Jim and Jennifer Want Another Baby

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, True Story, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jennifer and Jim already have three children but they're not finished. She wants another baby and Jim does what it takes to knock her up again.

Jim and Jennifer wanted to have another baby. They were in their late 20's and they already had three children in their home but they wanted more. So, one evening after they'd enjoyed the delicious dinner Jennifer had cooked for all of them, she bathed and put their three children to bed and then she joined her young husband, Jim, in the family room. Jennifer was very sexy and Jim had always lusted after her but being married hadn't damped his hot sexy desire for her one bit. Her having three babies hadn't done anything to make him want her less sexually either. He loved fucking Jennifer more than anything. There was nothing like having his cock buried in her pussy and fucking her till they both exploded in orgasms.

One thing Jim had always found very hot about his sexy wife, Jennifer, was that she had very nice large titties. She'd developed a nice set of breasts in her sophomore year of high school and when he'd started dating her and then they'd shared time alone, it hadn't taken Jim long at all to start playing with Jennifer's breasts and he quickly found out that she loved the attention to her tits and to other sexy intimate parts of her developing womanly body.

"Jennifer, you always turn me on, baby," Jim said as he opened his arms in invitation for his young wife to join him there on the couch. "I want you, baby," Jim said, feeling his hardon already tight against the front of his pants.

"Baby, you turn me on too, and I want you to give me another baby tonight," Jennifer said as she lifted Jim's hand to her right breast and loved the feel of his firm hand squeezing her large sexy D-cup breasts. "My tits are so hot for you to touch and suck on them, Jim," she said as she started unbuttoning her blouse and quickly had it off and then she and Jim both helped each other get undressed in their hot lusty haste to be naked and ready for a sexy husband and wife "conception fuck" as they called it. They'd done pretty well so far; almost every time when Jim and Jennifer had been ready for a baby, it seemed like one lucky fuck was all she ever needed to end up pregnant.

Jim was actually the first one to get fully naked and then he helped Jennifer come out of her clothes, too. He knew Jennifer's babies had all three loved sucking their mommy's tits when they were nursing and Jim had joined them in that enjoyment. Even before their first pregnancy, he'd always loved playing with her nice big breasts and nipples but when she'd gotten knocked up the first time and began to produce mother's milk in her tits, Jim had hit pay dirt. He would never take milk that the baby would need, but when their newborns had all been full of mommy's tit milk, Jim would get what was left at that time. And, he'd always found that Jennifer's nice big tits produced more than enough mother's sweet succulent milk to satisfy his wants. After their third baby, Jennifer's tits had stopped producing milk when she'd weaned the baby and then let the milk-production stop. But, since Jennifer told Jim she was ready for another little one in her belly, he knew that lactating titties was only a matter of time now.

Jim got Jennifer's sexy lacy D-cup bra off her breasts and then he also slipped her nice matching bikini panties down and off of her strong shapely legs. Jennifer was a big girl, a very sexy woman with a body that gave him something to hang onto whenever he was holding her or thrashing around in the middle of a fuck on the bed. He'd fucked little women and teenage girls before but Jennifer had just the frame and figure that Jim found most sexy in his woman. He also had the body that Jennifer found so hot. His cock was about 8 inches long when he was hard, and she lived for the times when her sexy husband had his big hard cock buried deep in her tight pussy.

Jim got Jennifer's panties off and then with her lying back there in front of him, looking so hot and fuckable, Jim stood and stroked his manhood a few times while he got ready to fuck his hot sexy wife. "Jennifer, you look so fucking hot, woman," Jim said and then he bent down in front of his hot young wife's splayed legs and he started kissing and playing with her exposed horny pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, baby, yes, eat me, honey, eat me so good, Jim," Jennifer moaned as she felt her husband's lips and fingers probing and playing with her pussy between her legs. She didn't take long at all to reach her first orgasm, and Jim licked up every single drop of her pussy nectar as she bucked her orgasming hot pussy up against his mouth.

"Yesssssssssssssssssss, oh fuck yes, honey," Jennifer moaned as she felt her orgasm climax and then start to wane. She wanted Jim's cock inside her pussy more than anything and she was so ready for him to mate with her. Mate her with his big virile cock and fill her pussy full of his hot babymaking cum.

Jim wasted no time in mounting Jennifer once he'd given her the pleasure of her first orgasm. He loved to get his lady off with his mouth and then he was more than ready to enjoy himself as he royally fucked her.

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