Wife's Seduction By Ex

by elyong

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Oriental Female, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: On eve of marriage a wife met up with ex, gets seduced by him while husband secretly watches in excitement.

The following story is partly based on actual happenings with a heavy dose of wishful thinking and a fantasy sub-plot woven into the main story. The basic plot is true whilst some of the described scenes may not have actually taken place except in the writer's vivid imagination. Most of the sexual acts actually took place, and I leave it up to the reader's imagination to deduce the real from the fantasy.

It makes the tale that more intriguing.

My name is Mark Wong and Mei Ling is my wife. At the time of the story she was only my fiancé for a few months. Alex Teoh had been her so-called "teenage sweetheart", but they had never been intimate as they had only spent two fleeting summers during their youthful teen years. One could call it budding puppy-love.

You could say it was a case of first love for both. And as most of us know first love never die.

The following events are told from my POV of what actually took place.

It is an adventure that my wife and I had in Brunei those many years ago. Today when I think back on it the mere thought of my lovely, sexy fiancé and that very virile stud Alex still gives me the greatest of sexual satisfaction. That was the time my gorgeous Mei Ling had a "final fling" with a man who had desired and coveted her body ever since she was sixteen.

At the time the story began Mei Ling was 21, and Alex was 25.

It was a time when it was possible for Alex to actually steal and seduce her away from me, and it occurred on the very eve of our marriage. We were to get married in a week's time.

We had been separated for two months as we were engaged to be married at that time. Our sex life was hot and heavy since I took her virginity on her 21st birthday in July of that year. For the following four months after that we had sex on a daily basis.

By November Mei Ling had not had sex for over two months and the only release I had was by phone-sex, and usually at night with her on the other end of the line. I was constantly masturbating myself to her photographic images, having taken many intimate polaroids of her in sexy poses.

We were going to tie the knot that December. We had only met in May of that year.

Mei Ling was on her way to a town called Miri where my company had transferred me a couple of months prior. She was only to join me after the wedding, so we had been apart for that transitional period.

To get to Miri she had to travel first to Kota Kinabalu to see her father who was then building the Shangri La Hotel. The plan was for her to make a night's stopover in Brunei on her way down to Miri. I cannot remember why she made that stopover in Brunei as I had thought it was her father's idea to visit old friends.

We had arranged to meet only the day after for the weekend and I had arranged transport to Miri for her. She was to spend the night in Brunei in her old friend's Alex's hotel (called "The Puspa"). He was both the owner and Manager of the hotel, which at the time was virtually "the only hotel in town".

Alex and Mei Ling had not seen each other in six years; she had only recently revealed to me after much persuasion that the someone else whom she could have lost her virginity to would have been Alex. At the time she was 15 and Alex was 17.They had spent a wonderful summer falling in puppy love with each other in Sibu, Alex's hometown.

Since then they still had feelings for each other and the mutual attraction simmered through the years. I had noticed that the mention of Alex's name when we had sex would always cause an instant and intense orgasm to sweep all over her and I would then furiously pump myself to a climax together!

Our constant role-playing during sex suggested that Mei Ling would not be able to turn down Alex if he had an opportunity to get her alone. Somehow, the idea appealed to me and made me proud to have such a trophy wife and lover.

In the years in between there was little communication between ML and Alex due to the poor reception and erratic phone service between Brunei and Sarawak. (This was the time before cellular phones existed.) News about each other was usually passed along by traveling relatives and friends.

In this manner Mei Ling heard of the gossip that Alex had prospered, inheriting both his father's many assets including the hotel as well as playing the stock market successfully.

He owned a mansion, drove the latest BMW and his children studied overseas in Australia and New Zealand. He also had businesses in Thailand and China.

She also heard that Alex had become a bit of a playboy having business in Bangkok, Taipei and Hong Kong and courting and bedding girlfriends at each port of call. In Mei Ling's conservative view this gallivanting nature had further aroused and increased Alex's sexual aura and forbidden appeal for her. On the rare occasions when they managed to talk to each other on the phone he had told her that he'd give anything just for the chance to continue or consummate their summer romance! He even offered to send her a ticket to any destination she named just to meet up again.

Mei Ling's sexual curiosity and infatuation with Alex slowly simmered away unfulfilled in the following years. After some time she learned that her fiance wasn't too jealous over this distant flirting, as he found it exciting that other men coveted his future wife.

So in her mind ML's guilty conscience slowly dissipated into a sinful thrill each time she talked with Alex on the phone and her daydreams drifted to the possibility of getting together with Alex for a sexual tryst... after all, she's only had the experience of having one man in her life.

Her husband had encouraged her and made it obvious that she could have a purely sexual fling outside of marriage as long as her heart remained his and she that she returns to him with the full details of their encounter.

That fateful Friday afternoon when she arrived in Brunei Alex had picked her from the airport. He checked her into his Puspa Hotel giving her the best suite They had then gone out to go around the town and he showed her the many places of interest like

the Sultan's new palace with a thousand rooms, the new State National Museum, the sparsely populated State Zoo; and then they had gone for tea and some shopping.

By about 5pm they were both tired out and decided to return to The Puspa for her

to freshen up and shower before dinner. She had told Alex that I would only arrive the next day. Having known that Alex had quickly called home to Ah Hua, his wife to inform her that he will stay the night in town as he had visitors from Hong Kong here to discuss a new Medical Hall venture. He had planned on staying over with Mei Ling in her room.

As for me I had without telling anyone started my road journey with a friend James from Miri to Brunei by road. James was at the wheel of a Toyota Land Cruiser for the 4 hour long journey. I was so excited that I will be springing a surprise on my bride-to-be. My poor deprived cock had been aching from over two months' of celibacy (other than regular masturbation!)

We began at around 1pm from the oil-rich town of Miri that Saturday. After an hour's break at Kuala Belait, halfway point on our road trip for a late lunch we continued.

I knew that Mei Ling would be wound up sexually as her young body must be hot and horny in anticipation of her fiance's touch and kisses. Two months and dozens of love letters (no emails those days!) between us about missing the lovemaking. She would certainly be warm and wet in her pussy with nipples taut and erect against her flimsy blouse.

Finally we arrived at Brunei at around 6pm. By this time, Mei Ling and Alex had returned to her hotel suite for over 30 minutes. On our arrival I jumped down from the 4-wheeler as James took off to stay with a friend.

Excitedly I proceeded to the hotel reception and asked the male receptionist which room Mei Ling had checked into. He was quite surprised at my query and appeared slightly dazed and confused.

At first he didn't want to give me the information, pretending initially to say there's no one there by that name (Alex had checked her in under his name). I then told him I'm the guest's fiancé and that she was expecting me (a lie!) then he reluctantly relented.

I made my way to the lift and punched the 7th floor button (the penthouse suite it seemed). Upon arriving at the door I hesitated and then softly knocked on the door of Room 707.

No response after a while, and I did a second louder knock.

It took a full five minutes before someone came to the door and I heard the doorknob being turned.

Mei Ling stood there, her face totally shocked and bewildered as though she's seen a ghost. She looked completely flabbergasted and confused to see me standing there in front of her, a day earlier than expected.

I could instantly see that she must have just come out of the shower as her hair was still a bit wet at the edges. She was wearing a flimsy light yellow see-through teddy that happened to be my favourite! She must have specially brought it for me.

Her round beautiful breasts were visible and her pert nipples strained against the thin silky material and her face blushed a deep glow of rosy red.

"Hi darling, what are you doing here?" the very first words that came from her mouth. Her voice sounded shaky, as in sexually turned on and aroused as I know her behaviour too well by now.

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