Rose's First Squirt

by Gia 1978

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, True Story, Oriental Female, Fisting, Squirting, Size, .

Desc: True Sex Story: The followup to "Just a little quickie", this story covers the events of the following weekend last November. I found out that I was not the only squirter in the coffee house after all! 2,516 words... not too shabby! ;P

Copyright © 2007

Well guys and gals, as you all found out in my last little story, I found a new plaything. Only now, she is becoming more of a steady thing.

After that first night in the office, Rose came back for more. She showed up the following weekend at the coffee house, alone. I took my 10 min. break, and we went out back to have a smoke. At least a few hits anyway, as we spent about 8.5 min kissing in the back parking lot. We went back inside and I got her a drink. God, she looked so delicious in those Frankie B. Jeans. She had no bra on and I could see her Hershey Kiss nipples under her white Tee shirt. They were hard from the cold, and her skin was rippled with gooseflesh.

She followed my gaze and asked in her little girl voice, "See anything you want?"

I smiled as sexily as I could, "Well, I do like those chocolate treats you're hiding there."

Rose flipped her hair from her face, flashing me those stunning dimples and her deep brown eyes. she slowly licked her upper lip and I melted. This was gonna be a long-ass shift. She sat at the counter and we chatted in between customers. We talked about our families, her high school (Yeah, I bagged a high-school hottie!) and quietly about what we wanted to do to each other later tonight.

The shift dragged on and my pussy was like a swamp by the time it was midnight. Jose and I closed up as quickly as possible and then when we locked the doors, Rose followed me back to my place.

When we got to my apartment, I found a note from my roommate saying she was spending the night at her boy-toy's place. WHOOOOOOO-DAMN-HOOOOO! I pulled out a bottle of wine, and she produced a bud of evil smelling Kush! We got naked and curled up on the couch to watch a little bit of TV while we got baked.

As we downed the wine and fired up a couple bowls of the powerful weed, we gently stroked and played with each other.

Rose sighed softly as I stroked her soft thighs and asked, "Would you please kiss my puss-puss for me?"

Her squeaky voice gave me chills and I slipped off the couch and kissed her flat, brown belly. I stuck my tongue all the way inside her cute little innie belly button and she gasped. Slowly, I made my way down to her landing strip of soft black pubes. I gnashed my teeth and gently bit her mons.

Rose bucked her hips, as she tried to force my mouth onto her juicy, drooling slit. I continued to make my way to her heavenly sweet acorn of a clitoris.

I could smell her excitement, and my mouth was watering as much as either of our pussies. Finally, I placed my lips onto her big fat, chocolate colored clit. Rose squealed with delight as I chewed gently on the bulb of nerves. It was just so amazing to feel her clit growing and stiffening in between my lips.

I reached up to tweak her puffy nipples with my fingertips. Rose made a soft little mewing noise as I sucked and twisted her most sensitive parts in tandem. She lifted her firm ass off my couch as I strummed her nub with my tongue in rapid flicks, in an effort to get me to suck her even harder. I grinned at her urgency, and brought my fingers to her opening.

I could barely get three fingers inside her, but I managed to get them in due to the copious amount of lubrication she provided as I spread her dark, pillowy labia. I sought out her G-spot at the roof of her soggy pussy.

This time, as I pressed into it she jerked and gasped, "Oh my God Gia! What is that? What did you just do to me?... Do it again!"

Her body was under my control now, and I giggled as I worked my magic on my new lovers business.

She began to pant in time with my strokes, and her whole body took on a shine of perspiration as I fingered and sucked her nearer to a big fuckin' climax. I guess it was the combo of the weed and the excitement of being with me again, because her 'puss-puss' was drooling like a retarded kid!

The cream was thicker and white, contrasting her dark skin. Her scent was intoxicating and I was huffing it in as hard as my lungs would allow.

Rose was making unbelievably sexy grunts and groans as she locked her fingers in my hair, pulling me even harder into her languid lips. I had my fingers crooked all the way up and back inside her tight hole and was pushing my left hand into her stomach right above her bladder. Her stubby little thighs grasped the sides of my head, and I was fighting to get a breath through my nose.

I could hear the slosh of her juices rearing up in her Skenes Glands, as I pressed my fingertips upward in a circular motion (that sound, and her high pitched little girl noises). Rose began to convulse as I got her closer to the big "O".

She pushed on my forehead and squeaked, "Gia stop! I'm gonna pee in your mouth if you don't stop!"

I looked up into her eyes and let out a loud, muffled, "Ummmh-ummmh".

She panicked, and tried to push herself away from me as she passed the point of no return. My lips lost the grip of her acorn-sized clitoris and her labia pulled away from my face as my darling Pinoy launched her first ejaculation. Straight across the side of my right temple! The first jet splattered in my hair, but the lion's share of it shot past me and stopped on the screen of my 27"

TV! I clamped my lips over the mouth of her pussy and opened my throat to receive the next four streams down into my belly!

Rose was wailing like a small animal being tortured as she was gushing forth a torrent between my lips. It seems to me that there is an unspoken protocol that neighbors don't complain about the noise levels in an apartment complex when sex is involved. Have a party, or watch an action movie too loud, and they bang on the walls like they are the fucking cops or something! But if the sounds are of a sexual nature, they seem to put up with it for hours without a single complaint.

But, I digress...

She came down from her orgasm, after squirting a full five streams, and her body spasmed rather violently as I withdrew my digits. I turned to look where the first stream landed, and I laughed out loud as I saw it dripping down the glass of the TV screen into a puddle on the carpet.

Rose opened her lidded eyes to ask, "Baby, why are you laughing at me?"

She focused on the liquid dripping from the TV screen and the puddle below it and began to giggle with me in our stoned/sex crazed haze.

"Did I do that?" she asked me, sounding more like a ten-year-old.

I nodded in the affirmative and told her, "Yuppers. Looks like were gonna need some plastic sheets kiddo."

After we cleaned up the mess in the living room, we retired to my room. I cut a garbage bag in half, and laid it across my bed. Not exactly romantic, but when we went to sleep later, we would be in a DRY bed!

I opened iTunes on my laptop, and loaded up a mix I had made earlier this week in case she came over. A random mix of romantic, soppy shit that I listen to. Tears For Fears, Portishead, Jeff Buckley, Tatu, Joni Mitchell, etc. I lit a few candles and then I lay back on the bed with my little Filipina play-toy between my thighs. She was so sweet and gentle with me at first, I could barely feel her touch. Then she started biting and nibbling on my thighs. I groaned as she finally began to lick my pussy. I was so worked up, and she was teasing me to the point of forming a small puddle on the plastic bag under my ass.

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