The Corpus Christi Trip

by Jerry

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Wherein my honey and I take a few days in Corpus giving 'trucker shows' going down. Then, at the 4-star hotel we meet and enjoy Hector, an employee. A cab driver, a strip club, and a return trucker show rounds out a great weekend.


Copyright┬ę 2007, by Jerry

This story, with little embellishment, is told as best I remember the details.

The sweetie and I took 4 days off and drove down to Corpus Christi for some sun and fun. It was a 5hr drive all on Interstate. We took our time and played "trucker" on I-37 south of San Antonio as the highway was straight, little traveled and the weather perfect. As I passed several big rigs, my honey would look at the drivers and, if they seemed clean and interested would give them a wave. She won't show anything unless they ask for it with their eyes and gestures. Those that fit this bill received a delightful sight as she opened her shirt to reveal nice breasts, cupped them and sucked her nipples. The drivers would really smile at that and ask for more. Several I talked to on my CB radio and two who voiced their appreciation got the full Monty. She was sitting next to me in our pick-up middle seat and would turn to the side as much as her seatbelt would allow. She pulled her skirt up to her waist and opened her legs then opened her pussy lips showing the shiny, wet pinkness between. She fingered herself a few seconds, the while making eye contact with the driver, smell her scent and taste her wetness.

When we pulled into the one rest stop on that leg, there were no trucks to play with so we journeyed on.

Our first night in Corpus was at a motel on the bay front. After a nice Alaskan king crab dinner at Landry's, we caught a cab to a strip club. The club was disappointing and after one table dance for her, we left. Our cab driver on the return was a nice looking college student at the local Texas A&M campus. At a stoplight, he looked in his mirror to see my lady in the middle with her legs spread and skirt up and no panties. He asked if we were in town to see the sights. I replied yes, did he know of any good ones. He said the best one he had seen in a long time was sitting next to me. We chuckled and on arrival at the motel had him pull around back where it was somewhat dark.

I told him to turn the dome light on while I found his fare money knowing he would turn around. I took my time. As he was admiring the sight, I told him if he turned the light back off he could have a feel. He did so and reached around and gently stroked her pussy hair. She moaned a little and put her hand on his giving it a little pull. Her legs opened more and he slipped two fingers into her, slowly finger fucking her.

They enjoyed this for about 3 minutes then she moved a little and started closing her legs. He withdrew. We said our thanks for the ride and he gave me his card asking me to call should we need another ride.

We went up to our room and enjoyed a very hot lovemaking session.

The next day we drove around Corpus and out onto Padre Island getting back to town about 4. Our 2nd night was at the Bayshore Omni. I had picked it because the rooms have balconies and face the gulf. Our room was on the 14th floor and the view magnificent.

The young man who helped us curbside at the hotel was very good looking. My sweetie remarked that he was beautiful. His name was Hector and he had those liquid black eyes that melt the ladies. He looked about 25 and was very courteous and efficient.

We got checked in; I parked the truck and gathered the honey. We went to our room. There, I asked her whether she would like Hector to come up to the room.


"Go get into the black slip, no bra, no panties or shoes."

She protested a little then complied. I retrieved a bottle of Redwood Creek Merlot. I told her I was going to go down to the lobby and find Hector and have him get the bottle opened and bring us two wine glasses. I was not going to be here when he came.

I suggested how she could seduce him by putting her purse in the middle of the bed and when he had opened the wine she could lay across the bed to retrieve tip money. I suggested she show lots of cleavage and lots of leg as she did this.

I kissed her and left.

I found Hector and gave him instructions saying I had to do some errands for half an hour and for him to take the wine on up to the room. He said ok

I went straight back to the room. In about 15 minutes there was a knock on the door. I went into the bathroom which, luckily faced the bed and closed the door leaving the light off. She let him in. They made small talk and I heard the bed creak a little as she laid on it to get her purse. I could not see anything of course and my imagination went wild as I could imagine her pretty body being revealed to Hector. She thanked him for the service and told me later that she rubbed the bills over the bulge in his pants.

He only stayed a short time but said he might come back in a bit to make sure everything was ok. She told him that would be appreciated and walked him out.

I emerged from the bathroom with raging wood so anxious to hear what happened. She told me how he watched her every move and seemed reluctant to leave. "We kissed and copted some feels," she said with a grin. She said she was sorry he left and sorry I was disappointed nothing happened. I told her I was very happy with events and I bet he came back shortly as he wants more and figures I will only be gone a little while longer.

We discussed what to do if he did come back. I told her whatever she was comfortable with and she said 'no fucking' not with me "gone." I agreed as I wanted to see that if it happened. But she felt he would not come back since he would be afraid of loosing his job as she might get angry and report him. I did not feel that would happen with how she had rubbed his dick and openly showed him a lot.

Sure enough, as we were taking in the view, there was a knock on the door. I went back in the bathroom. He had only been gone about 10 minutes!

She answered and asked him in. He wanted to make sure all was well. I could hear them talking some about the room and view then it got very quiet. I strained at the door but could not hear anything for awhile. Then, I heard Hector take in a large breath and thought I heard mouth sounds or kissing sounds.

I heard her moan a little and the bed rustle but it must have just been her standing up because in a second they were right next to the bathroom door. I heard her say, "No, you can touch but nothing else as my husband isn't here and he likes to watch."

Hector must have had a serious pause over that as it got quiet again. She asked what time he got off shift. He said at 7. She said we would be back from dinner by then and he was welcome to come up and finish what he wanted to do then but her husband would be here. She said it was ok and he would either just watch or join in whichever they wanted. Hector said he didn't know, that he had never done anything like that before but would think about it. He left.

When I came out she was flustered and agitated. She grabbed me and kissed me hard. Pulling back, she whispered, "I sucked his dick."

OMG, my breath caught; I froze.

"His dick is beautiful and squeaky clean and just a hint of man scent. Was it ok that I invited him back? We can make sure we are not here if he comes if you don't want to do this."

"Geezzz honey, I think you want this guy and I would be very happy to give him to you. I heard what you told him. Yes. Let us be here. We have time to get a drink up on the top floor lounge and something to eat and get back by 7 in case he does come."

"If he does, and things go well, do you want to join us? I'd like that."

"Let's leave it up to him sugar. He may be real nervous and want to try to forget I'm in the room. I'll sit at the table in the corner and be very quiet. If he wants me with you he will let you know."

We dressed and went to the top floor lounge. Happily, the piano player was there that we had enjoyed 3 years before on our first trip. I had him play 'our' song, Roberta Flack's The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. We sat close to the piano again but her skirt was too long this time to open her legs and give him a nice flash of sweet pussy as she did the time before. If he remembered us he did not let on.

We were too excited to eat a lot and just had some appetizers with our drink then went back to the room. She showered, coming out of the bathroom wearing the same black slip. She asked whether she should wear something different but I said no. She looked delicious. We had an hour to kill and I went out on the balcony to enjoy the gathering dusk. She joined me and I started feeling her up. She backed me against the wall, kneeled, and took my dick out putting it in her sweet mouth. Traffic was passing below but we were so high no one could see yet we felt we were right out in public. It would not have taken me 4 minutes to cum but, knowing this, she stopped short, stood up and went back inside.

I followed and wanted to fuck her a little. She got on the bed and let me enter her saying I could cum if I felt I couldn't wait. I was ravenous but wanted to stay on the edge in case Hector did show.

We watched some TV and were actually surprised then the knock came at 15 after 7.

We kissed, assured each other of our love, and I sat down at the table as far from the bed as possible in the room.

She opened the door and Hector entered. He was out of his uniform and wearing nice slacks and sport shirt. She brought him over to me. I stood up and we shook hands. I told him I knew of his two previous visits and wanted to thank him for taking such good care of my wife. He grinned, a little embarrassed. I said that she still needed some attention and we were happy that he had returned and hoped we could show our appreciation.

My honey then came up behind Hector putting her arms around his middle. "Oh, I think I can find some way to thank this nice man for his attention to his hotel guests." I reached over to the glass slider and turned off the room lights.

She then backed up until she was at the bed. Hector turned around and immediately forgot all about me. He took her in his arms and kissed her rubbing the silky material of her slip in the back. His hand came around to her breasts cupping one then his other hand, the other. She went to his pants zipper lowering it reaching inside. Before she took his penis out, she undid his belt and pants letting them drop to the floor. All this while they held a kiss.

She laid back on the bed, her legs still on the floor. Hector took off his shoes and socks and shirt then kneeled down forcing her legs open. He kissed up her legs and licked her thighs then put his face in her pretty bush. He paused taking in her scent with long, deep breaths. This made her gasp, her breathing instantly rapid and short.

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