Hot Tub

by Sensual Lace

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, Oral Sex, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: True Sex Story: This is a short story of a real encounter I had while living in Las Vegas. It's of me and a gentleman having a sexual fantasy fulfilled of being outside and aroused by peaked curiousness of just how aroused we'd become with the potentualness of being seen.

As she pulls down her shades she settles in for another lonesome night. She looks at her computer with a longing gaze and wishes it would turn into her handsome knight in shinning armor. She sits comfortably in her chair and clicks on her browser, as so she could enter into a world of make believe. Before entering this world she prays yet another prayer for some relief to her growing ache inside... She begins to undo her blouse while waiting for her world to load.

Here she is again, in a room full of unexpected yet somehow knowing delights. She scans the room for possible victims so she may devour them with the polished words of her lust, hmmmm she spots him, sitting ever so quietly at first. She begins to arouse his peeked curiousity as she intices him to cum. He sets up a possible inticement of his own... a hottub, her imagination wonders to the bubbles erupting around them as their bodies mount in excitment for the awaited event. He ever so slowly advances to where she lays and starts to remove her soakened tank top, she moans for she so longed for his touch that now it's there she can't hold back.

Just as he's ready to lift the tank top above her head she arches her back to invite him, he takes a nipple within his heated mouth and teases it with nibbles and tongue. She erupts her pleasure with a cry for release, as she gently grabs ahold of his hips. Thrusting her body to his, she slowly encircles his hips with her legs as she begins to grind her pulsing pussy against his full erection, still arching her back so he can deliever pleasurable delights.

She reaches between their bodies, now pressed tightly together and lightly touches his swelling god. She pulls back from him and whispers her need for flesh with her eyes that blaze with fired up lust, he complies by standing up and removes his shorts. But teases her by moving a few more inches away and takes ahold of his erect beauty... sliding his hand up and down she again cries out her want.

Slowly she seductively walks towards him speaking not a word, yet ever so loudly with her eyes... he stands there waiting for her advancement. Upon getting closer she rubs the nipple he just sucked as so maybe this act would help her. He watches her play and groans his own pleasure at the view of aroused foreplay. She reaches her need and slowly scraps her finger tips down his chest while trailing the red marks left behind with her lips and tongue. On one knee now, she looks up and pleads with him... he complies by gracefully hopping up onto the ledge of the hottub so she could have what she so longed for.

Off of her knee now she bends greedily to her awaited want and starts playing with the tip of his shaft with her tongue, while her hand gently massages his dangling balls. Moaning he grabs her hair as to anchor himself for the pleasure such a long time coming, he felt weak. Now taking his swelled shaft deeper into her hot mouth she slowly starts the rhymn, up and down her mouth trails a heat so unbarable he arches his hips closer as to give her greater access. She slightly grazes his chest with her nails again to envoke a delightful squeak from his clinched teeth... She looks up at his face of raw desire and starts to hum as to add viberation to her task at hand.

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