Leighanne: Bodacious Babe Wanting A Baby

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Petting, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Tom knocks up the wife of another man when she becomes vulnerable to him and after she'd expressed an overwhelming desire for a baby that her own husband can't give her.

There are all kinds, shapes, and sizes of women, but there's nothing quite as sexy as a rather petite young woman who's got an awesome set of nice large rounded tits crowning her chest. LeighAnne is just such a young woman, and having two babies hasn't done anything to diminish or take away from her overall sexiness and hotness at all. Not one little bit.

LeighAnne is not only sexy; she's also very pretty and very hot in the sack. She's probably only about 5' 3" and her bra size is at least a DD-cup or even larger. But, even on her petite figure her tits look totally hot.

What led to the basis for this story was the fact that LeighAnne wanted a third baby but she knew that her husband would no longer be able to fuck her and knock her up with another child. So, LeighAnne let her "baby hunger" overcome her natural inclinations not to get pregnant again, and since I was a good friend, aware of her baby hunger and more than horny for her, I managed to take advantage of an opportunity and got the chance to sink my horny cock inside LeighAnne's pussy and leave a sexy hot thick load of babymaking cum there. What an experience that was, too.

I'd gone over to help LeighAnne one evening because her husband was in the hospital and things took a natural course of events that I'd never have predicted. Actually, at the time I felt somewhat guilty about allowing this sexy young wife and mother to even get my attention sexually, but now that it's happened, I have no regrets at all. I gave LeighAnne exactly what she wanted and I got more than what I'd been wanting in the bargain. Whether he and LeighAnne were ready for it or not, she's also very knocked up and will be delivering their third baby within a couple of months. I love knowing that this baby is actually mine and that LeighAnne wanted a baby very much and she's expecting just what she'd been wanting and hungering for.

I stood in LeighAnne's kitchen, talking to her and letting her vent some of her concern and worry about her husband and his recent illness. Then, almost without thinking, I opened my arms and offered for LeighAnne to lean her head on my chest and let her cry if she felt the need. What I really hadn't calculated was the response I'd have to feeling LeighAnne's sexy young well-endowed body and her hefty breasts pressing firmly against my chest as she leaned against me. In fact, Leighanne's breasts are so large and full that it was difficult for me to hug her close. I felt my cock rise in total erection to how sexily Leighanne was physically endowed in her chest, and I knew at that moment that events were going to lead us straight into a hot lusty uncontrolled fuck within only moments.

When I felt a very insistent sexual urge to fuck Leighanne take over, I decided to go with the flow of what had resulted here in her own kitchen and see where it would take us. It took us exactly to where I'd thought it might. I broke the caring embrace of holding Leighanne close to my body and I stood there there in front of me, my hands gently holding both of her arms. Tears streamed down her cheeks in response to her family crisis and the caring closeness I'd just given her. I felt a bit like a heel because I knew I was going to exploit Leighanne's mental vulnerability, but I was also going to give her something I knew she'd been wanting -- a pussy full of hot babymaking cream that might give her another big pregnant belly. I couldn't believe how sexy and hot Leighanne looked with her very pretty face and her extremely large breasts heaving up and down on her chest in unison with the sobs of her crying. I moved my hands from her arms, and I covered both of Leighanne's bra encased tits and flicked my fingers across her nipples and felt them both hard and perky in response to the touch of my firm fingers. Then, I reached down, grabbing the bottom of Leighanne's top and I quickly pulled it up and off of her body. I loved the sexy lace bra she had on underneath it, and then I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her shorts she had on and quickly pulled them down and off of her shapely body, too. My cock was pushing hard and insistently against the front of my own pants and as I'd already undressed Leighanne down to only her bra and panties, I watched to see her reaction to the obvious fact that we'd moved into much more dangerous sexual territory. As I reached down, undoing my pants and unfastening my belt, Leighanne didn't flinch a muscle and I think her overwhelming frame of mind and her expressed desire for another baby was leading her to let me have my way with her. That was exactly what I wanted at that moment -- to enjoy my way with this sexy hot young mother and wife.

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