The Aquarium

by Velvet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ever wonder what happens behind those one way mirrors? *smile*

I have had this idea for some time. A naughty delicious secret plan that I have been waiting patiently to put into motion, today everything has finally come together for me to do it. I gleefully hold this knowledge close inside me as we went about our morning routine. And now I am just outside your place of work, a nervous flutter causing me to stop for a moment and take a deep breath, trying to relax. This is nearly impossible though and I force my legs to walk the final few steps, checking my watch for the hundredth time to be exactly to the minute agreed upon, pushing the door open I quickly step inside, sweeping the office for any sign that my plans were not carried out.

Yes! I am so pleased you are not in sight, this is bodes well for the success of the rest of my plan. A small giggle escapes my lips, I clamp down on any more escaping and stride across the room to the door I know you are behind. One quick glance at my watch and my nervous hand is turning the doorknob slowly trying to minimize the sounds it may make in opening. At last I am inside, pressed against the door my eyes adjusting to the dimmed lights. You have your back to me looking at some papers and totally unaware of my presence, but the other person in the room notices, smiles happily acknowledging my success. I mouth a silent thank you; he has been my co- conspirator in this little escapade and is chuckling as he slips from behind the table and out the door leaving you to my tender mercies.

Stealthily I cross the room and stand just behind you, admiring the set of your shoulders, the way your pant's fit your cute butt. I never have liked this modern style of sloppy dressing and you thankfully stick to a more conservative manner of dress and right now all I can think of is what I am going to do to this perfectly groomed man of mine.

I shiver with desire, my nipples push against their covering and I am totally aware of how hot and moist I am now.

Mmmmm I want you so badly...

Standing close now to your silent figure I reach my hand out and slowly run my index finger down the center of your back. You swing round startled at such an intimate touch. Your face instantly relaxes into a puzzled smile, very happy to see me but not sure why I am here. As normally a phone call takes care of anything we want to communicate during your workday. You reach out to me for a hug and I step back just out of arms reach and shake my head no. Now you are more than curious I can tell you are a bit concerned so I smile and give you a teasing look while I turn to look out of the large window in the wall across from us. The people are working, they can't see us but we can view them through this one-way mirror... I can see the conversations going on, papers being shuffled, phone calls answered, only in here is it silent but for our breathing.

Your eyes have followed mine, but now are back watching me with an awareness that something is happening... I stand in front of you and reach for the top button of my knee length coat I slowly unbutton the top two buttons. That opens it enough for my skin to start showing. I reach to my upswept hair and take the pins holding it up and let my dark waist length hair fall down around me. Again I unbutton a bit more... you can see the swell of my breasts and you realize that I haven't anything on under this coat. I love the look of instant shock and desire that sweeps across your face. I throw my head back and take a few more buttons loose... You stand there nervously not sure what I am planning now. I can see your eyes scanning out in the main office to make sure none are coming this way. You don't know that I have arranged that no one will actually come in for a bit. Your friends are guarding the door from any rude intrusions.

I want you to sweat this out a bit before I tell you though.

You step closer and I step back. You understand now to wait...

I can tell you are feeling edgy and impatient until my coat is open and you are viewing my naked body underneath. Your breath catches as I cup my breasts and gently tease my nipples, then with my ass against the table I lean back and slide my hands down my ribs just skimming along to rest on my hips in invitation for you to come to me and this is all you require for in one long stride you are pressed against me taking my lips hostage while you hands explore my nakedness.

Finally you whisper in my ear " Oh you are so naughty today" and I laugh and tell you "This is nothing... Just wait and see what I have planned" and with that I slip my hands down the front of your pants to rub the very obvious bulge, beginning to unzip them.

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