Seduction of Fred

by Gemini

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Another extract from my Journal, which happened when I was about 17 or 18. Its about an experience I had with the husband of a nurse friend, which she originally instigated. This forms just one part of Extracts From My Journal. The whole Journal should really be read to understand me better. Read my Blogs.

Fred was the husband of a nursing colleague named Sheila. They were much older; I was still about 17 or 18. They and had two children for whom I sometimes baby-sat. Sheila was a flirt, loved men's company and was always trying to fix me up with someone.

On one occasion she arranged for me to meet Fred's brother, who was very quiet and shy, definitely not my type. Fed was also quiet, but I liked his company and felt sorry for him. Sheila would leave him with me saying, "You two amuse each other", while she'd flirt with other men.

Sheila didn't seem to mind my interest in her husband, and would encourage Fred to pay me attention, which he did. I would often sit on his knee and we'd kiss; we seemed attracted to each other, which Sheila encouraged.

On an occasion when I was staying overnight, Sheila suggested I take a bath. As I climbed the stairs I heard.

"Shall I send Fred up to wash your back"? She called, in a half joking sort of manner.

"Ok! That would be good", I replied. I didn't know if she was joking or not, but I felt a tingle deep inside.

As I was undressing and getting into the bath Sheila again called out, "Shall I send Fred up now"?

"Ok!" I replied, still not believing she would, although I'd purposely not locked the door.

I was sat in the bath totally naked, when the door opened and in walked Fred. I was really surprised and felt myself blush, as he stood for a while, looking at my body. He knelt down, calmly took the soap and began to wash my back, which I found very arousing. His large hands were gentle, and began effortlessly gliding over my firm young body.

His attention then moved to my front, and he began gently massaged the soap onto my breasts, squeezing and caressing them in turn. I lent back in the water, enjoying his attention; I relaxed, and smiled up at him. He spent a long time soaping, rinsing and re soaping my breasts, I wasn't going to resist but my body ached for more.

His hand moved competently across my naked body, touching and exploring every inch. My breath quickened, as it slipped beneath the water, coming to rest between my open thighs. I slid down the bath; my knees bent my thighs open wide; my breasts and abdomen exposed above the water.

He spent, what seemed an age, softly caressing the mass of golden curls that surmounted my sex. Every now and then his fingers would brush my swollen clitoris, making me gasp with excitement.

Pressing down with my feet, I raised myself from the bottom of the bath, lifting my pubes free of the water. I watched, as his hand slowly and gently soaped my sex into a thick mass of bubbles; with each caress his finger lightly touched my clit, my body writhed with excitement.

I stifled my cries of ecstasy for fear of Sheila hearing, they were more like muffled whimpers, half silenced by the splashing water. As I gripped each side of the bath, Fred's hand continued its slow, leisurely exploration of my body, eventually parting my lips and sliding back and forth along my eager slit.

Two, strong but gentle fingers, slid between the swollen lips of my sex, tenderly parting them, to sink knuckle deep into my eager cunt. I uncontrollably thrust upwards to meet them, desperately gagging my sighs of sheer delight. My heart was pounding, I felt extremely aroused; my body ached with anticipation.

"You must be very dirty", came the cry from downstairs. "It's a very long bath", Sheila exclaimed.

The spell was broken; I instantly returned to reality and sat bolt upright in the bath.

Fred finished my back then left as calmly as he'd arrived. We hadn't spoken a word; but none was needed. I sank back and released my frustration by masturbating like crazy, during which I fantasies about what should have happened. I went downstairs in my nightwear and dressing gown.

"Have a nice bath"? Sheila enquired, a wry smile on her face. I'm sure I blushed, I'd no idea what was in her head, or if Fred had told her.

"Wonderful", I replied, hoping Fred knew what I meant.

After this incident, Sheila continued to push us together. This was especially noticeable whenever we were at a dance or function. I'm sure Sheila did this to keep Fred occupied, while she went off flirting. I wasn't complaining, as I enjoyed his company; I certainly made sure Fred knew I fancied him.

One night, months later, when Fred and I were alone, we sat on the settee and started kissing. It wasn't long before he began to feel my breasts, which really excited me. We were kissing very passionately as his hand slid inside my blouse, unfastened my bra and squeezed my firm, naked breasts; oh my god such sheer delight.

We continued kissing passionately, his hand moved down to my knee, then, gradually began to pull up my skirt, if only he realised I was eager and ready; I just wanted him to get on with it.

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