Angel's Erotic E-Mail

by Angel Love

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, True Story, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is the first in a long line of erotic emails sent to angel by her Chesapeake lover and her's in return to him. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...

This is the first in a long line of emails sent to angel by her Chesapeake lover and hers in return to him. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did... *winks.

Hello my angel,

You're sitting at your computer, answering emails, when the phone rings. You answer and it's me. I say, "Hi angel baby, are you busy?"

"Hi Dave! No, I was just reading email."

"Well, then, would you come to the door and let me in?"--click!!

You open the back door, after dashing down the stairs in record time. We haven't seen each other for too many days, and we've missed each other so much. As soon as the door is open I step in, closing it with my foot as I take you in my arms. We share a deep slow passionate kiss, all the while our hands roaming over each other's bodies... touching, caressing, fondling, feeling, stimulating.

You moan softly into my kiss and as I pull back from you I say, "Oh baby I sure have missed those lips."

Giggling lightly you respond, "Mmmmm me too lover."

You're just hanging around the house so you have your silk pajamas on, and little else. Still kissing and fondling, you pull me up the stairs. Somehow we make it to the top without falling back down. So passionate and lustful is our embrace that we can't keep our hands off each other. By the time we get to your bedroom you have me hard as a rock and I have your top unbuttoned and a hardening nipple in my mouth.

Soon your top is off, and as I suck your nipples and rub your breasts, you moan softly, "Ohhhhhh God, yessssss David."

Unzipping my jeans and rubbing my already hard dick, you pull it out and my pants fall to the floor. As I step out of them you grab my boxers in both hands and yank them down my legs.

My stiff member pops free and you murmer, "Oh yes, that's what I've been hungry for."

You lower yourself to the floor, letting your hardening nipple pop free from my mouth as you do, and in a second you're on your knees, nibbling on the head of my cock, licking up and down the shaft... using your tongue to twirl and slide all around my balls. Then you take me in your soft mouth, warm and wet and sucking my cock like I've never felt before. I swell, becoming even bigger from the incredible sensations I'm feeling. The thrills you are so intensely making me feel... in just a short while.

I can't stand it much longer so I pull you up, unto your feet. You are really getting into it but you let my cock fall out of your mouth at the last instant.

As you stand I lay you down across the bed and quickly slide your pj bottoms off. Your panties come with them, as I intended. You scoot a little further onto the bed and I slither up between your lovely legs. You're looking down at me with a look of passion and lust, wanting me as much as I want you, anticipating my next move. I move to a position with my head between your thighs, my fingers stroking your damp pussy lips. I separate your silky lips and inhale your essence.

I'm about to taste your cunt... savor your juices on my tongue, as I lick and nibble, sliding my tongue up and down your wet slit. I lick and suck at your little hard nub, feeling it swell with pleasure. Slipping two fingers into your love channel, your hips are moving now in sync with my finger fucking you.

You beg, "Please darling let me taste you too..."

I pull myself away from your scrumptious playground and turn around. My balls and cock are dangling over your face now and you lick your lips before lifting my cock to them.

"Mmmmmmmm this looks so yummy!" you coo before diving in.

Ripples of electricity surge thru my balls and cock as I feel your tongue touch me for the first time.

"Oh god angel... yes baby do it... suck me. Suck me angel!!!"

Your warm wet lips wrap around the girth of my dick, as you move me slowly into your mouth. The head touches the back of your throat as your mouth and tongue slide up and down my rock hard cock.

Now we're really into it, this is past desire, moving on to pure lust; passion unbridled, me sucking and licking and 'eating' your pussy as you give me the best, most intense cock sucking blowjob I have ever had.

At first we were both horny as we could be, but now we're so far beyond that there aren't words to describe the feeling. You shiver, shudder, quiver against me, and squeeze my head with your thighs, So intense is your pleasure... the plateaus of your orgasm gaining momentum as you cum in my mouth.

As I feel your moisture on my tongue... I swallow your sweet honey, and keep my mouth working on your hot pussy until you pull me away. I'm swelling in your mouth, starting to throb from your expert cock sucking, about to explode in your throat.

Your lips are wrapped so tightly around me and you know I'm about to cum. I feel the jism start to rise... coming up from my testicles... as my balls spasm and push my cum up and out of my cock. It splashes against the back of your throat with rope after rope of hot thick semen. You swallow my fluid greedily again and again, as it fills your mouth. You have to keep swallowing because my cock is still gushing.

When I am finished we say almost at the same time, "OOOHHH baby that was soooooo goooooddd!!"

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