Hot Saturday

by Suzie XX

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, True Story, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When the boyfriends said they were going to watch football instead of taking the girls for a walk, one horny girlfriend seduces the other into some al fresco girly fun. She was always unerringly straight, but was that true?

It was the second week of May and this was the first really warm day of the year so far, and fortunately was a Saturday so that we could enjoy it. After a long cold winter and an indifferent spring it was so good to feel the hot sun again. A text message from Gary, my new(ish) boyfriend, asked me (actually told me) to meet him at a pub out of town. He had been working in the morning at the vehicle repairers and so I was looking forward to doing something nice in the afternoon with him.

I didn't see his car in the car park but I wasn't concerned as he often came by taxi so that he could safely drink. I went in the rather large bar. It was comparatively dark in there and it was a minute before my eyes adjusted from the bright sunlight. He wasn't there but I could see his mate's girlfriend, Jody, at the bar by herself so I went to join her.

"Hi Jody, isn't Brendan here yet either?" I asked. Gary and Brendan worked in the same workshop, so were no doubt together wherever they were.

"Hi Kim, no they're always late aren't they? Isn't it a glorious day?"

"Yes, fantastic. Too good to be sitting in a pub. We should go out somewhere when the lads arrive."

"Hey yes, that would be great. We can go for a walk up on the hills maybe, get the boys to walk off their beer guts a bit!"

"And they could do with it! They spend too much time in pubs. We can get some soft drinks and spend the afternoon up there. I hope they won't be too late"

"Talk of the devils, here they are now." she said, looking over my shoulder.

Gary and Brendan joined us at the bar, ordered some beers for themselves and, unusually, suggested sitting at a table. As it was close to the big-screen TV I should have foreseen what was coming. I think they had already had a drink somewhere judging by the beery kiss Gary gave me.

We ventured our suggestion for a walk over the hills rather than sit in the pub too long. The lads looked at each other and I could see they weren't keen.

"Um, actually not today girls," said Brendan, "It's the cup final today and we are going to watch it on the big screen here. It'll be great, you'll enjoy it."

"What? Sit in here all afternoon when it's so nice out. Can't you watch the highlights on TV tonight?" asked Jody.

"Yes, you spend too much time in pubs as it is." I added.

"No, it's not the same," said Gary. "Come on, it's only once a year."

I knew it was hopeless. For those of you in the US it's like the Super Bowl but with soccer. But Jodi wasn't giving up and played her trump card. "Aww come on Brendan, I know a nice sheltered spot by the lake where we can have a little cuddle. Remember? We went there last summer and got all passionate?"

"Yeah, said Brendan, smiling at the memory, "Maybe tomorrow though? We can't miss the big game. You girls can go for a walk if you don't want to watch the match if you want." Jody looked at me and rolled her eyes. Not even the implied promise of sex could lure them out the pub and she admitted defeat.

Yeah that's OK. Meet us back here and we'll take some beers back to the flat," added Gary. What he meant to say was save us the taxi fare home by giving us a lift!

"Well, shall we leave the morons here and go for a walk?" Jody asked me.

"Yes, I'm not sitting here all afternoon." I said. Pointedly, we walked out without even kissing the lads goodbye. I think they got the message that we were less than impressed! Jody said she had a blanket in the car and the footpath went up right by the pub so we could leave the cars there. I popped in the shop across the road and bought a few iced orange drinks and some crisps, and then we started up the path.

Pretty soon it went up more steeply as it headed up the hill. In the heat it was quite hard going and we were both breathing heavily as we reached the top.

"Maybe it's just as well the boys didn't come, they would have struggled up there," said Jody.

"Phew yes." I panted, "It will be easier now though. I could do with a drink already!"

"Well, let's wait until we get down the other side, we can have a picnic by the lake."

"Is that the lake you mentioned to Brendan?"

"Yes, there are three little lakes there actually; it's a pity he wouldn't come. I'm feeling really horny today."

"Well it's his loss! I don't think I can help with your horniness though."

She laughed. "Not unless you can grow a cock in the next fifteen minutes!" We both laughed now, and giggled as we made our way down the hill. Apart from a couple of dog-walkers on the hill, we had passed no-one for about a mile now. The lakes were just as she had described them. Little more than large ponds really but surrounded by trees and small clearings by the water.

Jody spread the blanket out in one of the clearings and we laid there sunning ourselves, but it was very hot and after a while we dragged the blanket into the shade of a tree. We had a drink of orange and munched a packet of crisps between us.

"God, I'm just so horny," said Jody again for about the third time since we had stopped.

"For god's sake, don't you ever think of anything else?" I laughed, "Well it's secluded here if you want to do something about it. I won't look."

"Really? It seems a bit of a cheek."

"Well, it would be better than hearing you moan about how horny you are for the rest of the afternoon. I've got a little bullet vibrator in my bag if you want to borrow it."

"Wow, Kim you must have been a girl scout, you come prepared for anything. If you're sure you don't mind, that will help. I've got some wet ones in my bag to clean it afterwards."

I fished in my bag and found the little tool in its case looking for the world like a lipstick. Jody turned away from me on the blanket and hiked up her skirt, and soon I could hear the cheerful little purring of the bullet and Jody's soft moaning, one knee in the air. The thought of what she was doing was having an effect on me too and just in case anyone happened along I turned a little on my side to half face her and used my fingers to massage the crotch of my panties. As I got a bit wetter I pulled the material to one side and rolled my fingers round my hooded friend, closing my eyes in the feelings.

Suddenly the buzzing petered out and I heard Jody say "Shit!" She rolled over and asked if I'd brought a spare battery. I think she was surprised to see me with my fingers in my panties. "You too eh?"

"Yes sorry. And no I didn't bring a battery. There goes my girl scout diddling badge!"

"Not to worry. I was so close, but I'll use my fingers instead. You haven't grown that cock yet I suppose?" We both laughed and now lay side by side pleasuring ourselves with our fingers, no longer trying to hide it. She looked at me and smiled. "This is lovely isn't it? I haven't done this with a girl for such a long time."

"You've masturbated with a girl before then?"

"Yes, but only at college, we couldn't go for weeks without some fun could we?"

"Wow, did you do this with a room-mate then?"

"Yes, we started that way, anyway, but usually we would do each other; it was more fun like that."

"Yeuchh! You touched each other... Down there?"

"Yes, of course, you can hardly do it without touching!"

"I know, but... but with another girl? Isn't that being a bit, you know, Gay?"

"No silly, we were both straight. Just scratching an itch for each other. You know, girls watching out for each other, that sort of thing."

I had stopped masturbating while I mulled over this latest piece of information. I'm no prude, I like sex as much as anyone, but the thought of homosexual behaviour by either sex I considered wrong. Well, I'm not sure I did really, but that's what my parents had always impressed on me. I had gone through school avoiding anything that could taint my white-as-the-driven-snow sexuality. Yes I knew of other girls who had obviously got very 'close' but I had convinced myself I had to uphold my parents' morals. Now here I was masturbating with another girl and talking about mutual masturbation.

God it was so gross, so bad of me, so... so... so fucking exciting! Yes I admit it. I've always wondered what it was like to touch another girl, to make love with her, but I'd suppressed those thoughts so often.

"Kim? Are you OK?" Jody's voice brought me back to the clearing. "Hey, I've embarrassed you haven't I? I'm so sorry. Have you never experimented with a girl?" I shook my head. "What, never even touched one?" Again a shake. "Jesus, I'm sorry. I wasn't suggesting you diddled me, although that would probably get me off so much quicker! Just forget I said anything."

"No, it's me that should apologise. I've just never been in this position. But I would like to help you."

She looked over at me again. "You mean that? I thought that idea disgusted you just now."

"I know I said that, but that's what I've always told myself to feel, when actually I was feeling the opposite. The truth is I'd love to feel a girl's pussy just once, to find out what it's like! So can I?"

"Sure Kim, I'd love that but you mustn't do anything you don't want to, OK? If you don't like it then just stop. I'll understand." She picked up my right hand and took it between her legs. "Ready Kim?"

I nodded my agreement. I felt her press my fingers into her warm depths. Wow, it felt soft and slippery. Her hand released mine and I moved my hand further between her thighs, feeling the rim of her vagina and the dip into her love hole. I slid a finger into her wet and warm cunt. She was certainly turned on! I moved my fingers up her gash and found her clit, which was engorged with the attention of the vibrator and used my wet fingers to roll it round. It felt so weird to touch another girl, but really nice.

Her hand crept between my legs too and I was surprised how very turned on I was. It felt so good to have her touch my secret places. Soon we had our eyes closed, exciting each other in this intimate way.

"Ohhh, I'm nearly there," she whispered. "Can you do one more thing for me?"

"What? I'm really close too."

"Give me a kiss? But only if you want to. That will get me there for sure."

She brought her face close and I thought what the hell, it's only a kiss. I gave her a peck, then another and then a longer kiss. She opened her lips and our tongues flicked at each other. She gave a long loud moan and raised her legs high in the air. As her orgasm took hold, I slid my hand underneath her again and held on while she moved against me feeling a warm flow of her juices on my hand. It triggered my own orgasm, and she rubbed me through it until eventually we laid there still with our hands between each others thighs, letting the feelings subside.

Her face had a rosy glow and watery eyes as she looked at me. "Thanks Kim, that was so good."

"You're welcome. I enjoyed it too. I never thought I would be kissing and touching a girl today. You'd better not tell Gary though."

"Of course I won't silly. I don't think Brendan would be chuffed about it either! So, no regrets Kim?"

"No, it was a lovely experience and I'm just kicking myself for resisting all this time. I should have tried it years ago."

She took her hand off my pussy at length and, to my surprise, put her finger in her mouth and sucked the wet coating of my cum from it.

"Oh Jody, don't be gross!" I chided.

"Now what's wrong? Don't tell me you've never tasted yourself either!"

"Well, yes I have, but that's different."

"Why? It's just natural girls' juice, and you taste great by the way. Here, lick it." She gave me her other finger, still glistening with my wetness, and practically forced it through my lips. The taste was familiar and she was right, it was nice. "See?" she said, "That wasn't gross was it?"

"Well, no but it was my stuff, I couldn't taste another girl."

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