Long Weekend In London

by Gemini

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, True Story, Spanking, First, Oral Sex, Squirting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This extract from my Journal is about my first real bisexual affair. It was a passionate affair I had with a female friend. It was very intense, romantic and full of passion. It's very different from my previous experiences and ends tragically.

After my disappointment with Fred, I took a week's leave from work. Visiting my parents was fine for a few days, but I needed a proper break. One afternoon, while visiting my Aunt, I bumped into Doreen, someone I'd known since school but not seen for ages. We went for a drink and chatted about old times and things in general.

I was now half way through my eighteenth year, Doreen was two years older, had long dark hair; was tall, slim and very attractive. She had trained as a Nursery Nurse and was now working at a children's home.

Quite by chance, Doreen also had this week off, and like me, was a little bored.

"Let's go away for a few days", she suggested.

"Where to?" I asked.

"We could go to London. I know a nice little hotel", she replied.

It didn't take me long to decide; the thought of a few days in London really appealed to me.

"That would be great", I said.

Two days later we were on the train heading south. The countryside flashed by, taking me away from my troubles; the disappointment with Fred seemed a distant memory. My mind was elsewhere, imagining what lie ahead in the next few days. "Would I meet some handsome stranger", I thought to myself; I was jolted back to reality by Doreen thrusting a drink in front of me.

"Coffee!" She said. I looked up; she stood there swaying in the isle, smiling at me, a drink in each hand.

"Oh, thanks", I replied. I took it, and Doreen sat down.

"A penny for them?" Doreen enquired.

I sat there with a blank expression on my face; I hadn't even noticed she'd gone for the drinks.

"Oh! Just dreaming", I replied. Doreen, like most of my friends, knew nothing of my wayward past; I wanted to keep it that way. I smiled back and sipped my coffee; it was hot.

"You were miles away", she continued; "It must have been a nice dream". I smiled but didn't reply.

We were soon pulling into Kings Cross, and began making our way to the underground. The station was busy; people bustled about, oblivious of others, only interested in their own little world. Cities are like that.

Crossing London via the tube, we arrived at our hotel, which was close to Waterloo Bridge. It wasn't five star, but very nice; we could just see the Thames from our room. Doreen tested the bed with a few quick bounces.

"What side do you sleep on?" She asked; it was a large double.

"I don't mind", I replied. Was she inferring I'd slept with someone regularly? Did she know something? I instantly pushed the thought from my mind.

"I'll take this side", she said, adding; " Because I'm right handed". Her remark didn't register with me. We unpacked, freshened up and went for a walk.

It was a warm, sunny day; we crossed Waterloo Bridge and dropped down onto the Embankment. There were plenty of sightseers strolling along, watching the river traffic; enjoying the sun. We walked towards Big Ben, stopping short of Westminster Bridge to sit on a bench and unwind.

After a chat about our plans for the weekend, we began a leisurely walk back to the hotel. We were hungry and needed to get ready for the evening meal.

Our room was en suite, with a bath not a shower. After our tiring journey, a long soak in a bath seemed rather appealing. I ran the bath, arranged my clean clothes on the bed and began to undress.

"You can go first", suggested Doreen, who was still undressing.

I slipped into the deliciously warm water, lay back and relaxed; we'd got over an hour before our meal.

"Is the water hot?" Enquired Doreen, through the half open door.

"Wonderful", I replied, as my hands meandered across my body, applying the soap in a slow deliberate manner. The door pushed open and Doreen stood before me, quite naked. I'd seen her nude many times before, but a long time ago when we were kids.

Her tall, slender body had since matured, her naked breasts were magnificent, full and ample, with large, dark, erect nipples; mine were small and pink.

Her usually long dark hair was tied back, its colour matching the tight curly bush that surmounted her sex. She suddenly seemed quite beautiful; I felt myself flush with colour so averted my gaze.

"Move forward; I'll do your back", she volunteered. I slid myself forward, my knees bent up; Doreen slipped in behind me, a leg either side; the water came perilously close to overflowing.

Her hands soaped my back, massaging the tension from my shoulders. "That feels good", I exclaimed. She tugged gently at my shoulders pulling me backwards. I felt the softness of her breasts against my naked back, her large nipples, like hard, pearl buttons pressed into me.

Her hands continued soaping along my arms, then, sliding forward, began to soap my breasts. Leaning my head back, I lay it on her shoulder, delighting in her intimacy.

Doreen gently and methodically soaped each breast, tweaking and pulling at my nipples; it was obviously a sexual advance, which I wasn't going to refuse. My hands rested on her knees, which lay either side of me; I showed my approval with a periodic and gentle squeeze.

A few years ago I had openly masturbated with Brenda, so was quite happy to continue the experience with Doreen, I lay back in her arms while she fondled and caressed my breasts for what seemed an age.

Time had flown. "We'll be late for dinner!" Doreen exclaimed. We both hurriedly jumped up, causing the water to spill on the floor. In fits of giggles, we swiftly moped up the mess with a towel, before drying ourselves and getting dressed. The dinner was excellent; we were both hungry so ate everything. After a quick drink in the bar we turned in early; it had been a tiring, but enjoyable day.

Once in our room, we soon prepared for bed; we each wore a nightie, not pyjamas. Throughout the evening I'd been anticipating our night together, hopeful of some mutual masturbation. We were both in a cheerful mood; the ambiance was perfect, especially after the bath together. We slid into bed and lay facing each other, an affectionate smile adorned Doreen's mouth.

Lifting up on her elbow, she lent over and kissed me as no other girl had kissed me before. Its gentleness hid an underlying passion, a passion, which excited me. Her lips were full and soft, her warm probing tongue entered my mouth; I submitted willingly, delighting in her approach.

Reaching up, I tenderly caressed her face, brushing back her long dark hair, which hung loose. I responded positively to her kiss, forcing my tongue into her warm, inviting mouth. She sat up for an instant, smiled down at me, then; with consummate ease removed her nightie.

Her voluptuous breasts presented an inviting target. I tenderly cupped her full, rounded orb in my left hand, its softness excited me; my fingers sank into in to its pink flesh, her large dark nipple protruding through my fingers.

"You like them don't you", Doreen remarked. "You've hardly taken your eyes off them all evening", she added.

"They're so -- so", I stuttered, rather embarrassingly.

"So What?" Doreen enquired.

"They're so.-- Magnificent"! I replied.

"Magnificent!" Doreen exclaimed. "They've never been called that before", she added with a wry smile. She bent down and kissed me lovingly.

Doreen gazed at me, attentively watching, as I swiftly removed my nightie. We lay naked, our bodies entwined as we kissed passionately. This was far more intense than the amateurish experience I'd had with Brenda. The intensity thrilled me.

Doreen caressed my body, her exploring fingers, like delicate butterflies sent shivers of excitement to my sex. It tingled with expectation; I could feel my juices flow. Her mouth rained kisses across my face, then, slowly moved downwards, searched for my breasts, kissing and sucking each nipple in turn.

"Right handed", she whispered wryly. I sensed this was not her first time with a girl.

I gripped her head, entwining my fingers in her long dark tresses. My legs parted, wrapping themselves around her warm, comforting body. Doreen slid beneath the covers, tracing delicate kisses across my abdomen; I gasped with anticipation, as I sensed her lips amongst my golden pubes. Her breath was hot on my flesh, stimulating a hidden desire within me.

Her warm, moist tongue expertly searched each curl, darting back and forth until it reached its goal. Doreen licked lovingly at my sex, exploring its moist, pink lips that tingled with exhilaration. Gripping firmly to her head I arched up to meet her searching mouth; I was eager for more of this new, breathtaking experience. This felt so much more stimulating than any mans mouth, more romantic and sensitive; I wanted more.

"Yes! Yes!" I cried, as her expert tongue probed deep into my sex. My juices flowed; my heart beat fast beneath my breast. My legs thrashed wildly, kicking off the covers; revealing Doreen licking and sucking at my sex. My swollen clit was soon between her lips; her tongue teased it mercilessly.

"Yes! Suck it, just suck it", I cried, pressing her head down firmly. "Suck hard", I instructed.

Doreen sucked hard on my clit; her fingers pushed deep into my sex, thrusting back and forth, its wetness apparent by the sound. Stirred by her expert attention, I shook uncontrollably, convulsing into a crescendo of orgasms.

"Oh yes! Yes!" I cried, as I climaxed.

Lifting her head, Doreen moved back up the bed and kissed me passionately. My tongue filled her mouth, savouring the familiar aftertaste of my sex. Gripping her shoulders, I quickly pushed her to my side and rolled on top. My hands explored the contours of her body, with a newly found desire. Eager to please my lover, my head slid between her thighs; the sight of her dark mass of curls excited me.

As my fingers entered her sex, my head dipped lower, breathing in her feminine musky scent. My head spun, it excited me more than I ever thought. I was eager to please her the way she'd pleased me.

I gazed longingly at her sex, its swollen lips, visible beneath her tight, dark curls. My tongue pushed inside, savouring her delicious wetness. She moaned with pleasure, her body responded with slow gyrating movements. My mouth clamped hard against her sex, sucking her juice, eager for more; wanting her more than I can describe.

"Oh Gemma! Please, please don't stop", she pleaded, her hands held me there, urging me on; I needed no encouragement.

My mouth sucked greedily at her sex, my tongue pushed deep inside, probing fast, like a warm, fleshy piston. I was hungry for more, my mouth pressed firmly against her wet sex, savouring her juice, wanting more; an uncontrollable wildness came over me. I had tasted my own cum many times, but never another girls, it was heavenly; I adored it.

Pulling her sex lips open, I pressed my mouth deeper into her pussy; its thick mass of curls surrounded my face, as I sucked hungrily. My tongue pushed further into her, probing an environment, which, until now had been alien to me. I sucked avidly, drinking her heavenly nectar, which issued forth.

Doreen writhed and bucked beneath me, her magnificent breasts bouncing uncontrollably. Her fingers dug into my scalp, urging me on, desperate for more; I was happy to please.

"Yes! Yes! I'm coming!" She screamed, her head jerking powerfully from side to side.

Continuing my onslaught I suddenly felt her warm, viscous cum squirt into my mouth. I drank greedily, surprised by the powerful stream she produced; it ejaculated into my mouth like a man. It pumping out in short powerful squirts, soaking my face. I lapped up every drop, as Doreen's convulsions slowly subsided.

Moving back up the bed, we lay together, both dishevelled but satisfied. Doreen kissed me passionately, her hands cupping my face.

"Thank you Gemma, that was wonderful", she sighed. "Thank you", I replied. We cuddled close and slept soundly.

The following morning we woke early, our naked bodies wrapped around each other. I leant up and kissed her mouth, her tongue darted between my lips.

"Good morning", I said, leaning up to gaze at her.

"Not as good as last night", she replied, running her fingers through my tousled, golden hair.

Her magnificent breasts stood proud, topped by her large, dark nipples. Cupping a breast in my hand I clamped my mouth upon its hardness and sucked voraciously.

"Oh God, that's good", Doreen gasped. Her breasts, unlike mine were sensitive; she appeared to adore it. I continued sucking; her large, dark nipple grew erect, as my tongue flicked across it playfully. My hand slipped between her thighs, cupping her thick mass of curls, which grew in profusion.

Doreen held my head, as I sucked unceasingly at her breast. My fingers slipped effortlessly into her warm, damp sex; she spread her legs readily. I thrust them in deep, obtaining gasps of delight from Doreen, which pleased me.

Her sex became wet, soaking my fingers with her slippery cum. I pulling them from her slit and wiped the sticky cum across her swollen nipple. I gazed briefly at the sight, before clamping my mouth back round it, to suck loving at her cum.

The scent aroused me; I speedily slid my head between her thighs and licked at her sex. She shuddered and sighed with approval as I quickly inserted my tongue and lapped at her juice. Within minutes she'd reached a violent orgasm, bedewing my mouth with jets of cum, which gushed from her sodden cunt. I drank greedily, invigorated by my newly acquired desire.

We washed, dressed and had breakfast, then, spent a long, happy day sightseeing. The sun shone, the day was warm but more importantly, we both felt deliriously happy. We held hands when we could and gave each other knowing glances; no words were needed, the look in our eyes said it all. Our faces were alight with permanent smiles, we laughed constantly, oblivious of everyone.

Doreen fancied a quick shopping spree, so we popped into a store on Oxford Street. We made our way to the lingerie department where Doreen selected a pretty lace bra in a delicate shade of blue, with matching panties. We went in the cubicle, where Doreen tried on the bra; it fitted perfectly and enhanced her already fantastic breasts.

As she removed it to change, the sight of her naked breasts aroused me. I leant forward and kissed them both; Doreen giggled but encouraged me by pressing my face into them. There warmth and softness was exquisite, reaching up I hastily squeezed them, before she completed dressing. We left the store giggling like naughty schoolgirls; my illicit grope had excited us both.

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