Grand Time Spent In A Guest House.

by Ramprabhu

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, True Story, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: True Sex Story: This is a true happening when I had gone on official tour and stayed in a guest house one night. I enjoyed two women and I also came to know about what all fetishes happen in a guest house.

In 2002 I went to Vijayawada in Andhra.

My company has a big office and stores there. The storekeeper had swindled some stocks and to get insurance claim detailed inventory was to be made. So my office sent me there along with one insurance auditor. The auditor stayed in his relative's house and I stayed in hotel. The stores were in the outskirts of the city. I will go in the morning and do inventory work till 5 PM. A temporary storekeeper was employed by us and he had instructions to close and seal the office daily at 5 PM in presence of me, our area manager and the auditor. He will again open it in the morning in our presence after we check the seal and give clearance.

After about two days in the evening when the storehouse was closed I returned to the city with area manager in his two wheeler and he invited me for tea. I went to his house and had tea and snacks. Later he brought and dropped me in my hotel. At that time he asked me whether I would be interested to have some nice time in the night with some good women. As I was married I was a little reluctant but I was also tempted and I asked him whether there will be any problem. He laughed and said " No problem at all — the arrangement will be good and it is usually done when top officials come from head office. You need not worry at all". Then I said "Ok — what I should do" He said " It is now 6.30 PM and you now relax in your room. By 7.30 or 8 one person will meet you and do necessary things" After this he left.

I was eagerly waiting when by about 7.30 there was a knock on my door. When I opened the door one person of about 50 years age was standing. He said his name was Thambaiah ( hereafter called T ) and area manager had sent him and if I was ready he will take me with him. I asked him "what about dinner?" He said " all are arranged".

So I went down with him and in his scooter he took me to some place again in outskirts of city. We reached a farm and in there was a farm house to which he took me. The door of the house was opened by an old man and T took me to a room and said "Please wait here. I will go and return in a short time." So saying he went away.

The room was a big bed room with a big double bed in the middle. It was nicely furnished with carpets, costly furniture and big sized mirrors. There were lot of curios very well displayed in show cases. The bed contained a very soft mattress which was so supple that it was one foot thick but sank to one inch if one sat on it. There were nice fluffy satin pillows. There were many bright lights and the room was air conditioned and very cool. There were several big photos of scantily dressed very beautiful ladies and one or two of them were fully nude also. There was a TV with VCR. There was attached bath room with big bath tub and very nice fittings including a big mirror. In short it was a room like that comes in dream scenes of a movie and it was the first time I had seen such a nicely furnished room.

I sat on the bed and switched on the TV but the program was a Telugu one and not very interesting so I switched it off. It was about 8.15 when the door opened and the old man came inside the room and asked me something. I could not understand what he was asking so I said "Please talk to T" He went way and after a few minutes one women entered the room.

She was dark, plain looking and wearing a simple sari. She asked me in Tamil " Sir — what you will have for dinner. Whether roti and chicken curry can be made?" I am a vegetarian and though occasionally I had taken non —vegetarian food I prefer to avoid it.

So I said " is there any vegetarian food?" She said "rice, beans curry, curd and pickle are there" I said "it is enough for me" She went away and after some time she again came bringing with her a tray on which beer, whisky bottles were there. The old man followed her with another tray where soda bottles, ice pail and some dishes containing snacks were there. They placed it on a table and the old man left closing the door. The lady asked me " Sir — what you will have - beer or whisky?". I said "first give me beer" Then she opened a beer bottle and poured it in a tumbler. She did it nicely so that beer came to the brim without any bubbles. She gave me the glass and also moved the table near me so that I can consume the snacks. Then she sat on the floor a little distance from the bed.

I sipped the beer and it was very cold and nice. I also munched some snacks. I saw the woman sitting on the floor. I thought she is the lady with whom I will be spending the night. She was around 30 or 35. Her features were not very attractive. I was a bit disappointed with the thought that what nice time I will have with her.

After I finished my glass I held it for refilling which she did. She again went and sat on the floor. I asked her " what is your name?" She replied "Jyothi." (hereafter I will refer her as J ) I said to her " why don't you remove your clothes and sit by my side?" She immediately replied " no sir — I am not your woman. The lady who will sleep with you is coming" Her answer somewhat pleased me and I asked her " who is she and where is she?" She replied "Sir — I do not know- T has gone to bring her"

It was about 8.45 PM then so I asked her " from where she will come and by what time she will come?"

She said " I do not know — only T arranges all these things — usually these are arranged in advance and so he brings the ladies here in the evening itself and they will be kept ready when the guests come. But in your case I understand T was asked to make arrangements only this evening and so there is some delay in getting your lady. Usually those ladies will serve drinks and food to the guests. As your lady will be coming late T asked me to serve you drink and food and that is why I am here "

I asked her " the women he brings — are they nice looking?"

She said " yes — you will get nice ladies only"

I asked " are they prostitutes?"

She replied " sir — I do not know — but I think they are good quality ladies only. I have found them nice looking and I think they are not prostitutes as you think"

I said " if they are not prostitutes why they come here and sleep with persons not known to them"

She replied " I cannot answer you — but I have seen the ladies coming here and I do not think they are prostitutes like you would see near market or bus stand"

I laughed and said " they must be high class prostitutes" She did not reply

I asked her " what is this place?"

She replied " this is the guest house of... Company. ( In no way related to my organization). Here all officers and VIPs are brought for their rest and pleasure."

I asked " other than me is anyone else staying now?"

She said " no — today nobody but you."

I asked " how many rooms are there?"

She said " there are two bed rooms down and one in upstairs - the other bed room below is like this only. But the bed room upstairs is a wonder. It is so nice it will look like Indraloka." ( It means the room will be splendid and beyond comparison).

I asked "can I see it?"

She replied " no — the key is not with us. It will be only used for putting high ranking persons like ministers or political big shots. It has got facility for making blue films also and a lot of blue film cassettes are kept there"

I was immediately tempted and asked " are there any blue films I can see?"

She said " in these rooms it is not there"

I said " can you get me one from the upstairs room?"

She said " no — we do not have the key — further I can enter the room only in the presence of the manager because there are very costly articles kept for decoration there and the company will not take it lightly if some thing is not found there. We will lose our job and put in jail"

I was disappointed and kept quiet. By this time I had finished my beer and so I asked her to pour me a little whisky which she did.

I then asked her " whether guests coming and getting entertained here — is it regular?"

She said "yes — for that only this place is kept"

I said " so it is regular here and happens daily"

She said " not daily — but many times in a month"

I asked " who all come here"

She said " as I told you — big officers and VIPs and even ministers"

I asked her " you said they make blue films in the upstairs room — how they make it and who acts in them"

She said " I only know but I have not seen it being made. But there are no actors. Only I think they make movies if the guests desire to get films made of their pleasure acts. Further I go inside the room only for cleaning that too when the manager is watching. I do not like that room "

I laughed and said " Why — you said it is Indraloka — why do not like it"

She said " because often great sin is done in that room"

I was surprised by her answer and said " why — if you mean fucking then in every room here it is done. What is the difference?"

She remained silent and when I again repeated my question she said " sir — please do not mistake me — you all come here to spend time with women — I do not object to it because man enjoying with women is done everywhere. But that happens when the lady also cooperates to give pleasure to the man. In upstairs room also usually same thing happens and that is alright. But on several occasions very bad things also happen. Some times the VIP desires virgin girls and when they are brought he rapes them. As woman I can understand the feelings of such ladies going inside the room to be wasted by the VIP. They will be openly weeping and beg to be left to go to their house but nobody will listen to them and often they will be mercilessly dragged and pushed inside the room. When they come out of the room afterwards they will be in total ruin. I cannot bear the sight but I cannot help also and it will disturb me very much. As a woman the greatest sin for me is rape"

Then she asked " sir - don't mistake me - are you married and have children?"

I said " yes — I am married and I have two daughters."

She said " then you will understand what I say. There are also times when the VIP demands young immature girls — girls only 8 or 10 years old and not physically ready to take men — and then the VIP spoils such girls — I think you will agree with me it is a very great sin to spoil little girls"

I could not reply anything immediately because I was somewhat shocked by what she told to me. I have read in magazines about child molestation and I do not agree to it. I do not understand what pleasure you can get out a small girl who is not fit for that purpose and also unwilling. There is no need to put them to suffering when mature women are available from whom one can get 100% satisfaction. I do not want to subscribe to any mental sickness.

So I replied her " What you say is correct — it is a grave sin — and such men are not human beings and one can even crush them like a bed bug"

She said " you say so — but what happens here is different — such animals are treated with all respects and we have to listen to their words as if they are gods speaking from heaven. Why - for them the company even keeps a lady doctor readily available here when they commit their sins — can you imagine — a doctor who is supposed to give cure to people against pain"

I was surprised and asked " what — why a lady doctor is needed"

She said " the lady doctor is coming here to check and assure the VIP that the women and girls they get are virgins and untouched. Further after the VIP spoils the ladies and girls, when they come out of the room, they will be in terrible pain and bleeding from their front and back holes. Sometimes they will bear teeth bite on their breasts, lips and other parts also. The doctor will then give medicines and also put stitches to stop bleeding. Imagine — a doctor first saying that the girl is okay so that she can undergo raping and get pain and bleeding and then same doctor giving medicine to that very girl. I do not know whether such doctor can be called a doctor at all. She is worse than animal in my opinion"

I could not digest all she told and so kept quiet. Then I asked her "if you do not like what is happening here then why remain here — can you not leave this place?"

She said " I do not know any thing else. I was born and remained in this place always and from my childhood I am a servant here. I have no other place to go"

I asked " are you married — have you children?"

She said " married — no children - my husband is not living with me. He has left me and I am told he is in Kakinada with some other woman I do not have any contact with him.

I asked " who is that old man — is he your father?'

She said " no — he is my uncle and he is the caretaker here"

By the time I had finished my whisky also and saw it was about 9.30 PM. I again asked her " when T will come?" She said " no idea — can I pour you some more whisky"

I said "enough - I want to take food"

She said "then I will set it on dining table in the hall — please come there"

She removed the drink items and went away. I went to the bath room and after passing urine and cleaning my hands I went to dining hall and took my food. At that time J asked me whether I would need bed tea in the morning and when she should bring it. I said 6.30 AM will be fine and she said ok. Then after finishing my dinner I came and waited in my room.

It was near 10 PM and still T did not come with the lady intended for me. So I went outside and again asked J whether any telephone can be made to T. She did not know how to contact T and she asked the old man who also did not know. So I again returned to my room and restlessly waited.

It was around 10.45PM when a sound was heard outside so I went and saw T coming with a lady. She was about 25 years old, lean fair and looking decent. T apologized to me for the delay and introduced that lady to me as Chayakumari. ( I will refer her as C hereafter). Then he told me that in the morning I can have breakfast in the guest house itself and by 9 AM he will pick me and drop me in the storehouse. I said it will be fine. In the meantime C excused herself and went to use the bath room.

I asked him " how long I can keep C" He replied "till you leave this place she will be with you only". Then I asked him "don't mistake me — I hope she is not a common prostitute — I am asking because I do not want any disease" He replied " no — she is quiet clean and you need not worry at all. I supply excellent girls only otherwise the company will kill me. You need not even put condom — but if you want it please ask J and she will give condom packet to you".

I asked " should I pay anything to this girl?". He said "no — all arranged — you just enjoy her till morning". Then he left.

I went and sat in the bed waiting for C to come from bath room. Then I got an idea. I went and bolted the bed room door. Then I went to the bath room and knocked the door. From inside C said that she will come in a few minutes. I told her to open the door immediately so she opened the door. I saw she was washing her face and hands. I asked her " what about you dinner" She said " mine is over and you please go and finish yours. I will be ready when you come back." I said "mine also over. I feel sleepy so come let us take a hot bath together so that I will be also fresh."

She hesitated a bit and later said " ok — how do you want it — under the shower or shall I fill bath tub." I said " first remove your dress — let us take shower"

She then entered the bed room and quickly removed her dress and stood fully nude before me. I watched her with glee and I was fascinated by what I saw. Though she was lean her figure was good. The many mirrors in the room were reflecting every part of her. She was fair complexioned and her hair was short and bob cut. She had nice tits, though small in size they were upturned and with rosy nipples. She had lean slender legs and her cunt was well shaved.

The mirrors also gave a nice view of her buttocks. They were small sized and white complexioned. I went and stood neat her and embracing her tightly. I kissed her deeply and cupped her buttocks and squeezed them very hard. My penis had become rock hard and was bursting inside my pant. Then I moved from her and quickly undressed and became nude. In the meantime she crossed me to go to the bath room. I grabbed her buttocks from behind and pulled her to me.

She said "come let us go inside for shower" I said " come let us fuck now" She giggled and said " you said you felt sleepy and you wanted to take shower" I said " yes — but your nice body has driven away my sleep. Now I will not sleep throughout the night" She giggled and said "who is going to allow you to sleep. I will see that by tomorrow morning you do not have even a drop of juice inside you" I said "let me see how you do it" Then I dragged her to the bed and pushed her on the mattress.

She held a hand before me and asked me " dear — will you put condom?"

I said " no — should I — T told me you are clean"

She said " I am clean — but if you will not put condom then let me put cream for me — because I have to be careful to avoid baby"

I had not heard about such method previously. I had only known about use of pills. Even my wife was using pills to avoid a second baby at that time. So I told to C "what are you saying — don't you take pills"

She said " I do take pills when it is required. But usually T will tell me in advance and I will take pills and prepare myself. But today was sudden. I was not expecting to have sex with anyone today and when suddenly T asked me I could not avoid and I had come immediately. In such instances this cream is the best way"

Then she got up from the bed and went and opened her bag from which she took a tube and inserting the nozzle inside her cunt she squeezed it two or three times. Then she came and sat in the bed and said " come — let us begin the fireworks."

I asked her " whether this cream will do any harm to me?

She said " no — no — it is very safe. In fact it will give you a smooth feel."

I asked "then what it does to stop baby getting"

She said " I do not know all those science. It is supposed to kill the life cells in your semen when you shoot it inside me. Now please begin"

I sat alongside her and again tightly embraced her. By this time my cock had become very much swollen and water started oozing out of it. So I told her " first let me make a quick fucking and let me get drained of my craving. Later we can do a leisurely fucking."

She said " I am your property and so use me in whatever way you desire"

I immediately spread her thighs and without any loss of time just pushed my cock inside her cunt and her cunt muscles tightly gripped my penis fully. The cream in her cunt also gave a very soft sensation. Grabbing hold of her tits and squeezing them very hard I vigorously pumped inside her cunt. Within a minute or so I erupted with great force inside her cunt and shot so much semen inside her that I lost count of how many times I spurted inside her. Totally exhausted and satisfied I just fell on her and crushed her body beneath me so hard that she almost got buried in the soft mattress of the bed. Breathing very hard like a python I lied on her for how long I do not know.

Then I slowly came back to senses and extricated me from her and lied by her side. She got up and lied on me and slowly caressed my face and at the same time she pressed her warm wet cunt on my belly and I liked the heat coming from her. I lightly kissed her lips and caressed her bob cut hair and her back.

After some time I asked her " C — where are you from and what are you"

" We normally do not speak about our personal matters with the guests — so also we do not ask guests about their personal aspects"

"It is okay. I just asked and if you feel like you can answer"

"I am from Warangal. I am employed in one of the concerns belonging to the company owning this guest house".

"You speak Tamil well. How?".

"I know about four or five languages other than Telugu".

"I think you are not married."


"Your parents are here"

"No. In Warangal"

"Where do you stay here"

"In a ladies hostel"

"Do you come to this place often"

"As and when required."

"Don't mistake me. I think you are from a good family. If so why do you do this".

"I find you are asking too many personal questions. People coming here do not bother to even ask my name. They will be seeking sexual pleasure in every second of the time they keep me with them."

"How is it possible. After each enjoyment you need some rest and diversion and so how one can remain without talking."

She laughed and said "people who come here — they come for one purpose only and they concentrate on getting it. Usually they would take some drugs to give them increased vigor and further there will be blue films running in the TV for them to watch and get enticed. I find you have not put on TV".

"There is no blue film here"

"Why - it will be provided in every room when the guests come. Why you did not get it."

"J mentioned about blue films and when I wanted to see it she said she cannot get it because they are in the upstairs room and it is locked."

"Who is J?".

"The servant maid here"

"Oh — that dark woman - She will not know — you should have asked T — he would have given it. Usually he will keep all those things ready and even decorate the room with flowers so that you will feel as if you are having your first night here. Probably because he had to arrange this in hurry he did not do those things."

As I was very much interested to see blue films I asked "whether T is still in the guest house."

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