Chuck And Sue: Always Hot And Ready To Fuck

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chuck and Sue are happily married and being husband and wife, besides having two kids, has done nothing to diminish their lusty hunger for sex with each other.

Chuck and Sue had been married for several years, and they were still as hot as firecrackers for each other when it came to their sex life as man and wife. Unlike many couples, both Sue and Chuck were very attractive and they were certainly very attractive to each other. Chuck still found his sexy wife as hot in bed and as sexually desirable as he ever had. He loved to play around with Sue, play with her body, kiss and caress her, and he always loved it when both of them took their sexual playtime to the next level and actually enjoyed having sex together in whatever way they wanted.

Sue and Chuck had been college sweethearts and they'd had two children but neither of them allowed having kids to keep them from their husband-and-wife sexual playtimes that they felt was so much a part of being a married couple. They hadn't ever shared sex with each other until their wedding night but once they'd "tied the knot", they'd seldom missed a day without having sex. They hoped that would continue to many many years to come in their life together.

One evening after both Chuck and Sue had come home from work, they'd enjoyed dinner together and then Sue had washed the dishes and cleaned up while Chuck had watched some of the sports highlights on ESPN. When Sue got everything cleaned up to her satisfaction, she came into the TV room and began to blatantly and very obviously let Chuck know she wanted to play around with him, and that she wanted him to take her to the bedroom and fuck her right then. Chuck was as horny and ready for sex as his gorgeous horny wife was, and he let Sue play around and rub her fine rounded ass on his lap and his growing hardon before he reached up, cupping both her tits through her top and pulled her firmly back onto his lap where he felt her up for awhile before he decided to take her to the bedroom and fuck her beautiful brains out like she wanted him to.

"Mmmmmmmmm, fuck me, Sue, you are so sexy, baby," Chuck said as he pulled Sue down further on his lap and let himself start feeling her up like when they'd been horny teenagers together in their college dating days. "Your tits are so hot, Sue, and you make me want to bury my big horny cock inside your tight pussy so much, honey," Chuck moaned as he felt his hardon growing harder and harder inside his pants.

"Well, sailor, what's keeping you from realizing that little sexual fantasy of fucking me, huh?" Sue asked as she was so horny for Chuck to take her to bed that she could hardly wait. Finally, Chuck got her up from his lap and he picked her up in his arms, carrying her easily down the hallway to their master bedroom nearby. As Chuck carried his sexy beautiful wife to their bed, he felt his cock throbbing hard and horny in his pants. He could hardly wait to spread Sue's hot thighs and mount her as he began fucking her horny pussy.

In the bedroom, Chuck sat Sue on the side of the bed, and he stood there for just a moment, again caressing and playing with his horny wife's tits through the material of her top. Then, Chuck decided to give his hot wife a thrill. He stood back, let her admire the large lump of his erect cock inside the front of his pants, and then he did a little male strip-tease for her, teasing her and taunting her with how big and hard his cock was that she would soon have fucking her. He stripped off his shirt and then his pants, leaving only his rather tight cock-emphasizing briefs on. Then, he stood there groping and caressing the hard lump of his hardon through his pants before he returned to Sue and pulled her top off and then got her pants off, too. Sue had on a very sexy demi-bra underneath her top that cupped and showed off her B/C-cup tits just right. Her panty was a very sexy high cut French bikini panty and Chuck could hardly wait to get her fully naked and start eating her out.

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