Consequences 1 - Wife

by FamilyMan

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Desc: True Story: Consequences will be a group of stories, each of them separate and not connected to the others. Their main issue will be the effect of extramarital sex on the family unit. Readers who are looking for active sex scenes and descriptions '" please find other stories to read. This is the first story of this group.

Special thanks to my Proof Reader, Bruce.

There is a saying that, "the husband is always the last to find out". How true it is. In my case, our children knew YEARS before they finally decided to ask why I was still married to June.

I'm Jeff Winslow, 45, married now for 24 years to my (still) lovely wife June, who is also 45. While I'm busy running my advertising company, June has a lot of time on her hand, so she works out, had a small tit-lift and looks at least 10 years younger. I on the other hand, have neglected to take care of myself and look every day of my age. We have three great kids — Tim 23, a lawyer, Celia 21, a senior at college, studying Civil Engineering. And last but not least is Amanda 18, a freshman at college, studying English Literature. We have a large beautiful home on the outskirts of Baltimore.

Two months ago Tim called me at work and said that the three of them wanted me to take the afternoon off and have lunch with them with some very serious talk. I tried to ask what it was all about but he refused to tell me over the phone. The meeting was arranged in a new restaurant out of town that was in a secluded place and was yet unknown by the large crowds.

When I got to the restaurant my three 'kids' were already there, sitting in the far corner of the restaurant's terrace.

After the usual greetings, we ordered, and after the first course was served the kids got straight to the point. It was a very sharp and painful point. Tim started.

"Dad, we wanted to know why you tolerate Mom's behavior. Why do you let her go on with it for such a long time and why you are still married?"

"What in hell are you talking about? Your mother and I love each other today the same way we used to in our youth! What kind of behavior are you talking about? And I hope you gave it a very good thought before you called me for this conversation."

Tim continued.

"Do you mean to say that you don't know? After all these years you really don't know that Mom has been cheating on you for years? Dad, the first time I saw Mom in bed with another man was when I was 15 — that was 8 years ago! Since then I've seen it quite a few times and so have Celia and Mandy. Do you really want us to believe that you didn't know?"

I sat there dumbfounded and speechless. Tears started streaming down my cheeks and I could not control it. I started sobbing and shaking all over.

"Oh my God," whispered Celia, "You didn't know! And we thought that like others, you know about it, and you intended to continue the marriage till the last of us turned 18. We wondered why 4 months after Mandy turned 18 we still didn't hear anything."

"Who is he? Do you know who her lover is?" I croaked.

"Lover! Did you get the impression that she has one lover?

Sorry again Dad, but every time we saw her in the act it was with a different man. Some of them you know, and its irrelevant now who they were. But most of them were total strangers to us. We don't know where she picks them up at, but we think that almost every time it was with a different man."

"God," I sobbed, "You are describing a total slut!"

"Dad," Tim continued. "I'm so sorry to break the news to you like this, but we have more. Are you willing to listen? But I need to remind you that in spite of what you are going to hear — we are your children and we love you a lot. This is also the reason we decided to talk to you about the whole situation."

"I'll listen to you of course. After all, what could be worse than what you've already told me?"

Tim opened his briefcase and put a few sheets of printed paper in front of me.

"Dad, of the three of us, only I'm biologically yours. Celia and Mandy are not yours biologically. Not only that, but each of them has a different father. That means that Mom started cheating on you at least 22 years ago. I wouldn't be surprised now if we find that she's never been faithful to you since the day you got married."

Celia and Amanda hugged me from both sides with tears running down their cheeks.

"Please don't hate us Dad. You raised us, and you're the only father we ever had. The other guys are just sperm donors."

"No, of course I don't hate you. This is an error of fate, but don't any of you doubt my love for you for a minute! Tim, what made you take the DNA tests?"

"Well, I remembered the first time very clearly, I was 15. We vaguely remember a few occasions when Mom had guests and behaved strangely even when we were little kids. So I decided to have our DNA's tested. The official results are in your hands now."

By that time I got some control over my feelings and my behavior, so I instructed the kids:

"In order to divorce your mother, in which a way that she will not take half of the property including my company, I need to gather tangible evidence. I'm going to hire a detective agency from out of town, and also arrange for a surprise audit both on the company and on our personal properties. The audit will also be by a company out of town. I can't risk having everything blown in my face just in case that some of her lovers were from local detective agency or audit companies.

I don't know how long this will take, but until I'm ready to file for divorce I want you to behave normally, just as you have until this morning. I'll have to do the same, and I don't know how I'll be able to."

Mandy spoke for the first time: "Dad, you should know that we have all decided that, when you divorce Mom — she will mean nothing to us. And we are all with you. Having a slut for a mother is nothing we can be proud of."

When I got back to the office I called my V.P. and told him I have to leave town for at least a week to deal with a personal problem. Then I called June and told her that I have to go away for at least a week on company business and asked her to pack a suitcase for me. I booked a flight for the same night to New York City, and registered at the Hilton by 10 pm.

In the morning I called Jim Stratton whom I went to college with and now owned a financial counseling office, and asked him to recommend a good detective agency and also a company that will do surprise audits.

At the detective agency, after telling them that I know for sure that my wife has been cheating on me, I asked them for two things. Collect tangible evidence on her present doings, and also to try dig into the past and see what they can come up with. I also arranged for them to be at the company offices on the day that the special audit will be performed, to prevent anyone from leaving the office building or make phone calls before I get there at the end of the audit.

Then I went to the audit company, signed letters allowing the company to run an external and un-announced audit on my company and on mine and my wife's bank accounts.

With these main things done, I returned to my hotel room, took out June's college year book which I brought with me from home, and started calling people who have known her years ago.

Very slowly and with a lot of difficulties a picture began to unfold. Many people didn't want to talk to me at all, others were reluctant because they were part of June's past, and just a very few agreed to really talk.

It turned out that when June was 15, she was already the high school's slut and fucked anyone who showed interest. This included fellow students and teachers as well. It also turned out that she used to be bisexual. Only one person agreed to tell me about an episode in which June was fucked by a dog in front of an audience.

Two ex-college friends (the only two who agreed to talk to me) stated that June was part of every orgy that went on at college, and that she was the recipient of quite a few gang bangs as well.

I wrote down all the information I received and handed it over to the detective agency as part of the gathered information on her past.

Oh sure, while doing all that, my love for her disappeared and I became cold hearted. So cold in fact, that I ran the whole operation the way I ran advertising campaigns.

After 3 weeks the investigations brought up the following about the present:

June was having sex with up to four different guys almost every day. The guys included (per the day's schedule):

The paper boy (who is the same age as our Tim), a UPS messenger (she used to order all sorts of stuff to be delivered by UPS, and there was a regular black guy who did ALL her deliveries), my company V.P. and my company's accountant (facts that I passed immediately to the audit company because it smelled like rotten fish), the lawyer who handled our affairs (and who had been an old friend of mine). Another regular of hers was like another slap in my face — my brother Steve. He 'visited' her every Tuesday at 10 am regularly like a Swiss watch. Apart from that there were a few bars and hotel lobbies were she used to go regularly and pick up men. Her regulars fucked her at home, in our bed. For the pick ups she had a room in one of the better motels in town, which she paid for on a monthly basis.

The investigation of her past only confirmed my children's suspicions. Her slutty behavior from high school and college continued without stopping after our marriage.

On our wedding day she fucked the photographer and his assistant, and on our honeymoon she fucked the masseurs that 'took care' of her every day. She even sneaked out late at night, after we fucked to my exhaustion, to the hotel bar and fucked at least one more guy.

Since our wedding she seduced many of my work associates, my friends, her friends' husbands, delivery men, the gardener, our pool man and many many others. What hurt most was that my brother had been fucking her on that regular schedule for over 12 years!

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