SLFS Revealed!

by bbobb

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Desc: Sex Story: Bbobb had been teasing Kasey the whole season with a game called SLFS. Kasey didn't know what SLFS was, but she was about to find out.

I've been teasing Kasey all college football season about a game I had planned. I told her that it was called SLFS (pronounced slifs) and each letter stood for a verb and it would be based on the scoring of the local college football team. She had been wondering about it and every now and then would ask me what it means. I always put her off after giving her the clue about all of the words being verbs.

For a bunch of different reasons, we hadn't been able to find a time to play SLFS until Sunday evening. The local team had scored some points the day before, the kids were asleep, both of us were in town, neither of us had work that needed to be done, and we were both awake and interested in playing. Plus I had gotten a couple of martinis into Kasey so she was feeling little to no inhibitions. :-)

Well, enough with the build up - here's what SLFS stands for: Spanking Licking Fucking Sucking. For each score by the home team there would be one round of SLFS, with the number of spanks determined by the score, i.e. 7 spanks for a touchdown and extra point, 8 for td with 2 point conversion, 6 for td without pat, 3 for a field goal, and 2 for a safety. At the last minute I also realized that we could add another twist by using a different implement each round. The addition of a blindfold and having Kasey guess what it was after the first two strokes added even more fun. Particularly when I decided to take away one swat if she got it right and add on three if she got it wrong. A little incentive never hurts.

She got undressed and into position. Then I applied a blindfold to discourage any cheating. I wanted to start out easy so I went into the toy chest and got out the riding crop. Well, to start out easy and I also thought there was a pretty good chance she would mistake it for the dogging bat that we had just used for the first time the night before. I gave her a couple of fairly easy swats with the crop and then asked her to guess.

She fell for it. She guessed dogging bat. The first score in the game was a touchdown, so with her missed guess and the two she already had; she had eight more coming with the riding crop. I stepped up the intensity a little and spread them around to make sure that she was well warmed up for the rest of the implements.

After the eight with the crop, I had her roll over onto her back and got down to some Licking. Knowing that we had a while to go and being a little bit mean, just as she seemed to be really getting into it, I stood up and moved on to the Fucking. All this time she was still blindfolded and again just as she seemed to be really getting into it, I moved on to the next activity.

Kasey can be a bit of a klutz at times and I wasn't looking for any injuries so I had her take off the blindfold in order to get down on her knees next to the bed for the Sucking. Wanting to practice my dom role some I made sure to put both hands on her head and help guide her motion. I also added some motion of my own and it was feeling pretty good.

But we had more scores to get to and more implements to guess. So I had her get back into position and didn't bother with the blindfold, figuring that her head was down so she couldn't see what I was using and I could certainly trust her not to cheat.

I went back to the toy chest and rattled around in there for a bit to avoid giving any aural clues to what was coming next and quietly pulled out The King. The King is a ruler paddle that I made a while back and recently got around to putting the finish on. It's a very deep orange color with a very bold, rich grain.

So I gave her a couple moderate swats with The King and asked her to guess. Being a smarty pants and a watcher of Jeopardy!, Kasey tried to give as broad an answer as she could. "A paddle," she said. I was feeling generous so I didn't take her to task for a vague answer and gave her the chance to tell me which one - we currently have three to choose from. She responded correctly with the ruler paddle, so she only had four more coming for the touchdown.

I proceeded to deliver the four swats. I went fairly slowly and stepped up the force with each one. She started squirming a bit and after the last one she actually broke position and clamped her legs together. I of course gave her a couple more swats to draw her attention to her error and then informed her of one of the rules of SLFS: If you break position during the Spanking portion, you lose the Licking portion for that score.

There was really no reason for her to change position, now that her legs were properly spread again, so with her still bent over the bed we moved directly on to the Fucking portion. I really enjoy fucking her in that position after she's been spanked because I can give her bottom cheeks a good kneading while I'm stroking. She can squirm in the most delightful ways when I grab her pink cheeks while sliding in and out of her. It seemed a little early in the game to let her come, there were several more scores left, so again as she really seemed to be enjoying herself, I pulled out and sent her down to her knees for the next Sucking.

I wrapped my fingers in her hair and guided her motions while thrusting in a little deeper this time. It was definitely feeling rather good and if the moans are any indication, she seemed to be enjoying the experience as well. The visuals were great as well. Looking down and seeing my penis sliding in and out of her mouth is an incredibly arousing sight.

But, there was more SLFS to get to so I pulled out and had her assume position on the bed again. A little more rummaging to disguise the sounds of the real choice and I approached her with the leather slapper. I figured this was an easy one and after two swats she did guess correctly. Again, she only had four more swats to go in this round of Spanking.

She was well warmed up and was squirming quite a bit. I know how much she likes the slapper, so I gave her some pretty good solid swats with it. Not the hardest possible, but definitely enough force that she was feeling it. You'd think she would have learned her lesson last time, but again she broke position. I rather enjoy licking her, but if she doesn't want it, I can move directly on to the Fucking.

Once more some spirited fucking with her bent over the bed, accompanied by some strong squeezing of her behind. I know I was enjoying SLFS at this point and she certainly appeared to be as well. I was tempted to just say the heck with the rest of the scores and just enjoy what we were doing, but I decided to let things build a little more. We moved on to another Sucking and again it was first rate. I was thrusting in a little deeper each round and it was really feeling phenomenal at this point, but there were more implements calling out to be used.

Back into position on the bed for Kasey and back to the toy chest for me. This next score was just a field goal so something fairly easy seemed in order. I went with the purple leather flogger and gave her what I assumed would be the only two strokes she'd get with it. She'd have to guess this one right I figured and with reducing the number by one, there'd be nothing left of the field goal.

Then she did something that I never expected her to do. She CHEATED! She turned around and looked at the implement before guessing what it was. I was so shocked it took me a little while before delivering several hard additional blows with the flogger to give me time to think of what an appropriate punishment would be. Then it came to me - a butt plug.

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