Party Girl Jounals #2

by Cherokee Minx

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, True Story, Gang Bang, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A man new to the Lifestyle gets a Huge awakening, and a realization of all of his deepest desires...

"Oh c'mon Kevin, quit being such a stick in the mud! You're going to love it!" His friend Dee laughed. He looked at her with indecision in his eyes, "I dunno, I've never done anything like this, and I'm not sure I'd know how to act..." She rolled her eyes for the hundredth time and stated, "Look, in all of the years you've been married, you never did anything exciting, arousing, or adventurous, now is the time! She wont give you as much as a blow in the ear, left alone a blow job, this is your opportunity to meet some fantastic people, and maybe make a fuck buddy friend. You wanna sit home alone all the time and experience nothing for the rest of your life?? Listen my friend, the time to live is Now, and if you don't take a chance, you'll do nothing but exist. It's up to you. Come in and see what its all about, if you don't like it, you can get back in your car and go, free and clear. But I'm telling you now that you're going to love it! I've been coming here for over 2 years now and I adore it!" He hedged, "But..." She sighed and exclaimed, "No more buts! Come on!" She grabbed his hand and inside they went.

They went inside a large, long building that was nestled down in a small valley here in the country, far away from the confines of the city and prying eyes. It was his first lifestyle party, and he was scared to death. Once inside, he was amazed at what he saw. All around were throngs of people in various stages of dress; Some were still dressed in street clothes, some of the women were dressed in negligees, sarongs, bustiers, baby- doll pajama's or just bra and panties. The women came in a myriad of sizes, small, tall, slim and petite, some were big beautiful women with large soft looking breasts. The men were not what he expected either, they looked like plain ol' everyday guys that one would see on the street. He had expected only "Pretty People," stuck up and snobbish. All of these folks were open and friendly, warm and welcoming. Dee was besieged immediately when they paid their fee, being greeted, kissed and much to his surprise, groped by several people there, women included!

This seemed to be a common greeting among these people! This made his swallow hard as his mouth went dry. Despite his fear he felt his cock begin to stir, and tingled when he saw a woman fondling his co-workers firm young titties. All of a sudden, out of nowhere there came some music, and one man clad in only a blue sparkly thong began to dance and gyrate to the music. All of the women were going Whooo-Hoo! and cat calling for the man doing "I'm too sexy for my shirt" He danced around the people shaking his ass and long legs, touching a person here and there and generally hamming it up. This man was small in stature, slightly balding, not particularly handsome, but here he was having the time of his life. He even came over to dance in front of Kevin, who just stood there with the usual deer-in-the headlights look. When the song was over the man held his arms up in victory, and everyone cheered and clapped. "Happy Birthday Walt!" somebody yelled and the man took a deep bow, his ass rubbing up against Kev's cock. Everyone roared at his reddening face as the man apologized. Clearly he was the Newbie here. They all understood. Kev could just mutter " S'ok."

A minute or two later a lady walked into the room; tallish, 5'8, very long sable brown hair that hung to the middle of her back, gray/green eyes and an engaging cat-like smile. She was a BBW, and exuded sex in her persona. The woman wore a black negligee that was floor length, but it showed her large breasts beautifully. She seemed to be of Native American descent by her coloration and looks. Dee squealed, and ran to hug the taller woman, laying her head on those ample breasts. The woman smiled and hugged Dee to her. Dee lifted her lips, and this mystery woman planted a slow, deep sensuous kiss on them. Dee reached up and began caressing the woman's big titties with her small hands and the woman was molding Tina's tiny ass in both of her hands. Kevin's cock stirred once more and began to throb and pulse, he couldn't seem to help himself. They broke the kiss to grin at one another. He saw her point in his direction and the woman lifted her eyes to him. Her eyes seemed to capture him, and he felt the flutter of butterflies in his stomach, she looked at him like prey to a big cat. She walked over to him and looked him straight in the eye. She put out her hand when Dee gushed, "Kevin, I want you to meet Mama Minx, she runs this facility! Mama, this is Kevin and he works with me. This is his very first lifestyle party." The woman smiled as she took his hand, and surprisingly, she had a warm, sultry, Southern accent that made him weak in the knees.

"Welcome to my place of pleasure, Kevin. I hope you have a wonderful time here. My Dee has asked that I be your Mentor for your first time here. All you have to do is leave any and all inhibitions at the door Dear One, so just enjoy the ride"

Those eyes were so mesmerizing that he felt himself becoming rock hard as she stepped in close, and planted her lips upon his. Her lips were so hot, and her hands smoothing down the front of his thighs, nearly made him explode! As she broke the kiss and looked into his eyes once more, she could see the long pent up desire there, and it was like throwing a virgin to the Lions! Her eyes glittered, and she took his hand to lead him to another room in the back. Here, people were getting undressed, and on the screen of a giant TV was one of the hottest porn scenes He had ever seen in his life! He kept trying to look everywhere at once. He was looking at a lady in a black Corset, smoky stockings, and garter belt behind him, and walked head long into a lady dressed as Dominatrix! She wore all leather, held a small riding crop in her hand, had on deep blood-red lipstick, her long hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. In her stiletto heels she towered over him. Her cold black eyes bored down into him and she said, "Watch it, Little Man" in a husky deep throated voice. He stammered his apologies but she was gone. Minx grinned and pulled him closer to her.

She took him down a long corridor where there were rooms on both sides of it. Inside were different rooms containing a bed, a small table and a chair in the corner. Minx peeked in and chuckled. She pulled him to the room and he got a quick glimpse of a man intently eating a lady's pretty, bald, pussy. The man flickered his tongue up and down the length of her gash as she squeezed her small titties, her head thrown backing ecstasy. Kev's eyes flew open wide, and his cock sprang to complete attention. Before he had a chance to see any more, she moved off to the room on the other side of the hall. In there was a black man with the biggest cock he had ever seen rubbing his huge cock all up and down the slit of a tiny oriental woman, who was in a doggie position. The man moved forward, and the head of that huge meat popped into her tiny, tight, juicy pussy. She yelped out with a tiny bit of pain, but urged him on to, "Stick it in more, don't stop! I want to feel it all the way in me!" With that the man thrust forward, and that big cock speared her tiny pussy. She yelled out in pleasure/pain and bucked her ass backward as he pulled and thrust into her until he was totally buried inside of her sweet little pussy. He began to withdraw and slam back into her now, and it looked sooo very erotic!

Minx grinned at Kev's look of astonishment, and took his hand again to lead him to another room. More and more sex acts did he witness, and his poor cock felt like it was ready to burst at any second. She took him out through a big door into a pool room. In the middle of the room was a huge heated pool, and all around it and in it, were naked people. All of them were laughing, talking, floating in the warm waters just relaxing and enjoying themselves. Minx stepped aside to speak to someone as he watched in fascination. On the edge of the pool a man leaned back as a lady was sucking slowly on his small cock. The man was in complete rapture as she sucked his cock, and molded his balls at the same time. On one side of the pool less than 5 feet away from him there was a hanging sex chair, and in this chair was a big, beautiful lady, and fucking her hard and fast was a small man.

He was just plowing into her over and over again. This lady would have easily 'broken' the skinny man in regular circumstances, but this way He was in total control by having her feet in the black web stirrups, her pussy completely open to his every whim. He held her thighs and rammed his cock into her sopping wet pussy over and over again. The sight, sounds and smell of sex permeated the whole room and it made Kev's head swim with excitement. She lay back in the chair, a look of absolute pleasure on her pretty face. She opened her eyes, and panted in bliss. She turned her head towards him, and locked eyes with him as he stood there with the biggest hard on of his entire life sticking straight out.

She licked her lips, and reached down to finger swirl her clitty while her honey fucked her like a big dog gone mad. She kept this up until her moans became louder and she cried out when she gushed all over him. As he kept on plunging his cock inside more and more, the lady stretched out her fingers towards Kev. He swallowed hard and could not move. He then heard Minx's chuckle in his ear. "The lady is offering you a taste, Baby. You wouldn't want to insult her would you? She came looking at you, the cum was for you. This is her way of thanking you" He shook his head for a moment until she pulled him over to kneel beside the woman. She smiled and took the woman's pro-offered hand, and kissed the fingertips as the woman moaned. She licked the tip of her forefinger slowly, seductively looking at the woman's eyes the whole time. She then held the lady's hand up to Kev, and said softly, "Lick her juices from her fingers Darling, these are for you"

Kev's body moved as if on its own. He leaned over and took her fingers into his mouth to suck all of the wonderful nectar from her fingers. Ohh my God... how good it tasted! So slick and sweet, so delectable. It had been so very long since he had the taste of a pussy on the tip of his tongue. He sucked with an abandon he didn't know he possessed, and the woman began to cum again. This time her yells reverberated all thru the pool-room, and people stopped what they were doing to stare at the scene before them. She shook and shuddered and coated her lover's cock with pussy juice as he sucked her fingers, and Minx whispered in her ear. She screamed out, her body arching in the swing chair as her lover roared out his pleasure and emptied his load inside of her. The crowd in the pool broke out in cheers and calls. Minx smiled and kissed the panting woman, then stood. She took his hand again, and once more they entered the main building.

She took him past the four rooms, and led him to a smaller room off of the library. In this place was a darkened room... an area that had many beds in a small raised platform. You could barely see in there, but once your eyes adjusted, you could make out bodies all over the place... bodies engaged in pure, unadulterated wild fucking! Everywhere you looked there was sex! Men fucking women who lay beside other women who were sucking a cock, or who had their heads buried in between spread legs delighting on a hot pussy. One man reached over to take a suck from an offered cock as another man stood up. Kevin moaned out, "Oh dear God" The smell of sex was overwhelming, as were the moans, groans, slurping sounds, as the cries of pleasure echoed in the small room. Minx came up behind him to lay her head on his left shoulder and wrap her arms around his waist.

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