Michael's Dad

by Gemini

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: How, one night I got an unexpected surprise, which turned into an exciting year of sex.

From leaving school I had been working in a shoe shop, but when Gary left me I wanted a complete change, so I applied for Nurse Training. This meant I had to leave home, so I shared a small flat with another trainee nurse named Maureen; I was now 17.

I had a few boyfriends of my own age but I always seemed to get the quiet or shy type. Due to my previous experiences, these boyfriends were too inexperienced for me; I soon dumped them if they didn't make a sexual move by the 2nd date. Some of them felt my breasts and fingered me, but they were much too slow for me. I got most of my sexual pleasure from an occasional one-night stand with an older guy, or daily masturbation.

It was then that I met Michael. He'd actually been out with Maureen twice, but she said he was too forward for her. Michael was a student teacher who, during his holiday was working as an orderly on my Ward. He lived across from the Hospital, with his father who was divorced.

On our first date, he soon had his hand up my jumper, undid my bra and was feeling my breasts; once he realised I wouldn't stop him he got bolder and was soon fingering me. He placed my hand on his erect cock and was surprised when I gave him an expert hand job.

Things progressed rapidly when he invited me to his home; his dad was at work. We were kissing and caressing on the couch, his hands exploring my body, as he undressed me. We were soon lying naked on the thick rug in front of an open fire, very romantic and erotic.

It wasn't long before he was on top and fucking me; all very hasty and not a lot of foreplay, but I was willing. I was almost at my climax when he suddenly pulled out, squirting his cum across my belly, a bit too quick for me. He spent the rest of the time talking about his ex girlfriend.

He was always very eager for sex but would cum too quick for my liking, he was better than just masturbating, which I still did daily anyway, so I continued seeing him. I often went to his house for the evening; if his dad went out we would have sex, usually naked in front of the fire. This particular time, he asked me to stop the night, which I did.

I thought I'd try and educate him into the finer points of foreplay. I had just purchased a new set of lemon undies, so decided I'd give him a striptease. He lay naked, propped against the couch, his hard cock gripped in his fist. He rubbed it slowly while I stood before him gradually undressing, eventually revealing my new lemon undies.

"Do you like my new undies", I asked? Flaunting myself in front of him.

I don't think he appreciated them, as they were soon off; all he wanted was to fuck me.

This time I knelt on the rug, suggesting he do it from behind; doggy position. He was up me instantly, gripping my buttocks and thrusting in hard and fast, making my pert breasts bounce uncontrollably. I lent on my elbows, head in my hands as he rammed in.

"This is great, I like doing it this way", he said, I think it was a first for him.

He continued fucking for much longer this time; I think he enjoyed the sight of his cock penetrating me from behind. The sensation was great, we were both excited and very vocal, moaning and crying out'.

"That's good", I cried. "Keep going, take your time. Can you see it going in me", I tried encouraging him to keep going.

"Yes! Yes"! He cried, from behind, continuing to thrust in deep. "This is fantastic, I can see it all".

"Go on then, thrust it right in; fuck me, fuck me", I cried, encouragingly. He quickened his pace.

It felt really good; I even managed an orgasm, which I think shocked him, as I shouted out, quite loudly, "Oh! Yes! Yes! I'm coming, I'm coming".

Michael was still in full flow, fucking me like crazy and about to explode when he suddenly stopped. Turning my head in disappointment I said, "Don't stop! Don't stop! Put it back in, its fantastic". I then discovered why he'd stopped; I saw his father stood in the doorway watching. By the time I turned and grabbed some clothes his dad had moved away; nothing was said.

Michael seemed more embarrassed than I was, and quickly got dressed. His dad had been standing directly behind us, so when Michael pulled out, his dad had a good sight of me on my knees, legs apart and wet pussy on full view. I've no idea how long he'd been stood there or if he'd overheard what I'd been crying out.

Nothing was said about it during supper, his dad seemed fine and chatted normally. It bothered Michael more than it bothered me. We then all watched TV before going to bed. Michael was giving up his bedroom for me; he was sleeping on the couch down stairs, which seemed pointless now his dad knew we were having sex together.

I went to the bathroom, showered and went to bed, wearing a rather seductive short nightie. Michael came up to say goodnight, but didn't stop long. I pushed the bedclothes down, revealing my nightie; Michael had a quick feel of my breasts and pussy before going down stairs. I was disappointed, so masturbated a long time before falling asleep.

A movement on the bed woke me; Michael had decided to come back. The covers moved down and he slid in behind me, his warm body pressing close in the darkness. His hands automatically gripped my breasts, fondling them and tweaking my nipples.

"I'm glad you came back", I whispered, and pressed back against his warm, masculine body.

"He's asleep", came the reply. "You'll not wake him".

I gasped, and my heart skipped a beat; I then realised it wasn't Michael; it was his dad.

"What are you doing?" "He'll hear you", I said, moving away slightly.

"He'll not hear a thing", he replied.

"Of course he will, you'd better go", I whispered back.

"Once he's asleep he never wakes; he rarely hears the alarm clock in a morning", was his reply. His hands moved under my nightie, softly stroking my thighs. I shuddered under his touch.

"I know you love it; I've seen your reactions", he remarked, his hands gently moving across my bare skin.

"I'll be better than Michael, let me show you", he suggested, as if I had much option.

His fingers were quickly at my sex, expertly stroking my sensitive clit, breaking down my barriers, which didn't take much doing. I was soon aroused, spreading my thighs and assisting him to remove my nightie; we were soon both naked.

His kisses were passionate.

"Oh Gemma I want you so much", he whispered between kisses.

His hands moved expertly round my body, arousing me more and more. His leg moved across mine and rested between them. I felt his hardness against my thigh, instinctively my hand reached down, exploring its dimensions. I was pleased with my discovery, thick and solid. My mind suddenly went back to the earlier event downstairs, 'how much had he seen and heard', I thought.

"How long were you at that door"? I enquired, my hand gently squeezing his throbbing cock.

"Long enough to know you love sex", was his reply.

"I do, do I"? I questioned. My breathing quickened, my hand still caressing his swollen manhood.

"And I was there long enough to know I want you", he replied. His fingers entered my sex, dipping deep into the wetness he had caused.

"Oh! Oh", I uttered, as he excited me. "And what else?" I asked.

"I thought it was a lovely sight", was his reply. "Especially when Michael moved away", he added, meaning he'd got a good view of my wet sex. His passionate kisses muffled any reply.

His fingers moved fast, dipping into my moist cunt and bringing me to a rapid and unexpected orgasm. I gasped and gripped his neck, pulling him close I began kissing him passionately; I was his to take, and he knew it.

Moving across my body, he lay on top of me, the weight of his manly torso held me down. Cupping my face in his hands, he tenderly kissed me. I spread my legs, wrapping them round his back, offering myself.

"Go on then", I whispered. "Now"! "Do it now"! I pulled him to me; I was eager.

"Do it now", I repeated.

His thickness entered me slowly; his skill and control thrilled me. No rapid, excitable fucking but slow deliberate strokes, teasing and arousing me, bringing me close to my climax, prolonging the joy. He leant on his hands, gazing down at my face in the dimness. My head rolled from side to side, my breath quickened, my body responded positively to his lovemaking.

"Oh yes, oh yes", I sighed. "Its fantastic, don't stop". My fingers dug into his shoulders, showing my approval, wanting more.

"You want it bad don't you", he whispered, thrusting his beautiful manhood deep inside me.

"Yes! Oh yes", I urged, gripping him hard, pulling him closer. "Don't stop now", I pleaded.

His cock plunged into me with long, steady strokes, his passionate kisses burning my lips. His expertise brought me to heights I'd not experience for a while; I needed this and wanted more.

"I'm coming, I'm coming. Yes! More! Faster"! I gasped. An unexpected torrent of words issued forth, urging him to fuck me faster.

Once again I was back in the arms of an adult lover, someone who could satisfy my overwhelming desires. His passion became intense, thrusting faster and faster as I clung to him enthusiastically.

"I knew you'd be a good fuck", he remarked.

He Continued. "When I saw you down stairs encouraging Michael, I knew you had experience", his cock thrust in as he spoke.

"Turn over and I'll do it from behind", he instructed, as he withdrew his cock from my wet pussy.

I quickly knelt on the bed, my head resting on my arms in readiness. Gripping my firm hips he pushed his thick penis deep inside me; the sensation was electrifying.

"You like that don't you Gemma", he said, sinking his hardness back and forth inside me.

"Yes, oh yes", I replied. "I really like it". I gasped back at him.

"Michael certainly wasn't your first was he"? He enquired, quickening his stroke.

"No, of course he wasn't", I gasped breathlessly, his expert fucking was sending me wild; I wanted more.

"I'm glad you're experienced", he panted. Thrusting in deep. "Not many girls your age can take my thickness, but you can", he boasted.

His hands reached underneath, cupping my firm young breasts, squeezing each time he thrust in.

"You can certainly take it all in", he said. "But you're lovely and tight too".

He fucked me long and hard, his hands gripping my body as he thrust deep. I had multiple orgasms, each one exploding into a crescendo of audible excitement; I held nothing back. I had been taught well.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me harder! I'm coming. I'm coming! Yes! Yes", I cried as he pounded into me from behind. It was the best fuck I'd had for a long time.

Pulling his cock from me, he shot his cum across my back before collapsing with me on the bed. We were both bathed in sweat and satisfyingly exhausted. Once again he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me tenderly.

"We'll do this again", he whispered. His soft mouth pressed against my ear, kissing me continually.

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