One of Our Hotel Meetings

by niteowluk99

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, True Story, DomSub, Spanking, Light Bond, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A sub arranges to meet her master at a hotel, here is here experience.

Two weeks prior to our meeting, I inform you of a little training exercise I expect you carry out each day up to our meeting. You are to tease your nipples for 15 mins each day and you must make your nipples hard and pinch them for at least 3 mins each time. You are not allowed to touch your cunt nor are you allowed to cum.

One week before our meeting I tell you that you are to bring your friend Christine with you to the meeting, I do not care what excuse you tell her to get her there but you are told you will perform in front of her. As you had previously had intimate knowledge of each other's bodies this is not a problem.

Three days before the meeting you are told to insert two carrots of at least three inches in length side by side up your cunt for, one hour first day, two hours second day and three hours third day. You are also told that on the day of our meeting they should be inserted as soon as you get up and must not be removed. Also you are to wear your finest pair of cotton knickers on the day of our meeting, from the time you get up till I decide at the meeting they can come off.

Each day leading up to the meeting I get you to describe how your training is going and make sure that you have not made yourself cum. You are honest with me and tell me that your cunt is red hot from morning through till night; you're constantly thinking about sex but have managed not to break the terms of your task.

On the day of the meeting I travel to the hotel, book the room and begin to prepare it for your arrival. At 2 pm precisely you knock on the room door, I open it and allow you and your friend to enter. You look around the room and see two chairs arranged at the foot of the bed as a viewing gallery. I instruct your friend Christine to take the nearest seat. As she moves towards the seat, I take you in my arms and kiss you full on the mouth, sliding my hand over your already erect nipple as I do so, my hand continues to travel towards your clothed cunt, where I check that your knickers are in place and I feel the slight ends of the two carrots.

I smile as I pull away from you, I say "seems you have done well my slutty little cum eater" you nod in approval. I lead you over to the foot of the bed and instruct you to slowly remove your blouse. As you do so I turn and begin to talk to Christine almost ignoring you to the point where your blouse is off and I appear not to notice. You try a little cough to attract my attention, which is ignored. Finally you speak "Ray, I am ready"

I turn to you and snap "who told you to interrupt me you brazen little bitch" "you really have over stepped the mark this time and I will punish you for your insolence" you suddenly look towards the floor and shuffle your feet. I turn towards you and say "show me how you have been preparing your nipples for this meeting, you blush slightly as Christine looks directly at your tits and adds "Yes you slut show me too how you cannot wait to play with those tits."

You go through the routine you have been doing for the last two weeks, only this time you hold the pinch until I tell you to release them. I instruct you to come forward and ask Christine to judge whether they are really hard nipples or not. She takes her time feeling your nipples before announcing "they will do"

I tell you to remove your skirt, again you blush as you know your knickers are soaking wet from the carrots up your cunt, but you dare not resist. So you stand before Christine and I in just your soaking cotton knickers. I turn to her and say this little bitch has been carrying her own little snack with her and offer your cunt to Christine to investigate what your snack is.

She slips her hand inside your knickers and retrieves one of the carrots, before smelling it and running her tongue along its length. She is taken aback when I snap at her "Hey Bitch did I tell you, you could remove that and taste it" visibly shaking she says no sir. I tell her to put it back now and that she will have to pay the price for misbehaving.

I tell her to remove her blouse now and as she tries to resist I inform her that to keep me waiting will only increase her ultimate punishment, she begins to unbutton her blouse as I turn to you and tell you to go to the bedside table and bring back the silver tray you will find there.

You return just as Christine is removing the last of her blouse, I turn to her and say "what did no one tell you I hate Bra's and you should never wear one in my presence" she gulps and nods her head, "Rainy told me but I thought that only applied to her". "Remove it this instant" I bellow at her. Quickly she removes the bra to reveal her large tits and already erect nipples.

I turn my attention to you and order you to remove the carrots from your cunt and lay them on the tray, and then you are to remove your knickers and place them beside the carrots.

I return to talking to Christine and order her to stand up and remove the rest of her clothes, she jumps up and as quickly as she can she removes her skirt and knickers but hesitates over the stockings and suspender belt. Should I remove these too sir, as I am told you like your women to wear them. I snap back "I told you to remove the rest of your clothes that includes those things. Yes I like my women to wear them but only when they have earned the right to such luxuries."

You and Christine now stand facing each other stark bullock naked and I am to your left, I ask you "so tell me slut what do you think of the bitches tits" you reply they look ok but I am wondering if they are real if I may be allowed to feel them to find out. I smile and agree to you feeling her tits but warn you not to touch her nipples. You seem disappointed as you feel all around her tits but keep clear of her nipples. "yes they are real, Ray and they feel pretty good and heavy" You fail to see my hand coming up behind your head as I push your face towards her tits, taste her nipples and tell me how they react when sucked, I tell you.

A grasp of anticipation escapes both your lips and Christine's. I tell you; you have 5 minutes to taste both nipples and tell me how they react to being nipped by your teeth, flicked by your tongue and generally sucked. I turn to Christine and say "Don't worry bitch, you will have the same amount of time to taste and test her cunt"

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