The Making of Me

by golden girl

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, True Story, Oral Sex, Water Sports, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I met the girl of my dreams

It was my best friend who first noticed what I'd thought for years, we were both fourteen and she was all excited about going out that night with a guy from school, she'd tried to get me yet another date with his friend, but I'd demurred as I always did.

"You're gay aren't you?"

I nodded by way of responding and felt just as miserable as I'd always done when I watched her dressing for him, she always wore such pretty underwear and she was an exhibitionist too.

"So why haven't you made a move on me?" she asked as she stepped into a brief little thong after making sure that I'd seen all of her beautiful slit beneath the sparse covering of her pubic hair.

"Would you like me to?"

"Yuk no thanks" she grimaced, "I'd rather have a nice hard cock inside me than a tongue any day, I want him in my bottom tonight"

The thought of anything but my tongue going into her sweet little butt sent me even deeper into my depression so I left her and went home where at least I could feed my imagination via my computer!

We seemed to drift apart after that night and our relationship dwindled off to almost nothing other than to acknowledge each other at school.

Four years later, I'd passed all my exams for university and opted for Bristol where I took a photography course and made a few new friends.

None of them were what I would call close friends though, but we all mixed well and like students everywhere, the pub became our second home.

One Friday night as I left the crowd still drinking, Amy one of the girls, said she'd walk home with me and we linked arms for the short walk home,

I asked her if she'd like to come in for a coffee or another few drinks but fully expected her to refuse,

"I'd love to" she said with obvious pleasure and dutifully popped into the wine shop below my flat to buy another bottle of vodka!

She liked my flat and commented on the photographs I'd had framed and put onto the walls,

"You're good Jackie" she said as I poured out two very generous measures of vodka, "Very good"

Amy reminded me of Sue, my ex best friend in many ways, like her she was always perfectly groomed and never seemed to be short of money. We sat chatting and laughing and I can't remember how it happened, but we began playing truth or dare.

She was far more out going than I was and it was her who dared me take my sweater off, my bra was clean but not particularly sexy and I felt the first flush of excitement as I dared her to do the same.

Pretty soon we were down to just our panties and then she changed the rules,

"I dare you to take my panties off" she said softly and smiled at me over her glass, I was drunk enough by then not to care, but when I pulled her sexy little thong down, a gasp of admiration escaped me, she had completely shaved herself down there.

"Oh" I said in surprise, "That's beautiful Amy"

"Thank you"

"I'm waiting for my truth or dare Jackie" she said as I sat there just staring at her pussy, her legs were wide apart and she was touching herself leisurely, she knew what the dare was going to be and I realized that at last, I was possibly about to have sex with another girl.

"I dare you to take mine off" I said and wondered why my voice sounded as though it came from someone else,

"I'm going to enjoy this" she said with a smile as she reached for my white cotton panties and eased them down slowly.

"It's lovely Jackie" she said as I stepped out of them,

"It's too hairy" I answered shyly, "How do you keep yours like that?"

"Easy" she laughed, "First of all, I shaved it and then used skin cream on it, after that it's just a matter of a quick swipe with the razor every day"

"I'll try it" I told her, but the mood was on us and I could have cried with pleasure when she asked quietly,

"Can I do it for you?"

"I'd like that Amy"

I filled a bowl with hot, soapy water and produced a razor that I used to do under my arms,

"Do you want to soap yourself or would you like me to do it?"

This was the moment of truth and we both knew it,

"I'd like you to do it please"

"Shall I put my clothes on?"

"No, oh no" I almost shouted, "I want to look at you"

I felt very sluttish as I sat right on the edge of the chair and put one foot up over each arm, her hands were soft and she soaped my pubes gently but firmly, she used the razor deftly and when I realized that my nipples were rock hard, I looked at hers,

"They're hard Jackie" she whispered, "Just like yours"

"It's your fault" I giggled, "You're turning me on"

"Thank God for that" she laughed with me, "I thought I was the only one"

I closed my eyes as she worked lovingly, the gentle razor strokes on my skin were therapeutic and then I jerked as I felt something sliding into me, I opened my eyes and saw that she'd reversed the razor and the handle was inside me, slowly with her eyes on mine, she withdrew it and then pushed it back in again.

"Is that all right?"

"Beautiful" I said dreamily, "Nearly perfect"

"Only nearly?"

"I can think of eleven things I'd rather have in there Amy"

"Are ten of them my fingers?" she asked teasingly and I nodded,


"And what's the other one?"

Still with her eyes on mine, she took the razor out and put it into her mouth, I watched as her tongue licked at the glistening plastic and she grinned,

"Your tongue"

"Watch me then Jackie"

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