Jessica's Birthday Gift

by Cooper Corduroy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Cheating, Cuckold, Humiliation, Swinging, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: I allow my wife, Jessica to spend time with my friend. It turns out to be a big mistake.

For my wife's birthday, I decided to give her something that she really wanted. We had a very open relationship and she frequently let me fool around with her friends. She only allowed me to fuck one though, which was her best friend Lacey, but that was because she trusted that it would go no further. And it didn't. Neither of us were the jealous type and it was actually a very healthy relationship.

Jessica was quite the woman. She a small little thing, only about 5'2" tall and only weighed around 120 lbs. She had shoulder-length, dirty blonde hair and big green eyes. She had a cute butt but most guys were drawn to her huge tits, which weighing in as a "D" cup looked like a "Double-D" on her small frame. She had a bubbly attitude but was still fairly reserved. I don't think I could have found a better catch.

She had talked about wanting to allow a guy to spend time with her and I really didn't think it would be a problem. Like I said I wasn't jealous and trusted it would be a one time thing. I really didn't know who to pick though. We didn't really want a random guy but most of our friends knew nothing about our "open" sex life. We did finally come to the conclusion that I would ask a friend and see how it went.

Her birthday was Friday so on that previous Monday I asked her opinions on my guy friends. I didn't want it to be too obvious I was asking who she wanted to fuck but she knew why I was asking.

"What about Shawn?" I asked. Shawn was "portly" and not much competition.

"No, I don't find his personality very attractive". What she meant to say was that she didn't want his beer belly rubbing against her. I had to admire her thoughtfulness.

"Well do you think Andrew is good looking?"

"Yea, but he is too shy and nice. I am afraid he would show up with flowers or something. I think your friend Dave is pretty cute..."

Fuck. I was hoping to pass by Dave Edge altogether. The guy was the tall, dark and handsome type. He ran a car lot and made plenty of money doing it. He was quite the charmer but I always found him arrogant. I had known him since we were in high school and even then he was overbearing. We used to compete over everything back then and even now when we went out as a group, he made a point of flirting with Jessica and then flaunting his new model of a wife.

"Oh, Dave huh? Well I will talk to him and see what he thinks..." I gave her a few seconds to suggest another one of my friends. She smiled and stared back at me...

The next week at the bar I went to talk to Dave after a few drinks. I told him what we wanted and that I suggested to Jessica that he should do it (he definitely wasn't going to know that she brought him up). Before he agreed, I told him the rules.

"Alright bro, first thing is that this is a one time deal. She let me bang one of her friends so I'm going to let her b... sleep with one of mine. Next, I don't want to be there so you guys go out and have a little fun first and let it come out naturally. I will stay at Steve's house so I don't pressure you guys at all. You have to use protection because I don't want a Dave Jr. And this is a one time thing... she is MY wife." I wanted to make sure he got the message.

"I got it. You have nothing to worry about. I will take care of her and when you think of it, the worst that could happen is I fuck her and you're asking me to do that so we are smooth sailing." He laughed to himself as he finished. Did I mention I think he is a total prick?

For the next three nights, I fucked my wife harder and better than I ever had. I took her in every position and in damn near every place I could think of. During the day I was secretly dreading that Friday night but I could tell Jess was more excited than a 5 year old going to Disney for the first time. She beamed all day long and during sex she was much more vocal and shall we say "wet". Either way, I fucker her friend and now it was only fair that she fuck mine.

Friday afternoon. After I left for work I would no longer be coming home until after this all happened. I was balancing excitement and jealousy on a very even scale and didn't really know how to act until I left. Jess had gotten up to take a shower so I decided that I would fuck her one last time and then leave. When I opened the bathroom door, I saw the shadow of her arm gyrating furiously in her crotch. She was breathing hard but not loud enough to alert me. I had to remember this was her day. I went to work leaving a note saying "I love you" on the dresser.

The day went by in what seemed like milliseconds. I would watch the clock and then pick up the phone, stare at it and then put it down. I actually puked on my lunch break. I still didn't know if I was more anxious or jealous that my wife was going on a date and then being railed by that prick. At around six, I decided it wouldn't be too rude if I called Jess and see how it was going. She didn't answer. Neither did Dave.

I tried to figure out where they would go on their date. Jess liked this nice little restaurant downtown so I decided to pass by on my way home from work. Neither car was there. I finally went to Steve's to hang out.

I had told Steve that me and Jess were trying a new marriage exercise that would strengthen our marriage. I was a little unsure of that at the moment. The night went by a little quicker once we had a few beers. By ten, I was shit-faced and decided to go investigate what was happening back home.

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