The Picnic

by Velvet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, Oral Sex, Food, .

Desc: Sex Story: I promise you will never look at strawberries the same way again!

Happily preparing our picnic basket today I jump and laugh as you come up behind me and softly pat my bottom, nuzzling in my upswept hair just behind my ear. Ohhhhh you give me instant shivers, your fingers slide around my waist and I hear your low laugh as you feel my body shudder against yours, you know just exactly what you do to me when teasing me so. I lean back against you and wiggle mischievously, lightly slapping at your sneaky fingers reaching for the slices of cold roast beef I am wrapping to next be placed in the basket.

" Where are we going today love?" You kiss my shoulder and start examining the buttons on my blouse and I wiggle away from you, putting the counter between us while laughing " We will get nowhere today if you start doing that!"... Your pouting with a sad puppy dog expression, which makes me giggle and come around flinging my arms about your neck and kissing you repeatedly.

Between each kiss asking you again

"Where are we going today?"

You respond by wrapping your arms around me, squeezing me close telling me that I will have to be patient for it is a surprise. Now it is my turn for a little lower lip pout that you kiss softly reaching behind me for the basket inspect the contents. 'Darling you forgot the wine"

Patting your bottom this time while walking past to open the refrigerator pulling the cheese selection I had already prepared, tossing over my shoulder. "I didn't forget, that is your job sweet man o mine, so you better get to cracking for I am just about done here."

I hear a muttered " Slave Driver " as you disappear into the basement for a bit, smiling I finish rinsing and drying some fragrantly ripe strawberries tucking them in one side and leaving the basket open till you get back with the final item needed.

Walking thru to the bedroom I slip on my sandals check that I hadn't spilled anything on my summer shorts and blouse. Brushing out my hair and clasping back, apply a bit of lipstick and am ready to go. Heading back to the kitchen I hear you answer the phone, closing the basket up with your selection of wine now nestled inside I wait till you are finished before indicating that all is ready and you take my hand and the basket in the other and we walk out to the truck happily discussing the dinner plans we have later in the week with friends.

Your hands linger on my waist as you open and then help me into the cab. Leaning over you kiss me as you set the basket at my feet, we soon are on our way. I sit close to you, and sigh happily while soft music we both enjoy plays and you whisk us out into traffic and off to the surprise destination you have planned. Your hand when it is not busy with steering lays on my thigh and mine on yours softly resting as we like to do.

I am curious and look around trying to figure out just where we are going but you have me stumped till finally we pull onto a little driveway suddenly I realize that we are on a the back area of your favorite golf course and I am really puzzled just what we are doing here for you have none of your gear.

You just smile and look mysterious... we pull up to a small parking area. " Here's where the ride stops and we have to walk dear" and so picnic basket in your one hand, I slip my hand in your other and we walk across the green expanse towards a small copse of trees in the distance. The light breeze carries sounds of some players making their way across the green; we ignore them lost in the afternoon and our time together.

Reaching the trees finally you pull me into them and we have to walk thru and around the limbs and foliage. After a while we step out of the dense forest and I draw a startled breath of pleasure at a perfect grassy circle here in the center, softly mounded greenery all around, sunlight streaming thru the leaves in golden fingers of light here and there. You watch my face and smile broadly for you know that you have found a treasure, a perfect secret world all our own in the midst of the mundane. And I have fallen in love with it.

Quickly we spread the blanket out and as our appetite is well enhanced by our wait for lunch and the walk to get here. I lay out plates and silverware while you work on the wine, you taste and determine that will do pouring us each a glass, I place a selection of crusty French rolls, hard and soft cheeses, tender roast beef sliced paper thin, a crock of your favorite horseradish and my mustard along with sliced garden veggies marinated in a light vinaigrette. Stuffing a roll with meat and cheese a slather of our favorite condiment and we sit contentedly munching our food side by side here on the blanket under the soft filtering light of the summer day. No sounds reach us here, we are in a faraway magical kingdom all our own.

I sigh happily sip my wine and reach for the bowl of strawberries. I notice your watching me eat." Darling come here" smiling I pat my lap you lay your head down nestling against my thighs, you turn your mouth and softly kiss the exposed flesh below my shorts and I squirm and you grin for you know how sensitive I am there. Softly my fingers caress your head, your cheek and running my finger softly across those lips of yours that I adore, you catch my fingers in a quick hand and kiss each of my fingertips lightly...

Turning my palm to your mouth nibble in the center causing me to once again shiver deeply. Your hand comes up to caress my cheek now and we smile into each other eyes seeing deep inside that need that consumes us so... our physical need for each other that brings such complete passion and joy into our lives. Dragging my eyes from yours for a moment I reach for the bowl of strawberries and dangle a plump fruit over your lips and you bite into it... And I take my bite sharing this way... slow and sensuous feeling our desire growing with each slow bite. For we knew what was to come but we didn't need to hurry for we were lost here together in this intimate silence of constrained passion.

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