Girlfriends and Lovers

by Kitty Holly

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Desc: True Sex Story: Life always has little surprises waiting - and big ones too! Like the night when two lifelong girlfriends suddenly take an unexpected step into new territory together...

The first time I made love to another girl was something really lovely that took place quite naturally, without any intention or premeditation on either part.

The "other girl" just happened to be my very best friend, Sarah, and although we'd known each other for years and had always been very close friends, neither of us had ever done, or for that matter, even thought about doing anything like it before. It "just happened" one night when we were both about twenty-two and it ended up being something which I think really deepened our friendship and our understanding of each other, taking us both to a level of even greater closeness than either of us would have ever imagined to be possible. What's more, it didn't in any way make either of us stop lusting after guys like we always had done — in fact I believe it helped give us both a far better understanding of ourselves and our emotions, along with the whole question of appreciating sex and sexuality in general. Here's how it all came about.

One Saturday evening we were both getting ready to go to a party at another friend's house, and since this was one of those times when neither of us was actually going out with any guy in particular, we made a pact to just go out and party together and forget about looking for a guy to pull!

We were in Sarah's room at her family's home, and I was stopping over for the weekend. Her parents and brother had already gone out somewhere, and we were just starting to think about getting ready to go out for the evening ourselves. We'd both already showered and fixed our hair earlier, and we were just sat there, relaxing and slobbing about, debating what we were going to wear and not wear, wondering who we were going to see and who we hoped we wouldn't see at the party, just the usual girl talk. Needless to say we'd somehow got around to talking about some of the guys we'd each been with at various times, just comparing notes as girls do - and I must admit, I was aware I was starting to feel a little bit horny just thinking and talking about some of the past experiences we'd been reminding each other about!

I remember half-joking to Sarah, "If we keep talking like this I'm going to be feeling so horny that I know I won't be able to keep our pact!"

She quickly replied, "Well, you should do what I do sometimes when it gets me like that. I often have a little play with myself before I go out. That sorts me out, and then I can control myself while I'm out!"

Now although she and I were best friends and had always talked to each other about what we had done with various boyfriends, masturbation was something we had never really discussed before. So I wasn't even sure whether I could actually admit that I did sometimes play with myself too when I was on my own and feeling horny. You know how it is — some private things you just don't feel confident enough about mentioning spontaneously, not even to your best friend!

Sarah caught the surprised look on my face and said, "Oh come on! Don't tell me you've never played with yourself!"

Well, of course, I had to admit that I had - and we both just laughed, and I remember how it gave me a bit of a kick just hearing Sarah say that she sometimes felt the need and did it too, just like me! Well, I thought that was the end of it, as I sat there letting fleeting images pass through my head for a few moments, images of my best friend pleasuring herself. I wondered if she touched herself where I touch myself. Did she also do it in the bath or shower like I did sometimes. Or was it always just when she was snuggled up in bed? I wondered if she came like I came, did she feel like I felt when I came? But my imaginings were suddenly interrupted.

I heard her say, "Look!" and I turned to face where her voice had come from. And there she was with this big, funny grin on her face and - I couldn't believe it - a vibrator in her hand!

I just cracked up and said something like, "God, do you really use one of those!?" (At that stage I had only ever used my fingers, or sometimes a pillow when I was lying on my front in bed.)

"Yes of course," she said, adding "I'll leave the room and you can borrow it if you like!"

Well, I must admit, being the curious person I am, even more intriguing thoughts were now flashing through my head, but I was still a little shocked, mostly about Sarah's unexpected openness, I suppose - openness about something which up till then had been a closed subject.

I blurted out something that sounds pretty stupid now : "But, I don't know how to use it!"

This, of course, cracked her up, and we both just howled with laughter again at the very stupidity of my remark. But then, when we'd both composed ourselves a little, she suddenly looked straight at me and said, "Look, let me show you."

She walked over to where I was sitting and showed me how you turn the end to switch it on and off, and adjust the speed. Again we both laughed.

Then she walked over to her bed and sat on the edge facing me. She pulled the bottom of her t-shirt up onto her tummy and I could see that she had her bikini bottoms on. She calmly put the humming vibrator right up against the material covering her pussy and said, "Just put it right there and before long you'll be in heaven and you won't even think about finding yourself a guy for the rest of the evening!"

She was being very matter of fact about it, and she didn't do any of this in a particularly sexy way - but I now realise that this was the very instant where the idea of the sexiness of another woman's body first turned me on! I remember that it wasn't a particularly overwhelming feeling, but in the back of my mind I just remember how good Sarah suddenly looked — and also how I just felt sort of "funny".

Of course she'd always been stunning to look at, 5'8", great legs, smallish firm-looking breasts and, because she was a trained dancer, lovely sturdy thighs and a simply great arse. Guys had always chased her! But suddenly I was aware that I was now looking at Sarah's body in the same way that guys must look!

Of course, all I could say in response was something else really stupid like, "I can't do that!" But Sarah just went to the dresser, lit a candle, turned the lights off and said, "Relax - I'll show you."

I remember not saying a word, but my heart was suddenly pounding. Sarah took charge and told me to take my jeans off and sit on the edge of the bed next to her. To be honest, I'm not sure how to describe exactly what I was thinking or feeling at this point, but I meekly did what she told me to, and I sat down next to her, instinctively spreading my legs a little. I was a bit apprehensive, of course, but as soon as the vibrator in her hand touched me, I melted, not caring about anything else at that precise moment. Sarah gently teased the inside of each of my bare thighs with the buzzing toy, moving it closer and closer to where my panties hid my ever-moistening slit. With the tip of the vibrator she managed to locate precisely the source of my dampness, momentarily pushing the cotton of my panties slightly into the crevice between my sticky cuntlips. Then she drew it back a little and I felt myself audibly gasp as she gently laid the length of the vibrator-head against the side of my clitty shaft. I remember closing my eyes and lying back across the bed, giving myself over totally to savouring the sensations that Sarah's actions were causing. This movement on my part of course made my mound stick out a little and Sarah now put the vibrator more firmly against it, making my whole pussy hum to the rhythm and gentle throb of the vibrator quivering in her hand!

I remember looking up and seeing her eyes meet mine, neither of us now feeling the need to look away. She asked if I wanted her to leave. It was the moment of reckoning and I quietly said, "No," adding a second later "No, please stay".

It just seemed the most natural thing for any girl to say to her best friend - and I said it so naturally, I'm sure I didn't even think about it. My subconscious mind and woman's sexual instinct just took over I suppose.

That simple "no" released all my apprehension — and looking back, I now realise that my invitation for Sarah to stay must have also released any apprehension that Sarah herself might have been feeling.

Her vibrator felt so, so good and I could sense myself getting more and more moist. She took my hand and guided it to the vibrator, making it clear she wanted me to take over. It all felt so natural and my whole pussy just felt so good.

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