Wife's Seduction By Ex

by elyong

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Oriental Female, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: On eve of marriage a wife met up with ex, gets seduced by him while husband secretly watches in excitement.

The following story is partly based on actual happenings with a heavy dose of wishful thinking and a fantasy sub-plot woven into the main story. The basic plot is true whilst some of the described scenes may not have actually taken place except in the writer's vivid imagination. Most of the sexual acts actually took place, and I leave it up to the reader's imagination to deduce the real from the fantasy.

It makes the tale that more intriguing.

My name is Mark Wong and Mei Ling is my wife. At the time of the story she was only my fiancé for a few months. Alex Teoh had been her so-called "teenage sweetheart", but they had never been intimate as they had only spent two fleeting summers during their youthful teen years. One could call it budding puppy-love.

You could say it was a case of first love for both. And as most of us know first love never die.

The following events are told from my POV of what actually took place.

It is an adventure that my wife and I had in Brunei those many years ago. Today when I think back on it the mere thought of my lovely, sexy fiancé and that very virile stud Alex still gives me the greatest of sexual satisfaction. That was the time my gorgeous Mei Ling had a "final fling" with a man who had desired and coveted her body ever since she was sixteen.

At the time the story began Mei Ling was 21, and Alex was 25.

It was a time when it was possible for Alex to actually steal and seduce her away from me, and it occurred on the very eve of our marriage. We were to get married in a week's time.

We had been separated for two months as we were engaged to be married at that time. Our sex life was hot and heavy since I took her virginity on her 21st birthday in July of that year. For the following four months after that we had sex on a daily basis.

By November Mei Ling had not had sex for over two months and the only release I had was by phone-sex, and usually at night with her on the other end of the line. I was constantly masturbating myself to her photographic images, having taken many intimate polaroids of her in sexy poses.

We were going to tie the knot that December. We had only met in May of that year.

Mei Ling was on her way to a town called Miri where my company had transferred me a couple of months prior. She was only to join me after the wedding, so we had been apart for that transitional period.

To get to Miri she had to travel first to Kota Kinabalu to see her father who was then building the Shangri La Hotel. The plan was for her to make a night's stopover in Brunei on her way down to Miri. I cannot remember why she made that stopover in Brunei as I had thought it was her father's idea to visit old friends.

We had arranged to meet only the day after for the weekend and I had arranged transport to Miri for her. She was to spend the night in Brunei in her old friend's Alex's hotel (called "The Puspa"). He was both the owner and Manager of the hotel, which at the time was virtually "the only hotel in town".

Alex and Mei Ling had not seen each other in six years; she had only recently revealed to me after much persuasion that the someone else whom she could have lost her virginity to would have been Alex. At the time she was 15 and Alex was 17.They had spent a wonderful summer falling in puppy love with each other in Sibu, Alex's hometown.

Since then they still had feelings for each other and the mutual attraction simmered through the years. I had noticed that the mention of Alex's name when we had sex would always cause an instant and intense orgasm to sweep all over her and I would then furiously pump myself to a climax together!

Our constant role-playing during sex suggested that Mei Ling would not be able to turn down Alex if he had an opportunity to get her alone. Somehow, the idea appealed to me and made me proud to have such a trophy wife and lover.

In the years in between there was little communication between ML and Alex due to the poor reception and erratic phone service between Brunei and Sarawak. (This was the time before cellular phones existed.) News about each other was usually passed along by traveling relatives and friends.

In this manner Mei Ling heard of the gossip that Alex had prospered, inheriting both his father's many assets including the hotel as well as playing the stock market successfully.

He owned a mansion, drove the latest BMW and his children studied overseas in Australia and New Zealand. He also had businesses in Thailand and China.

She also heard that Alex had become a bit of a playboy having business in Bangkok, Taipei and Hong Kong and courting and bedding girlfriends at each port of call. In Mei Ling's conservative view this gallivanting nature had further aroused and increased Alex's sexual aura and forbidden appeal for her. On the rare occasions when they managed to talk to each other on the phone he had told her that he'd give anything just for the chance to continue or consummate their summer romance! He even offered to send her a ticket to any destination she named just to meet up again.

Mei Ling's sexual curiosity and infatuation with Alex slowly simmered away unfulfilled in the following years. After some time she learned that her fiance wasn't too jealous over this distant flirting, as he found it exciting that other men coveted his future wife.

So in her mind ML's guilty conscience slowly dissipated into a sinful thrill each time she talked with Alex on the phone and her daydreams drifted to the possibility of getting together with Alex for a sexual tryst... after all, she's only had the experience of having one man in her life.

Her husband had encouraged her and made it obvious that she could have a purely sexual fling outside of marriage as long as her heart remained his and she that she returns to him with the full details of their encounter.

That fateful Friday afternoon when she arrived in Brunei Alex had picked her from the airport. He checked her into his Puspa Hotel giving her the best suite They had then gone out to go around the town and he showed her the many places of interest like

the Sultan's new palace with a thousand rooms, the new State National Museum, the sparsely populated State Zoo; and then they had gone for tea and some shopping.

By about 5pm they were both tired out and decided to return to The Puspa for her

to freshen up and shower before dinner. She had told Alex that I would only arrive the next day. Having known that Alex had quickly called home to Ah Hua, his wife to inform her that he will stay the night in town as he had visitors from Hong Kong here to discuss a new Medical Hall venture. He had planned on staying over with Mei Ling in her room.

As for me I had without telling anyone started my road journey with a friend James from Miri to Brunei by road. James was at the wheel of a Toyota Land Cruiser for the 4 hour long journey. I was so excited that I will be springing a surprise on my bride-to-be. My poor deprived cock had been aching from over two months' of celibacy (other than regular masturbation!)

We began at around 1pm from the oil-rich town of Miri that Saturday. After an hour's break at Kuala Belait, halfway point on our road trip for a late lunch we continued.

I knew that Mei Ling would be wound up sexually as her young body must be hot and horny in anticipation of her fiance's touch and kisses. Two months and dozens of love letters (no emails those days!) between us about missing the lovemaking. She would certainly be warm and wet in her pussy with nipples taut and erect against her flimsy blouse.

Finally we arrived at Brunei at around 6pm. By this time, Mei Ling and Alex had returned to her hotel suite for over 30 minutes. On our arrival I jumped down from the 4-wheeler as James took off to stay with a friend.

Excitedly I proceeded to the hotel reception and asked the male receptionist which room Mei Ling had checked into. He was quite surprised at my query and appeared slightly dazed and confused.

At first he didn't want to give me the information, pretending initially to say there's no one there by that name (Alex had checked her in under his name). I then told him I'm the guest's fiancé and that she was expecting me (a lie!) then he reluctantly relented.

I made my way to the lift and punched the 7th floor button (the penthouse suite it seemed). Upon arriving at the door I hesitated and then softly knocked on the door of Room 707.

No response after a while, and I did a second louder knock.

It took a full five minutes before someone came to the door and I heard the doorknob being turned.

Mei Ling stood there, her face totally shocked and bewildered as though she's seen a ghost. She looked completely flabbergasted and confused to see me standing there in front of her, a day earlier than expected.

I could instantly see that she must have just come out of the shower as her hair was still a bit wet at the edges. She was wearing a flimsy light yellow see-through teddy that happened to be my favourite! She must have specially brought it for me.

Her round beautiful breasts were visible and her pert nipples strained against the thin silky material and her face blushed a deep glow of rosy red.

"Hi darling, what are you doing here?" the very first words that came from her mouth. Her voice sounded shaky, as in sexually turned on and aroused as I know her behaviour too well by now.

Unlike of her, she didn't rush into my arms or hugged and kissed me. Later on, on hindsight she probably couldn't as Alex was there and also her quivering body would have betrayed her on the spot.

Then I saw that right behind her at the distant corner of the room, about fifteen feet away was ALEX! (For me it was the first time I have seen him in the flesh but Mei Ling had shown me many old photos of them together).

He was standing up at the head end of the Queen sized hotel bed, somewhat red-faced and I noticed at once that he was spotting an enormous erection tenting his trousers.

The bastard looked even more handsome and taller than in the photographs Mei Lin had shown me.

The shock of seeing the man who had lusted after my fiancé all his adult life in her hotel room made me completely confused, angry and intensely jealous. However for an instant my rational mind told me that after all, she's in his hotel and in the best suite and they're just old friends. I must control myself and make friendly.

I was sure he was just taking care of her... in a friendly familiar sort of way. I asked myself exactly how friendly and how familiar? Later she told me that he had comp'ed her the room, and had paid for everything.

I could see that Alex was feeling awkward and out of place as she asked me what had happened and how was it that I appeared out of the blue and a day earlier? I was actually at a loss on what to say as I didn't want to sound like I was sneaking up or checking up on her...

Later on I found out that Alex had actually given the hotel reception downstairs specific instructions not to disturb Room 707 whilst they were in the room! So the dirty bugger had been planning on seducing my lovely bride-to-be all along.

After making the formal introductions Alex quickly sat down on the plush sofa trying his best to hide his excited state by getting for us a round of drinks. He gave me a beer from the mini-bar and had a Coke himself. Without being too obvious I looked around the room to comment on how plush it was. It was then that I noticed that the bedspread looked rather rumpled as if someone had struggled on top of it.

There was a quiet moment when the three of us looked around to compose ourselves. My sexy fiancé no doubt trying to clear her guilty conscience! She asked about the journey from Miri but came short of coming out straight and asking why I decided to come a day early. I told her I couldn't wait another day without seeing her knowing she's so nearby. She blushed intensely sneaking another guilty glance at Alex, adding to the sexual glow caused earlier by whatever they had been doing.

It was obvious that there was a slow but steady build up of sexual tension the whole day since she arrived in Brunei. Indeed it surprised me that they hadn't both jumped into bed straight away and made furious love. It must have taken a lot of self-control and discipline from both sides to have kept their hands off each other. I was sure they knew that the minute they had touched there was no way back.

Alex broke the tension in the air by suggesting that he'd take us to dinner at a Chinese restaurant owned by his best friend Mr Mah. He rattled off a long list of their specialty dishes which sounded quite exotic and very delicious.

He told me that he had taken Mei Ling to see all the best sights in the city, and that they had just wandered back to the hotel to rest when I had popped in.

He also asked me what plans I had for the next day, as he had earlier told ML that they could go up country to a nice resort. I looked at ML and she said we'd decide later and tell him.

Alex's erection had subsided somewhat by then and he felt confident enough to make his exit and said he'd be back at 7.30 that evening to pick us for dinner.

The instant the door closed behind him, I had Ling in my arms and we were sucking each at each other's mouths. We kissed for a long time. We fell on the rumpled up bed and I pulled down her teddy top and kissed her breasts. I sucked on her luscious nipples which were already erect from Alex's earlier foreplay and seduction. Her hands went to my belt, untied them as she peeled down my trousers.

Mei Ling pulled out my erection and stroked my cock. It felt so good in her hand. She pulled back my foreskin and my hard penis poked against her stomach with my pre-cum smearing her tawny thigh. I lifted the teddy over her head and she was naked except for her panties.

I could see a very wet patch in the middle of her see-through panty. Within seconds my fingers pried open her outer labia and entered into her very wet cunt warm and slippery. I was searching for her G-spot. She moaned as I got it.

We continued kissing each other. She sucked on my tongue and pulled on my cock. I told her to stop it or I'd come all over her.

She moaned, " Oh, how I've missed you... I missed your cock and your fucking me."

We fell back on the bed, and she cried out to me: "My love, put it inside me right now, my Irving, I want you deep inside me, I've missed your cock all this time! Please... I can't wait anymore."

"How's my Matilda doing without my cock for so long? Has she been naughty? Has she let another cock inside her in my absence? What about the one that just walked out the door? Has he been inside you?" I teased and whispered into her ears.

"Oh, don't talk, don't say anything... I just want to feel you inside me NOW, quickly. I want your long hard cock pumping me deep and fast... now... now... YES YES... more, more, don't stop!!"

"Did he? Did your Alex fuck you? He had the whole day... did you let him? Did he try?"

"Oh yes, yes... he excited me, he made me very wet and he tried his best to seduce me, yes, yes... I wanted him too... I had been so long without your cock... any cock would excite me...

Yes yes... maybe if you had not turned up, who knows what could have happened?... I'd probably have let him fuck me... our sexual tension was so great... I was wet the entire time I was with him. He was after me the whole day... trying to get inside of me...

"But I think he wanted to wait till tonight so he could slowly enjoy me the whole night... I know he will stay the night... he had called home... can you imagine him in my bed tonight... my Alex fucking me the entire night... one last chance before we get married?

"Does that idea excite you?" my lovely bride teased as she used her cunt to suck my cock deeper into her being as her love muscles milked the entire shaft of my pumping cock.

I slid slowly in and out, trying to control my eruption and not to spill my seed too soon. I didn't want to disappoint her with our first fuck in 2 months.

"I'm about to come from the image of Alex's big cock inside me right now! I saw it, held it in my hand and it was huge... he was a lot longer and bigger than you! Imagine how he'd have stretched me. Are you jealous he almost fucked me?"

"I'm so jealous that he even looked at you naked, had touched and fingered you, kissed your sweet lips and almost got his cock inside of you... did he taste your honey pot too??

"What do you mean, almost! "... Mei Ling teased...

WE BOTH CLIMAXED AT THE SAME TIME. as she said those words... Her juices coated my embedded cock as my overflowing sperm wets the bed under her buttocks.

Her love muscles milked my sputtering cock as I pumped all my hot seed deep into her womb.

"Yes my love, Alex fucked me, but only for a few seconds, then the doorbell rang and we were interrupted!" she smiled and said. "So technically he didn't finish it... as you "coitus interruptus" us after he managed only a few strokes. But I came as he entered me for the first time... and that's exactly the moment you rang the doorbell!"

My cock stood up again as she looked deep into my eyes. The affection in the look was deep-felt and sincere.

"You couldn't call that adultery could you, my love? I'd say it's me sowing my wild oats for the last time... after all we have yet to exchange our marital vows!", my lovely fiancé looked lovingly at me.

I told her "I feel so confused wanting you only to myself, but at the same time I'm so excited yet jealous that Alex has now had you too. It is such a turn on to find out that my bride-to-be is so sexually attractive to other men. Consider me a very lucky bastard!"

We kissed and were about to go a second round of fucking when I suddenly realized the time..." Hey, let's save it for later... Alex should be here in 30 minutes to pick us for dinner; I'm sure you want to make yourself beautiful for him!"

"Yes," she said. "Of course I want to, it will be such a thrill to have the two men who desire me most in my arms tonight, knowing! I'm not sure I can cope.", she laughed with a twinkle in her eye as she sexily walked naked to the shower, purposely swaying her gorgeous hips as only a satisfied woman could.

I couldn't wait to get into her lovely cunt again... but that has to wait for later.

The night was only beginning... who knows what other surprises are in store for the three of us?

All throughout the wonderful meal the mood was jovial and the three of us were in high spirits. Alex couldn't keep his eyes off my darling fiancé and she was blatantly flirting with him most of the time. She would touch his arm in affection and feed him a morsel or two from the common dish from the middle of the dining table. I'd pretend to be aloof and accepting about this intimacy.

"So what shall we do after dinner? Any suggestions from you?" Alex enquired of Mei Ling.

"I feel like dancing, is there somewhere... a nice private nightclub or dance-hall that you frequent?" Mei Ling asked.

"Sure, there's the 'Lost Horizon', they usually have a good live band and cosy atmosphere; I can get us a nice private corner table there."

The nightclub was pitch black in darkness as we entered, following the small torch lit by the usher who took us to a corner table as we walked pass a crowd of ten or twelve couples closely dancing on the floor. The music was loud and Cantonese. Small disco-like rotating lights bounced off the floor and ceiling, but one cannot make out the features of the dancers... anonymity seems to be the game.

Alex ordered a bottle of Hennessy XO cognac, more for my benefit as he doesn't drink.

He asked the waiter to pour the golden brown liquid into 3 brandy goblets, and offered one to Mei Ling, who accepted and took a small gulp. I know from experience that alcohol makes her uninhibited and horny as we would have our best sex after she had even a small glass of that spirit. She normally doesn't drink but I could tell that she wanted to please and impress Alex.

I took a sip from my glass. She was seated between Alex and me, on a low love-seat like sofa. Her short skirt showed off her shapely legs and smooth thighs.

After she took a second sip Alex asked her for the first dance. Perfunctorily he asked my permission, which I reluctantly gave, not wanting to be a spoilt sport. But inside I fumed as I had wanted to take my lovely bride for the first dance but had now missed my chance.

Earlier in the hotel room Mei Ling had changed into a black skirt, very tight and short showing off her fine legs, and a spaghetti-string blouse, loose and see-through with a low-cut cleavage.

Alex had his eyes on her breasts the entire evening. As for me I am more of a leg man. The mere thought of those curvy calves wrapped around my back always set me off.

So it seems between the two of us we have Mei Ling fully covered!

The quick cha-cha-cha music came to an end as they reached the middle of the dance floor. By sheer luck for Alex, the next dance was a smooth-chy slow love song, "Endless Love". Through the darkness I could see him take my fiancé into his arms and tightly squeezed her buttocks with his big hands. She had her hands around his neck and they embraced.

The disco-strobe lights stopped blinking as the fast music slowed and the floor was in complete darkness save for the musicians' instrument-guides beamed low on the stage. A little lighting came from the far end of the hall where the bar was situated. That didn't illuminate anything at all other than the small surrounding area.

Blurry shapes of the dancers on the floor with their sensuously shifting bodies moved to the slow sway of the erotically charged music. Coupled bodies tightly wrapped around each other. I could make out couples making out, some kissing, others kneading away on heaving breasts as yet others stood still at distant corners going about whatever sexual doings in the safety of the darkness.

My mind went wild with imagination!

I lost sight of Alex and Mei Ling as my eyes wandered back to where I last saw them.

For a minute I panicked, fearing the worst... he's going to seduce my lovely bride to be on the dance floor. I thought of getting up from the sofa and go look for them, but pride and a sense of sobriety held me back. I took a big gulp from my goblet and the brandy burnt my throat. I could feel the warmth of the liquor reach my loins and feel my cock harden,

The image of Mei Lin being aroused on the dance floor by Alex heightened my sexual desire for her. They must be kissing now! Alex must have his hands on her breasts and her buttocks... has he touched her cunt yet? Has she given her body totally to him? Is she kissing him back, sucking on his thick tongue and moaning into his ears with her arousal?

All this images and forbidden thoughts were going through my brain, searing it with a power no aphrodisiac could manage. A slight touch of my cock now would send my seed spilling into my pants. The eroticism of the images kept me high and horny... another drink was needed.

Then I saw them... or thought I made out their figures on the floor, at a far corner, they had stopped dancing to the music and were swaying against each other, gently. I couldn't make out what they were up to, but noticed they were near to the stage curtains. Behind this was the door to the Gents. I decided to make a quick trip to the loo. Nearer and a better POV was needed, maybe I could even eavesdrop as the music was soft and low.

Making sure I wasn't noticed I hid behind the thick velvet curtains and they were indeed barely five feet away from me, tucked themselves into the corner hidden at the side of the stage, all alone to themselves, the nearest couple more than ten feet away. This was as private as one can get on a crowded dance floor.

"I must finish what we started in the hotel room before your fiancé got here. That first taste of you has left me wanting you more..." I heard Alex telling Mei Ling as his mouth suckled her ear lobe and his hands kneaded her buttocks sexily.

"You're naughty you know very well I'm engaged to be married. I got carried away this afternoon, after all, I hadn't had sex for so long and you got me at a weak moment! My man is here now, what can I do?" Mei Ling teased him back, not willing to turn him down totally.

"Don't tell me you didn't want to as well, or that you didn't enjoy it? Can you feel my cock now straining for you? You're the one I've always wanted and I won't give up till I have you... you know that!"

He turned to her and kissed her.

She opened her mouth and let his tongue enter her and they stopped moving as they kissed. I could see Alex moving his right hand to under Mei Ling's tight skirt and lifting it as his finger pulled aside her panties and he started to rub her clitoris. Mei Ling shuddered on the floor and moaned aloud suddenly as he found her G-spot. I can imagine her wetness flowing onto his fingers.

He pulled out his fingers and sucked it in his mouth, telling her

"You taste so sweet my Ling... I'm going to enjoy licking you... and then I'm going to fuck your sweet cunt the whole night! First I must find a way to make your fiancé drunk and get him out of the way..."

"Well, you can try, my dear naughty man, but he's a strong drinker... I don't think you can get him drunk that way... shall we bet? If you can, I'd spend the night with you... but I know you'll lose..." Mei Ling laughed as she swept her hair loose.

"Okay it's a deal then! You're on... and I promise you I'd be inside you again by 1am!", as he looked at his watch and it showed midnight.

By then the music had stopped, and Mei Ling said, "We'd better go back now..."

I quickly took a roundabout turn and rushed quickly back to our private area before they arrived back.

Pretending to be bored with the dancing and pouring another round of drinks for all, they came back and almost caught me patting down my erection in my trousers. The interlude on the dance floor between these two potential lovers had me all excited.

Mei Ling slid next to me and gave me a hug and a quick kiss on the lips, as if to show Alex that I'm still the only one for her. Alex said a quick thanks to me for the dance and said he was going to the Gents. I could make the big erection in his pants. Surely he needed time to calm that down!

He was back a few minutes later, and on his arms a beautiful Chinese girl in flowing cheongsam and long wavy hair. I could see her sexy legs up the slit and her breasts were round and full. Alex introduced her:

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