Fraternization: The Next Day

by Patricia51

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, True Story, Military, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sequel to Fraternization. PFC Kelly Wooten and Lieutenant Mark Ashe struggle to keep their romance a secret with the help of some friends.

(Brief summary of Part 1. Two members of the US Army in the mid-seventies; PFC Kelly Wooten and Lieutenant Mark Ashe find themselves attracted to each other, and then in bed together. We pick up the next morning.)

That morning I awoke to the smell of coffee. I sniffed it with appreciation. Rolling over, carefully because I was, after all, in a single bed, I looked at the clock on the nightstand. Goodness. I hadn't slept that late since my last leave. I certainly hadn't had this kind of fun on that leave though.

I did decide that, as appealing as was the aroma of coffee drifting into the bedroom, before I did anything else, I needed a shower. I got out of the bed, into the bathroom and turned on the water. As soon as the water was steaming I climbed in and let the water run over my body. I stuck my face in the warm water and sighed comfortably as it ran down my body.

I was still standing there with a happy smile on my face, when I got happier. I hadn't heard the door open but I caught a cool breeze as the shower curtain was pulled back and a pair of already familiar hands touched me.

"Need your back scrubbed?" Mark whispered in my ear, sending a shiver down my spine. I leaned back against him.

"Think you can scrub my front too?" I turned my head and met his lips with mine. His arms circled me and pulled me tightly against his body. I wiggled to get as close as I could, which was VERY close indeed, except that something rather hard was shoved against my ass. "Oh," I whispered back, "I think someone is happy to see me this morning." Deliberately I pushed back against him, bending forward ever so slightly.

Mark's arms relaxed slightly, allowing his hands to creep up my tummy and over my breasts. His fingers began to toy with my nipples, tapping them lightly, then rolling them around in tiny circles. His breath on my neck was as warm as the water, although the water didn't make goose bumps spring up. Of course those may have been caused by the rigid cock pressed right up between my ass cheeks.

I leaned farther forward, bracing my arms against the shower wall. His hips began to press and retreat, press and retreat, the length of his shaft sliding up and down along my cleft. I made no attempt to swallow a moan as I felt the head touch my anal opening. Indeed, I accompanied my gasp of excitement by allowing my ass to push back against him as my hands slipped down the way, forcing me back to him.

Mark's hands had fallen from my breasts as I leaned away from him. Now they were on my hips, then on my ass cheeks, rubbing there in circles. He swallowed so hard I could hear it over the water and asked "Kelly, are you sure?"

I giggled momentarily, allowing the soap I still clenched in one hand to fall. "Oh myyyy," I purred. "I've dropped the soap." I bent over further, the water now beating on my back and scooped the errant bar up as I added. "I guess I should pick it up." I did and reached back, pressing it into his hand. By now my ass was really pushing back onto the head of his cock. He took the soap with one hand and directed the stream of water away from us with the other.

I turned my head and managed to twist far enough to meet his eyes. "Mark, I want you to have me in any position, any way you want." I didn't tell him that my only experience with anal sex had been a disaster. One guy I had dated up in Indianapolis had attempted it without lubrication or wasting time by allowing me to adjust to him. He just tried to stuff it in there. Didn't work.

This time I had confidence that it would. Mark rubbed the dripping bar against me. Thank goodness it was still fairly new and had softened nicely in the hot water. Then he must have rubbed it against himself, in more than one place as his fingertip replaced the head of his cock. he gently massaged my ring, around and around, allowing it to loosen, and, I must say, make me weak in the knees from his stimulation of the nerve endings bunched there. Then my opening gave way to his gentle pressure and his slick finger entered me.

Mark began to wiggle his finger, curling it to touch my anal walls and carefully prying me open more. By the time he had slipped a second finger inside me and began to spread them, twisting and turning his wrist, I was humping my ass back onto his fingers and begging him not to waste any more time but to take me and take me NOW.

He didn't of course. Hell, I could sense the grin on his face as he drove me nuts. And rushing it would have spoiled it, although at the moment I didn't care. Finally, in his own good time, I felt the head of his cock touch me, between the two crooked fingers holding me open. As he pressed slowly forward, he withdrew his fingers, allowing the head of his cock to replace them.

I couldn't believe how wide he had stretched my anal ring, nor how good it felt. Now both hands were on my hips, holding me steady as he impaled me. By now, all he was doing was holding his position, I was using my arms and hips to push him deeper each time I had adjusted to the previous thrust. Bit by bit he filled me. I gathered my strength and my nerves and gave one tremendous buck of my body and slammed back onto his cock.

He may have screamed. I know that I did. It hurt, but at the same time I delighted in his cock buried all the way where no one had ever been. I wiggled, I ground myself against him. The pain disappeared and now I wanted him to fuck me.

"Mark, damn you Mark, FUCK me."

He cast any thoughts of going slow to the winds. His hands gripped my hips, still a bit generous, regardless of morning PT. He pulled back until only the head was still lodged in my ass. Then he rammed deeply into me. I squealed. He did it again. I squealed louder. Then he was pounding me, thrusting in and out of my near virgin ass.

Bent over as I was, all I could do was ride the waves each time his cock slide back and forth along my anal ring. I aided and abetted his ravishment of my ass by demanding more and more, something he was quite willing to supply. If I thought he had hammered me last night, I hadn't felt anything yet. It seemed he got longer and thicker with each stroke, stretching my ass to a place I never dreamed it could go.

Harder and harder, faster and faster he went. I felt his balls slapping up under me and each time his cock bottomed in my ass he ground himself against my cheeks. Now I really did feel him swell. I was balancing myself with one hand against the lower shower wall while the fingers on the other hand frantically frigged my clit. I knew he was almost there and I wanted to be there with him when he did.

I managed to muffle a really big scream when he locked down inside me and I felt the cum almost scald the inside of my ass as it spurted from Mark's cock. My hand was blurring as I rubbed myself and oh my GOD I was cumming and telling him about it and demanding he never stop.

Of course eventually he had to. If nothing else, there was a frantic scrambling to hastily wash each other off as the hot water disappeared. We had both taken cold showers in the field, obviously Mark much more than me, but neither of us had much enjoyed them. Even with a wonderful warm body scrubbing me, we were finally in a situation where we both wanted to be done and done immediately.

Almost shivering, we leaped out. Mark buried me in towels as he dried himself off quickly. He grinned, kissed me, and murmured he need to regain his strength and therefore breakfast would be available shortly. He donned a pair of jeans, pulled a colorful t-shirt over his head and closed the bedroom door behind as he left.

I dried off, carefully hanging the towels back inside the bathroom, including the one Mark had dropped on the floor. Men. Making myself right at home, I pulled one of his shirts from his closet and donned it. I noticed that my nipples showed through it, but really thought he wouldn't mind. Then I heard voices from the common living area and realized that maybe I needed to cover myself a bit more.

Of course, THEN I remembered my clothing was scattered around the couch in the main room. Just then the door cracked and a hand reached inside, holding my slacks as well as some of my other discarded apparel. I put my panties and slacks on. I started to take Mark's shirt off only to discover that my bra wasn't included in the bundle. Oh well. I looked in the mirror and grimaced. I managed to comb my short hair with my fingers but I still looked like the wrath of God. I shrugged. If seeing me like this didn't drive him away then maybe he really was the one I had been dreaming about.

I took a deep breath and opened the door, to the sound and scent of bacon frying. That was nice. Mark was pouring coffee into two mugs as he stood by the stove. A nice looking guy, a bit shorter than Mark and with horn-rimmed glasses stood near him.

Mark caught sight of me and he smiled, a warm, caring smile, not a leer. I hesitantly came over to him. He handed me a mug of coffee and then put his arm around me.

"Kelly, this is my roommate, David Glasgow. David, Kelly Wooten."

"Nice to meet you," we both chorused.

Nothing was said for a few minutes while we all ate breakfast around the small wooden table. Then David refilled all of our coffee cups and waved us to the couch, while he settled in an overstuffed arm chair, his gaze searching us both.

David looked at Mark. "Mark, Colonel Winston is staying here this weekend." I was to find out that the Colonel in question occupied the trailer on the other side of the shared parking pad. Mark looked confused about that statement, because David plowed on in explanation. "I'm afraid I have Kelly's car blocked in. I parked mine right behind hers, with my front bumper basically touching her rear one." We both must have been sharing that look of confusion. David sighed and looked at the ceiling while he spoke.

"Its absolutely none of my business. As far as I'm concerned you are both adults and the smiles on your faces show me that last night was pretty darn good for you both. I'm Mark's friend as well as his trailer mate. He's happy, I'm happy. And Kelly, you seem very nice. But the Colonel's quite Regular Army, a stickler for regulations and all that." He looked at Mark, and then me. "I didn't want him to see the red sticker on the bumper of your car, Kelly."

The light dawned on both of us. Of course. The red post stickers on the left front and right rear of my car marked it as a vehicle belonging to an enlisted soldier. The ones on Mark's and David's cars were blue, indicating an officer. Officers and enlisted personnel are not allow to socialize. The term is "fraternization". And certainly male officers are not supposed to sleep with an enlisted woman assigned to their unit. We could be in so much trouble if anyone found out.

For anyone who thinks that those regulations are the usual governmental interference in people's private lives, they're not. The gulf that exists between officers and enlisted personnel is there for very good reasons. An officer has to order subordinates to do nasty, unpleasant and sometimes extremely dangerous things. Emotional ties lead not only to favoritism but can strain an entire unit. Nothing can panic a military unit faster than the belief that the officers aren't cool and competent and in charge, and if they're involved with the people under them that's not going to be the case.

Additionally, regulations like that protect the lower grade personnel also. The days are long past when officers had batmen assigned to look after their creature comforts and polish their boots. Enlisted men and women are presumed to be adults and just as worthy of respect as the officers. Maybe I should mention that the salute exchanged between an enlisted soldier and an officer is not supposed to be a sign of servitude but rather a gesture of respect. That's why a Colonel is as obligated to return a salute as an private is to give it.

Finally, the dividing line protects both groups from claims of sexual harassment, whether bona-fide or unfounded. Both claims have certainly happened as more and more women have entered the armed forces.

Mark and I looked at each other. David had stepped to the door as though to leave but stopped with his hand on the knob and turned back around.

"Sit down you two," he said quietly.

Mark and I seated ourselves side by side on the couch. It didn't occur to me not to do so, and I guess it didn't to Mark either. David sat in a chair by the window and looked us both over for a minute.

"Don't," he finally said.

"Don't what?" replied both of us.

"Don't give up." At my, correction, OUR startled looks, he smiled. "That's what you are both thinking. You're worried and unsure and scared because you're breaking regulations. But, if neither of you has noticed, the attraction between you is very strong. I can tell," he laughed. "Its the way that the two of you are holding hands."

Startled, I looked down. Our fingers were twined together. I blushed and started to pull my hand free, when David stepped over and put his hand on top of ours.

"Don't," he said again. "Accept it. Mark, you're being transferred back to a line unit. I suggest you and Kelly either don't see each other again until that happens or meet casually and don't appear to be together. After that," he shrugged, "You'll just have to careful and cautious."

We were careful. We waited until Mark has settled in with his new unit before going out on an actual date. We kept in contact. That wasn't easy either. Back then we didn't have room phones in the WAC barracks. All that was available was a couple of communal phones which belonged to the government. I really didn't think they would be monitored, but stranger things have happened. Besides the big signs beside the wall mounted phones that said "Caution, NOT a Secure Line" didn't do much for my confidence. So I would call Mark from a pay phone over by the MP Station.

We did manage to meet once at the post movie theatre. I can't even recall what the picture was. We each drove ourselves and stood separately in line, pretending we didn't recognize each other. I lingered by the concessions until I could follow Mark inside.

It seemed half the post was there. Everyone from the Colonel who was in overall charge of Personnel to my company clerk had shown up. We found a spot that was reasonably dark but not so secluded that it would appear suspicious that we were sitting together.

Whenever someone walked by we both jumped. I, at least, was unsettled the entire time. However, it was all worth while for the time that we held hands. Just held hands. The warmth of his fingers interlaced with mine, the occasional squeeze that we gave each other, these were enough to make for a wonderful night.

Finally the transfer was complete, there came a Friday night and we went out. That was part of it, we wanted to go out. We didn't just want to run over to his place and make love, although heaven knows I wanted that. We wanted to be a couple. We wanted to be able to hold hands in public instead of under the table. We knew we couldn't go to the local clubs or the family restaurants though. But Mark had found a small place outside of the nearby city that seemed to be mostly frequented by the local people. It had a dining area separated by the bar from the real gathering place, a pool room.

Picking me up wasn't simply a matter of Mark knocking on the front door and waiting for whoever answered to come get me. He parked several buildings away and at a pre-arranged time I met him there.

Thank goodness he hadn't parked under a street light. As soon as he had closed my door and scampered around to the driver's side we were in each other's arms. Before we got to the restaurant I had to reapply my lipstick as it was all over Mark's face.

It was a lovely little place. The side we were on was quiet, although laughter drifted from the area on the other side of the bar. Small tables were scattered about the room. With delight we occupied a small two person table near to the dancing flames of the large fireplace that filled most of the front wall.

"This is perfect," I smiled as I sat down, Mark pushing the chair forward that he had held for me. Sitting down on the other side, he reached across and took my hands.

"Yes, you are."

"Flatterer," I smiled again. "I'm too short, too wide and too muscular. And, Mark," I hesitated, then plunged ahead, "I have a secret that I need to tell you." I had decided that this night would be the night I told him about Jeremy. The more I saw of Mark, the more I talked to him, the more we made love, each little thing made me realize I was falling in love with him. Not just lust. Mark was in my dreams at night. I had no choice but to be honest with him if I hoped one day that he might feel the same way about me.

"Good Lord, so serious Kelly?" He tightened his grip on my hands. "I hope this secret is NOT that you've fallen for some other guy."

"Oh My God no. But Mark, before I came in the Army, I, well, you see..."

"Kelly?" Mark interrupted. "Is this about your son?"

I must have looked like an idiot. I KNOW I sat there with my mouth open. When I tried to ask him how he knew, nothing came out.

Mark rolled his eyes. "Honey, I was the company XO (executive officer). I've seen your service abstract. And of course your record of emergency data at the unit. You told me you were divorced and you had taken back your maiden name. When I saw the beneficiary of your life insurance was one 'Jeremy Strang', age 2, who has the same address as your parents, well, it didn't take a genius to figure it out."

I buried my face in my hands. He reached out and carefully lifted them away.

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