Ruth's Secret Story

by dawn1958

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Heterosexual, True Story, First, Oral Sex, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ruth goes to college and meets an older teacher who has gothic, Greek looks and a body to match. Ronny is the boy's soccer coach and travels with the boy's and girl's teams when the teams play away games. Ruth plays on the girl's team and with the help of her friend Jane, she decides to go for it. Ruth is a young woman who is anxious to experience life to the fullest and see what sex and love has to offer.

I wrote this for Ruth and I truly hope she likes her words put into story form. Readers can send their comments and suggestions to for writing the story. They can also contact Ruth directly at her email address, which is and I am sure she would be happy to hear from you.

I am a current posting author by the name of dawn1958 and I enjoyed writing this story for Ruth. She gave me the most intimate details and I have tried to put them into words a reader will appreciate. Hopefully the story is pleasing for Ruth and readers alike.

My name is Ruth and I am 18 going on 30. I have just finished two years of college where I was quite popular with my fellow students both, boys and girls. But I have never had a steady boyfriend although I have had many fancies like most girls and tend to keep them to myself. Sometimes I can work up enough courage to confide in my best friend, Jane, but she is much more outgoing than I could ever imagine being.

I have experimented sexually and didn't see anything wrong with shagging a boy if I found him attractive and desirable. The one thing that I guard against is becoming a young, man's slave so I hesitate to be too adventurous. I have also slept with my best friend Jane on many occasions over the years. We have been friends since we were 9 or 10 and gone to school together while developing a special friendship.

At nine, we became friends and have been inseparable ever since. We had sleepovers and things between us started with touching and experimenting with each other's undeveloped, scrawny bodies. The feeling and touching was considered harmless and we were both at ease with each other. At 11, Jane licked me between the legs and I felt, funny feelings go through my body that I had never experienced. She encouraged me to do it to her and she confirmed it did the same thing to her. We decided that although they were funny feelings, that indeed they were not really funny but extremely gratifying.

We spent every opportunity between each other's legs after that and it was most likely due to the fact we had not developed boobs by age 11. But we did inspect each other on a daily basis and it wasn't long before Jane grew sparse pubic hair. Well you would have thought she had won the cup and would always tease me for not having any of the velvety bushes. Oh yeah, after that, she was the queen of the house and I was her devoted subject, so to speak. That could be one reason that I am not very out going and tend to let people do things to me sort of against my will.

We are both comfortable with what we do with each other and don't consider ourselves as lesbians. Maybe we are and maybe we aren't, but mutually we love being close to each other at times. I guess we use sex to relieve the everyday tensions that builds up in a person and I find holding someone dear is the most relaxing thing in the world.

Since I am on a guilt trip, I will confess about relationships with one of Jane's girlfriend's. Her name is Liz and she has joined us on a few occasions. She is an absolute bombshell and totally what one would classify a bona fide lesbian and doesn't care if the world knows. Liz has shown me things about a woman's body that I didn't know existed. Although it makes me uncomfortable when she comes on to me, I don't resist her advances. She seems to easily find a way into my knickers even when I am not horny.

But that takes me away from what I really wanted to write about, so best I get back on topic. It reminds me of what Jane keeps saying to me, "Ruth, we are naming you 'Run on Ruth' from now on. You just can't stop talking and I do believe it's because you are afraid." Maybe she is right; I am afraid to let others control my life or get too close to me so I keep talking.

Maybe I should explain a little about what Ruth looks like. I am 5"5" and weigh all of 110 pounds, which means I have quite an attractive body. Boys seem to like my slim features and they do hit on me. I have a long, slim face with sharp, defined features and I do look a lot older than 18. That is nice in some ways but can be a curse at times. My back is fairly broad and my shoulders look almost like a boy's as they are nicely rounded and high.

My boobs are a firm 36C and the nipples are sort of upturned, which makes them quite pronounced on my chest. The nips are a dark, pinkish color almost like cherries sitting on the end and my tits hardly jiggle when I walk or jog. I do love the way my buds get extremely hard when I get aroused or when they hit cold air, and they do get reasonably large in size. That can be a problem for a young athlete but I do try to wear thick padded, sports bras when I exercise.

I have a 24" waist and a nice flat tummy the result of much squash and football. My hair is shoulder length, which is naturally light brown, but I have tinted, blonde strands. My eyes are a smoldering green so Jane likes to call them but I really don't feel they are that way. She says they radiate sex and make her feel I am nothing but a slut for which I feel like slapping the cow. I really don't mean that but use that kind of term a lot with my friends so it doesn't mean I don't like her.

Probably my best features are my legs, which are long and slim but have extremely well defined calves and thighs. Most people find them attractive and I get many lovely comments about my nicely shaped legs from guys and even some girls.

Like I explained, I am heavily involved in sports and my body has excellent muscle tone to give me a very athletic appearance. Squash is really my passion and I play it almost every day to stay in shape. Being an individual sport, I relish the opportunity to squash (my rare puny quote) an opponent and I do have a very intense fire to win. Again to get off topic, I have another story sprouting regarding squash experiences, but that can wait.

I do enjoy football and like how it keeps you running around the pitch. Another thing I love is running. I try to run everyday and as long as I don't have any injuries, I will do 6 or 7 miles at a time. While some people find jogging all by themselves boring, I cherish the quiet loneliness. It gives me time to fantasize and wonder what is happening in my life. I am sure these dreamlike moments keep me sane and allow me to function in the everyday world.

The reason for my story is that I have had the hots for a part-time boy's Physical Ed teacher named Ronny. I have fancied him for my two years at college and dream about being with him all the time. He is very popular with all the boy students and coaches the boy's football team. Ronny is a super guy who never has a bad word to say about anybody and always sees the best in everybody.

He is a lot older than me but he looks like a very fit 30 year old. Jane was the one to find out that he was really 50 and married to a woman 20 years young than he was. That part didn't bother me and I found it only increased my attraction for the man. His ancestry is Greek and he has the classical Latin looks, which I find most appealing. He has loads of dark, curly brown hair with a hint of gray at the temples. Probably his most attractive feature is his sexy, smoky eyes that melt my insides every time he looks at me.

Ronny is 5'9" and 11 stone, and being an athletic director, he is very fit. I truly love his muscular, rugged look and will admit that sometimes I get extremely wet just dreaming of his lean, muscular body. This is odd for me as I really don't admire too many people but am finding out that I am more attracted to older men. They seem to have far more charisma than young men and have grown out of the typical, youthful exuberance where they look at every woman as a notch on their belt. Ronny wasn't like the teenage boys, and he treated a girl with respect and dignity.

Not long after meeting Ronny and falling deeply for the man, I started masturbating. Not that I didn't do it before meeting him, I just began doing it on a regular basis. It made me feel perverted and dirty but I grew to accept the sessions as a wonderful way to relieve pent up tensions. And Jane kept reassuring me that it was only natural for girls to do it, and in fact, so did all boys.

Maybe I should explain more about my anatomy. When I get thoroughly aroused, my pussy swells and my lips open up like a budding flower. This, of course, exposes my most sensitive thingie, that girls can't stop thinking about, and I have great difficulty walking. My knickers will slide inside my openness and it gives me the most uncomfortable feeling. Not that I am complaining about this occurrence because I'm not. It is just that whenever I move a muscle after that point, it's as if someone is touching me down there.

Well, I should get on with my story. Not long after joining the girl's football team, I became infatuated with Ronny. He was the coach who traveled with our teams on football tours and was required to chaperone both boy's and girl's teams. Although he was the boy's coach, he was the first aider for both teams as well as the sports therapist so he was kept busy before and after all games and training sessions.

These trips consisted of four days and three nights on the road and it garnered me the perfect opportunity to get to know Ronny better. After the first or second trip, I think I fell in love with him, if not love, then I was drawn by his powerful, male magnetism.

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