A Father's College Visit

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ron goes to visit his teenage daughter, Melanie , at her college. He finds that she's out for several hours but instead he gets to know her roommate, Bev, much much better.

Ron Williams had driven four hours to go visit his daughter, Melanie, who was in her freshman year at Stearman University. Melanie was the oldest of his four daughters and while her mother, Ann, stayed at home with the other three girls, Ron had taken three days to just go and see how their oldest, Melanie, was getting along. When he got to the town where the college was located, he drove to the house that Melanie shared with her roommate, Bev, and he knocked on the door to see if he could interest Melanie in dinner before he went to his motel for the night. He'd already checked into the motel and had his key and he was hungry but he'd wanted her to join him if she was available.

As Ron stood knocking on the door, no one answered at first and then the door swung open and there stood another girl -- not his daughter. "Hello, can I help you?" the attractive, shapely young blonde said as her eyes moved up and down over Ron's face and body. She felt her breath catch as she saw a very sexy mature man there in front of her and she tried to make her mind stay focused instead of wandering off into wondering what it would be like to spread her legs and let him fuck her.

"Hi, yes, I'm Melanie's dad and I've come to see how she's doing and take her out for dinner," Ron said as he tried to recover from the surprise of having another attractive young woman come to the door instead of his daughter.

"I'm sorry, but Melanie's not going to be around for several hours. Is there anything I can do for you?" Bev asked as she felt herself looking at her roommate's father and thinking how sexually attractive he was. Bev had known for some time that she was attracted to older men and Melanie's father fit right into the category of a man that really got her turned on. She'd even seen pics of Ron and Melanie's mother on her nightstand and she'd found herself thinking Ron looked pretty sexy. Now she was seeing him for the first time in the flesh and he even looked much better live than she'd imagined.

Ron found himself trying to figure out a way to make the most of this unexpected visit to see his daughter, Melanie. Then, he looked straight into Bev's eyes and asked, "Would you like to go out for a nice dinner since Melanie hadn't been available.

"Sure, I'd love to go out and eat," Bev said. "Are you ready to go now?" she asked as she waited for Ron to tell her yes or no. Ron looked closer at Bev and saw a sexy young lady the same age as his daughter, Melanie, but instead of taking her out to dinner, he suddenly wished he had somewhere he could take Bev and fuck her brains out. He noticed that Bev was significantly bigger in the chest than Melanie and she had a very sexy body from what he could see and the clothes she had on at the moment. Bev quickly got changed while Ron waited for her at the front lobby and when she joined him, he knew he instantly got a huge hardon from seeing how sexy Bev looked now. She was totally hot and he knew he'd always had a preference for blondes and Bev was one of the sexiest blondes he'd ever seen.

Bev had slipped on a wrap-around skirt and a sexy pull-over top that clinged rather nicely to her ample chest, and he quickly detected the aroma of a very sexy and alluring scent that told him Bev had put on some perfume calculated to get his attention and to get him turned on. It had already done that as soon as he smelled it.

"Let's go, Bev, are you ready?" Ron asked as he showed Bev towards the door and the two of them walked to his nearby car as though they were going out on a date. It was rather obvious that he was a bit older than Bev, but Bev and Ron simply looked like a young college girl going out with an older man she was in a relationship with. Appearances at that moment were forecasting the things that were to come. Ron and Bev drove straight to the restaurant where he'd been planning to take his daughter, Melanie, and they enjoyed a nice meal together. Ron used the chance to get to know his daughter's roommate much better, but as he sat there talking with Bev, he was also plotting his ideas for what was to come. As soon as they'd finished eating, Ron asked Bev if there was anything else she like to do while they were out and she looked into his eyes, taking the open door he'd just given her and said, "Well, Ron, I'm more than willing to go wherever you have in mind right now."

"Good, Bev, because that's exactly what I'd hoped you'd say," Ron said as he paid the check and then he and Bev walked back to his car. Ron had gotten a motel room before he'd gone to see his daughter and the room card was in his pocket, waiting for him and whoever he might want to spend the night with. He showed Bev to the room and when he had the door open for them, he showed Bev inside and then locked the door securely behind them. Inside, he wanted to act like he was the mature older man he was but he felt like a totally hormone-driven teenage boy who couldn't wait to fuck his hot sexy little girlfriend. He turned towards Bev, looking at how hot she was in her skirt and top and he moved towards her, taking her into his arms and he began to kiss and fondle her young womanly body. Bev responded even more hotly than Ron had hoped for and he could tell from the way she let him know she wanted him as badly as he wanted her that she'd been thinking of having sex with him, too. Ron quickly had Bev's sexy body against his and the felt her large full breasts pressed tightly against his chest and he cupped both of her shapely asscheeks, giving her a very good feel of his large engorged hardon against the mound of her pussy underneath her rather thin skimpy skirt. Their mouths were busy kissing as Ron's hands groped and squeezed Bev's firm ass through her clothes. Then, he reached down, taking Bev in his arms and he carried her straight to the large king-sized bed in the bedroom nearby. He seated Bev there on the side of the bed, and then he reached down, grabbing the bottom of her pullover top and lifted it up and off over her head. He felt his cock twitch as he saw the sexy pushup bra she had on underneath her top. Then, he rocked her back onto her ass, undoing the fastening of her wrap-around skirt and when he had it undone, he removed her skirt and saw that she had on only a matching thong to the bra she was wearing. Then, Ron quickly undid his pants and slipped his pants and shirt off, leaving him in only a rather snug-fitting pair of briefs that did nothing to hide the shape and large sexy bulge of the big aroused cock inside.

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