Lynn and Lee: Gift of Three

by Les Lumens

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, True Story, Spanking, Light Bond, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Lynn has three gifts for Lee, and the number three has special meaning for the third.

Lynn's arms, curled around Angela's legs, with the palms against the blonde's inner thighs, tightened their grip. Nearly to her peak, Angela's body writhed under the redhead's flashing tongue. Lynn moaned into Angela's folds, wiggling her head back and forth to add to the stimulation.

Angela's gasps grew louder, their pitch increasing steadily with the volume. Her hips bucked up toward Lynn's mouth, and her eyes closed tightly. Perched on the edge, she cried out, "Oh god — yes! Oh god — YES!" The final word transformed into a loud scream of release, as Angela's orgasm took hold of her.

"Mmm hmm," Lynn moaned loudly into Angela's quivering sex. The redhead kept up the pressure, keeping Angela coming, lapping up the flow of her juices. Finally, Angela could take no more, and pushed Lynn away with a pained scream.

Lynn pulled back, revealing a stream of creamy white juices dribbling to the bed below, from Angela's smooth-shaven sex, which the blonde quickly covered with her hands. Angela curled up into a fetal position, holding her hands tight over her sex, panting for breath, and twitching from aftershocks.

Lynn licked her lips, stroking Angela's firm bottom with one hand. Lynn's other hand pulled the cream on her chin to her lips. A particularly powerful jolt ran through Angela's body, snapping her out flat again. She looked up at her redheaded lover, moaned, and then chuckled sensually. Still panting for breath, Angela crooked her finger, motioning for Lynn to come to her.

The two women kissed passionately, Angela's tongue lapping up her own juices from Lynn's face. When they at last broke from the kiss, Lynn said, "Wave bye-bye."

Angela looked into the camera, her already flushed face turning an even brighter shade of red, and waved — teasing her small, pink nipple with the other hand. Lynn leaned down into the frame, blowing a kiss, and then the image went dark.

Adjusting his throbbing erection beneath his underwear, Lee said, "You're evil. You know that, don't you?"

Lynn laughed, and picked up the remote, to turn off the television. "Sorry, you were at work, and we just sort of got excited. We haven't seen each other in years — let alone anything else."

Lee joined in the laughter, "I could tell. I knew I should have stayed home last night."

"I did tape it for you," Lynn pouted, twirling a strand of her auburn hair around one finger. "You always say that you can't wait to see me licking pussy."

"Mmm hmm — thank you. What am I going to do with this, though?" Lee slipped down the waistband of his underwear, revealing his throbbing erection.

"I have some ideas," Lynn said with a smile, and leaned down to engulf him in her mouth.

Lee walked in from work the next morning, finding Lynn watching television in the bedroom. He asked, "Anything fun for me to watch this morning?"

Lynn shook her head, but turned and smiled at him. "I do have presents for you, though. You got me this beautiful necklace — just because — so I wanted to do something for you."

"You don't have to, you know?"

"Yes I do," Lynn protested. "Go get in the shower, and make sure you shave." Glancing at his crotch, she added, "Down there too."

Lee twitched his eyebrows at her, and the couple shared a laugh. He kissed her, gathered up his clothes, and went into the bathroom. The moment he stepped into the shower, Lynn set the next step of her plan in motion.

Lee stepped out of the shower, a short while later. Once he'd toweled off, he pulled on a clean pair of briefs — not really anticipating they would be on long — and walked into the bedroom again.

He smiled when he saw Lynn, dressed in his favorite babydoll. She had put her hair up in tails, and she was sucking seductively on a lollipop. "Mmm, I think I have something better for you to suck on," he teased.

Letting the sucker pop from her lips, Lynn said, "Oh, I don't know about that, this is pretty good."

"You look so sexy. You know I love you in that," Lee said, slipping into the bed with her.

"That's the first part of your present. The second is on the table," Lynn said, while rubbing her fingers over the bulge in his briefs.

Looking, Lee saw an envelope on the table. He picked it up and opened it, his eyes going wide with surprise. "Carlin tickets? I thought the show was sold out. How did you get them?"

"I wore a top that really showed of my boobies, and a short skirt. I charmed them out of that guy at the pawnshop, who has a crush on me. He was going to sell them, and try to make some money off them, since he couldn't go, but I got them cheap."

"I love you," Lee responded. He put down the envelope, and kissed Lynn. When she kissed him back, it was obvious she wanted far more than a peck, and he responded accordingly.

When they broke from the kiss, Lee asked, "So, you said that was the second part of my present... You sort of sounded like there was more..."

Licking her lips, Lynn said, "Mmm hmm." She beckoned with her finger, and Lee leaned in to kiss her again, ready to unwrap the babydoll from his third present.

He got a surprise when he felt arms wrap around him from behind, breasts pressing against his back, and a soft set of lips kissing his neck. Pulling away from Lynn's lips, he turned to see Angela leaning over his shoulder.

Angela pulled him toward her, kissing him hard, and reaching down to wrap her fingers around his erection. She moaned into the kiss, feeling him pulse beneath her fingertips.

"There's your third present, but you have to share," Lynn laughed mischievously.

"Okay," Lee mumbled, as he pulled away from the kiss, to wrap his lips around the pink point of Angela's right breast.

Lynn leaned over him, kissing Angela hungrily. When their lips parted, Lynn huskily whispered, "You want me to lick that pretty pussy, Angela? Suck your peeper until you come?" She suckled Angela's earlobe a moment, and then continued, "Do you want to get my face all sticky again?"

"You're a naughty little girl," Angela purred. "I may have to spank you."

"That's not very discouraging," Lynn replied, with a crooked smile, and then flicked her tongue at the blonde.

Letting out an aroused little growl, Angela said, "That's it." She pulled Lee from her breast, kissing him again. "I'm going to have to spank your little girl here."

"Want to borrow my belt?"

Lynn gasped out, "Lee!"

"And now she's back-talking. Go get that belt, and I'll whip a little behavior into her," Angela said with mock-authority, putting her hands on her hips.

"You are a very naughty little girl," Lee chuckled, swinging his legs off the bed, and adjusting his raging hard-on. A moment later, he returned with his belt from the bathroom, and handed it to Angela.

Angela stroked the belt, and then doubled it over, snapping it. "Time for you to learn how to behave, little girl."

"I don't need a spanking, I'll be good," Lynn pouted.

"You'd better bend over right now, or you'll get five more," Angela warned.

Letting her lip quiver, Lynn moved to her hands and knees, presenting her rounded bottom to her blonde friend.

Angela flipped up the transparent material of the babydoll, baring Lynn's thong clad ass. The strap fell, with more than enough force to sting, but a far cry from any sort of real punishment. This was a game the two women had played for years, which aroused them both to no ends.

Today, though, they had someone else joining them in the bed for the first time, and that consumed their thoughts, as well as Lee's. "We can do this any time," Angela said sultrily. "I'm too hot to play around today. I've been thinking about this ever since you planned it."

Flipping her hair, and looking back over her shoulder, Lynn said, "We'll play spankie-spankie some other time. Lee's been waiting a long time to watch me lick pussy."

"Either is good for me," Lee chuckled.

Angela cupped her sex, and shivered. "Her licking my pussy is better for me, though."

Lynn moaned, and spun around quickly on the bed. She grabbed Angela's hips, pulling down to indicate she wanted the blonde to lie down. "Come down here, so you get a good look, Baby," Lynn suggested, as Angela lay down in front of her.

Lee moved to the opposite end of the bed, as Angela lay down, parting her legs. Lynn waited until Lee was in a good position to watch, and then slipped between the blonde's smooth thighs.

"God, that is so sexy," Lee groaned, as he watched Lynn kissing Angela's labia, just tickling them with her tongue. He leaned in closer, drinking in the sight of Lynn going down on another woman, and the scent of Angela's arousal.

"Please, don't tease..." Angela began, but a loud gasp cut her off, as Lynn's tongue stiffened, and slipped between her pink folds.

Lynn let out a deep moan, while running her tongue the length of Angela's sex, drinking up the fragrant wetness. "I love to taste you," she gasped out, before sucking Angela's nether lips.

Angela grasped her breasts, teasing the stiff tips with her fingertips. "That feels so good."

A half-moan, half-chuckle escaped Lynn, as she shook her head back and forth, still suckling Angela's labia. Her upper lip just rubbed over Angela's hood, teasing the erect bud beneath. Angela's back arched high, pulling her labia from Lynn's mouth, with a wet slurp.

"Hold her down, Baby," Lynn requested, wasting no time in getting her mouth back on Angela's sex.

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