Rebuttal: of Cows and Girlfriends

by Dr. Stan

Tags: Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Torture, Caution,

Desc: Romantic Story: This story is a unofficial sequel to "Of Girlfriends and Cows" by Phoenix Arrow, written with his permission. You must read that story first in order for this story to make any sense.

(Author's note: This story is a unofficial sequel to "Of Girlfriends and Cows" by Phoenix Arrow, written with his permission. You must read that story first in order for this story to make any sense.)

Frank was livid! The love of his life was being treated as a COW.

Things were going to change, and he was going to get his wonderful bright, Intelligent, happy girl BACK.

When Frank went into the Army, he had just finished graduated from college. He had always wanted to go into the Army, he felt a strong need to protect and defend, and he was finally old enough to enter. He was smart. He had finished high school by the time he was 15, and his BA when he was 17, and his masters a year later when he turned 18. Eighteen was the earliest that he could enter the Army. After boot camp he was immediately put into intelligence work. Speaking five languages, being a specialist at encrypting and encoding it was a natural for him. After a couple of years he started going of field missions.

The love of his life was Grace. She had always understood him and made him happy. The big problem was that she was four years younger than he was and their parents didn't like each other. The wonderful times they shared together were stolen moments that they could manage without their families being aware of it.

Things went wrong with a mission that turned into hell. He was in Cambodia when his whole team was caught where they weren't suppose to be. Some were killed, some escaped, and one - Frank was captured. The problem was that no-one knew he was captured, everyone thought that he was dead. After a year, Frank managed to escape, but he was physically a wreak. He was smuggled into Tibet into a monastery where he spent the next year regaining his health and at the same time learning arcane skills and knowledge. In order to pay the debt he owed to the monastery he spent a further year seeking out and eliminating people who were monsters - drug lords, slavers, child molesters, anyone who preyed on those weaker than themselves.

Finally, he was free to return home. He was considered dead by the US military, and he created a whole new identity. Something that was not hard to do, since he was now a multi-millionaire from all the drug money he had confiscated over the last year.

Grace was fifteen when she learned that her lover was killed in action. She was heart broken, but life goes on, and she healed.

She became a nurse, and finally met another man that she thought she could love and marry. His name was Peter, and he seemed a kind man. The only problem was that his daughter Sara had him wrapped around her finger and felt that Grace was stealing him away from him.

Frank was twenty seven when he finally arrived back in the States. Having been gone for eight years without any communication with anyone he knew. He was sure that Grace would have met someone else to love and that they could never be together again, but he had to try.

He discovered that Grace had disappeared four years ago.

Something didn't feel right to him, he had to find out what had happened to her, if nothing else, to know that she was happy.

His first clue was when he found that all her inheritance, car title, insurance funds, and savings accounts were transferred to the same person. Sara Townsen.

Once he had a name, nothing could stop him. What he found enraged him beyond anything he had felt before.

Charlie was his name. He was a handyman working on a small farm owned by Peter Townsen. Peter Townsen was also the man who Sara was last known to be with before she disappeared.

Charlie wasn't much of a man, somewhat simple, fairly harmless, he had to be told what to do, he didn't have much in the way of brains. When Frank got a hold of him, he didn't stand a chance and the whole story of what happened to Grace came out.

"Well Joe, that's the story, what can we do to get Grace back to being the woman I loved?" Frank asked.

Joe was a psychologist who used to be on one of the special forces team that Frank had been on. They had saved each other lives many times. In the years since they worked together, Joe had finished his degrees in psychiatry, and worked with people who had been brainwashed by cult groups.

"It will be tough Frank." Joe said. "She has been systematically abused, drugged, and mentally tortured for four years. That's tough to beat. We can do it, but it will be slow going, and I'm afraid that she will never be the same person she was before all this happened."

"Well, I'm not going to let her stay with those sadistic bastards. I want my woman back. I know that if this had never happened to her that I probably wouldn't have had a chance with her. She was too beautiful, loyal, and smart not to have found someone after thinking that I was dead for many years. If she was happy with someone, I would never have thought of interfering with her life.

But finding her like this, I just want to make all of them pay - in gruesome ways, for her pain, and the lose of those years when she could have been happy."

"I can certainly understand that. I don't think that I've ever seen people who have been so callous in their lack of empathy and feeling for her chance to live a life of meaning and love, instead of viscously destroying her life. " Joe responded. "But like I said, it is going to take years for her to recover, and she may never fully recover to what she was before all this happened to her."

"One thing that could give a kick start to her recovery would be for her to see her tormentors receive some punishment, and even play a part of it to give her a sense of retribution. Here's what I think that we should do..."

Sara woke up with a headache. She moaned and opened her eyes. Something was wrong, she seemed to be restrained somehow, because when she moved, chains clinked.

"Hello Sara. Finally awake?" A mans voice asked her.

"What... What's happening, where am I?" She asked.

"Oh, you're down on the farm. (Chuckle) Don't worry though, you have your family with you." The voice replied.

Through blurry eyes, Sara saw that she was in the barn. Her cow Gracey was in her stall watching her, Her father was manacled and gagged on the wall across from her, as was her stepmother Detra, and Charlie.

"Daddy, what's going on?" Sara cried.

"Oh, he's not yet awake." The voice said, "but just wait a couple of minutes and he should be rejoining us."

Sara saw that everyone, including herself was naked. The man picked up a water hose and started spraying Peter, Charlie, and Detra.

Peter started sputtering, then Detra, and Charlie just blinked. "Ah, I see that everyone is awake now. I'm so glad that we could all get together like this. I have been so wanting to meet all of you, since I learned about you. I suppose you wonder why you are all here, especially chained up like you are?"

Sara burst out, "What is the meaning of this? Why are we all chained like this?"

The man smiled at her - it was not a friendly smile. "Well, I guess you could say that your chickens came home to roost. Or, if you don't like that one, how about 'your past actions finally caught up to you. You see, Grace was the love of my life. I was away for many years - presumed dead. When I came back, I discovered the brainwashing you had done to her. I felt it only fair that she be rescued, and retribution applied to those responsible."

"But Grace wanted to become a cow." Sara cried.

"But only after several months of intense beatings, drugs, abuse, and brainwashing techniques were applied to her," The man responded. "No, I'm afraid that you can't use the excuse of her doing this of her free will as a mitigating factor in your punishment."

"Let's start with the least responsible person here - Charlie. Now Charlie is simple minded, he will do whatever he is told to do. He doesn't really know right from wrong. Oh, he might feel uncomfortable about what he is told to do, but that's all. He really doesn't have the capability to take responsibility for his actions regarding Grace." He quickly turned to Sara. "You on the other hand, knew exactly what it was you were doing, and what you told Charlie to do."

Sara tried to interrupt, but he simply gagged her.

The man continued, "Since Charlie is simple minded, and wasn't really responsible, his punishment will be the lightest. I'll simply inject a certain virus in his testicles which will make changes in his sperm and semen - I'll get to that later." Charlie just looked on, not really understanding what was going on.

"Now Detra here learned what was going on, but rather than think anything was wrong about how Grace was being treated, felt it was great fun, and even helped milk her, and said that she loved the taste of her milk."

"Peter shared the next greatest blame for your actions Sata." He asked Grace if she wanted to be here. He asked her if she voluntary became what he called 'a cow.' He asked who was responsible for doing this to her. She told him that no, she didn't want to be there, no, she didn't want to become a 'cow', and that Sara was responsible for all of it. She told him about the constant whippings, the drugs, the abuse, and the pain she had every day.

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