Eleanor's Re-Run Exprience

by niteowluk99

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cuckold, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Another tale about the submissive Eleanor and the night we're enacted something we had done ten years earlier.

Eleanor asked me to go back to her flat, as her flat mates were not going to be there. So I readily agreed. I was already formulating a sexy night of full action.

The action that took place was an almost exact re run of what happened 10 years earlier.

We met at 7pm and drove to her house. When we arrived I immediately went to her bedroom and ordered her to strip naked. I stood and watched her remove her clothes, I told her that her cunt was mine to punish, her tits would look nice bound tightly in soft ropes. Your mouth should be gagged so you can't utter a single word.

When she was naked I asked which was her wardrobes and began looking through them, I soon found what I was looking for a skimpy white pleated skirt and a see through blouse. I threw them to her and told her to be in the living room in 5 mins on her knees before me or face the consequences. I walked out of the room giving her arse a playful slap as I went.

I prepared for her arrival, but laying out a pair of handcuffs, some silk rope, and a small ball gag. I had placed a dining chair in front of the TV; an adult video was cued in the video. It was one I hoped she would find really erotic as it was all about bondage and submissive females.

I ordered her to sit in the chair and to place her hands together behind the chair back, where I placed them in the handcuffs. I then inserted the ball gag and fastened it, I asked if she felt comfortable and she said a mumbled yes, as it was still audible I tightened the ball gag another notch and repeated the question, this time I could not tell what she said but she nodded her approval.

I was happy with this result so I moved on to UN buttoning her blouse and applied a length of rope across her elbows pulling it tight and forcing her breasts to push out. I fastened the rope. I then took another length and fastened her legs to each of the chair legs. Forcing her legs wide apart underneath her white skirt. I then fastened her to the back of the chair and moved to the side. Where I started the video, I made it clear to Eleanor to watch the screen, or I would severely punish her. I then took the last length of rope and began to bind it around her left breast, tightening it causing her breast to bulge, I figure of eight tied the rope and repeated it on the right breast.

By now the video had started and showed a woman being tied in a similar manner to Eleanor, only the woman on screen had a large butt plug being inserted. Eleanor stole a worried glance at me and tried to search for the butt plug she was expecting. I laughed out loud and said, "No babes, I am not going to insert one of those into your arse, I have something better planned for that."

I slipped my hand between her legs and found her cunt already really wet. I tickled her clit, she squirmed. I flicked her skirt back exposing her cunt and slowly inserted my index finger, all the way to its base knuckle, I then wiggled the finger and she moaned into the ball gag. I continued to play with her until she could not sit still, but all the time her eyes were glued to the scenes unfolding before her. The woman there was now tied to a Saint Andrews cross and had a large rubber penis stuffed up her cunt adding additional pressure on the butt plug still up her arse. Suddenly Eleanor sat rigidly still and tried to clamp her thighs together as her climax broke around my finger.

I took my other hand and begin to pinch her bound tits, which seemed to inspire even more climatic thrusts from her. Suddenly into the room came Eleanor's flat mate Kate, closely followed by her boyfriend Roger. Eleanor froze, as I tried to switch off the video. Kate said, "Oh leave it running, I am aware of Eleanor's likes in the sexual department."

Roger was torn between looking at Eleanor on full display and the scenes being acted out on the TV. Kate then turned to Roger and told him to go to her bedroom and undress. Reluctantly he left the room. Kate came up to me and whispered "let's have some real fun" and with that she called out to roger "Are you undressed yet?" when she heard the reply of yes, she responded, "get in here now as you are and don't try to hide anything.

Meekly Roger walked into the living room his hard cock bobbing around in front of him. Kate instantly took hold of it dragging him in front of Eleanor, ordering him to kneel and to lick her sticky cunt juice from the seat of the chair but without touching her cunt. Roger began to try as best as he could to clean up her cunt spillage. Then Kate said "Ray keep a close eye on him and spank him hard if he strays" with that she turned and left the room.

She returned 10 minutes later and with a leather paddle, standing just to the right of Rogers's arse she gave him three sharp whacks with the paddle and got him to say thank you after each one. Eleanor could not hide her blushes as the hair of roger brushed against her cunt lips, causing even more leakage which roger lapped up like a little dog.

Kate turned to me and tried to order me to strip off, but a quick refusal and a slight struggle had her under my control. I managed to drag her across to the settee and sitting dragged her across my knee, where I lifted her skirt and spanked her panty clad arse.

I continued to spank her until she begged for me to stop and added "oh master please stop" I then knew she was prepared to accept my commands. I then told Roger to cease and to crawl to the settee, meanwhile I told Kate to go finish what roger had started.

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