My Father-in-law, My Liberator

by jumbo.janaki

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Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: He was retired but not yet tired.

I am Devaki, 45 year old married woman and a mother of two kids. I work in a nationalized bank in Delhi and my husband is a Chartered Accountant. I was born and brought up in Coimbatore before I settled in Ghaziabad 22 years ago after my marriage. I have a 23 year old son and a 19 year old daughter. I have been a regular visitor of erotic story sites for the past year or so and have made up my mind to tell a few stories myself. I would love to begin by narrating one of my real experiences with none other than my father-in-law.

Subramaniyam alias Subbu, my father-in-law served in the Army before his retirement. My mother-in-law had passed away a good five years before my marriage and obviously that was one reason why I chose my husband ahead of others, after all I would not be made to feel inadequate by a critical mother-in-law.

I remember the very first time I saw Subbu when he visited our house to meet my father seeking alliance. He was a towering personality standing well above 6 feet and a very strong physique thanks to the years he had spent in the armed forces. I was slightly embarrassed to see a strange curiosity in his eyes when I was introduced to him. Somehow, I felt that he must be one horny old man and soon I got the confirmation after knowing that he had seven children. However, his son was handsome and strong just like his father if not better and hence I didn't hesitate to agree. Immediately after the engagement, I promptly forwarded an application to our management seeking transfer to Delhi.

Soon after shifting to Delhi, we found out that our small apartment was not enough to provide the required comfort for three of us. Subbu was responsible for finding a house in Ghaziabad although my husband preferred to stay inside Delhi. I was on long leave as my transfer application was pending and hence I had to be content staying with Subbu at home most of the time.

I hailed from a very orthodox family and I hadn't indulged in any sexual adventures during my college days. Although I naturally had lots of student friends who were boys, I had no 'boyfriends' although there were quite a few guys who kept chasing me. Several girls who were fellow students had whispered to me what they had allowed their boyfriends to do to them and what they did for the boy, so I was not totally innocent of male/female relationships and the pleasures they apparently brought with them!

After marriage, I kept myself busy with the household and being naturally slim I didn't get bigger by staying at home. My husband and I had decided to postpone our first child for at least a year.

After my marriage I knew the old man was enjoying watching me whenever he got a chance. It was uncomfortable in the beginning although as I became more confident with him, it eventually gave me a sense of amusement seeing the old man trying so hard to have a glimpse of me all the time. My husband was accidentally helping the cause by working late hours and going on frequent inspections, forcing me to become reconciled to the fact that I had very few options to prevent my father-in-law ogling me. I started noticing white spots in his pajama which meant that the old man was either having some night falls or perhaps he was indulging in masturbation. His eyes kept searching for my young firm breasts and occasionally he would brush my buttocks as he went past. Soon, I felt a forbidden thrill in his stealthy adventures and I thought it wasn't wrong to have some diversion in my loneliness. After all, Subbu was still looking good, despite his balding head!

I began to smile to myself as my father-in-law always had a few words of praise for whatever I did at home, although his admiration was getting a little personal as he occasionally commented about my looks and my appearance. He even came out of his strict food habits by relishing the spicy food which I always preferred to cook.

I knew that he was getting closer to attempting something with me, as my silence at his praise seemed to make him blunter in what he said, and how he said it.

Finally, it happened on a Monday morning.

My husband had left for his office well before 8 AM having neglected for a week the needs he had brought me to expect from a man. I lay in the warm scented water of my bath, my fingers lightly soaping my young skin, smoothing soap over my tummy, my breasts and in my most intimate area, tingling to the feel of my own touch.

I stopped. I must not do this. "Ohhh husband that you neglect me and leave me like this" I thought. Angry with myself for almost losing control of my feelings, I stood, stepped out of my bath and reached for my towel, taking care not to rub too sensually on those three places where I tingled with need.

It was only after I'd dried myself and stood naked that I realized I hadn't brought my change of clothes inside. I slightly opened the door and saw my father-in-law glued to the TV. I knew it would take less than a second for me to rush into my room from the bathroom without the old man having a chance to see me. As I opened the door and leaped towards my room I had only my towel wrapped around me, covering my tingling body from just above my breasts to mid thigh. I tried vainly to push the door which remained closed and it took me a few seconds to realize that my room had been locked from the outside. As I turned I could see Subbu with his back to me tossing the bunch of keys suggesting that it was he who had locked my room. I was in a real dilemma as I stood clutching my only protection to preserve my modesty, my loosely wrapped towel.

All of a sudden, Subbu looked around and smiled at me. I froze at once realizing that he was getting a free view of my semi-naked body. He stood up and began walking towards me with a broad smile, his eyes emitting desire.

"I have the keys," he said mockingly. Surprisingly, I wasn't angry at him for his mischief. In fact, I was trying hard to suppress a slight tremor of excitement. I had a sudden image of him pulling off my only protection and pouncing on my firm breasts.

"I have to change," I said nervously, with my eyes looking at the floor.

My heart began beating faster as he pulled off his shirt and threw it on the sofa. "I will let you go in. But, you need to strip. Now. At once." He sounded very calm, very composed but spoke in a tone which was an order. With a compulsion for me to obey. I was frozen to the spot and couldn't move.

I stood saying nothing. I desperately wanted the old man to take the initiative and strip me with some force. My husband asked my consent before loving me and tried a bit too hard to be gentle on the bed. My body tingled with need, the itch between my legs begged for recognition and in my mind I wanted to be treated like a whore on the bed with the man showing me no mercy. I did not want to give. I wanted to be taken.

Subbu stood threateningly, his eyes absorbing the half naked image of me, seeming to see below my towel to my helpless woman's body. Every inch of me seemed to be revealed in his minds eye from my damp head to my bare feet. His eyes stayed a bit longer on my heaving breasts under the cover of a slightly wet towel. He gazed at my thighs and legs before he moved forward towards the door and used the keys to open it, pushing me inside. I swallowed a sigh of disappointment realizing that the old man wasn't as daring as I had imagined.

Then, just as I entered the room I felt a firm jolt on my back pushing me straight onto the bed. I turned around thrilled to see my father-in-law actually closing the door from inside.

His hands reached to the tip of the towel and pulled it off skillfully. I was naked and he was horny.

"Your tits look young and firm," Subbu was licking his lips. "I have been looking forward to cup them and press them."

"Your son wouldn't like that," I said with a nervous smile.

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