Hints for a Predator

by Alistair Acorn

Tags: True Story,

Desc: : Observations and tactics used to gain the favours of some women. If you doubt these observations, just follow what is written.

Copyright ©1999

I am a predator most men won't say that but many are of vulnerable mature women, I don't hide the fact. My hunting grounds are shopping centres, where I have found lonely older women go just to be close to people. You see them sitting in the cafés, sipping at a cup of coffee for hours, or on the numerous benches spread throughout the centre.

If one is reasonably dressed and presentable, it's easy to start up a conversation. I never ask their full names or ever give mine. Usually I only meet them once then move on to other pastures.

Almost all of these ladies are well dressed and only want company and someone to listen to them. All are alone, ignored by their families except maybe meeting them once a year, some even never. I have met very few who doesn't want some sexual attention. It is this vulnerability that I prey on and it doesn't take long to find this out too. Immediately I get the slightest inclination, I know that I will score and score far easier than many would ever think.

I have two mid week days off work and it is these days I spend in the shopping malls, never the same ones two days running. There are that many now-a-days that it is weeks before I return to a particular shopping centre again.

The best time I found was just after ten in the morning, which gave the ladies time to have been walking or sitting around for about an hour. I casually walk through the whole length looking in the cafés and the women sitting on the benches. They are the ones without any shopping bags, or a trolley beside them. They also follow you with their eyes, almost begging you to talk with them.

Once I see a good potential, I either casually sit on the bench close to her or at a table nearby, if she is in a café. There are many ways to start a conversation to purposely drop something near them, bent to pick it up and see how they react, then apologise for being so clumsy. Then you watch the body language and see if she turns her body towards you or even inclines it.

If I am on a bench I offer to take her for a coffee or tea, which is usually, declined the first asking that has at least got us talking. I cover as many subjects as she brings up and slowly get her talking. Then I ask again, telling her I have nothing on today and I would enjoy her company. If she agrees, then I know she is at least a little bit interested. I never touch or lay a hand on them unless they ask for some assistance in getting up.

If she allows this, then I have reached the second part of acceptance, then I can hold her elbow as we walk towards the café. Almost every time she will link her arm into mine, by this time and our bodies now touch. This is the crucial time. For the next acceptance I know she will consent. If I can lay a hand on her body, anywhere will do, other than the arms.

Then once sitting down, I bring in how lovely or well groomed they look. Women love to be complemented on their appearance especially the ones over sixty, which are the ones I prey on.

At some stage an offer comes to call and visit them. Which I answer "Why don't I take you home in my car to save you walking." By this time I am being allowed to put my hand over theirs and touch their arms which I do as much as I can. This shows me they are willing to share their space with me. Sometimes if I'm sitting alongside I slip my hand over their shoulder, sharing a laugh, but now I have been admitted more into sharing their space.

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