Last Chance

by Titty Titty Yum Yum

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, True Story, BDSM, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Size, BBW, Transformation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I sit waiting '" naked, exposed, gagged, splayed, squirming - but for what?


I race to a halt and stand panting outside the office. My feet are killing me. These new high heels are not made for sprinting. Gulping a few nervous breaths, I smooth down my pink top and white mini. The door is ajar but I knock anyway then take a few steps back. I look down at my fluffy pink purse swinging back and forth across my thighs as if it's as anxious as I am to get this thing over with. The door jerks open and I watch two slightly scuffed, black shoes step towards me. I dare not look up.

"You're late again", Raymond growls. "What did I tell you last time?"

"You said it was my last chance, Raymond but...".

"No buts! I have had enough of your excuses. What does last chance mean, Lucinda?"

"It means I should pack up my desk and leave?" I venture as I glance up at his round, middle aged face and quickly down again.

"Does it now?" he replies with a callous sneer.

Raymond Johnson's hideous brown and cream suit is far too tight but buttoned all the way up regardless. His huge belly appears to be begging for release and the orange tie around his neck looks like it's strangling him. I wish it would.

'What's with all these questions?' I think to myself. 'Just do it, you fat git. Sack me, Raymond, damn it!'

I wait, head lowered but Raymond is silent. Eventually I tilt my head up and for an instant, just a second, I catch old Raymond perving at my cleavage. He's gaping at my breasts like he's never seen tits before. Then our eyes meet and in a few swift movements he blushes, coughs and looks away.

I mentally congratulate myself on choosing the pink top this morning. It's tight, low-cut and really accentuates my best assets, even if I do say so myself. Let's face it, not every girl is tall, slim and endowed with 38DD's. This unexpected, lusty-lapse on my manager's behalf has had an instant, 180 degree effect on the dynamics of the situation. I lift my chin insolently, toss my wavy red hair to one side and roll my shoulders back. This causes my breasts to perk jauntily in his direction and, as he is short, my twin peaks are aimed right down his line if vision. I smile mischievously, knowing the exact effect my full lips will have. We're on my turf now, Ray.

My poor old boss is really rattled. He can't help but take in my cheeky smile then, as if he has no control, his eyes stray down to my tits again. He licks his chubby lips. His face is flushed and tiny beads of sweat are beginning to glisten on his brow. His balding grey comb-over looks even more like a tacky spider web than usual.

"Lucinda, perhaps we should discuss this in... in private," he mumbles.

Even though there's no one around he glances furtively left and right before guiding me into his office. The door clunks shut. He lopes across the large room to the far side of the desk and plops his rotund butt into his big leather chair. His suit buttons strain even further as he points me towards the low backed plebeian's chair facing him. The desk divides us and he reaches into the middle of it for a tissue to mop his brow while I take a seat. To keep my mini from riding up to an obscene level I wriggle back a little in the chair and tug at the hem. Again Raymond's beady little eyes wander, this time the length of my long, tanned thighs.

Raymond is clearly as horny and desperate as any man, maybe even more so given his unfortunate appearance. If I play my cards right I might be able to keep my job and even land myself a nice little bonus. I look across and my big green eyes meet his squinty brown ones. I glimpse lust, hunger and hope in their depths - time to lay my ace on the table.

"Raymond I'm really sorry. My alarm clock broke. What can I do to make it up to you? I can't afford to loose my job. I'll do anything it takes," I plead, using my well-practiced little girly voice.

I lean forward to give him a better view of my titties, blinking a couple of times for effect. Raymond eyes are glued to my cleavage and his lardy lips form a slow, lascivious smile.

"Meet me here at 6pm, Lucinda. We should be able to come to some sort of... errr... arrangement."



Raymond means business. The office door is locked, phone diverted and the blind has been drawn. His ugly orange tie is snaked over the desk. The jacket's been unbuttoned at last and is flung over a nearby filing cabinet; his flabby, shirt-clad waist hangs over his belt. Leaning back in his big tilt chair, hands clasped behind his head, Raymond's trying — almost successfully - to look like he's done this a thousand times before.

"Take off your clothes, Lucinda — all of them. Do it nice and slow. Make it interesting."

I do as he says, taking my time and using a few of the moves I picked up watching porno films with an ex who liked that sort of thing. It's working. There's a distinct bulge forming in Raymond's crotch. As I gyrate and writhe, humming stripper music in my head, I absently wonder how his prick can manage to expand at all under such confined conditions. His zipper looks like it's about to burst.

I slip out of my lacy bra and matching thong and toss them on the mounting, pastel coloured pile of clothes by the door. I'm naked now except for the damned high heels. They're still killing me but Raymond wants me to leave them on and to keep dancing. Mr Sleaze is staring at my every move while rubbing his crotch at regular intervals.

"Come over here and take my seat," he eventually orders.

As I walk slowly towards the desk he stands. For some reason this feels weirder than the dancing, so I sit as demurely as I can under the circumstances. I perch on the very edge of the chair, legs crossed with my right arm covering my breasts.

Raymond removes his shirt, exposing his lily white girth. This is obviously a man who adores fast food and has not ventured outdoors in years. He stands before me looking down with his hands by his side. His belly protrudes and cock is still very obvious, despite the tight brown/cream trousers. His comb-over has even developed its own little erection, standing up on end as if his penis and hair are of one mind. I feel a giggle rise but quickly suppress it.

He drinks in my whole body with his little eyes but seems inordinately fascinated with my pussy, well as much of it as he can see given my pose. Maybe because it's totally waxed? I always have all hair removed — so much neater that way. Minutes pass and neither of us speak. With a vague sense of relief the thought crosses my mind that Raymond has no idea what to do next.

"Sit back in the chair and open your legs - wide."

Sigh. So much for my intuition. I move back on the seat and open my legs. This causes the chair to tilt backwards which in turn tilts my tits and pussy upwards.

"How's this?" I ask.

Raymond takes a step back to get a better view but shakes his head, dissatisfied. He leans forward, grabs my ankles and places one of my legs over each of the well padded arm rests. I am now fully exposed, legs splayed wide with one high heeled shoe dangling either side of the chair. Raymond steps back again, places his chin in his hand, peers closely and nods. While he's reaching over to rummage in a desk drawer I hear the main office door being locked. This signals the departure of the last of my colleagues, it's just the Blob and me now.

I have to admit this posture makes me feel strangely raunchy. My vulnerable pose, coupled with Raymond's silent ogling, is an unexpected turn-on. My pussy spasms slightly in anticipation. Maybe this won't be quite as bad as I thought? My reverie is interrupted by a loud, ripping sound. Raymond is tearing a long length of duct tape from a roll held in his hand. Before I know what he's up to, he takes my left leg and tapes it tightly to the nearest chair leg.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing? I'm not into any kinky stuff!" Well, none that he needs to know about, anyway.

I try to struggle from the seat but with one leg bound it's an impossible task. Raymond doesn't answer my plea but he's definitely heard me. After applying a headlock, he pastes a big strip of tape over my lips, then another and another. He smiles. I'm really frightened now but my many protests are muffled. I struggle and hit out as much as I can trying to do the impossible, trying to stop this crazy man, but within seconds my remaining leg is bound to the other chair leg. For a fat guy he's remarkably strong.

Raymond steps back to admire his work. He tugs at my shins a couple of times to test the security and seems satisfied. I punch him on the arm again in the vain hope that this will hinder him but it's almost as if it's only my body he is aware of and the real me does not even exist.

So there I sit — naked, exposed, gagged, splayed, squirming — with Raymond the pasty blimp frowning down at my tits and my pussy in turn. I know it's crazy but I just can't help it, Raymond's dominance is a fucking turn-on and my mounting fear is only adding to the excitement. My heart thumps wildly and I feel my pussy juices start to flow.

"Lucinda you are beautiful", whispers Raymond as stands before me unbuckling his stretched leather belt.

'What is this maniac saying? I'm trussed up like a pig and he thinks I'm beautiful?'

"From here I can see your tits, your clit, pussy and arse. Honey, you were made in heaven", he exclaims as he unzips his trousers and drops them to the floor, along with his over sized boxers.


I shrink back in the chair. The size of that cock! It's... it's just not normal. He's colossal!

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