First Reunion With Ex-boyfriend

by elyong

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Cuckold, Safe Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After five years of happy marriage,wife meets up with ex-boyfriend and they have great sex,while happy husband waits for details.

My wife Mei Ling and I spent five happy years after our wedding going through the usual couple's process of getting acquainted to each other's ways and habits. We were very compatible having enough differing interests in life to liven up our relationship.

Our sex life was bold, adventurous and very frequent. We would fuck almost every day and loved each other deeply.

At the time she worked for a big company selling tractors and heavy machinery to the timber and construction company. Her favourite dress code was short mini-skirts and high heels with low cut blouses. She would come back from work and tell me about her male work colleagues stealing looks at her cleavage or waiting for her to walk up or down the workshop staircase (open-styled with no panels in between the steps) to ogle her legs and underwear.

We would spend hours in bed making love and re-calling those moments.

After sometime Mei Ling would mention about Alex, the ex-boyfriend, with whom she had a final fling before our wedding. The recollection would make her extremely horny and gave us the best sexual bouts. On a few occasions she would even say his name out loud as she came, no doubt imagining him inside of her instead of me.

On one recent night, just as we got into bed, Mei Ling told me that she remembered the first time with Alex some years back in Sabah on one of her trips when she went alone to visit her brother Dan and sister-in-law Joanne.

Joanne and her had spent the morning out shopping. Mei Ling was casually dressed in white shorts and a cream coloured t-shirt which showed off her breasts. She had worn a

High heeled pair of sandals which accentuated her shapely calves and smooth creamy thighs.

After a few hours of busy buys at the local boutiques and shoe palaces her sister in law

Joanne had suggested to go for a late "dim-sum" lunch at the Shangri-la Hotel downtown (which is owned by Alex).

When they arrived they met another group of Joanne's girl friends who were already there having lunch.

At 2pm as they were finishing their meal, Alex had walked in apparently from his office elsewhere in the hotel, and about to have his lunch. He had arrived from Brunei in Kota Kinabalu only the day before. He quickly joined the two of them at their table and started talking and catching up with each other's lifes. Mei Ling was very excited to see him again as they had lost touch for a while.

After half an hour or so of chit-chat Joanne said she's got to rush off to send her daughter to tuition class and begged Alex to look after Mei Ling and to send her back to the house later.

Alex was most agreeable and ML's heart jumped at the thought of being alone with him at last.

After Joanne went off, Mei Ling had feigned drowsiness from all the shopping and said she felt sleepyafter all that good food. It was a warm and humid day and she was tired from walking around the boutiques. Alex then suggested that she go up with him to his suite to freshen up and maybe to have a short nap before he sends her back to Joanne's.

She quickly agreed quite happily saying she needed a shower as well.

They walked to the elevator, and ML could see that Alex couldn't keep his eyes off her body, especially appreciating her cleavage, and then her buttocks. He purposely slowed and walked behind suddenly to view her sexy legs in her high heels.

They waited for the lift anxiously. The minute it arrived and they entered they found they had the lift all to themselves. Alex suddenly took her into his arms and started to kiss her.

They arrived at the Penthouse suite. Alex had difficulty unlocking the door to his suite, he was so excited... Once inside the room he had ML in his arms again and lifted her right up as Mei Ling wrapped her bare legs around his waist as they continued their deep kissing.

I was a thousand miles away in Kuching; and Alex's wife was 300 miles distant in Brunei.

And he had waited five long years to get her here. For Mei Ling she had dreamt and wet herself many times after that first time with Alex so many years ago, on the eve of her wedding.

Alex helped her to take off her t-shirt and pulled down her shorts. She anxiously

unzipped his trousers and tore off his shirt. They were at each other's bodies while

still standing up. He lifted her by her buttocks onto his enormous erection and

found her cunt already wet and slippery. He impaled her onto him as deep as he could in one smooth stroke as she wrapped her silky legs around him. For only the second time in her life she felt the thrill of Alex's hard big cock deep inside her vagina.

Mei Ling started to move her hips up and down on his cock as he kissed her, and with his strong hands lifted her by the buttocks as he tried to penetrate her even

deeper. He carried her to the top of the cabinet against the wall and continued with his fucking. Lifting her legs and now standing upright he used his hands to grab beneath her knees to widen her thighs so that he could continue to fuck her as she moaned and started to shed tears, saying all the while, it's so good, Alex, it's so good... I've

missed your cock... give it to me... FUCK ME HARDER!

Alex kept telling Mei Ling that he couldn't believe that he would ever get to

fuck her again, after her marriage She was so wet, hot and so tight; and she milked his cock with her cunt muscles.

After a while he carried her over to the bed and placed her on the edge as he wanted to go down on her, to lick her clitoris and suck her cunt. By now ML had climaxed twice (the first when Alex had entered her when they were standing) and the second time when she was being fucked on the cabinet top.

He started to use his tongue to flick on her clit and with his long tongue probed inside

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