Camping Buddy's First Time

by Writestuff

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, True Story, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: True Sex Story: A curious married man has his first man to man sex with his best friend.

It was one of those crystal clear late Spring nights that was a camper's dream. My buddy Kris and I had put the kids down for the night about an hour ago and surprisingly enough they had drifted off to sleep in the big 8 man tent. His 11 year old son on one side of the tent and my 8 year old on the other. I guess a day of fun in the sun, fishing, swimming and running around the camp ground had taken its toll.

Kris and I sat around the campfire solving the world's political problems as the moonless sky overhead filled with stars. I took advantage of a pause in the conversation to tell Kris I was gonna take a walk and stretch my legs. I invited him to join me. We walked through the wooded trails quietly enjoying the night. Just two guys, good friends, both of us in our early 40's taking a late night stroll on clear well maintained trails. We both prided ourselves on the fact that we exercised regularly to stay fit and had bodies that men 10 years our junior would envy. Sometimes it was difficult for me to be around my very straight friend. I had always found him so attractive, and I am sure there were times when I looked a little longer and harder at him than a regular friend should have. Still, being married, I guess he never questioned it. Until now. We came to a clearing that had a lone picnic table and sat down and looked up at the myriad stars.

Kris broke the silence. His voice was serious with just an edge of nervousness to it.

"David, I'm going to ask you a question, and I hope you know you can be completely honest with me and I won't freak out, but I just want to know something."

"Ok Buddy, shoot, what's on your mind?

"Do you go both ways?"

I was tempted to respond with a smart ass comment, but could tell this was not easy for him to ask. I knew exactly what he meant. So I replied simply, directly and honestly.

"I have, but its been a while. You?"

"I never have, but... well sometimes I think about it. I think about what it would be like. And really... well, with you?

I turned to face him. Although there was no moon, I could stil make out his face, and saw what looked like a hint of fear there. The cat was now out of the bag, and there was no putting it back. One of my best friends, a man I truly cared about and loved like a brother, a man I thought was so handsome, had just told me he sometimes wonders what it would be like to to have sex with me. Not only that, but that he had never been with any man before. I knew where this would lead, but didn't want to rush in. I sensed his fear and hesitation and calmly reminded myself that while I had become comfortable with my own dual sexuality in my early twenties, this was all new to him and probably somewhat confusing.

"I'm flattered." I replied. "Flattered that you trust me enough to tell me this, and flattered that you would want to be with me."

"I had to tell you man. I kind of sensed that you might be,... well you know... interested, but I wasn't sure. You don't give a good clear signal either way."

"Well, being married and all man, I can't just very well go around advertising something like that."

"I know, I was just curious about it." His eyes were locked on mine, waiting for me to say or do something.

So here we were, two buddies, and the ball clearly in my court. I stood up and moved around the table toward him closing the distance between us to mere inches. He sat on the edge of the picnic table facing me, his legs slightly parted. I moved in between his knees, standing there staring down at his handsome face.

"And you've really never been with a guy? Never?"

"No, never."

I reached out to his t-shirt covered chest.

"Never had a guy touch you like this?" I asked as my fingers found and caressed his hardening nipples through the thin cotton fabric.

He swallowed hard and let out a breathy moan, "No."

"Or this?" I said teasing him now as I caressed lower across his flat stomach and reached up with my other hand to pull him closer grasping his other nipple firmly between my fingers.

"Ohhhh, uhhhnnnn, no, never..."

I let my hand go lower and cupped his balls brushing across his hard cock that tented out his shorts.

"Or like this?"

"Oh God, oh David..." he laid his head against my shoulder as I massaged his aching cock and balls, causing him to moan.

I tilted his head upward and said "How bout like this?"

Without waiting for his answer I pressed my lips to his and he stood to meet me, willingly kissed me back. His kisses were hot and hungry. Each one a desperate passionate attempt to fill a long awaited need and desire. Our tongues caressed each other as he ground his crotch into my hand. His arms locked around me, holding me tight as if he was afraid to let go.

Under a perfect starry night, I led him to the place he had only fantasized about. Later he would confess the many times he lay on his bed pulling his hard cock in a frenzy as he imagined my lips on his and my body pressed against him. And now, it was happening and he was lost in a sea of insane lust.

As we stood there kissing, I unsnapped his shorts and lowered them, freeing his hard cock. I know the size queens want to hear how it was a huge tower of steel hard hard fuck meat, 12 inches long and 6 inches around. But the truth is that he was quite normal in size and perfectly formed. I am sure it was just under six inches long, and my thumb and forefinger easily circled his normal girth. He was as hard as any man I had ever been with, and leaking slick fluid like a faucet that had been left to drip. It may not have been the mammoth proportions that porn stories are so fond of describing, but it was none the less male perfection, and it was hard and eager to be satisfied. My own cock strained in the swim trunks I still wore from the after dinner swim. And while still not a giant, I sport an honest 8 incher of some sizeable girth.

I guided his hand from my shoulder down to my own aching cock and he moaned louder into my kissing mouth as he felt what I had for him. He quickly lifted his hand only to push it inside my shorts and grab the raw flesh. His fingers smeared my seminal fluids across my cock and I moaned at the pleasure he gave me.

He broke from my embrace and lowered my swim trunks. He stood eyeing my cock as he stroked it. I knew what he wanted to do and I urged him on.

"It's ok buddy, go ahead..."

"David, Oh man David, I want to... but, are you sure its safe?"

That's my buddy, always the practical one, even when he is about to suck his first dick.

"Yes, It's safe. And besides, I haven't really done anything with another guy in quite a while. Still, I get tested every 6 months just to be sure. I guess since I haven't done anything in almost two years, and my last test two months ago came back clean, I can breath easy. And so can you."

I watched as he dropped to his knees in front of me. He stroked my cock, holding it firmly as he gazed at it. I wanted to grab his head and plow deep into his throat. I was so horny and knowing I was his first had me extra charged. But I let him take it at his own pace. Slowly he brought his lips to my shaft and let his tongue caress the length of me. I saw his cock bobbing between his legs and wanted to take him in a hot 69, but at the same time wanted him to have me on his terms for at least a few more moments.

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