating me. Then I stretched my hands and got hold of her tits. I squeezed her nipples very hard and she bit her lips. Her speed increased and within a short time I got release of my semen which came in many spurts. I ejaculated spilling my semen with deep fulfillment. When I reached climax I covered my cockhead with my dhoti so that my semen would not spill and stain her bed.

When my penis became limp she stopped jerking me and took her hand away. I took rest lying in her bed and she was sitting by my side. In a soft voice she asked me "Anna — are you happy now?". I said "yes dear — thank you — I will not forget this day". Then I pulled her to me, tightly embraced and passionately kissed her.

Then after some 10 minutes I got up and went to urinate again. I came and lied on my bed and said to her "Sornam - now we can sleep". Later we both slept.

In the morning when I woke up I found she had already got up and gone below. I noticed that the front of my dhoti had tell-tale stain of semen. My underwear had dried but it also was stiff where the semen had dried. So I hid the stain somehow and came down and changed to a different set of dress. Though I saw Sornam we could not talk much. But I was convinced that she had not told about my mischief to anyone in the house because they all behaved as usual with me. After sometime she got ready and left with my father to the Bank's recruiting office to collect her hall-ticket. I also left for my office.

When I returned in the evening I did not find her in the house and when I asked my mother she told me that the girl had gone to the open terrace for studying. Immediately after my coffee I went upstairs and found her reading for her exam.

I sat near her and asked " Sornam — did you tell anyone about last night". She said "No Anna — I did not".

The I asked her "Are you angry with me?". She said "No Anna — I am not angry with you — I am only sad about what happened yesterday night — I am you sister and our relationship must be pure". I said "I am also very sorry — but yesterday I could not control myself".

Then like yesterday I helped her in her preparations for the examination.

Around 8.30 PM we were to go down for dinner. At that time I asked her "Sornam — after dinner can we come here and continue your preparation?". She said "yes — let us do it". Then I asked her "will you sleep here?". She did not reply and remained silent. I told her "please sleep here". She did not say anything and again I said "are you afraid of me — do you detest me?". She then said "No Anna — I do not detest you — but sexual weakness is with everyone and in a flash wrong things do happen - our age is such that we have to be careful in these things". I had not expected such words from her. I remained sullen at her reply and in a weak voice I said "I do not know how I can regain your confidence and affection for me. I curse myself for what I did yesterday". Then probably she should have felt pity for me because she said "Anna — don't feel dismal — I will come and sleep here tonight also". Her reply pleased me and I said "thank you". Then we went down for dinner.

After dinner we again came and continued with her study till 10 PM. Afterwards we lied in our beds to sleep. I did not get sleep but noticed that within short time she was sleeping. I simply lied awake and watched her sleeping form.

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