Bonding Love

by Sensual Lace

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Light Bond, .

Desc: True Sex Story: Bonding Love is just what it states(true story)...light bondage acts done in the great outdoors. It start as me recollecting the events that took place long before I actually started writing and leads into what transpired of her coming home to find him dangling the handcuffs and blindfold...

5:55 PM 16/12/04

She's sitting in a crowded coffee shop, waiting for her latte to arrive. With her journal open and a pen in hand she begins to write her imaginative thoughts on paper. While taking a walk that day her mind floated to this building with a flapping flag post way up on the roof, and thought of how nice it would be to make love up there...

Her mind working overtime with such desires, she begins to write her tale of two lovers enjoying an afternoon love session in his apartment.

She comes home to find him in the door way dangling handcuffs and a blind fold in his hands and a wickedly sexy grin on his face. He advances towards her and leads her into the bedroom where he softly undoes her buttons on the silk blouse she's wearing. Where he starts unbuttoning her blouse he leaves a hot trail of kisses, explore the luscious mounds of her heaving breast as he begins to awake her lustful need.

He's in control of her destiny and knows it. He begins to tease her erected nipples with his thumb and index finger through her sheer black laced bra, which causes her to slightly arch her back to receive greater pleasures he's invoking. She sighs for no words could ever begin to describe how's she's feeling.

As he starts kissing her lips that she'd just bitten out of clear frustration he says, "Babe, do you trust me completely?" She moans a reply and leans into him, then thinks better and uses words, "Mmmm yes sweetie, completely!" He starts unraveling the scrunched up blindfold and gently ties it around her eyes placing a kiss on her forehead. He leads her towards the full length mirror and starts fondling her breast from in back of her. Lifting her arms above her head he starts to trace her body form with his hands, slightly grazing every inch of her with his finger tips.

She tenses, really not knowing what's to come has turned her on so madly she sways back and forth as like she'd be grinding her pussy to his pelvis bone. Her hips moving like the hauntingly sensual music that communicates its desires to be fulfilled, she tries to move her arms down towards her hot pussy to play only to be stopped for he wanted to explore. Slowly, too slowly for her liking, he starts moving a trail of soft licks as to once where his hands and fingers had been. Holding her swaying hips he starts devouring her flesh that burnt hotly now from the lack of satisfaction with tortured foreplay.

Now bending her over he lifts her mini-skirt above her rocking hips and takes her cheeks and clinches them together. Slowly he starts licking each cheek with his heated tongue as she starts pumping her body towards him. Raising her head she lets out a heavy moan as to communicate her desire to be taken. He doesn't comply with her wishes but keeps licking her ass getting closer to her overheated pussy. She squirms as to make his tongue move from its torturing place to where she really longs for it to be. He moves his tongue along the edge of her panty line adding yet more torture to her heated lustful wants, she sighs.

Now getting back up he reaches for her arms and gently pulls her up. Taking her hands he places the handcuffs around her wrists and slowly rebuttons her blouse and guides her towards the attached garage and put her in the passenger seat. Getting in himself he starts driving to their final destination to where he spotted the day before. Conversation was very little, other then her asking where they were going no words were exchanged. Driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other playing erotically with her inner thigh... she releases many moans of pure excitement.

Finally reaching the spot he longed to ravish her sexy body, he parks the car in an isolated place. Getting her out of the car he ushers her towards the abandoned building... he opens the door and guides her towards the stairs. Going straight up towards the roof they climb the stairs, with her climbing somewhat in a crawl. He views her thighs and pussy and starts playing slightly with her soakened pussy juices on her panties. A squeal released from her clinched teeth, she bites her upper lip in thoughts of the growing anticipation to what was coming.

Now final at the landing of the platform she straightens up. He takes her cuffed hands and guides her again towards the flag pole, slightly waving its welcome in the summer afternoon breeze. So much in need of release himself, he moans a reply, "Finally my love, we are to where I want to devour your body and invoke my passion that burns deeply for you." He unlocks one side of the handcuffs and secures it to the flag pole and starts again to slowly undress her. Slipping his fingers between the buttons on her blouse he undoes the first button and works it from the loop.

Now fully undone he spreads it open and removes it from her shoulders and it falls to where the handcuffs stop its release. He then undoes her bra and lifts it from its heavy restraint and cups them with his hands. He unlatches the cuffs to remove the entirety of her clothes, then again latches it back to the pole. The late days wind licks its much needed breeze upon her naked flesh, now heated and so ready for its play.

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