If You Were Here

by nugget

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A story, based on some actual happenings, that I wrote for a friend. Written as if she was overseas for Thanks Giving

To My Dear Suzy - If you were here for Thanksgiving, this is what it would be like.

You would wake up in the morning, and as you came around and your eyes gained focus of the room you would see the box that I had put by your bed the night before but had told you not to open until the morning, & I'd be watching to make sure you didn't. Even though you knew that wasn't true, you enjoyed the excitement of being told not to do something & testing your will power.

After ripping through the top layer of tissue you pull out a nice black skirt, with a zip that runs up the side, and a V neck top. There is a note telling you to put the clothes on & meet me out side at 8.30am, with a big kiss at the bottom.

I arrive as you step outside, meeting you I kiss your lips and then stand back and admire how fantastic you look. I hold you again and whisper in your ear how I am not sure I will be able to keep my hands off you, or my mind on driving.

We hop in the car and head off, not knowing where you are going you are full of questions, none of which I answer properly. After 20 minutes or so we are driving in the country on open roads. The skirt resting just above your knees, and hugging those gorgeous smooth legs of yours, the zip all the way down. First my hand rests on your knees, as I get you to tell me about the wines that you like, & how bad you can get. As you talk, my hand slides up your leg, rubbing it on top of the fabric, your hand caressing my forearm. My hand slides to the zip and brings it half way up your leg. You let out an agreeing gasp as you continue to talk. My hand slips under your skirt and softly rubs your inner thighs as you move your legs apart a little. My hand resting just against your knickers.

We come to a turn & have to stop briefly, I lean over to kiss you, oghhhh I love your lips, they are so sensual. As I move back into my seat properly I tell you to slide the zip all the way up as far as it goes. With that my hand gently massaging your inner thighs, starts to move a bit firmer. Luckily driving an Automatic I only need one hand.

Your breathing getting harder, my hand presses hard against your pussy. Your hand on my arm is holding tighter and tighter. I slide 2 fingers under your knickers and am surprised how wet you already are. You are hardly talking know as my fingers slide in and out of you, lubricating your clit at the same time. I tell you to take your knickers off, and as you raise your legs my dick tries to burst out of my pants. You reach for it, but I tell you to sit back and enjoy this. My fingers find your clit again with your legs wide open for any oncoming truck driver to see... even it was only in a flash. While I am rubbing your clit I am telling you how much I want to eat you and what I want you do to me later. I tell you to keep telling your story as my fingers start running over your clit harder and faster. Your head then rests against my shoulder as you start to cum... I tell you we have about 40 minutes drive left & you will let me keep my fingers where they are the whole time. You start to answer as I push my finger into your clit hard again and start to move along it and tease the entrance of your pussy with my other fingers.

We arrive in where we are staying around lunch time, a great little Villa in the middle of wine country. I come around to your side of the car and help you up, you immediately wrap yourself around my, kissing me so passionately... this was the reaction I was after. You put a hand inside my shirt and start rubbing my nipple, oghh my god how do you know I crumble when you do that. Getting our key I grab the bags and take them inside. I tell you that you can kiss me at anytime today, but you will not do anything else unless I say. Sitting on the bed pouting at me I pull you up and move you against the wall, kissing you as passionately as you had before, I move down your neck, and over your collar bone, then kneeling in front of you I slide your skirt up and lick my way up your legs until I find your clit, mmmmmm it tastes as good as I thought it would, you lift a leg and place it over my shoulder. My hands on your arse, I gently smack one cheek, do you like that I ask??? You don't answer and just grind yourself into my face. I stop and looking at my watch, say we have to go, bus leaves in 5 minutes... as I stand you grab my dick through my pants, I just look at you as you let go, and tell you your arse will get a harder smack if you do that again, but with a bug grin on my face and a wink, I think you know I would make it so you enjoyed it.

We run outside & back to the reception where the wine trail bus is waiting. There is about 15 others on the bus, we move to the near the back and take our seats, both with great big smiles on. I whisper in your ear that I will make you enjoy this afternoon if you like it or not... ;-) and then nibble your ear lobe a bit before we are disturbed by the bus starting and the driver introducing himself.

As the driver spoke he let us know that we were visiting 5-6 wineries on the bus trip & would finish where we started. We were chatting away as my hand was softly sliding up and down your sexy smooth legs. Not to far up them as there was another couple beside us, & I didn't want to show too much straight away.

We had been to 2 wineries I just entering the third when i caught a glimpse of a man on our group staring at you, and undressing you with his eyes. your gaze back at him made me realise you likes what you saw, & with a few wines inside you, you were enjoying the extra attention. I passed a wine to you & drawing you close to me, I told you to follow me around the corner. The small hallway was deserted of people and you put a hand on my chest as your lips combined with mine and we kissed for a short while. i then grabbed your hand and lead you into the toilets, there was a disabled door, they always have a bit more room, so I pulled you through and locked the door behind me. Turning you around away from me I made you bend over holding onto the hand basin. Standing next to you, my left hand slid up the back of your legs, going under your skirt and making it ride up your legs. my hand resting on your arse, with my fingers sliding up and down your ass cheek, close enough for your pussy to feel I was there, but not quite touching. My right hand was drawing lines along your cheek bones to your chin, and then down along your collar bone, and between your breasts. I then asked you if you enjoyed that man looking at you? And how it made you feel. Your soft moaning at my teasing gave me the answer without you having to say a word. My right hand then ran over your nipples, and tracing the outline of your breasts... mmmm they feel so firm, I had to squeeze a nipple a few times... My left hand then moved directly between your legs and my fingers rested on the entrance to your pussy and clit. your eyes kept

looking at me then my crotch. I was very horny, with my dick bulging in my pants. You knew you couldn't just do what you wanted so asked me if you could touch my dick. I nodded and the feel of your hand made me want to explode then and there. You then surprised me by saying "Would you please fuck me here?, I would love you inside me" I replied with a smack to your arse, and said 'all in good time', 'I will decide' - you then undid my zip & let my dick pop out of my pants. For that you got another smack on your bum, but as your lips were being licked by your tongue, I realised the smacks were having no effect on you. your eyes looking at me, pleading with me. I nodded as I smacked your arse 3 times, harder with each slap, and you slowly turned your head onto my hard wily, slowly sliding down my shaft. My god your mouth felt soo good. My hand was back between your legs, this time one finger inside you & the other playing with your clit. The movements of my hand getting faster & faster, sliding two fingers inside you as you get wetter and wetter, your moans getting louder as my right hand cups your right breast and fingers your nipple. Your mouth stops with my dick inside as you let out a yelp as you start to cum. I pull out of your mouth and move my hands off your breast and pussy. you yell Noooooo at me, & then realise I am moving behind you. Your arse looking fantastic as I position myself between your legs, my dick slides into your wet wet hole with great ease & anticipation. Oghhhhh it feels so warm & wet inside you. You ask softly "please fuck me hard now!!! please please" I know that from your blow job I am very close, so i start with long hard but slow strokes, smacking your bum at the same time. you reach between your legs and hold my balls which drives me crazy, and start fucking you faster & faster... hearing you enjoy this just turns me on more as I hold your arse tight and pump into you. I can feel you about to cum & cannot hold on any longer and spurt inside you. My hands reach forwards and rub your back as I release in you, making sure your orgasm is complete. I stand you up and kiss your juicy lips.

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