I Hate Mondays


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Desc: True Story: This is a short funny and somewhat sad story There is NO SEX in it.

I hate Mondays, I'm not too keen on Tuesdays either and the rest of the days of the week all depress me to some extent. Everything bad that's happened to me over the years has always been on one of these days.

Take last Monday for instance...

There I was, at work early in the cold and the frost, and the automatic timer hadn't worked yet again and my office was like a refrigerator. Being a dispatcher for a small transport company in a small country town in the middle of nowhere had lost a lot of it's appeal over the months and I was giving my continued employment in this field considerable, and critical, thought.

As usual, it being a Monday, a number of my drivers had reported in that they weren't fit to work and, the fact that I was starting the week down a couple of drivers, was really helping to cheer me up.

I had my head down studying my work diary and, with my phone pressed to my ear, was desperately trying to pacify a furious client about his delivery being delayed when I heard my door open and close. I didn't look up at once and when I finally managed to throw the receiver back into it's cradle I had forgotten my visitor and so I got quite a surprise when I heard;

"G'day Boss. Got any work going?"

When I looked up it was to see a large, in fact very large, man standing with his cap in hand looking down at me. Dressed in grubby jeans, a long swandri shirt, well worn boots and sporting a number of visible tattoos and a fairly wild hair-do, he didn't look to be this company's usual type of employee but, with things the way they were, I would have hired St Nick himself if he held the correct licences.

"Morning. You're up and about early. There may be something going. Have you done any driving before and what licences do you hold? Have you got a Dangerous Goods Extension?"

"Yeah Boss. I've done a lot of trucking over the years and I have got all the licences. Here look." He pulled a well worn wallet from his back pocket and, extracting his license from it, he dropped it on the desk in front of me. I checked it carefully and saw that he could legally drive almost anything that moved and to make matters even better he had a Dangerous Goods Extension and even if there was a slight difference in the names on the two documents I was more than prepared to overlook such a minor discrepancy.

"Hmm. These look good. How come you're not working at present? I'd have thought that someone with your experience would have no trouble in finding work?"

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