A Show

by Isabelle

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Group Sex, Interracial, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My boyfriend Brian makes arrangements to enlist the help of a new friend wtih a large cock in fucking the daylights out of me. As if that wasn't enough, they follow with a little man on man action for my viewing pleasure.

This is based on a page from my diary. It's cute and funny to look back at Brain and I's early days of experimenting, before we found the club scene and turned our experimentation into full scale research. Cute as it may be, it still makes me hot to remember my first experience taking on two men.

I sat at the breakfast table across from Brian, my boyfriend, and Sal, our new friend. Brian was playing host, pouring the coffee, telling the interesting stories while I, not quite awake yet eyed Sal and imagined from the look I received in return that I'd be enjoying one more trip around the bed with the two men now devouring waffles, hungry from a long night of sex.

Over dinner the night before Brian had given me a quick version of how he met Sal. Brian was innocently working out at the YMCA when a woman took a seat on the bicycle in front of him. Gym attire was elevated to fetish for Brian and who doesn't find a girl on bike sexy. This girl on a bike knew what she was doing. She chose the bike in front of Brian when every other bike in the place was open. Brian was getting hot again describing the way she'd lift her ass off the seat as she pedaled, and I reminded him that he had a point to get to.

After a few embarrassing situation in the past my horny boyfriend had learned to wear a pear of tight short beneath his baggy short when at the gym. Though bike girl must have known that his eyes could not leave her ass she would not have the privilege of seeing his excitement showing beneath his shorts. His erection was still hanging out when he climbed into the shower, but he had dinner with me to get to, so he got to washing his hair. That's when Sal entered the picture.

With his hands on his head full of suds and his erections sticking straight out in front of him, there wasn't much to do but smile as this stranger entered the long communal shower. Sal hung up his own towel and turned on the water. The embarrassment and the exhibitionism kept Brian hard. He finished washing his hair, skipped the conditioner and made to leave the shower as quickly as possible, but passing Sal he saw that his lead had been followed. Sal was at full mast and smiling as well. Caught off guard Brian uttered and awkward hello and made his way to the lockers.

When Sal came out wearing a towel, Brian was dressed. Sal started to apologize.

"Hey, look, I didn't mean to, you know, I'm straight, I just..."

Brian grabbed the opportunity. He described to me the butterflies in his belly and the way his knees wanted to melt, but he couldn't pass up the chance to satisfy a long standing fantasy of both of ours.

"You like girl and guys then?" Brian asked.

Sal was reluctant to answer, but a smile from Brian told him this was no hostile question.

"Yeah, sometimes." Came his sheepish answer.

"Look, I have to meet my girlfriend for dinner. Would you like to have drinks at the Holiday Inn bar, say around nine? And if we all get along well enough, maybe we'll go upstairs." Brian asked him, struggling to keep his voice steady and confident sounding. He could see Sal's erection returning beneath the towel.

"Yeah, nine o'clock, that sounds good."

"Great. The Holiday Inn downtown, nine o'clock."

As Brian told the story over dinner I was amazed, scared and excited as hell. We finished our dinner, gazing at each other and giggling. After slowly eating half of my cheesecake, I'd had enough. I insisted that we pay the bill and be on our way despite the fact that it was only seven pm. We headed for home where I ran a bath, shaved my legs, picked out a sexy night gown and the perfect panties to go with it. I changed outfits a good dozen times, making a perfect mess of our room, glad that my boyfriend was smart enough not to invite total strangers to our home even as he invited them into our sex life. I finally settled on a simple but sexy combination of Jeans and a black t-shirt which flattered my curves. It was now eight pm. The waiting was excruciating. Brian had packed a bag with CDs, a small CD player, some lube and a very ambitious number of condoms. He also added some items from our special drawer. Some soft white rope, a strip of black silk, equally qualified to bind wrists or serve as a blind fold and one small pink vibrator.

At last it was nine pm. The Holiday Inn was only a few blocks from our apartment. We'd be a few minutes late, not seeming to anxious, though I was, indeed, too anxious, more from nerves at this point than from excitement, though I was well aware of both.

I noticed Sal the moment I entered the bar. He was gorgeous. A dark skinned Mexican man with broad shoulder and thick short hair. His long side burns hinted at a wild side but in his dark blue button up shirt and black tie he looked dapper and sophisticated. Brian introduced us and I could hardly get a hello out. I found it adorable that Sal seemed to be as shy and nervous as I was. Brian did most the talking. This set up a dynamic that would serve us well. Brian knew me, and had my trust. To enjoy another man I need him to respect the boundaries that Brian lay out, and for full enjoyment to follow Brian's expert lead. The gorgeous man in front of me now seemed anxious to fill exactly that role.

I'd had a brief fear while listening to Brian's story that I was to spend the night with a gay man settling for my presence in order to get to my boyfriend, or to prove his straightness. After catching Sal checking me out several times over drinks these fears faded. In fact this gentleman had all my fears fading away and my excitement taking over. The red wine in front of me didn't hurt either. Brian was drinking coffee, a sign that he was anticipating a long night.

We would have sat there awkwardly waiting for the other to make a move all night if Brian hadn't come to the rescue. He could see clearly that I had approved of Sal, and he excuse himself to go and pay for a room upstairs.

Sal and I did our best to make small talk while Brian was away. I bit my lip and did all the stereotypical flirty girl things I hadn't done in years as Sal told me he was from a town a few hours drive to the east of here and had come to town for computer training. He had been to our town before when he played in a punk band but hadn't seen much beyond the dive bar that he played at and inside of the van that he slept in on his way across the country with his three best friends and worst enemies.

"And now you're just seeing the inside of a hotel room." I blushed as I mentioned for the first time, out loud, that we'd be heading up stairs together. "You should get out and see our town before you go." I added quickly trying to recover.

"I'm supposed to be back tonight. I'll be calling in sick to work tomorrow, but I'll definitely have to head back home come morning." He had now acknowledged that we were about to spend the night together as well. Brian arrived back and we all made our way to the elevator.

Brian opened the door and motioned for us to enter first. The room was small, but I noticed a large bath. Brian did know me well. He shut the door and we all stood in the living room, wondering how to proceed.

"Hey, would you guys like sit in the tub, maybe have some wine? I brought a couple of bottles with me."

"That sounds perfect." I loved this man, not only for his openness to an experience like this, but for how well he could orchestrate it. He asked Sal to run the bath as he plugged in the CD player and put on some Mazzy star. He opened the wine, and filled up three small hotel room water glasses, handing one to Sal and one to me, giving me a big kiss as he did so. I had a sip and then Brian took my hand and walked me to an open area by the tub. He kissed me deeply and Sal approached us, stopping two feet away.

Brian turned me toward Sal, kissed the back of my neck and guided my arms up, welcoming Sal to step forward. Sal took the cue and for the first time in three years I felt a strange mans lips press against mine. The time for being shy was over, and I kissed Sal hard and passionately, my hands exploring his body. It made sense that Sal would seek out the YMCA even when out of town on business. His had a lean, muscular body.

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