The Journey

by niteowluk99

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Three teenage Girls hitching in the rain, offer tehir bodies as payment for the lift.

Because of a family bereavement, I had to drive from London to Sheffield. I chose to travel the night before I really needed to, in order to avoid excessive traffic. As it turned out it was probably one of my best decisions.

For those unaware of the distances involved its 168 miles (272 km) from London to Sheffield, most of it is motorway travel. Being lucky enough to have a large automatic car with cruise control, it was literally a case of point and steer. Just as I approached the slip road to the motorway, it was raining and just ahead of me I saw three figures huddled under an umbrella with a cardboard sign saying Nottingham. It was not until I slowed to a stop that I saw it was three teenage girls. The lead girl opened the front passenger door and asked where are you headed. I informed her that I was going to Sheffield, so I could drop them on the outskirts of Nottingham.

Gratefully they accepted the offer and two climbed in the back as the one holding the passenger door climbed in beside me.

As I pulled away, the girl beside me introduced the group to me. "I am Gillian, The busty blonde is Sharon, while the flat chested one is Sally" she said.

"Hi My name is Ray. You're being a bit catty about your friends aren't you" I replied.

Sharon then said "Yeah, well slutty Gill is always catty."

I said smiling "Excuse me but young ladies like you should not know what slutty is all about let alone be using such words"

A sultry voice replied "Why not, after all men think it's ok to get experience before marriage"

"Quite right, Sally, it is unfair that women be labelled easy or sluts because they too become experienced." I replied.

Sally when on to explain they were all university students trying to get back home from a rave. Gillian was 19 years old, Sally 18 years old as was Sharon.

Sharon then said "Bitch, that rain has gone straight thorough my coat and my top is soaked, it feels really uncomfortable"

Gill turned and looked at her saying "Well take em off, you don't normally need an invitation to flash your tits"

I coughed saying "Excuse me, I would not like to have an accident with a view like that in my rear view mirror" again laughing as I said it.

Sally added "we are all soaked" "would you mind if we changed our clothes, Ray" she added.

"I can't stop you can I, that's if you don't mind an apprentice pervert watching" I joked.

Gill slide her hand over saying "I am sure you're not a pervert, trainee or not" her hand traced the outline of my prick" "Here girls, looks like we have hit a good one here, if Ray can use this as well as it feels, we all could end up satisfied" Gill added.

"Whoa, Slow down girls, look why not wait till I hit the service station, it's only 14 miles" "you can nip off to the toilets to change" I offered.

Gill turned to the girls and said "Hey Girls, we have a Galahad, here" most men would be eager for us to flash our bods to him!" Sharon had already opened her backpack and was fishing out a dry Tee shirt. Sally smiled as she located her dry top. Gill opened her jacket to reveal no shirt at all only a flimsy bra hid her generous tits from my view.

Sally said "look why not take the next exit and find somewhere more private while we change. I am sure we won't delay your journey by much" This worried me a fair bit, Why would she want somewhere more private, were they thinking of stealing my car or worse doing me some harm.

"Sorry, Ray, did not mean to worry you" She added, obviously reading my face" "it's just that there is not much room to change back here" she offered.

I decided to trust them, so at the next junction I swung on to the slip road and at the roundabout turned left on to a country lane. I saw a parking area with toilets just ahead and slowed down, parking as close to the toilets as I could. I expected the girls to jump out and disappear in the toilet block to change, instead the stripped of their coats and tops where they sat.

Gill said "That's better, at least now you can watch us without the fear of crashing!"

I Smiled. Sally asked "Ray, Don't you think my breasts are better than them horrible things of Sharon's?"

"Sally, small breasts are as erotic in their own right, just as the larger ones are in theirs. As my mother always told me 'more than a mouthful is a waste'" I replied.

"Very diplomatic answer!" said Gill.

"Listen and this is to all three of you. "Women's breasts are as individual as the women themselves, all that really matters is that you're happy with your own!" "As a man, I think the size is unimportant, so long as the nipple is sensitive to the touch and the woman enjoys what you're doing to them!" I added.

Gill now topless reached for my hand and said "feel my nipple, all this talk has already started making me horny" She took my hand and pressed it to her tit. Automatically my fingers sought out her nipple, and as I played with it I glanced in the mirror to see Sally slide her hands on to Sharon's left breast. Sharon closed her eyes at the touch. She then slipped her hand across on to Sally's right breast, bring a moan from Sally.

Gill saw where my gaze was and said "typical, they can't wait to play with each other." She then snapped "stop that, Look let's get Ray here to drop us of at our flat in Nottingham and we can all thank him personally for the trouble we have put him too" Both girls nodded and reluctantly released each other's tits. I withdrew my hand only to have Gill pull it back.

"Surely the same applies to you as your mates" I asked.

Reluctantly she released my hand. "Listen girls, why don't we leave off our tops and let Ray enjoy the views" Gill said.

"No you're alright, Better cover up so I can concentrate on my driving, especially in this weather!" I offered. The girls slowly put on their dry tops, although I did notice that not one of them put on a bra.

It was a really difficult drive up to Nottingham, knowing that these three sexy girls were sat there with only a thin tee shirt covering their tits. Small talk helped to ease the tension, although I did wonder what lay in store for me in Nottingham.

Eventually I reached the Nottingham slip road, and following Gill's directions, we soon arrived at the address. I half expect the girls to jump out and thank me before disappearing, but no true to their word they invited me into their home.

Once inside, Gill asked if I would like a drink. I explained that I do not drink but would love a cup of tea. "How would you like it?" she asked.

"White, two sugars, and served topless!" I quipped.

Sally and the other two girls moved towards the kitchen saying "Make yourself comfortable whilst we prepare your drink!"

I went over to the settee and sat down. Ten minutes later, the door from the kitchen swung open and three naked beauties emerged bringing me my cup of tea.

Sally was in front, she was 4'10", slight of build with 36A breast topped off with small cherry coloured erect nipples, as my eyes wander down her body, and I took in the sight of her shaven pussy lips. They were already beginning flower open. She stepped to the side as she reached me.

There stood Gill, 5'4" medium build woman with 40C bust, her nipples were also erect but memorable because of the size of them. They must have stuck out a good half inch, glancing down between her legs, she too was shaven. I almost burst out laughing as I saw sticking out of her cunt was a teaspoon. She slowly leaned forward and placed the cup on the table in front of me.

Standing off to one side, she revealed Sally, 5' 11" medium build with massive 48DD breasts. Her areola were massive also but her nipples were modest in size, she too was shaven.

Gill then said "Oh Come on Ray, we said make yourself comfortable and your still fully dressed."

I reminded them "I still have to drive on up to Sheffield, yet"

"Yes but you said, you did not need to be there till tomorrow around dinner time" added Sally.

With that all three girls pulled me to my feet and began undressing me. Soon I was as naked as the three girls.

"See I told you it was worth waiting for, Just look at that for a real prick" Gill said. All three girls craned their necks to look.

Sharon snapped "Bags first to have that up my cunt".

Sally responded with "Oh no, me first, usually when you have finished with a prick, the guy only wants to sleep"

Gill said "As I was first to feel it in the car, I should be first to feel its thrusts".

I said "look, I think I have some say in this!"

"What about, I will take you in order of your birthdays. Whose birthday is first?"

Sally cheered "That would be me with my birthday being in February!"

Sharon then Said "No no that put me last as mine is in December!"

"Yes but that gives you the best experience, by the time I get to fuck you, having come twice, I should last the longest time" I offered.

Sharon Smiled "OK, I never thought of that" she said.

"Besides it also means you and Gill can get down on each other while you're waiting" I said.

I then turned to Sally, "Where do you want me?" I enquired.

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