It Was Bound To Happen

by DevilKitten

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Cheating, .

Desc: True Sex Story: We've lusted for each other for over 3 years. We both wanted it, ached for it. It finally happened. Too bad he had to go home to his wife and kids.

It all started when I got a new job where he was the manager. The moment I saw him I knew I wanted him. The fact that he knew Brazilian jiu jitsu and did cage fighting only made him more attractive. His muscular arms alone sent shivers down my spine. And I knew he felt the same way about me, he had no problem telling me that. The fact that I filled a D-cup and had curves in all the right places made him check me out constantly. He even made a bet with me once that I lost and had to wear my outrageously low-cut shirt to work just so he could ogle. Too bad he was married and I was in a long term relationship. I also felt that no one should ever cheat on their spouse. He kept telling me that sexual satisfaction had become a problem between him and his wife. He got pity sex about once every two weeks or so.

After working together for four months he was relocated to a new store about an hour away in the town he lived in. He used to call me a few times a week to tell me he missed my hooters. Then, fate turned in our favor. I was transferred down to that same store because they couldn't find anyone to fill the CSR position. My and my still-then boyfriend relocated because the town was smaller and the rent was cheaper. It was great just him and I. We would flirt, accidentally "brush" up against each other, and he would still ask to see my hooters. The sexual tension was fantastic. But I held out because I was still with my boyfriend and he was still married.

About two months later he got a new job with a better company. I was crushed. He still called and stopped by to visit, but it just wasn't the same. Our flirting was restricted to once a week phone calls. He still wanted me, and I still wanted him.

I eventually got sick of my job. Working six days a week almost seventy hours a week was just too much. Not only that, but I broke up with my boyfriend as well. I decided I'd had enough of that dinky little town and moved to a much larger, more fun town nearly an hour away. Believe it or not, we still talked on the phone about once every two weeks. He told me how much I missed my hooters, asked me when I was going to sleep with him. I always told him that I loved the single life, but when he got divorce papers I would jump him. That went on for almost two years.

In that time I underwent some major changes. I lost my little relationship gut I'd developed, changed to a redhead, and gotten a few tattoos. My ex was the one I lost my virginity to. I found out that having a rebound guy and a one-night stand was quite entertaining. I'd also gone through two semi relationships. But he was always the one there to give me advice and try and con his way into a booty call when I was going through a dry spell. I was beginning to understand how important sexual satisfaction truly was. Then phone calls started getting closer together, until we talked practically everyday. We could talk about anything and everything.

A couple weeks ago I went back to my hometown to visit a friend who just got back from overseas. To get there I had to pass through the town where he lived. Since we hadn't seen each other in two years I invited him to stop at a rest stop to say hi for old times sake.

Twenty minutes later, there he was. He looked even better than I'd remembered. He's the kind of guy that I could just say that to, so I did. He lifted the front of his shirt and invited me to touch his abs. I nearly jumped him the parking lot. I pointed out that I'd dropped a bit of weight.

"I gave up on you," he said. "But seeing you now I don't think I give up anymore." I think that was the best compliment I'd gotten in a long while. When the sun started to set I took off the sunglasses I'd been wearing.

"God damn!" he exclaimed. "I forgot how blue your eyes are." He also loved that I'd switched to wearing almost all low-cut shirts. That old sexual tension was back, and stronger than ever. Unfortunately, he had to head home to the wife and kids, and I had a friend to go see. We parted ways with just a friendly hug.

I knew what would happen Monday. Sure enough, my phone rang as I was leaving work. It was him. Turns out he had to come to a bigger town to get his wife's Christmas gift in a few days and would be in my neck of the woods. He wanted to hook up. He didn't dance around it and just came out and said it. I realized that a opportunity like this didn't come along very often. I'd always felt bad about the ways things were between him and his wife. He and I were both very sexual people and had needs. I gave in, finally.

Those three days passed slower than any three days I can ever remember. I ran around my apartment like a madwoman cleaning and getting ready. The morning of I got up early, used all my special body scrubs, and shaved my pussy in great anticipation. The hours dragged by that day. My body just tingled in anticipation.

It seems one minute I was at work, the next I was hopping around in the street because my feet were freezing and he was having trouble finding my apartment. He finally got out of his car and I led him up to my apartment. We made small talk, I introduced him to my cats. I then gave him a tour. I showed him the kitchen, bathroom, roommate's room, and then my room.

He immediately came in and shut the door. He continued to talk and I just figured he was getting comfortable. He asked me if I was nervous. I laughed, told him that I wasn't. He said good, turned out the lights, and began to kiss me. His kisses were so hot and passionate. I ran my hands around his big, strong arms and onto the back of his head. His kisses moved down to my neck. He seemed to know all my hot spots.

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