Lynn and Lee: Gift of Three

by Les Lumens

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, True Story, Spanking, Light Bond, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Lynn has three gifts for Lee, and the number three has special meaning for the third.

Lynn's arms, curled around Angela's legs, with the palms against the blonde's inner thighs, tightened their grip. Nearly to her peak, Angela's body writhed under the redhead's flashing tongue. Lynn moaned into Angela's folds, wiggling her head back and forth to add to the stimulation.

Angela's gasps grew louder, their pitch increasing steadily with the volume. Her hips bucked up toward Lynn's mouth, and her eyes closed tightly. Perched on the edge, she cried out, "Oh god — yes! Oh god — YES!" The final word transformed into a loud scream of release, as Angela's orgasm took hold of her.

"Mmm hmm," Lynn moaned loudly into Angela's quivering sex. The redhead kept up the pressure, keeping Angela coming, lapping up the flow of her juices. Finally, Angela could take no more, and pushed Lynn away with a pained scream.

Lynn pulled back, revealing a stream of creamy white juices dribbling to the bed below, from Angela's smooth-shaven sex, which the blonde quickly covered with her hands. Angela curled up into a fetal position, holding her hands tight over her sex, panting for breath, and twitching from aftershocks.

Lynn licked her lips, stroking Angela's firm bottom with one hand. Lynn's other hand pulled the cream on her chin to her lips. A particularly powerful jolt ran through Angela's body, snapping her out flat again. She looked up at her redheaded lover, moaned, and then chuckled sensually. Still panting for breath, Angela crooked her finger, motioning for Lynn to come to her.

The two women kissed passionately, Angela's tongue lapping up her own juices from Lynn's face. When they at last broke from the kiss, Lynn said, "Wave bye-bye."

Angela looked into the camera, her already flushed face turning an even brighter shade of red, and waved — teasing her small, pink nipple with the other hand. Lynn leaned down into the frame, blowing a kiss, and then the image went dark.

Adjusting his throbbing erection beneath his underwear, Lee said, "You're evil. You know that, don't you?"

Lynn laughed, and picked up the remote, to turn off the television. "Sorry, you were at work, and we just sort of got excited. We haven't seen each other in years — let alone anything else."

Lee joined in the laughter, "I could tell. I knew I should have stayed home last night."

"I did tape it for you," Lynn pouted, twirling a strand of her auburn hair around one finger. "You always say that you can't wait to see me licking pussy."

"Mmm hmm — thank you. What am I going to do with this, though?" Lee slipped down the waistband of his underwear, revealing his throbbing erection.

"I have some ideas," Lynn said with a smile, and leaned down to engulf him in her mouth.

Lee walked in from work the next morning, finding Lynn watching television in the bedroom. He asked, "Anything fun for me to watch this morning?"

Lynn shook her head, but turned and smiled at him. "I do have presents for you, though. You got me this beautiful necklace — just because — so I wanted to do something for you."

"You don't have to, you know?"

"Yes I do," Lynn protested. "Go get in the shower, and make sure you shave." Glancing at his crotch, she added, "Down there too."

Lee twitched his eyebrows at her, and the couple shared a laugh. He kissed her, gathered up his clothes, and went into the bathroom. The moment he stepped into the shower, Lynn set the next step of her plan in motion.

Lee stepped out of the shower, a short while later. Once he'd toweled off, he pulled on a clean pair of briefs — not really anticipating they would be on long — and walked into the bedroom again.

He smiled when he saw Lynn, dressed in his favorite babydoll. She had put her hair up in tails, and she was sucking seductively on a lollipop. "Mmm, I think I have something better for you to suck on," he teased.

Letting the sucker pop from her lips, Lynn said, "Oh, I don't know about that, this is pretty good."

"You look so sexy. You know I love you in that," Lee said, slipping into the bed with her.

"That's the first part of your present. The second is on the table," Lynn said, while rubbing her fingers over the bulge in his briefs.

Looking, Lee saw an envelope on the table. He picked it up and opened it, his eyes going wide with surprise. "Carlin tickets? I thought the show was sold out. How did you get them?"

"I wore a top that really showed of my boobies, and a short skirt. I charmed them out of that guy at the pawnshop, who has a crush on me. He was going to sell them, and try to make some money off them, since he couldn't go, but I got them cheap."

"I love you," Lee responded. He put down the envelope, and kissed Lynn. When she kissed him back, it was obvious she wanted far more than a peck, and he responded accordingly.

When they broke from the kiss, Lee asked, "So, you said that was the second part of my present... You sort of sounded like there was more..."

Licking her lips, Lynn said, "Mmm hmm." She beckoned with her finger, and Lee leaned in to kiss her again, ready to unwrap the babydoll from his third present.

He got a surprise when he felt arms wrap around him from behind, breasts pressing against his back, and a soft set of lips kissing his neck. Pulling away from Lynn's lips, he turned to see Angela leaning over his shoulder.

Angela pulled him toward her, kissing him hard, and reaching down to wrap her fingers around his erection. She moaned into the kiss, feeling him pulse beneath her fingertips.

"There's your third present, but you have to share," Lynn laughed mischievously.

"Okay," Lee mumbled, as he pulled away from the kiss, to wrap his lips around the pink point of Angela's right breast.

Lynn leaned over him, kissing Angela hungrily. When their lips parted, Lynn huskily whispered, "You want me to lick that pretty pussy, Angela? Suck your peeper until you come?" She suckled Angela's earlobe a moment, and then continued, "Do you want to get my face all sticky again?"

"You're a naughty little girl," Angela purred. "I may have to spank you."

"That's not very discouraging," Lynn replied, with a crooked smile, and then flicked her tongue at the blonde.

Letting out an aroused little growl, Angela said, "That's it." She pulled Lee from her breast, kissing him again. "I'm going to have to spank your little girl here."

"Want to borrow my belt?"

Lynn gasped out, "Lee!"

"And now she's back-talking. Go get that belt, and I'll whip a little behavior into her," Angela said with mock-authority, putting her hands on her hips.

"You are a very naughty little girl," Lee chuckled, swinging his legs off the bed, and adjusting his raging hard-on. A moment later, he returned with his belt from the bathroom, and handed it to Angela.

Angela stroked the belt, and then doubled it over, snapping it. "Time for you to learn how to behave, little girl."

"I don't need a spanking, I'll be good," Lynn pouted.

"You'd better bend over right now, or you'll get five more," Angela warned.

Letting her lip quiver, Lynn moved to her hands and knees, presenting her rounded bottom to her blonde friend.

Angela flipped up the transparent material of the babydoll, baring Lynn's thong clad ass. The strap fell, with more than enough force to sting, but a far cry from any sort of real punishment. This was a game the two women had played for years, which aroused them both to no ends.

Today, though, they had someone else joining them in the bed for the first time, and that consumed their thoughts, as well as Lee's. "We can do this any time," Angela said sultrily. "I'm too hot to play around today. I've been thinking about this ever since you planned it."

Flipping her hair, and looking back over her shoulder, Lynn said, "We'll play spankie-spankie some other time. Lee's been waiting a long time to watch me lick pussy."

"Either is good for me," Lee chuckled.

Angela cupped her sex, and shivered. "Her licking my pussy is better for me, though."

Lynn moaned, and spun around quickly on the bed. She grabbed Angela's hips, pulling down to indicate she wanted the blonde to lie down. "Come down here, so you get a good look, Baby," Lynn suggested, as Angela lay down in front of her.

Lee moved to the opposite end of the bed, as Angela lay down, parting her legs. Lynn waited until Lee was in a good position to watch, and then slipped between the blonde's smooth thighs.

"God, that is so sexy," Lee groaned, as he watched Lynn kissing Angela's labia, just tickling them with her tongue. He leaned in closer, drinking in the sight of Lynn going down on another woman, and the scent of Angela's arousal.

"Please, don't tease..." Angela began, but a loud gasp cut her off, as Lynn's tongue stiffened, and slipped between her pink folds.

Lynn let out a deep moan, while running her tongue the length of Angela's sex, drinking up the fragrant wetness. "I love to taste you," she gasped out, before sucking Angela's nether lips.

Angela grasped her breasts, teasing the stiff tips with her fingertips. "That feels so good."

A half-moan, half-chuckle escaped Lynn, as she shook her head back and forth, still suckling Angela's labia. Her upper lip just rubbed over Angela's hood, teasing the erect bud beneath. Angela's back arched high, pulling her labia from Lynn's mouth, with a wet slurp.

"Hold her down, Baby," Lynn requested, wasting no time in getting her mouth back on Angela's sex.

Lee moved across the bed, kneeling over Angela's tummy, with a knee on either side. When Lynn stabbed her tongue beneath Angela's hood a moment later, the blonde's body tried to rise from the bed again, but she was held in place. Lynn moaned approvingly, and increased the pressure of her probing tongue.

Lee watched intently, as Lynn's tongue gathered up Angela's milky juices. "Lick that pussy, Baby," he groaned.

Lynn let out a chuckling moan, and sucked Angela's folds between her lips, making sure to include the blonde's clit. Shaking her head back and forth, Lynn used her tongue to tantalize Angela further.

"Oh God, so good!" Angela cried out.

Lifting her head for a moment, Lynn asked, "Are you going to come for me?"

"Uh huh," Angela gasped.

Lynn leaned back down, suckling Angela's clitoris hard, and slipped two fingers into the blonde's clinging depths. She stroked them in and out quickly, causing a warbling scream, which increased steadily in volume, to erupt from Angela.

Lee watched intently, his cock throbbing, and leaking pre-cum, as his love lapped the beautiful woman beneath him. Angela writhed, as she screamed and gasped, drawing ever nearer to a climax. He rode her bucking body, keeping her pinned down to the bed, as best he was able.

Lynn's moans became more excited, as she sensed Angela perched on the edge of orgasm. When Angela loosed an ear-piercing scream, her juices flowed freely over Lynn's tongue, prompting the redhead to suck and lick even harder.

Angela's broken gasps, and screams continued unabated, until they took on a sound of desperation. Only then did Lynn release her, gesturing at her man to move off the blonde, letting Angela writhe unrestricted.

As Angela continued to thrash in ecstasy, Lynn pulled Lee toward her, kissing him hard. He sucked her tongue, tasting Angela's sex, and lapped the blonde's creamy juices from Lynn's face, when they broke from the kiss.

They both turned to watch Angela settle down from her peak — Lynn caressing Angela's hip, while Lee stroked her tummy. When Angela finally caught her breath, her eyes popped open, and she let out a short, sexy chuckle.

After a couple more deep breaths, Angela locked eyes with Lee, and asked breathlessly, "Did you like watching her lick my pussy?"

"Yes," he said — his voice low, and very sensual.

Seeing the drop of pre-cum seeping from his glans, Angela reached out, and gathered it up on her finger. She brought the digit to her lips, and sucked it clean with a low moan.

"He tastes good, doesn't he?" Lynn asked, licking her lips. When Angela nodded her agreement, Lynn added, "Do you want a better taste?"

"Mmm hmm," Angela moaned.

"Lay down, Baby," Lynn instructed, patting Lee on the buttocks.

The two women moved, even as he reclined. By the time his back hit the bedclothes, they were both kneeling on either side of his legs. Lynn pulled Angela into a kiss, and their hands roamed over each other, as their tongues wrangled.

When their lips parted, Lynn whispered, "Suck my man's cock. I've been waiting to see this, just as much as he's been waiting to see me lick pussy."

Angela leaned down, sliding over Lee's legs seductively, until her mouth was over his twitching manhood. She slipped out her tongue, tracing the thick vein down the center of his shaft with the tip. She then swirled her tongue around his glans, coating it in her saliva.

Leaning in close, to watch, Lynn asked, "He has a gorgeous cock, doesn't he?"

"It's beautiful," Angela answered. "So big. So hard." She moved down to run her tongue over his balls, "And so smooth. I love a shaved cock. It makes me want to suck it all day long."

As Angela moved, to tongue his shaft once more, giving it a glistening coat of wetness, Lynn asked, "Does that feel good, Baby?"

"Fuck yeah," he groaned, looking down into Angela's eyes, and earning a smile from her for the response.

Keeping her eyes locked with his, Angela slipped two fingers beneath his cock, standing it upright. She tickled it with her tongue, for a moment, and then wrapped her lips around him.

Lee let out a long growl, as Angela's hot mouth engulfed him. She took him deep, pausing with her lips near the root, and then sucked back upward, wiggling her head back and forth. She looked up at him, grinning around his purple helmet, held tight between her lips, and then sucked him in again.

Angela bobbed her head over Lee's lap, sucking in her cheeks concave, to add to the hot friction. Another drop of pre-cum, welling up from him, awakened Angela's taste buds, and she squealed in delight around him.

Lynn caressed her folds, having pulled of her skimpy clothing, as she watched her friend suck her man. "I love watching you do that," she moaned.

Angela glanced over at Lynn, at the top of a stroke, and gave the redhead a wicked grin. When she slid her mouth back down over Lee's cock, she swallowed him completely — the tip slipping into her throat, and her nose nestled in the short hairs at the base.

Lynn growled, "That makes me so jealous."

Angela's lips slid back over his hardness, and let him slip from her lips, with a gasp. Swallowing, and then sucking in a deep breath, she turned to Lynn for a second. "Oh?" With that, she grinned, and swallowed Lee again.

"Damn," Lee groaned, feeling her throat contract around him, as she swallowed.

Angela choked off a cough, quickly pulled back, and coughed again. Thick strands of saliva trailed from her lips, to the swollen tip of Lee's cock. She swirled her tongue over her lips, breaking the strands, and took a few quick breaths.

"That's what you get — show off," Lynn said in mock haughty tones. Her feigned pout turned up into a smile almost immediately, however, and she kissed Angela passionately. When their lips parted, Lynn said, "My turn."

"Fuck yeah," Lee gasped, as Lynn suckled the head of his cock, stroking her lips over it rapidly.

Angela reached between Lee's legs, worming her hand beneath his balls. She rolled them gently in her hand, while stroking her finger over the cord leading from the orbs, back to the puckered iris of his ass.

Lynn took him deeper, moaning around him. Flipping her auburn curls out of her eyes, she increased the speed of her strokes. Lee gasped, and scrunched up the bedclothes in his hands, his head thumping to the bed heavily.

Lynn released his cock for a second, to lick her lips, and take a couple of deep breaths. She then parted her lips once more, and swallowed him. Her nose didn't quite nestle in the kinky hairs, as Angela's had, but she came very close. Her gag reflex kicked in, and she let him free of her mouth, with a little croaking sound.

Angela moved over him almost immediately, taking him back in her mouth, as Lynn coughed once, and swallowed. Blinking, and wiping the tears out of her eyes, Lynn could see the signs of Lee's approaching climax.

"You going to come, Baby?" Lynn asked, in musical tones.

"Yeah," Lee replied, in a clipped growl, nearly to the point of no-return.

Angela pulled her hand from beneath him, and wrapped it around his shaft. She rasped her hand over him, pulling back to lap over his cock head. She and Lynn had done this before, and so Lynn dropped down to swirl her tongue over his glans as well.

"Almost... There," Lee gasped.

Angela stroked her hand faster, squeezing a little tighter, and the two women locked their lips in a kiss around the helmet of his cock. They suckled it, teasing with the tips of their tongues, as Lee edged ever closer toward climax.

With a loud, growling scream, Lee came. His cream filled both women's mouths, spurted out to coat their lips, and even left a sticky trail up Angela's cheek, just reaching the lower lashes of her left eye.

Moaning, and squealing in delight, Angela and Lynn continued to suck and stroke him. When he ceased to spurt, Lynn engulfed him in her mouth for a few strokes. When she released him, Angela followed her lead, doing the same.

It was too much for Lee, who pushed them both away, to pant for breath.

Lynn and Angela kissed, tasting him on each other's lips, and lapping his cum from each other's faces. Their kisses steadily grew more passionate, and Angela reached down to slip two fingers into Lynn's depths.

Pulling away from the kiss, Angela brought her fingers to her lips, sucking Lynn's juices from them. "Mmm, you're so wet," she moaned, and pushed on Lynn's shoulders, silently directing the redhead to lie down.

As Lynn reclined, and Lee grudgingly rolled out of the way, Angela reached down below the bed. When she sat back up, she held a pair of handcuffs in her hand, and wore a devilish grin on her face.

"Oh please — no," Lynn pouted, her voice lacking the edge of conviction that would have alerted Angela that she meant it.

"Oh yes," Angela purred, sliding her legs off the bed, and moving toward the headboard. Lynn scooted up closer to the headboard, extending her arms, in sharp contrast to her earlier feigned protest.

Angela locked Lynn's right wrist in the cuffs, and then pulled the chain around the metal headboard. She then locked the second cuff, and slid back onto the bed. Reaching up, Angela ran her fingertips down Lynn's outstretched arms, all the way down her sides, to the redhead's hips. All the while, she grinned wickedly.

Cocking her index finger against her thumb, Angela brought it to Lynn's right nipple. She released her finger, letting it flick the large, stiff bud. "Your nipples are all hard. You want me to suck them, don't you?"

"Yes," Lynn replied.


"Please suck my nipples, Mistress."

Flicking the other nipple, a little harder this time, Angela let a disapproving tone creep into her voice. "I don't know why I should. You're such a naughty little girl. You backtalk, and pout. Why should I give you pleasure?"

"I'll be good. Please, Mistress, suck them. They ache so bad. I need your lips on me, Mistress."

Dragging her nails over the swell of Lynn's right breast, Angela raised her eyebrows, and said, "They are so pretty." Bringing her hand back, she smacked Lynn's breast, causing it to jiggle, and drawing a little yelp from the redhead. "I still don't know why you deserve such a treat."

"I'll let Lee fuck you, Mistress," Lynn offered.

"Let me? I could suck him hard right now, and ride that cock all day, and you couldn't do anything about it."

"I'll eat all his cum out of your pussy, Mistress."

Angela snorted derisively, and smacked Lynn's other breast. "I could make you do that too. Your hands are restrained — where would you go, if I decided to shove my cunt in your face, and make you lick all his cum out?"

"Please, Mistress," Lynn pouted, with just a hint of a sob.

"I'm still not convinced."

"I'll let you have him any time you want. You can fuck him whenever you want to."

Angela purred, turning to look at Lee's now soft cock. "Well, now, that's tempting."

"Please, suck my nipples, Mistress. I can't stand it. I need it. Please, Mistress."

A sharp, warbling cry of relief bubbled from Lynn's lips, as Angela wrapped hers around Lynn's right nipple. Angela massaged the bud with her lips for a moment, tickling it with the tip of her tongue, and then nipped the tender flesh with her teeth.

Lynn yelped, and jerked, rattling the handcuffs against the metal headboard. Angela purred in response, and kissed the nipple she had just bitten. She then traced kisses over Lynn's pendulous breast, moving toward the other. The blonde's own stiff, pink nipples dragged across Lynn's skin, as Angela kissed her way to the tip of the redhead's other breast.

Angela suckled the bud, exactly as she had done before. When she parted her lips, as she had before biting down the last time, Angela felt Lynn stiffen beneath her, in preparation. Looking up into Lynn's eyes, Angela flicked her tongue over the pebbled flesh, and then sucked it again.

Once more, Lynn stiffened in anticipation of the bite, and again Angela defied her bound lover's expectations, curling her tongue around the nipple instead. Lynn let out a high-pitched moan, and squeezed her thighs, attempting to quell the burning need building there.

Again, Angela sucked Lynn's nipple in, quite hard, and then bit down, when Lynn wasn't expecting it. The redhead lurched beneath Angela, a gasping scream bursting forth from her lips. Angela let out a sensual little growl, and bit down again, softer this time — almost a graze of her teeth, rather than a real bite.

Crawling over Lynn's body, Angela whispered in her ear, "Is your pussy getting wet?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I bet you wish you could touch it, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress, it's aching so bad."

"I bet you want me to lick it, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Yes — what?"

"I want you to lick my cunt, Mistress," Lynn gasped out, once again clenching her intimate muscles, against a surge of need.

Sitting up, Angela roughly jerked Lynn's legs apart, pulling her knees up, and out. "You want me to eat your pussy?"

"Yes, Mistress, I want you to eat my pussy."

Lee let out an amused grunt, having recovered enough to move closer, where he had a better view of the two women at play. When Angela gave him a rebuking glance, he held up his hands defensively, and mimed closing a zipper over his lips. Angela nodded once, and then turned back to Lynn.

"Tell me," Angela commanded, and spanked her hand down on Lynn's folds.

"I want you to eat my pussy, Mistress."

"Tell me." Angela's hand fell again on Lynn's sex, with a muffled smack.

"I want you to eat my cunt, Mistress."

"Tell me," Angela repeated, landing the hardest blow yet on Lynn's saturated sex.

The words burst from Lynn in a rush, "I want you to lick my cunt, Mistress. I want you to make me come, Mistress. I need your mouth on me, Mistress."

"Good," Angela purred, and spanked Lynn's nether lips a final time. She then brought her palm to her lips, licking off the creamy juices there. Offering Lynn a crooked grin, Angela bent down, to support her weight on her hands, and scooted her knees, centering her face over Lynn's sex.

"Please — lick me, Mistress," Lynn moaned.

Letting out a growl, Angela snapped forward, like a striking cobra, and sucked Lynn's folds between her lips. Lynn screamed to the ceiling, the relief to her burning need bringing the sound to her lips involuntarily. Pulling back slowly, Angela pulled Lynn's labia out taut, and then let them slip from between her lips.

Moving back in, between Lynn's trembling thighs, Angela snaked her tongue back out, running it along the length of Lynn's folds, with agonizing slowness. She continued this torturous lapping, building a slow burning fire in Lynn's loins.

After what felt like hours, the speed and pressure of Angela's lapping tongue increased. Lynn's arousal surged, and she soared toward her peak. Just as she reached her precipice, and teetered on the edge of tumbling over, Angela pulled away from her.

"Please, Mistress," Lynn moaned pitifully, trying unsuccessfully to press her thighs together, in the faint hope that the stimulation would push her over into orgasm.

Angela kept Lynn's legs from closing, and spanked the side of one of the redhead's buttocks, for good measure. Waiting until Lynn's pleasure ebbed slightly, Angela spanked Lynn's pussy again.

Lynn cried out, her juices spattering over her thighs, from beneath Angela's hand. The same sequence of events played out three times, and then Angela moved to stab her tongue into Lynn's depths.

Lynn surged once more, toward orgasm, as Angela lapped and sucked with hungry purpose. As before, however, the blonde pulled away, just as Lynn was about to come.

"Please, make me come, Mistress," Lynn sobbed.

Angela's only answer was another spank, quickly followed by another snake-like strike, culminating in her teeth nipping Lynn's bud. Lynn let out a choked, hoarse scream, lurching beneath the blonde, who held her hips down hard against the mattress.

Pulling back, Angela hovered over Lynn's sex, drinking in the musky perfume of the redhead's arousal. Lynn panted for breath, still writhing, in an attempt to cool both the fires of need, and of pain, which shot through her sex.

"Suck her tits," Angela gasped to Lee. He moved quickly to obey, and Angela noticed that he was growing hard again. Moaning, in anticipation of having his cock inside her soon, Angela thrust her tongue into Lynn, to bring on the redhead's release, this time.

Lee sucked Lynn's nipple hard, as he knew she liked it, having to concentrate to keep the bud from sliding free of his lips. Lynn writhed and lurched, her body completely out of her control, and the chain of the handcuffs rattling in a continuous, discordant melody. He glanced down, watching Angela devour Lynn, concentrating on his lover's clit.

Neither Lee, nor Angela managed to ride out the first throes of Lynn's orgasm. Her violent thrashing bucked them both away, as she jerked hard on the handcuffs, instinctively trying to cover her over-sensitive sex. Angela caught one leg, gripping it hard, and thrust three fingers into Lynn's tightly contracted canal, to stroke them furiously.

Lynn screamed at the top of her lungs, her whole body on fire, and electric pulses of pleasure arching through her sex. When she coughed, and her breathing turned to ragged gasps, Angela pulled her fingers from Lynn's depths.

Lee had a look of mild concern on his face, watching his love fight for air, her eyes tightly closed, and her body trembling violently. Angela, having seen this many times before, simply smiled, and gently stroked her hand over her redheaded friend's quivering legs.

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