Carmie, My Chinese Lover.


Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Oriental Female, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I marry my girlfriend's sister to bring her to the US.

My now-wife Clarice and I met at a Chinese/American party. I asked for her number which she willing gave to me. Several dates later we spent a lovely evening at a drive in movie. I had already seen the film but actually had little interest in it. It took little time before we were hugging, kissing and I had placed my hands under her bra and was feeling here breasts.

36c's, I now know, but then they just felt delicious in my hands. To make a long story short, we began to live together six months later and after seven years of living together we married and are still happily together. But, this story isn't about us as you will see.

Shortly after Clarice and I began living together she asked me if I would help bring her sister to the US. Her sister is Carmen, or Carmie as everyone calls her. Carmie was a 18 year old girl who was living with her family in Hong Kong.

From Carmies photographs I saw that she was absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Claries dream was to bring Carmie to the US. Economic opportunity in the Hong Kong was and still is limited. The average monthly salary there is about three hundred dollars. Once Carmie was in the US she could get a good job and help her family by sending money to them.

A few hours spent at the Immigration and Naturalization Service {INS} provided me with enough information to know that the only way Carmie could come here was if we acquired a fiancée visa for her and she became engaged to a US citizen. Clarie had asked me if I would help and I couldn't say no.

At the INS I met a couple who told me how to bring Carmie here. We needed history with one-another. First, there had to be a number letters between us which were to begin as letters between pen pals and eventually were to become love letters. Those were easy to write and over the next five months I must have written her thirty letters and she responded in kind...

Next, in order to bring her here I actually had to go to Hong Kong, meet her, take photos of me with her and her family(as proof that she and I had spent time together) and then apply to the INS for the 'fiancée visa'.

With that visa she could come to the US. However, we had to marry within 90 days or she would have to return to Manila. After the marriage she could apply for a green card which is essentially a work permit.

After a year we would have to submit to an interview at the INS where they would determine whether we were really living together. If so, she could apply for permanent residency and some reasonable time later we could divorce and she could continue to stay in the US.

Kaki's other sister suggested that we spend the week that I was to be there at a resort where we could take photos of us together riding horseback, swimming, fishing, etc. all to make things look more believable to the INS. Arrangements were made and I flew to Manila where I was met by about fifteen family members, including, of course Carmie.

I was absolutely overwhelmed by how beautiful she was, and still is. She had lovely doe shaped eyes, a gorgeous nose, voluptuous full lips, black hair which was tied in a pony tail and which reached to the curve of her back just above her rear.

Her legs were shapely and her behind was pear shaped and perfectly suitable to her 5 1'' body. He olive skin showed not a mark. Her breasts, perhaps a 34 B stuck straight out without a hint of sag to them. I noticed that she did not appear to be wearing a bra under her T shirt.

Her family was very polite and seemed happy to meet me. We all went back to her parents house for refreshments and photos and at four that afternoon we were driven to a bus station for the three hour bus ride to the Palama resort, several hours drive from Manila.

We arrived at about seven in the evening and were given adjoining rooms in a two room cabin. I was dead tired from the fourteen hour plane trip and the afternoon party at her parents house and I told Carmie I had to get some sleep since I was totally exhausted.

After a light snack in the resorts dining room we shook hands and I bid her good night. She went to her room, I lay on the bed in my room and the next thing I knew, it was nine the next morning. When I woke up I looked in on Carmie but she was not in her room.

I opened the door to the outside and saw that Carmie was sitting in front of the cabin in a lawn chair drinking her morning coffee. She had on a modest one piece bathing suit and in the morning sun looked exquisite. The sun made her black hair shine as if it had been dyed with coal dust.

We walked to the dining room where we had a wonderful breakfast and after finishing we walked to pool where we lay down on adjoining plastic lawn chairs. We began to get to know each other and by lunch time we were fast friends. She had many questions about life in the US and I had equally as many about life in Hong Kong.

After lunch, I was ready to go back to the pool area but Carmie told me that the sun would be much too hot and that it would be best to go back to our rooms for a siesta and go to the pool after four in the afternoon when the sun would not be so hot on us.

She went to her room and I went to mine. I showered, put on my robe, lay on my bed I began to doze off when I sensed a presence. I opened my eyes and saw Carmie sitting at the end of my queen sized bed. She was dressed in a loose pajama top and mini-short pajama bottoms.

The fabric of the pajamas was thin and I could almost see her naked body through them. She was gorgeous. I asked her why she wasn't already asleep and she told me that she had stumbled on the way to take her shower and twisted a leg muscle.

I asked her if I could massage her leg to loosen her up and she said that would be fine. I had her lay down on the bed on her tummy with her feet facing me and her head facing the footboard of the bed. I grabbed the bottle of suntan lotion, spread it on my hands, and began to rub her left leg.

Her leg was smooth without a hint of razor stubble on it. Apparently she did not have to shave her legs. I started with her feet and toes and then began with the muscles of her lower leg. She was purring like a kitty cat and I continued massaging her leg eventually raising of her shorty pajamas so that I could massage her upper thigh.

My hands slipped under her thigh then back to her calf, then to the front of her leg, up and down alternatively using, long strokes and short strokes, stopping only to add more suntan lotion to my hands to make them slip over her smooth warm skin. Carmie was moaning with pleasure as I worked on her body.

After spending at least a half hour on her left leg I began to repeat the process on her right leg. I was inspired; time stood still for me as I rubbed, kneaded and massaged her. I could see her pussy through the loose legs of her pajamas that, as I suspected, she was naked under the thin top and bottom of the pajamas.

Her pussy had a great mass of thick black hair on her mons above the lips of her pussy but she had almost no hair on the lips themselves. Her pubic hair stopped growing abruptly on either side of her mons and I saw that she could easily wear a bikini without having to have a bikini wax or to trim her pubic hair.

I wondered whether she shaved her pussy lips but saw that the hair growth was natural and she had not shaved them. I also had a clear view into her pussy which had large, wide open blood engorged lips. Her inner lips and the tissue surrounding them were bright magenta red, and her clitoral hood had retracted exposing her clitoris. It was unusually large, perhaps the thickness of a pencil and appeared to be a half inch long.

After nearly an hour I asked her to turn over onto her back. I then began to work solely on her calves and the front of her legs. I had her raise her right leg, bring it forward toward her body and place her right foot flat on the bed so that I could more easily knead her right calf and thigh. It was then that I noticed for the first time that there was a wet spot on her pajamas between her legs.

Well, decision time. This beautiful girl, my girlfriends 18 year old sister was certainly turned on and I had to decide whether to go further or merely give her the rest of the massage and send her back to her room. "Weak you are," I said to myself and away I went with more rubbing.

This time I ran my hands up the legs of her pajamas and began to massage her along inner thighs and along the sides of her pubic hair but not putting my fingers into her pubic hair. I sort of allowed the sides of my hands to just touch the edges of her hairs... I then began to slowly rub my hands along her flat muscular belly, but decided to save her pussy for later.

Sometime late I said, "Carmie, I would like to you to turn around so that I can work on your upper body. Is that ok with you?" She did not answer but she rolled over and turned her body so that she was now lying on her back with her feet still at the foot of the bed.

I was sitting on the bed, my back leaning against the headboard and my legs on either side of Carmies body. I asked her if it was OK to begin working on her arms and chest. She nodded and I began to massage her again. My cock had become hard the moment I began to massage her and was leaking pre-cum as if it were a fountain. But back to the story.

I began by putting lotion on my hands and rubbing the back of her neck. I wanted to work on her shoulders but her pajamas were buttoned all the way to the top button. If I was going to continue to work on her I would have to unbutton her pajama top and that is exactly what I did. I brought the two flaps of her pajama top to her sides which exposed her breasts to me.

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